Chapter 13 Part 2


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Corporate Production Guild Roundy Hunter.


Do-joon came to Roundy Hunter with the skin of the glass snake.


He said he wanted to entrust a production, so he was guided to a seat in the lobby on the first floor. It was a room with a suitable partition.


“Please wait a moment.”




The receptionist wore a commercial smile and gave him a cup of coffee, before disappearing. As he waited, tasting the sweet taste of the brewed coffee, a man walked in.


Do-joon greeted him first.




“Oh, yes.”


The man who came in with a chart looked up and down at Do-joon and nodded. Then he flopped on the opposite chair.


“You want to entrust it to production?”




The man, Kim Jin-hyuk asked as he looked at the chart. There was a brief personal information of Do-joon that he had written down at the time of application.


I’m an Awakened, but I don’t have a Hunter license.…. Must be a collector?’


There are a lot of people who are awakened but are not Hunters. However, there were no such people who just came to visit the production guild and make requests, except for collectors.


Kim Jin-hyuk looked at Do-joon’s outfit. Do-joon thought he had been wearing it for a long time. All worn out t-shirts and pants. It wasn’t just clothes, but clothes made from the material of the magical beasts he wore when he entered the dungeon.


‘It’s cheap.’


Common off-the-shelf products, not custom ones. It was a cheap product, not even branded. As a guild member of the production guild, Kim Jin-hyuk had a good eye for this kind of thing.


Kim Jin-hyuk, who gave an appropriate evaluation of the customer in his mind, asked bluntly.


“So, what are you here for?”




“What is it?”


“It’s snakeskin.”


Kim Jin-hyuk asked conventionally without touching the leather. In fact, there was no need to ask. Because his eyes reflected the information window of leather.


【Glass Snake’s Scale Leather】



– Hard and tough snake skin. There is no special effect.


– Additional Defense +5




Kim Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue inside. Not surprisingly, the options were also garbage like the item.


This is why they were tired of dealing with rookie hunters and collectors. They just come with these frivolous and poor ingredients like a jar of nectar and beg them to make equipment out of it.….


It’s not as easy as producing equipment like a goblin’s bat, it takes a lot of work and effort.

(T/N: Goblin’s bat is just basic and cheap equipment.)


“Sir? Can I just say one thing?”




“As for materials like this, it’s hard to get good results if you have to make them out of items. It’s not even worth the labor cost.”


He said it in the most eloquent manner possible.


Of course, from the point of view, the listener Do-joon, it was useless arrogance.


“I will pay the price properly, so please make it.”


Do-joon said without losing his polite attitude. Then Kim Jin-hyuk scratched his head as if he was in trouble.


“Hey! Do you not understand what I’m saying, or are you out of touch with the world? Wouldn’t it be better to buy a suitable ready-made product with the cost of the request?”


“Thanks for the advice, but this is… … .”


“Do you think it’s easy to make equipment because it’s a skill? It’s so painstakingly difficult because you have to tap and sew each one by hand… … .”


Kim Jin-hyuk grumbled, cutting Do-joon off from talking.


Hard? He knew it well. When Do-joon makes potions, he puts a lot of effort into drying, decoction, and squeezing the medicinal herbs.


There were no useful production skills that could make items pop out with a single word. Therefore, it is a field where the skills of the craftsman are more important.


Anyway, Do-joon’s eyes sank as he watched Kim Jin-hyuk whining before cutting off the conversation.


He didn’t have to beg for such a thing. The Production Guild wasn’t the only one working in this line of business.


Do-joon got up from his seat without any regrets.


“Kim Jin Hyuk, are you here?”


“Huh? Master, have you been looking for me?”


Then a middle-aged man with a beard came in. It looks like he came to see Kim Jin-hyuk.


Kim Jin-hyuk stood up and greeted him politely.


“Oh God, you had a visitor. Do your work.”


“No, sir. He will leave soon.”




A middle-aged man who heard Kim Jin-hyuk looked at the leather on the table. He could also see the information window.


However, the difference from Kim Jin-hyuk was that he did not rely solely on information from the information window, but directly touched and inspected the leather.


Kim Jin-hyuk smiled and said to the middle-aged man who was looking at the leather.


“Luckily, it’s in the shape we’re looking for. … . Apparently, the options were not very good and we could not accept the request. I don’t think he will be able to afford the labor costs either.”


“… … What?”


The middle-aged man returned with a stern look. Kim Jin-hyuk, who did not see his frown, still spoke with a smiling face.


“I don’t think we’ll be getting any labor costs either. I haven’t accepted the request… …”


“You, you, you idiot!”




A middle-aged man hit Kim Jin-hyuk on the head. He had been around for so long that he had experience in this field. Kim Jin-hyuk had to suffer without knowing what was going on.


