Chapter 15. Like A Bustling Market




Originally, Do-joon tried to pass the test with the power of “additional attack” among his additional options. It was the most similar option to physical reinforcement skills.


But there was no need for that.


The core, which could be felt in his heart, raised and circulated the mana. His bones, muscles, and every single cell were transformed into higher levels, engulfed by cold mana.


Soon the measurement results were displayed on the machine.


<Estimate fit rate> 19~23%


<Output> 414


<Attribute> Ice, Reinforcement


Only core’s natural ability, with no buffs copied from the potions, and no other options, including additional attack power.


About 400, it was a figure that was above the average among applicants.


“… … It’s pretty high, isn’t it?”


“Hey, what’s the fuss with this high figure? We’ll be much stronger when we get to that old man’s age.”


“What’s wrong with the fit rate? Where did he accumulate that little?”


It’s a bit better than before, but the evaluation of the applicants hasn’t changed much. In particular, applicants with less than 400 output were the most talkative.


However, the employee who measured it was surprised inside.


Because the numbers are pretty high? No, as said, 400 is above average, but it wasn’t something to pay attention to.


What surprised him was the nature.


‘It’s a reinforcement type, but it has attributes… … ?’


Elemental magic is originally expressed only by wizards or priest-type awakeners. Warrior-type awakeners with physical reinforcement skills have a hundred-no-characteristic attribute magical powers. The young man who made the spear of light that he saw earlier showed the spear, but to be exact, it was a line of wizards.


So he was surprised.


It was the first time, so to speak.


“Is this even the case?”


“Well, at least I’ve never heard of it.”


And managers, as well as their employees, who were more nimble in the industry, also checked Do-joon with interesting eyes.


After the spear of light, their eyes, which had only been dull and bored, were revitalized. While yawning, they felt wide awake and actively discussed with their subordinates or acquaintances.




“Well, that’s fascinating.”


“How about that one? Are you going to sign him?”


“Well. It takes a bit of age… … I’m not sure. By the time you get your investment back, you’ll be past the age of retirement.”


“I don’t know if the output was too high at all, the numbers are too vague… … It’s kinda… …?”


It was interesting, but it just ended there.


A guild was not a place for philanthropy. They recruit new hunters and provide continuous support and care, but of course they invest in hopes of future payback.


So age is very important. The younger you get used to this floor, the easier it is to recover your investment.


Of course, it’s natural that strength comes before all these, but the output 400 was not that strong by their standards. The type of skill was also a common physical reinforcement.


“Do you still want me to talk to upper management?”


“I think I’ll pass.”


“Me too.”


Their interest stopped here. Just give a brief report or pass it without even doing that.


In any case, their goal was the young man who created the spear of light.


“All ability tests have been completed. The second exam will be held in the afternoon. Everyone, have a good lunch and come.”


So, the first test ended without any major disturbances.


* * *


“This way.”


When Do-joon arrived at the cafe, he was looking around and heard a call from one side. When I turned around, Lee Ji-ah was sitting in a corner seat.


“Are you working?”


“Yes, a little paperwork.”


She was sipping a cup of coffee and working on her laptop. Do-joon also ordered a drink because there was still some time left. Lunchtime was ample, so he was going to go eat once her work was done.


“Here’s your coffee.~”


After receiving a cup of Americano that he ordered, Do-joon sat opposite Lee Ji-ah. When he took a sip, the bitter taste spread in his mouth.


“Come to think of it.”




“I saw the guy named Big Rookie you mentioned before.”


Lee Ji-ah looked at Do-joon with a little interested eyes.


“How was it?”


“It seems to be a skill that creates something with magical power. It also had light properties, and the output was great. 990 came up.”


“Wow. I know the all-time high is around 1,100, but it’s almost at the highest level.”


The Implementation skill to create something with magic was relatively common in magic skills.


It’s like creating arrows of fire and throwing spears of lightning.


The type of implementation itself was common, but the rest were unusual. With the rare property of light, the output was close to the highest ever.


Lee Ji-ah shook her head. It was no wonder that rumors spread that he was a big rookie.


“He was a young man who looked like a college student, but he was big…….”




At that time, people flocked to the cafe. About fifteen people. At the forefront was the Rookie, who was just talking.


“He’s coming just in time.”


Lee Ji-ah, who followed Do-joon’s hand and looked back, could also see his face. And the faces of those who followed.


As her eyes grew so big, she whispered to Do-joon in a small voice.


“The managers are following him.”




“Yes, I’ve never seen some people before, but some are definitely managers. First of all, I think all four major guilds are here… … . There’s also the Karma Guild.”


Do-joon showed a slight interest in the word Karma Guild. It wasn’t as if they were implacable foes, but it wasn’t a place of good relationship either.


As the two of them were whispering and peeping over there, it started to get louder too.


“Kang Je-joon, I’m Kim Ho-won, manager of the Acid Guild. It’s no different.….”


