Chapter 4. Unlimited


There was only one door to the labyrinth in the room where Do-joon  was.


The first thing he did there was to locate a way back.


The mysterious quest window was already a sufficient reward, but the most important thing for him now was his return to reality.




However, no matter how hard he looked, there was nothing. He also examined where there was a gap. He even looked for a secret door or a ceiling, but everything was blocked.


The only way out was the entrance to the labyrinth.


‘I have no choice but to go.’


In order to go back, he had to break through the labyrinth.




Do-joon took a deep breath and began preparing.


【Lesser Hunting Hawk Potion】



– Uncommon



– Potion



– 30 minutes of visual rise (lower) effect.


Firstly, he took the potion out of the inventory and drank it.


Unlike a normal-grade healing potion, it was quite expensive, but he couldn’t afford to save it since he didn’t know what the labyrinth would be like.


Upon finishing the potion, his eyes felt refreshed and he was able to see wide and far away. He could even see a little better in the dark than before.


He entered the labyrinth with an axe firmly in one hand.


The walkway was not a tunnel or a mine. It was a proper structure built of bricks.


Torches were installed at regular intervals, and the area was large enough for several people to move.


‘Let’s find the “shelter” for now.’


Do-joon moved slowly, sharpening his senses with the power of the potion. His steps were cautious in case there were any traps installed in that place.


Would it have been an hour or so of walking?


Without encountering any traps or beasts, Do-joon arrived at a room that seemed to be a shelter.




After a sigh of relief, he entered the room.


There was a small fountain in the middle of the room, and there was a pretty big box in front of it.


‘Is this an item that’s ready?’




When I opened the box, there was an axe in it.


A well-maintained, clean, and shiny, but otherwise clunky axe with no special corner other than that.


【Young Kujika’s Single-Edged Axe】



– Common



– Weapon



Used by young Kujika people who have not yet reached adulthood. Growing up with weapons rather than toys from an early age, they are considered one of the strongest warrior tribes.


– Additional Attack 5~15

– Destruction +1Lv


‘It’s a real item!’


He could tell just by looking at it. The opening of the information window meant that it was an item.


It was a desert oasis for Do-joon, who had no items other than potions, although it was not that good.


Then, at that moment,


[The option of the item can be copied to the target.]


[Do you want to copy?]


A message window that felt a little different from the messages of the existing Yggdrasil system.


He had this question pop up before.


What the hell does it mean to copy options?


Do-joon gulped. Just in case, he took a knife out of the inventory and placed them side by side. It was a knife, a non-item that did not open the information window.


[You can copy one of the options of “Young Kujika’s Single-Edged Axe” to the “Knife”.]


[Copyable Options]

  1. Additional Attack 5~15
  2. Destruction +1Lv


“Copy one of the options to this knife?”


Does that mean… … he could change a knife, which was a non-item, into an item?


Do-joon’s heart skipped a beat. Until now, I haven’t heard of a word that non-items can be converted into items. What a revolution this is!


However, the next message sank his head cold.


[CAUTION! Items made of materials will be destroyed! A certain ‘coin’ is required to protect the equipment.]


[You currently have 0 coins.]


‘To be destroyed… … .’


No, then there was no point in copying. Create a knife with one option by sacrificing an axe with two options? Even Kindergarteners know that this was a loss.


If he has a coin, he can protect it, but he doesn’t know how to get it, nor does he have one.




A thought suddenly passed by.


Right now, he needs this axe. So it cannot be used as a sacrifice.


But, doesn’t he have other items?


【Medium Healing Potion】


A costly potion that he had drunk several times, which he now had a few bottles of left.


A potion is definitely an item.


Therefore, it should also be possible to transfer the option of the potion to the axe.


[You can copy one of the options in the “Medium Healing Potion” to the “Young Kujika’s Single-Edged Axe.”]


[Copyable Options]

  1. Regenerate (medium) for 15 seconds.


“Yes, it is!”


Do-joon’s face brightened.


[CAUTION! Items made of materials will be destroyed! A certain ‘coin’ is required to protect the equipment.]


There was a warning that it would break, but it didn’t matter. A potion is a consumable product anyway.




[Copied successfully.]


[Material ‘Medium Healing Potion’ that was used has been destroyed.]


[Copied ability is adjusted to the item’s ‘classification’.]


