Chapter 11. Has The Genesis Drained Out?


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The first thing that caught my eye was a mountain that I could see far away. It was a snowy mountain covered with pristine white snow.


On the other hand, the place where Do-joon was located appeared to be a half-mixed desert and forest, with a wide lake far to the left, and a gray plain to the right.


Overall, it was an island without any sense of unity.


Do-joon, who was thinking about the direction for a while, turned to the left for now. He felt it was more peaceful over there.


‘Are there no beasts here?’


After walking for a while, Do-joon didn’t run into anyone. In addition, there were no moving creatures in sight.


Nevertheless, he still hasn’t let his guard down. He had raised his senses to the highest level because he didn’t know where or what would come.


Sense stats reaching Lv16 made his five senses transcend ordinary humans.




Meanwhile, a subtle intrusive sound was caught in his ear.




Do-joon looked around without saying a word. Behind him was a small hole in the sand, unknown when it appeared.


He approached the hole with caution.


One step. Two steps. Three steps.


As he approached carefully.




With a piercing sound, something went from his behind and struck on the right side.


The surprise attack that came from behind drew his attention to a sandhole!


However, Do-joon was wary from the beginning. As soon as he felt the presence, he quickly turned aside. Seeing something passing through the void of the ivory gate, Do-joon’s eyes widened.

(T/N: Ivory gate in poetical imagery, the semi-transparent gate of the house of sleep, through which dreams appear distorted into pleasant and delusive shapes.)




[Elemental Snake (Earth)]


Fit Rate

– 18%


It was a snake with dull scales reminiscent of rocks. The snake that attacked Do-joon dug back into the ground. All of this happened in an instant.


‘You have the ability to dig into the ground.’


Maybe that’s why it wasn’t visible.


Do-joon grabbed the axe in his hand, putting information about the new enemy in his head.

On the other hand, he felt sorry for himself.


The fact that a fit rate of 18% means that he can only raise his fit rate to 19 relative to him.


Now that he was at 15%, he could only raise it by 4%. Considering the achievements in the Catacombs, it was somewhat disappointing.


‘Well, it’s like collecting bits from a mountain of it.’


Still, it was a lot better than blanking out at home with nothing to do.


Do-joon held the axe close to his body and prepared for an attack.


[The effect of strength increase (lower) is applied.]


[The effect of speed increase (lower) is applied.]


[The effect of durability rise (lower) is applied.]


He used skills and raised his senses. The whole body became more acute than before, and he was able to grasp the tremors around him.






Once again, the rock snake rushed from the back. Do-joon turned around with his eyes wide open. He immediately swung his axe at the sight of the rock snake.




Tearing the air, the blade of the axe flooded in.


He could see a rock snake flinching in the air. The Lv17 Agility Rune made it all look like slow motion.




The snake bounced off the axe. The rock snake was writhing chaotically on the sandy beach, perhaps due to a concussion after being hit hard on the head.


Do-joon hurried over and grabbed the snake’s neck with his left hand on which he was wearing the gauntlet.


“Stay still.”


Do-joon raised up the axe. A soft light shone on the raised axe blade. It was such a light that you wouldn’t notice unless you looked closely.


It was not like the swordsmanship from the martial arts novels he read the other day.


‘Additional Attack’ option in this weapon item. That option was the identity of this soft light.




[Additional Option]


– Additional Attack 20~40


Originally, the light that was supposed to be only around the weapon was wrapped around his wrist, arm, and eventually Do-joon’s whole body.


It was because of the Additional Option that Do-joon copied into his body.


With the weapon’s own attack power and the additional attack power on Do-joon’s body, the Kuzika’s axe was cladded in two layers of light.


The axe fell like a bolt of lightning, splitting the body of the rock snake.


“Kek! Keeek!”


The half-cut snake wriggled like a live octopus on the sandy beach. It was so strong that the blood splattered from the wound reached tens of meters away.


After a while, the splitted rock snake lost its strength and collapsed.


【You have defeated the monster. Experience (EXP) increases.】




At this level, it was worth it.


The surprise attack was quite intimidating and solid, but not to the extent that he couldn’t deal with it. To be honest, he felt that the goblin rider side was more difficult.




He felt a slight vibration under his feet then.


Do-joon instinctively jumped backwards. Then a rock snake popped up where he had just been.


A drop of cold sweat ran down his spine. If he had stayed still, it would have bitten his ankle.


‘Are they in groups?’


Do-joon ran after it before it went back in. Then he swung his axe and cut off its head.




Avoiding the blood spewing out slightly, Do-joon was vigilant about his surroundings. Wondering if there would be any more trouble.


But it became quiet.


Soon convinced that there was no one, Do-joon approached the body of a slain snake. Unlike skeletons, which turned to dust when killed, the snake’s corpse remained intact.


‘Are there any material items in it?’


Do-joon tapped the snake’s body with his axe.


That was the reason why he came to scavenge for dead bodies.


A material item refers to an item that can be used as a material for making an ‘item’, such as the red herbs that Do-joon picked up in the past. It can be transformed into a new ‘item’ through craftsmen with production skills.


By the way, the goblin riders didn’t have those. If it was a corpse with material items, it would have cost twice or three times more.


Anyway ,as he looked at the corpse of the rock snake, his eyes immediately lit up.


【Elemental Snake Leather】


‘There it is!’


When Do-joon placed his hand on a shining part, a group of lights appeared on his hand, and a folded piece of leather appeared.


【Elemental Snake (Earth) Leather】



– Rare



– Material



– A snake skin with earth properties. It has slight resistance to ground-type attacks.


