Chapter 10 Part 2

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– The nearest test is next month…….


“Then please register me with it.”


– Oh, but that’s…….”


Questions arose over Do-joon’s face as Lee Ji-ah paused.


“What’s wrong?”


– It’s still a rumor, but it is said that the next biggest rookie will take the test.


“… … ? So what?”


Do-joon genuinely didn’t know what she was talking about. Whoever takes the test or not, what does that have to do with him?


– The Hunter test isn’t just about getting a license. It’s also a place to appeal to various guilds.


“Is that so?”


– That place is very important for self-appeal. They have to pick comrades with useful skills who are capable of taking care of things in the dungeons, right? So the competition for recruitment is quite fierce.


“That’s plausible.”


Do-joon could also understand the intention of Lee Ji-ah’s words.


So, the next test could be a solo performance by that big rookie and the rest could just be left out, so let him aim for the next test if possible, right?


– You’ll get it 6 months later, but if you can reach the top guilds with that, it’ll be a lot more business. If you look at it in the long run, you can save a few years of your career.




That made sense.


For example, even in the College Scholastic Ability Test, there are students who retake the exam for one or two years to go to a higher university. It’s a thought in a similar circumstance to that.


The guild’s scouts were not machines, but people after all.


If there was a big rookie next to them, it would not be strange for the rest of participants to be judged unconsciously.


Humans are by nature comparing creatures.


– What will you do?




Do-joon was briefly troubled by the unexpected information and perspectives.




‘Should I be on the lookout for guilds?’


That was what he suddenly thought.


Obviously, guilds were important. Most of the hunters have an affiliation, and even freelancers who did not have an affiliation were rarely free from the start.


Most of the time, they work in guilds, accumulate know-how and connections, and then turn to freelancers.


Anyway, for novice hunters, guild support and information were quite helpful.


However… … .


‘It’s also for growth after all.’


In the end, all hunters enter the dungeon to become stronger. For a Hunter, strength is a specification.


The existence of a guild was only to make the process of growth smoother.


However, he was different from ordinary hunters.


The labyrinth key lying on the desk. and hearthstone.


‘With that alone, I can grow much more easily than others.’


It has already been proven in the Catacomb. There, Do-joon was able to increase the fit rate by 15%, and acquired several valuable items in itself. He used everything except a few.


The only disadvantage was that ‘If I don’t clear it, I won’t be able to return,’ which was now covered by a hearthstone.


He even thought that the key to this labyrinth might be an opportunity rather than just being helpful to the ability to copy.


‘If I join the organization, I will be busy… … . What if there is a labyrinth where I have to stay for a week or ten days like in the Catacombs?’


It was only once or twice to ask for understanding by lying. If this was repeated, someone who doubts him may come out. If it has a long tail, then he might get caught.


Even so, the know-how, information, and connections that can only be obtained in guilds were very attractive.


There were pros and cons to entering or not.


After much consideration, the conclusion was.


‘………let’s think about that later.’


Hold on.


It wasn’t a problem that he had to wrap his mind right away to get a refreshing answer.


After making the decision to put it on hold, naturally, the answer to Lee Ji-ah’s question came out.


“Just put it right in for next month.”


-… … are you going to be okay?


“It doesn’t matter.”


He doesn’t have to be in a hurry to raise his value right now. Because both roads were open to him.


Therefore, there was no reason to care about other applicants and keep them in check. It’s just that he has to do what he has to do, silently.


He wanted to avoid wasting six months in that sense.


– I got it, okay.


As soon as he finished with business, the phone was hung up.


Do-joon, who put his cell phone down on his desk for a while, resumed what he was doing earlier. To inspect the labyrinth key and hearthstone.


‘Since there is still a test left, I can leave the day after tomorrow… … .’


There is a month left until the Hunter exam.


An average aspiring hunter would have no choice but to sharpen his physical strength or ability, but Do-joon is different. Even this time could be used for spec-ups.


Of course the key was one-time use, and the hearthstone was probably one-time use too.


‘Perhaps… … .’