“I’m Yoo Chae-yeon from the Penominal Guild. If you don’t mind, can we meet separately?”


“I’m from the Night Guild!”


Since there were fifteen people, just one word sounded more than ten times. Furthermore, it was not over with just a single word. There were some people who somehow held out their business cards, while others were busy making appeals. There were even those who openly talked about competing guilds.


In the midst of this, Kang Je-joon, a polite young man, sighed and said.


“Be quiet, it’s noisy. One more word and that guild will have to get out of here.”


Then, he closed his mouth as if he were silent.


Kang Je-joon crossed his legs with a smile, as if he was satisfied with the momentary silence at his words.


“Even though we are busy with each other, let’s not lose our strength for nothing. Call me for a down payment.”


After that, the managers began to look at each other.


Meanwhile, Do-joon and Lee Ji-ah were looking at a series of situations with dumb faces.


“Jia, what are they doing?”


“… … Well. I don’t know either.”


As the two looked at each other and tilted their heads, a man was seen stepping forward cautiously.


“Je-joon, contract-related issues are forbidden from being disclosed to the outside world……. Especially when it comes to money.”


“Really? I didn’t know that part because I’m a student.”


“Haha, I fully understand.”


The man smiled and talked nicely. The atmosphere wasn’t too bad. Expectations began to grow in the eyes of the man.


“What guild are you from?”


“Yes! I’m from the Night Guild. Speaking of our guild… … .”


“Ah, that’s enough. Just get out now. I’m not going to talk to you.”




The man who said he had come from the Night Guild hardened with a smile on his face. Kang Je-joon only waved his hand at such a man.


“Just go. I don’t know if it’s night or light, and I’m not going to go into it.”


Obviously disrespecting him and his guild.


No matter how active he was and how much he was working as a manager, for a newcomer, this was not a dog tag to treat him like this. And their Night Guild, too.

(T/N: Dog tag is a military tag containing a code or number given to soldiers for their identification.)


He sprang up from his seat, with a red face.


“… … Even if you have good skills, if you don’t have the personality, it will be difficult to make a living on this floor.”


“Yes, yes. Goodbye, now leave and go far away, will you?”


To the end, the man quickly turned around and left to the unpleasant response. Half of them were hurt, but the other half were cool-headed decision making managers.


How can they leave their back to someone who doesn’t know how to respect others?


“What are you going to do with the rest of us?”


The managers looked at each other. Then some people sighed, got up and left.


However, there were many managers who had a different opinion than them.


‘Stupid guys. Once the contract is signed, the personality training can be done later.’


‘Education is someone else’s job, and once I do scouting, I get results.’


‘What’s with a good personality? Can that take care of monsters? Dungeon is all about skills.’


Though it seemed diverse, it was one thing after all in all.


Skills over personality!


In the end, it was the mindset that there was nothing more reliable than skill for those who had to kill monsters in the dungeon.


One of them opened the door first.


“We’ll give you 500 million as a down payment.”


Then people began to raise their hands.


“We’ll give you another 100 million!”


“We will also support you with a house and a car!”


“Add another 100 million to the last condition everywhere!”


Among those who spoke enthusiastically were managers from four major guilds in South Korea.


As a member of the four major guilds, you may think that they will have strong self-esteem, but it wasn’t like that. After all, they were just one of the guild’s many laymen, and the competition for performance within the guild was fierce.


Then a man spoke quietly.


“I’ll give you two billion.”


Everyone became quiet at those words. Kang Je-joon whistled and saw the man who said it. It was a man with a smile that looked like a mask from somewhere.


Managers started looking at each other. But no one called more than that.


‘Two billion?’


‘Are you crazy?’


Their thoughts were natural. No matter how expensive the hunter’s ransom is, it’s only for those who have some experience and have been verified.


Two billion was crazy for a new recruit. If the down payment was paid like that, it will cost a lot of support when he enters the guild.


Eventually, the investment in one person could easily exceed 2 billion won.


It was not a matter for them to decide.


“Are there any more?”


There can’t be. The managers stuck to silence. Some even tried texting their superiors, but they only heard swear words.


In the end, the final winner was the man who offered 2 billion won.


The managers kicked their tongues off, and Kang Je-joon left the store with the last man.


Seeing the man get into a car, he thought that they would probably talk about the contract somewhere else.




After they disappeared like a storm, Do-joon buried himself in the back of his chair.


His mouth was itching. The amount of two billion was certainly amazing, but the process…….


“Miss Jia.”




In the end, he couldn’t stand it and spoke up.


“That’s how the original guild scouts are, uh…… Is it like a bustling marketplace?”


“… … Probably not.”


Maybe that case of Kang Je-joon wasn’t something special.


The two people shrugged with a ridiculous expression.


Well, it was noisy, but it was fun to watch. In the quiet cafe atmosphere again, Do-joon took a sip of coffee in a comfortable new look.


“Come to think of it, the man who scouted Kang Je-joon.”




Then Lee Ji-ah told him.


“He is from the Karma Guild.”