【Young Kujika’s Single-Edged Axe】



– Common



– Weapon



Used by the young Kujika people who have not yet reached adulthood. Growing up with weapons rather than toys from an early age, they are considered one of the strongest warrior tribes.


– Additional Attack 5~15

– Destruction +1Lv


[Additional Option]

– When attacking, receive the effect of regeneration (medium) for 30 seconds.


Do-joon’s eyes opened wide. The idea was successful, but it was quite different from the option of Potion.


There was a limit of “in case of attack” and instead, the duration increased to 30 seconds.


‘Good… perhaps?’


Anyways, it’s good since the situation with weapons is only for fighting, but on the other hand, it’s bad because the body cannot be healed after the fight is over.


It seemed like there are pros and cons.


‘But it’s almost always activated during combat, so it’s good to think of it as a non-exhausting potion.’


What if he had an item of this option and he calls it trash?


He would be thoroughly beaten by others. Potion consumption in battle was the same as the Hunter’s inherent weakness.


“I’ll try something else now.’


Do-joon took out another position of Lulu~Lala and put it on the axe. But…


[You can only activate once a day for the same target.]


“Oh, my.”


It seems that it was not possible to copy freely to his heart’s content. He was a little drained, but it was okay. As long as it was not the ‘same thing’, isn’t it?


‘Because there are several other potions.’


Do-joon grinned.


After a while.




[Additional Option]

– When attacking, receive the effect of strength increase (lower) for 40 minutes.




[Additional Option]

– When hit, receive the effect of increased durability (lower) for 40 minutes.


[Cargo pants]


[Additional Option]

– When hit, receive the effect of visual rise (lower) for 40 minutes.




[Additional Option]

– When hit, receive the effect of speed increase (lower) for 40 minutes.




He used a few high-end potions as sacrifices and changed the clothes he was wearing into items. The effects of the potions cannot be duplicated, so he combined them all with different kinds of potions.


Compared to the healing potion option with a duration of only 30 seconds, other buff potions had a longer duration.


Of course, they were more expensive as well, but it was not a waste at all.


‘Is it possible to sell it to other people as an item?’


He wondered if that ‘Additional Option’ would be visible to others besides himself. If someone could see it, then they could say that he had an unprecedented ability to change non-items into items, but…….


‘I think it’s better to not be discovered.’


From personal feelings, it seemed better to be invisible.


After 35 years of life, and 6 of them as an awakener, Do-joon knew that this world was never kind.


It was a human society where civilization and culture developed, but the reality remained no different from the animal kingdom.


Power, wealth, and force.


A society dominated by such ‘power’.


This ability, which was unique to the world and capable of having a large influence on the social structure, should not be revealed.


At least until he developed the power to protect himself and his family.




Do-joon, who was in the midst of his contemplation, sighed quietly. He was very tired, either because the copying skill was consuming even his mental strength or because it was dawn.


‘Let’s go to bed.’


Miscellaneous thoughts could wait for later. Physical strength was essential to break through the labyrinth of unknowns.


It was said that if he cleared the labyrinth without the fear of closing the dungeon, it would send him to reality, so there was plenty of time.


The nervousness was still there, but the impatience and anxiety of the day was gone. Do-joon was going to proceed with the labyrinth extremely carefully and slowly, as if he had been caught in a trap and died.


After locking the door of the shelter thoroughly and setting up a simple alarm trap, Do-joon  closed his eyes with the blanket covered.


* * *


Next day.


He woke up with a good night’s sleep and was relieved of his fatigue. After he wet his throat with the water from the fountain in the room and washed his face, he came to his senses.


‘Let me check.’


Before leaving, he looked at the items he made yesterday one by one with a little anxiety of what would happen if it was a dream.


But it wasn’t a dream. He checked each of the messages he received the day before with a slight grin.


Then suddenly, one item caught his eye.


[Target : Unlimited]


‘There is no limit?’


Yesterday, he was so surprised at his new abilities that he couldn’t weigh them in detail. He sighed and questioned that message.




He frowned at the thought passing by. As if Do-joon was possessed, he took out a potion from his inventory. It was a low-level hunting hawk potion with only one bottle left.


And then he put it on his body.


[You can copy one of the options of the “Lesser Hunting Hawk Potion” to “Kim Do-joon.”]


[Copyable Options]

  1. Get the effect of visual rise (lower) for 30 minutes.


The hand that grabbed the bottle inadvertently clenched and tightened.


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