– Earth Resistance +0.1%


After checking the options of the item, he opened his mouth slightly.


‘It’s a material item for resistance equipment, right?’


This was…… awesome.


* * *


Resistance options are among the rarest of the options and are effective at the same time.


The effect was literally to reduce the damage to that attribute.


It wasn’t the first time he had seen such an option. There was a resistance option in the Arreina’s Ring that he got before. However, at that time, he was full of thoughts to copy the vitality option to So-eun, so he just didn’t care.


‘0.1% Earth Resistance……. It’s low because it is in the material state.’


Material items usually have no effect on their own, or if there are, they are weak.


Red Hub, for example, will recover less than one-twentieth of that of a low-level healing potion.


These material items shine when people with production skills make them into equipment.


This is because the values of the option are amplified when proper equipment is made. Like making a low-grade potion with 5 red herbs which originally has only 1/20th of the effect.


But… … .


‘Do I really need to do that?’


Of course, it was quite cumbersome to find a maker, hand over the materials, and wait for the equipment to come out. It takes time and costs a lot of money.


But himself?


Wasn’t it enough to just copy the options of the material state!


If the materials were abundant, it was definitely better this way rather than making an equipment out of it that took a long time.


‘This is it.’


The goal of this labyrinth has been set.


There was no longer the Do-joon who regretted that he could only raise the fit rate to 19%.


What?  Was it a pity that he can’t raise the fit rate much?


What does that matter? This labyrinth was a complete bonanza, bonanza. Do-joon was as excited as if he had found a real gold mine.




Around it, a small sand hole began to form. These were the rock snakes who came to take revenge after smelling the blood of their fellows.


At first glance, it looked like there were more than 10 holes. In other words, dozens of rock snakes were trying to attack Do-joon.


A scene that would normally give him goosebumps and engulf him with a sense of crisis.


However, Do-joon’s lips twitched.


“I’ll skin you all.”


He raised the corners of his mouth, and fixed the axe in his hand.


* * *


【Fit rate has increased.】


As he killed the snakes endlessly without hesitation, the fit rate reached 16% even before he knew it.


Do-joon opened his inventory.


– Elemental Snake Leather x72


He smiled proudly.


About 70 pieces of rock snake skin. It was the result of being absorbed in hunting for several hours.


Do-joon spread the snake skin on the ground. Then he picked up two of them.


‘It will take too long to copy them directly into my body.’


Copying options to the same target can only be done once a day.


What if he copies 0.1% leather into his body one by one? It would take 70 days just to use all of this leather. It was a far cry from work.


So he decided to use some shortcuts.


[You can copy one of the options of ‘Elemental Snake Leather’ to ‘Elemental Snake Leather’.]


[Copyable Options]


  1. Earth Resistance +0.1%




The two pieces of snake skin began to glow faintly. Eventually, what he held in his left hand turned to powder and disappeared, leaving only the one he held in his right hand.


[Target has the same option. Options are nested.]


【Elemental Snake (Earth) Leather】



– Rare



– Material



– A snake skin with earth properties. It has slight resistance to ground-type attacks.


– Earth Resistance 0.1%


[Additional Options]

– Earth Resistance 0.1%


‘It’s a success.’


It was as he thought. Two sheets of snake skin were combined to create one 0.2% snake skin. Since it is the same option, it is nested into one.


The only thing left now was to repeat this.


After a while.


【Elemental Snake (Earth) Leather】



– Rare



– Material



– A snake skin with earth properties. It has slight resistance to ground-type attacks.


– Earth Resistance 0.1%


[Additional Options]


– Earth Resistance 7.1%


More than 70 sheets of snake skin had disappeared and only one piece of leather was held in Do-joon’s hand. It was leather with a whopping 7% earth resistance.


This alone was better than any other item effect.


With a proud look, Do-joon put the finished high-quality snake leather into his inventory. And he looked around.


“Has the genesis drained out?”


There was no more rock snake in sight. He pummeled the sand with the spear he bought at the mart. However, he did not feel anything similar to the presence of a rock snake.


Do-joon smacked his lips.


Perhaps, the beast’s respawn time couldn’t keep up with his hunting speed.


There were occasional ones, but that alone wasn’t enough to reach his goal.


‘Is this enough for now? I can come back next time.’


A week after clearing this labyrinth, he can enter it again. Then he could subdue it again like now.


Assuming that the 7% increase at one time, as it was now, it was likely to take a few months to reach the maximum resistance option of 75%.


‘Tens of billions are needed to combine to pool resistances for this attribute.’


Resistance options only pop up in small amounts for each item. Collecting those items and summing them up to reach a maximum of 75% is called the “full resistance set” in industry slang.


It is said that the full resistance set would cost tens of billions of dollars for each attribute.


No, tens of billions is nothing. Depending on the condition of the piece, sometimes it could go up to hundreds of millions.


That’s why most hunters don’t get up to 75% and are satisfied around 50%. The 50% set is much easier to assemble, so it’s priced in the billions.


But he can collect such an expensive option with only a few months of labor.


Moreover, that was not the end.


Of course, there are limits to what items can be worn. So, if one elemental resistance is maxed out, the other elemental resistance will naturally be neglected.


Therefore, high-ranking hunters usually set the resistance sets for each attribute, and then change their clothes according to the environment of the dungeon.


But Do-joon didn’t have to. It’s because for him the resistance goes up as an additional option, not an item.


‘It means that I can raise the resistance of multiple attributes at the same time.’


Do-joon, who had just arrived at the lake, stopped walking and he chuckled.


[Elemental Snake (Water)]


Fit Rate

– 18%


Because he found a water snake, not a rock snake, in the lake.