Chapter 14 Part 1. When Will It Be My Turn?

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A month flew by like an arrow.


The first thing Do-joon did was to copy the option of the Tier 3 Labyrinth Key.


[You can copy one of the options of “Key to the Labyrinth: Tier 3 Collapsed Temple” to “Kim Do-joon.”]


[Copyable Options]

  1. Enter the ‘Labyrinth: Collapsed Temple’.


After copying it safely, Do-joon entered the labyrinth with a light heart.




[Corrupted Devotee]


Fit rate

– 37%


The fit rate of the monsters that appear was slightly higher. He was able to kill one or two of them, but the ones that were gathering behind them were a problem.


In the end, Do-joon retreated. It seemed that it would be easier to start attacking only when his fit rate would be higher than it was now.


One month left until the exam.


So far, Do-joon followed a regular routine.




– Good morning~


He woke up in the morning to the sound of his alarm. With puffy eyes, he turned off the alarm and did a light wash.


Changed into sportswear and went jogging.


His jogging had a destination, not a roundabout return.


A training center about 20 kilometers away. It was a new business that had appeared with the advent of the Hunters, a place that rented out private training centers at different times of the day.


About 20 kilometers was enough to properly warm him up now.


Breathing lightly, he entered the training hall. At the entrance, he saw a college student chewing gum as she stood at the counter.




She greeted him with an expression that he couldn’t tell if she was sleepy or just annoyed. She told him once that she was on vacation and that she was helping her father with work and getting some pocket money for it.


Contrary to her languid appearance, she seemed to have a fairly steady personality. It’s not easy to be out from 7 in the morning.


After a proper bow, Do-joon entered one of the training centers underground.


The floor was covered with mats and the walls on all sides were made of a very hard material. However, the walls had been scratched wildly.


It may seem hideous at first glance, but on the other hand, it was evidence that many people had been training.


And on one side, there were a few instruments, one of which measured the amount of impact. It is said to be a machine that was often used for Hunter tests in the old days.


Do-joon used this machine to practice swinging his weapon more strongly.


The axe he mainly uses is a weapon where a heavy blow is more important than any flamboyant technique.




[Ta-da~! 3564 points! Best score ever! Congratulations!]





The sound of the machine ringing cheerfully.


Sometimes when he updates his best numbers like this, he tries to remember what he just did. Allocation of force, timing of foot stretch, speed of arm swing.


Just swinging around without thinking is not an effective way to train. In order to improve his skills, he constantly needed efforts to identify and explore himself.


Although little by little, Do-joon’s movements were becoming more and more refined.


If he does practice a variety of exercises, such as swinging a training axe, throwing a knife, or shooting a crossbow, it would be lunch time soon.




He came back home when it was time for lunch. Of course, he ran a distance of 20km again.


Food was always delivered at the door when he arrived. It was a service that delivers lunch with a different menu every day and costs 180,000 won a month.


Originally, he used to make everything to save every penny and eat it, but now every minute and second is more precious than every penny.


“Today is pork cutlet?”


As he was quite hungry after my workout, he was quite happy to have such a hearty menu. After washing off the sweat he had shed while showering, he ate a refreshing meal.


After eating, he took a rest for a while. He lays down on the sofa and rummages through the news on his cell phone and rests his body.


After resting like that, it was time to make potions, which was his main job.


He kept my store closed most of the time, but he did make enough to deliver to the guilds.


It would be much better to sell the materials and items obtained from the labyrinth with his eyes closed, but he still has a steady, fixed income, and without it, the affordability of his mind would be of a different size. In the first place, all the items obtained from the labyrinth were used for copying.


Once the client was cut off, it was not easy to pierce it again, so the delivery of supplies had to be continued.






After finishing potion work, he went to the hospital to see So-eun.


“My So-eun, were you good today?”




While playing with So-eun, he will copy any item he gets in the labyrinth to her that increases the vitality rune. Of course, the heart of the glass snake was included.


However, the only way Do-joon can still receive items is through a random box that you get by clearing the Elemental Island once every ten days.


If there was an item that boosts vitality, it was copied to So-eun or to himself.


[Kim So-eun]


Fit rate

– 0%


[Additional Options]

– Vitality +11Lv

– Cold Resistance  9%


He could feel that So-eun has become much healthier these days. She used to be bedridden most of the time, but now she can go out once a week.


The two of them have dinner together and he stays next to So-eun until she sleeps. And when he gets home, it’s about 9 o’clock.


After that, it was time to train again in the mountains behind where there are no people nearby.


When he focused on the postures of wielding a weapon and all that in the personal training area, this was the place where he could simulate it in his mind and move his body accordingly.


Four types of battle patterns that have been experienced by him so far.


When he fought a crowd of skeleton warriors, wizards and archers mixed together.


When he had to dig into an overwhelming volume of more than 300.


A group of snakes that tormented him in various ways, including surprise attacks from the ground.


And even a fierce battle with a cold ice snake.


It was only two labyrinths, and in terms of time, it has now only been a little over a month.


However, his experience was more dense than those of Hunter, who had been around for several years.


Hunters usually party in a thoroughly calculated combination and chop monsters like machines that are easy to deal with. It was more of a work than a hunt.


Of course it is not a bad or good thing. If the fit rate goes up like this, then it would help them become stronger sooner.


However, it is also true that in terms of the density of each battle, there is no comparison to Do-joon.


How many new hunters have jumped into the middle of a crowd of 300 monsters? And that too alone.


Although it was not quantified in terms of a status window, each of these experiences was an irreplaceable asset for Do-joon. So he trained himself by simulating the events of those times.


What would have happened if it had been like this back then? If he had moved like this, it would have been easier to break through.


If he thought of a better move, he would try it out in actual combat. In the labyrinth, Elemental Island, that he was entering when the cooldown period rolls around.


He went into the labyrinth three more times in a month. The attribute resistance leather achieved an average of about 20%, and the heart of the boss, Glass Snake, has been getting copied to So-eun ever since.


For your information, the skin of the glass snake was just kept in the inventory. It would be okay to sell it, but he thought it might be useful in the future.


After spending a full month like that, the exam day eventually approached.