Chapter 12. Let's See Who Wins

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【Fit rate has increased.】


【Fit rate has increased.】




【Experience (EXP) does not increase because it is a weaker monster than the user.】


【Yggdrasil System】


Fit Rate

– 19%




Do-joon sat on a large rock while picking his breath.


For nearly three days he has been hunting around the island, and achieved a fit rate of 19%, the maximum that could be raised here.


This elemental island was divided into five main areas.


【Elemental Snake (Earth) Leather】


[Additional Options]

– Earth Resistance 9.4%


Rock snakes appeared in the sand, the first land Do-joon stepped on.


They were able to dig into the ground and move underground, and the sudden surprise attack with popping out at his feet was quite threatening.


The resistance figure, which rose nearly 7% on the first day, rose to 9% after three days.


【Elemental Snake (Water) Leather】


[Additional Options]

– Water Resistance 8.6%


The second area, the lake zone, showed collapsed buildings submerged deep in water.


Like a stepping stone, Do-joon had to jump over the rubble and kill the water snakes that jumped out of the lake.


It was an unstable area underfoot, but unlike the rock snake that swam under the ground, it was not difficult to hunt because their movements were visible.


【Elemental Snake (Fire) Leather】


[Additional Options]

– Fire Resistance 5.2%


The third area was a hill of ash, as if there had been a big wildfire.


Inside the ash powder, there were big red coloured serpents, with their tails on fire, so it was a fire snake that attacked by swinging its tail.


The movement was much slower than other snakes, so the hunt itself was relatively easy.


However, there was nothing violent about them, so the leather gathered was the least. It also had the smallest population.


【Elemental Snake (Wind) Leather】


[Additional Options]

– Wind Resistance 6.6%


The fourth area was the last one he stayed in.


It was a place where the wind blew fiercely between steep cliffs. There was a hole in the crevice of the cliff, and snakes were nesting in it.


The windworms were the weakest snakes on the island.


The scale was weak enough to be pierced with fingers and the movement was not fierce. No, not even to the point of not being fierce, these guys never came out of a cliff hole to begin with.


However, the location of the cliff was a problem.


He used awls and ropes to climb cliffs, and Do-joon had to go through each hole and pierce his spear.


It was the hardest part of the four areas.


‘Overall not bad.’


After the three-day hunt, the 4 attributes increased by at least 5%. Considering that the cooldown of entering the labyrinth is 7 days, it means that in 10 days it would increase by 5%.


‘It’s a pity that the cooldown doesn’t decrease when I’m in the labyrinth.’


While hunting, he looked at the entry skill of the labyrinth, and the cooldown didn’t decrease at all. It seemed that the seven-day cooldown would begin when he returned to reality.


‘But 5% in 10 days is awesome.’


Dojun smiled satisfactorily.


This was a tremendous achievement compared to other hunters who spent 10 billion dollars trying to meet 50% of the resistance of a single attribute. On top of that, Do-joon was capable of raising the full resistance of 75% without too much difficulty.


If it was 5% per 10 days, it would take less than half a year to reach 75%.


‘If I complain about this, then I have no conscience.’


Do-joon smirked and put four kinds of leather in the inventory.


After three days of wandering all four areas, it seemed to have come to an end. It was time to go back home once.


He got up from the rock he was sitting on, and looked at the snow mountain standing tall in the middle of the island.


Fifth section of the island that he hasn’t been to yet.


Maybe that’s where the boss was.


‘What shall I do …….’



Skill Rune

– Return (Available only in Labyrinth) Cooldown 168h


In one view, there was a return skill that was copied from a hearthstone as a material was reflected.


Do-joon could have gone home right now if he wanted to.


‘So far, the results are good enough for me.’


There was a strange atmosphere around the snowy mountain.


It was not that he hadn’t explored the snow mountain at all in three days. He did set foot in it. He just retreated right away because of a strange sense of unease.


Maybe it was because of the presence of the Boss Monster.


Do-joon, who had been agonizing for a while, shook his head to shake off miscellaneous thoughts.


‘How can I ever find the Golden Covenant if I run away from a place like this?’


This level of anxiety and fear would come as often as possible in the future. Would he run away every single time? Babbling like this was enough for him?


No, It shouldn’t be.


The Golden Covenant, myth grade items, were not something that could be obtained with such a complacent mind.


When he took out the cold water and drank it, my disordered mind was steadfast.


Soon, Do-joon headed for Snow Mountain with noiseless steps.


* * *


Drip – drip –


The sound of dripping water echoed through the closed cave.


The sound was very chilly. And it was deep.


‘This is the only place left…….’


He searched all over the snowy mountains, but there was not even a single ant, let alone the boss. The only suspicious place he could find was this cave.


About two hours after entering here, Do-joon was able to reach the end of the cave.


There was a small lake. The sound of water he heard earlier was the sound of water drops falling from the stalagmites on the ceiling into this puddle.


Do-joon, who approached the lake and even took a peek inside, paused.




It was a snake again.


However, it looked quite different from the ones he had seen so far.


A long body with a thickness that even one hand cannot cover. However, the scales surrounding the body were transparent as if they were made of glass.


Thanks to it, the inside of the snake’s body was clearly visible.


White, hard bones, tangled blood vessels, dense muscles, and a quietly beating heart.


[Rubra’s Glass Snake]


Fit Rate

– 30%


Was it a boss monster? The fit rate was incomparably higher than that of snakes so far.


Do-joon swallowed his saliva and carefully observed the snake’s behaviour.


‘… … Is it sleeping?’


A rather hopeful observation.