There was a reason why he had to take out these two items and examine them. It was because of a sudden thought that came to his mind this morning.

There was a fifty-fifty chance of success.


Do-joon calmed his pounding chest and held the labyrinth key in his forearm.


Okay, let’s do that.


[You can copy one of the options of “Key to the Labyrinth: Tier2 Elemental Island” to “Kim Do-joon.”]


[Copyable Options]

  1. Enter the ‘Labyrinth: Elemental Island’.


Dum-dum. (Heart pounding sound)


Do-joon smiled at the pleasant sound of his heart.


* * *


The skill, which Do-joon simply calls ‘copy’, said that there was no limit to the target, but in fact, that was not the case.


This was because, in order to use the skill, Do-joon needs to hold both items for copying and items to be copied.


In other words, it can only be used on objects that can be touched.


Do-joon put the key on his forearm.


[You can copy one of the options of “Key to the Labyrinth: Tier2 Elemental Island” to “Kim Do-joon.”]


[Copyable Options]

  1. Enter the ‘Labyrinth: Elemental Island’.


There was no reason to worry. Do-joon used the copy without delay.


[Copied successfully.]


[The ‘Key of the Labyrinth: Tier2 Elemental Island’ used as the material has been destroyed.]


[Copied ability is adjusted according to the item’s ‘classification’.]


Do-joon opened the status window to check his new ability.


[Additional Options]

– Skill: Labyrinth Entry (Tier 2 Elemental Island) Cooldown 168h




Do-joon’s lips twitched. The cooldown was a whopping 7 days, but even considering that, it was a considerable skill.


Doesn’t that mean he could always enter that dungeon?


“Now, there is no problem in coming back.”


Do-joon looked at the hearthstone on the desk with a content smile. Using that, he could return to reality at any time.


Of course, he doesn’t intend to use this as just a consumable item. He was thinking of copying the options to his body properly tomorrow.


Then he would get the skills for both entry and return.


It was the perfect preparation.


‘How many days will it take this time?’


It would be better to get his money’s worth while he was at it. Do-joon got up from his seat and put on his coat.


* * *


After leaving the house, he headed to a large supermarket nearby. It was in the underground food section where he arrived with the cart.


“Oh, are you a Hunter? Come and try this one~. It’s the new tteok-galbi.~”


Do-joon stopped sharply at the lady’s solicitation and the savory smell.


In one corner of the food section, there were also foods for dungeons, most of which were canned food. It said that Tteok-galbi was canned food made from the meat of a wild boar.


Just as you can’t take Earth’s clothes or equipment to a dungeon, so is food. Thus, hunters carry canned food made from the meat of edible beasts as emergency rations.


In fact, canned food was not even seasoned and contains dried ingredients. It was not even canned like real canned food.


On top of that, the price was more than ten times higher than regular food.


But what could he do? If he wants to eat in the dungeon, then he has no choice but to find it himself or buy something like that.


‘I’ve got enough money to live like this.’


He has made as much profit as it has been dangerous recently. Compensation from the Association or the herbs dug in the wild dog dungeon. There were also the bodies of the goblin riders he killed yesterday.


Do-joon picked out several canned meat and vegetables and put them in the cart. In addition, he picked a mountain of different food ingredients to eat at home.


Beep- Beep-


“Do you have a loyalty card?”






After paying, he made a box at the back and contained all the food he purchased. He placed the food box that he made into the inventory one by one.


Fully prepared, he left the mart and returned home.


There was no reason for further delay. After taking out all the equipment, he wore the axe in his right hand and the gauntlet in his left.


In addition, various equipment such as knives, spears, shields, and gourds were always on standby. Although they are made of magical materials, they were not items but were factory-made products.


After putting the rest of the equipment back in his inventory, Do-joon used the Labyrinth Entry skill.


[You have entered “Elemental Island”.]


His vision changed, and a message he had seen once came to mind.


‘An elemental island…….’


Do-joon looked around with a wary look.


Catacombs had skeletons. Then what kind of monster would appear here? And what else can be achieved?


While feeling a strange mixture of tension and anticipation, he moved slowly.