“Sir, I don’t know what you’ve heard from this guy, but please leave it to us. I’ll take responsibility…… No, I’ll put it in the top line and make it the best for you.”




Do-joon didn’t answer. Kim Jin-hyuk still rubbed his head and asked.


“Teacher? What are you even talking about?”


“You shut up! A kid who doesn’t even know how to see things properly… … . Don’t even call me Master! It’s embarrassing me!”


“No, why don’t you tell me what it is so I can understand?”


As Kim Jin-hyuk spoke in a rebellious manner, a middle-aged man clicked his tongue. Then he turned the leather upside down and showed it.


“What is this thing?”


“Look closely, here.”


Kim Jin-hyuk, who had been staring at the place where his teacher was pointing, his eyes widened.


He didn’t know from the outside, but when examined closely, he saw that the leather was double-layered. And the outer part of the leather was as transparent as glass!


That’s not all. When he reached out and touched it, it was not only transparent but also shallow like oil paper.


This was the first time in his life that he had seen such a material. Transparent leather? Isn’t this material that could possibly revolutionize the industry?


‘I’ll have to work on it, but…….’


Which means at least it’s worth researching.


This was a request that the Production Guild had to take unconditionally. Besides, maybe he had more leather like this. If he even has it in larger quantities… … .


“Stop looking and give it back.”


Do-joon snorted. Only then Kim Jin-hyuk came to his senses and soon realized his mistake. His face turned pale.


“I’m sorry, sir. I’ll take back everything I said earlier. Please allow our guild to handle it.”


“Take back?”


“Yes, yes, I take back everything…….”


Kim Jin-hyuk tried hard to talk with a smile. Then, suddenly, when he looked up, he saw that Do-joon was looking at him with a cold face.


A middle-aged man frowned and grabbed Kim Jin-hyuk’s head and forced him to bow down.


“What are you talking about, you bastard! Apologize properly first!”


“S-Sorry, I’m sorry!”


Kim Jin-hyuk apologized while stuttering. A middle-aged man also bowed his head next to him.


“I’m sorry if my disciple offended you. I’ll scold him a lot later. So… … .”


The middle-aged man’s eyes turned to the leather. Do-joon, who saw the two for a while, spoke quietly.


“No need to bow down.”




Two people raised their heads with bright faces. Do-joon spoke to them in a blunt voice.


“I’m not your customer, so why are you bowing your heads to me?”


Kim Jin-hyuk’s mouth was wide open at his words. Do-joon silently packed the leather and put it in his inventory. Then he turned around and walked away without a second glance.


Kim Jin-hyuk followed him out of the building and begged, but he could not change Do-joon’s decision.


As he took a taxi, he heard a loud cry behind him.


You, write a written apology and submit it immediately! Got it?!”


“S-Sorry, I’m sorry!”


With the last thing about the two of them erased from his head, Do-joon told the taxi driver.


“Please go to the Black Maiden.”


* * *


Nothing like that happened at Black Maiden. They recognized the value of leather at a glance and even begged Do-joon to tell them how he got it.


Do-joon evaded the question, saying that he just happened to find one by chance. However, they treated Do-joon almost as a VIP when they smelled that he might be able to acquire another one before too long.


Perhaps if he continues to bring in glass snake skin, he might actually become a VIP.


‘Well, I’ll just have to wait and see how things go.’


First of all, he was able to put in the request for this one piece safely. Immediately, a craftsman was called in and made things just the way Do-joon wanted.


The finished product was gloves. They were as thin as a spider’s web and as transparent as ice.


“Thank you~ Please come back again~”


Do-joon left Black Maiden after being seen off by an employee.


Walking down the street, he was quite impressed. He was wearing a pair of glass snake gloves with absolutely no signs of disturbance.


Even though he was wearing it on his hands, there’s no difference from when he was bare-handed. Because of its transparency, it looked bare-handed on the outside, and there was no difference in the movement of the fingers at all. Although the sensation of touching something was different from that of bare hands.


‘And there.’


【Glass Snake’s Scale Leather Gloves】



– Uncommon



– Armor



– Gloves made of snakeskin, transparent as glass. It is tough and hard compared to its thinness.


– Additional Defense +17

– Cut resistance (lower)

– Impact resistance (lower)


It had a much higher defense option than when it was in material condition, and it had new cut and impact resistance added.


He took out a knife and pulled his palm as a test. He tried to draw it with some force, but the gloves were fine. Of course there was no scar on the palm inside.


‘It’s okay.’


This was very useful. The broken gauntlet was also repaired, so the synergy would be great if they were worn together.


Do-joon returned home with a satisfied smile.


[Additional Option]

– Skill: Labyrinth Entry (Tier 2 Elemental Island) Cooldown 148h


He was already looking forward to the next entry, which was over a week away.