It was not entirely groundless. Originally, snakes do not hibernate in the cold season to maintain their body temperature.


Well, it wasn’t exactly a credible basis either. Monster’s ecology is completely different from ordinary animals.


‘I’m sure it’s not hibernation just because he is in the cold water.’


Do-joon immediately realized the reality of the situation.


He leaned down and picked up a rock that was lying on the floor. He rolled the stone a few times in his palm and threw it with all his might.


The flicked stone hit the water surface completely opposite from where it was standing. He was trying to get his gaze back to the other side, even if it was moved just for a second.


At that moment, as expected, the glass snake opened its eyes and rushed towards it.




However, what he attacked was not where the stone fell, but at Do-joon who threw the stone.


“Kkeus… …!!”


Do-joon reflexively raised the guard with his left arm. As if to say to the glass snake, “That’s right,” who then rushed in and bit Do-joon’s left arm with a wide open mouth.


Fortunately, the gauntlet blocked it.


But it was not hopeful. Do-joon stepped back under the unusual momentum and weight of it.




Do-joon took the axe in his right hand and swung down at its body.




But rather than the axe blade digging in, it bounced off with only a shuddering vibration.


The wall of the cave collided with Do-joon’s back, who was forced to step back. At that moment, its tail flew furiously into his face. Do-joon was frightened and twisted his upper body.




Its tail dug through the hard cave walls like tofu. Wielding a solid, bladeless scale like a whip, it was nothing more than a weapon in itself.


‘What should I do?’


Do-joon was panicking.


This axe was the strongest weapon he had, but the blade itself couldn’t penetrate it. Then should he just use it as a smashing weapon like a club?




The glass snake swung its tail again and hit Do-joon’s knee.




With the sound of something breaking, Do-joon felt his body reeling.


But he desperately supported himself with throbbing legs. There was the regeneration (medium) option in effect, so he doesn’t have to worry about the damage to a certain extent. The pain was still there, but…….




Dojun clenched his teeth and grabbed its neck with his right hand. This tough guy must be mistaken for some kind of hunting dog, and even while his neck was being caught, he did not let go of Do-joon’s forearm. On the contrary, it clenched even harder.




The gauntlet was crushed. Blood flowed through the cracks. Dripping, dripping, dripping blood trickled down. Seeing the red blood, Do-joon’s eyes got covered with blood as well.


Yeah, let’s see who wins.


All of Do-jun’s nerves began to focus on his right hand. The tendon on the forearm rose and had a stronger grip than usual. He squeezed his hand, strangling it with enough force to crumple its neck.


The glass snake was frantic. He swung his tail recklessly and hit Dojun.


Bam, bam!


Most of them hit the walls or floor of the cave, but few struck Do-joon’s body directly. Do-joon groaned at each of those heavy blows as if he had been hit by a large rock, but never released his hands. Rather, he poured more strength into his grip to endure the pain.


5 minutes… and 10 minutes…….


At the end of the passing time.


“kek, kkiik…….”


The snake’s jaw, which had been biting its forearm, slowly loosened and opened up. In the meantime, Do-joon quickly recovered his left arm.


Do-joon took out the knife with his liberated left hand and grabbed it. With the handle of that knife.


Thwack! Thwack~!


He hit the snake on the head like a hammer. Over and over again. Careful enough to not to loosen the strength of his right hand.


After a while, the glass snake drooped, spewing up a white liquid from its mouth. Still, after hitting a few more times just in case, Do-joon was convinced that it was dead.


【You have defeated the monster. Experience (EXP) increases.】


【Fit rate has increased.】


【Fit rate has increased.】


【Fit rate has increased.】


【Fit rate has increased.】


【Yggdrasil System】


Fit Rate

– 23%


“Ah… … .”


A message from the Yggdrasil system fills his eyes. Seeing this, Do-joon was relieved and sat down on the floor of the cave.


He first removed the fragments of the gauntlet, which was half dug into his left arm. The shards fell out with a clatter.


Its teeth penetrated the gauntlet, so his hand wasn’t without any wounds, but they were still much milder wounds than he had expected.


Regeneration (medium), which was always activated during battle, must have played a major role.


‘… … I lived because it was non-poisonous.’


If it had a fast-acting poison, then it would have been deadly. However, the glass snake was not poisonous.


Originally, poisons were meant to be used as a protection against natural enemies. The glass snake, which had few natural enemies, needed no poison.


[You have defeated Rubra’s Glass Snake.]


[You have cleared the labyrinth. A reward will be given.]


[Reward List]


  1. Hearthstone
  2. Tier 3 Labyrinth Key (Random)
  3. Item Box (Random, high-grade)


He saw the same message as in the Catacombs. Do-joon put the corpse of the glass snake in his inventory.


And after a while.


Do-joon returned to his home and his shop, the general store.


The very first thing he did was to lie down and rest. Not only did the wound on his forearm hurt, but his entire body was in pain. In particular, the knee that was the first to get hit was throbbing as if it had been fractured.


But he felt much better after taking a short break. He even went to the hospital just in case. He was very conscious of his health because of his age and also because of So-eun.


Whether it was thanks to the regeneration (medium) option or the vitality rune that broke through Lv20, fortunately the wounds were not serious. By the time he got home from the medical treatment, all he had was a little bit of a mess.


He entered the underground workshop he had set up for the production of the potions. A blue tarpaulin was spread on the floor of the workshop on which he took out the body of the glass snake.


The first thing he needed to look at was whether there were any material items available or not.


Soon, Do-joon’s eyes sparkled.


This was because the corpse of the glass snake displayed information about two items.