Chapter 13 Part 1. No Need To Look Down


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Two items were in Do-joon’s hands.


One was fine-grained leather and the other was a dark red, mushy piece of meat.


【Glass Snake’s Scale Leather】


【Glass Snake’s Cold Heart】


Do-joon glanced at the heart first.


【Glass Snake’s Cold Heart】



– Rare



– Material



– Cold chilling air has accumulated. It’s still young, so it’s effect isn’t great.


– Adds Ice attribute to equipment

– Cold Resistance upon consumption +3%

– When consumed Agility -5 Lv, Sense -3 Lv


He could tell just by looking at the information window. It was not meant to be eaten by humans, but to be used as an equipment material.


Originally, there are some items that come with penalties like this. It is often referred to as a cursed item, and  in many cases, a good option was included along with the penalty.


Nevertheless, curse items were usually avoided. This is due to the penalties being applied at a level that cannot be ignored.


Just by looking at this alone, even though cold resistance went up, the Stat Runes had dropped significantly.




‘I can copy without incurring any penalty.’


With the copy skill, it was possible to extract only good options without suffering from the penalties.


Rather, the average performance was higher than that of ordinary items, so cursed items could have been more effective for Dojun.


[You can copy one of the options of the “Glass Snake’s Cold Heart” to “Kim Do-joon.”]


[Copyable Options]


  1. Giving equipment Ice attribute.
  2. Cold resistance +3%
  3. Agility -5Lv, Sense -3Lv


Except for the 3rd option of course, it was the choice between the 1st and 2nd option. Dojun’s eyes lingered on option number 2 among them.


‘Cold resistance…….’


The intended use of this was decided without even thinking about it.


‘This is an option to copy to So-eun.’


The Second option that can likely be effective on So-eun’s illness along with vitality stat.


In fact, the body gets very cold when a patient with Mana syndrome has a seizure, and it is said that a potion that increases cold resistance helps greatly.


So-eun received the same prescription every time she had one, and to add to that, it was one of the reasons for the sharp rise in hospital bills.


I had to keep feeding her expensive potions until the seizure calmed down.


[Additional Option]


– Skill: Labyrinth Entry (Tier 2 Elemental Island) Cooldown 167h


Do-joon glanced at the labyrinth entry skill. He was able to enter the labyrinth every seven days.


Which means he can increase her resistance by 3% every seven days. It won’t take that long to reach the full resistance of 75%.


‘All right.’


There was one more goal at hand now.


Steadily going back to the elemental island and raising So-eun’s cold resistance to 75%. And after that, copying the same cold resistance to his body.


If there were no variability, it would all be completed in a year.




‘Let’s make use of this for me. I will need to bring the ice attribute enchantment skill from option number 1 first as well.’


It was also important to become stronger in order to conquer the elemental island more quickly and more reliably.


Then, it would be possible to steadily dig up the hearts to give to So-eun.


For that reason, Dojun used his skill.


[Copied successfully]


[Material ‘Glass Snake’s Cold Heart’ that was used has been destroyed.]


[Copied ability is adjusted to the item’s ‘classification’.]


[Additional Options]

– Attribute: Creates Ice Attribute Magic Core




However, it was a different result from Do-joon’s prediction, which he thought would be an enchantment skill.


A characteristic that acts like a kind of passive, which is continuously applied unlike a skill.


‘Magic Core?’


He has heard of it. It was one of the characteristics that many magic-type hunters had.


By nature, a hunter’s magic power is spread evenly throughout his body.  It circulates constantly along the mana path created by the spores of the World Tree.


However, it is said that those who possessed this characteristic had their magical power concentrated in the heart area.


If that happens, then what difference does that make?


Unlike others, those with cores can move their magic power freely. Magical hunters use these free-moving manas to construct magic techniques and create phenomena.


It is in contrast to the warrior-type hunters whose magic power is just spread throughout the body and cannot be controlled freely.


‘And then there’s even the attributes… … .’


There were pros and cons to this part.


Elemental magic is easier to handle and stronger than normal non-elemental magic.This is because it is magic with one specific attribute in itself.


However, there was a disadvantage that the skill of the opposite attribute could not be used, and the effect of the elixir of the opposite attribute would be lost. Considering the current Do-joon, a potion containing the fire energy (fire ki) would have zero effect.


The penalties were rather painful. But come to think of it, it was only for magic-type hunters, and it had nothing to do with Do-joon.


After all, he doesn’t have any flame-based skills, and if he finds a fire potion, he will feed it to So-eun. In fact, the elixir itself was very rare.




Do-joon took out the Kujika’s axe to test it out. And as he concentrated his mind, he felt something distant pounding in his chest.


When Mana was raised with his will, a cold kind of aura rose up on the axe.


When he held it up against a glass of water, the power was so great that it froze the water into white, frosty and freezing water.


“It’s worth it?”


Do-joon’s magic stat was 23Lv. The level was still low, so it can only reach till this extent, but what would happen when his fit rate increases and the mana stats goes higher?

(T/N: Magic and Mana are interchangeable words here.)


A smile lingered on the corner of his lips.




Ice Attribute Mana Core. With this alone, this labyrinth was a pretty good achievement.


Of course this was not the only thing that has been gained. Leather with various resistances remained in the inventory, and there was also a Tier 3 key and a random item box.


And also his leather.


Do-joon turned his eyes and checked the leather this time. Contrary to the expectation that leather would be transparent, it was as cloudy as oiled paper.


【Glass Snake’s Scale Leather】



– Uncommon



– Material



– Hard and tough snake skin. There is no special effect.


– Additional Defense +5




He furrowed his eyebrows subtly.


The only option was defense?


No matter how good the material was, it was a bit miserable.


‘Well, not everything’s good.’


Do-joon sighed and shook his head. He flipped the leather back and forth with an annoyed expression.


As he did so, he discovered something.


“This is…….”


The leather was double-layered.


* * *


Corporate Production Guild Roundy Hunter.


Do-joon came to Roundy Hunter with the skin of the glass snake.