Chapter 5 Part 1. Experience Points


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Do-joon, who was trying to copy it casually, paused.


Restriction on copying only once a day on the same target. Then wouldn’t it be better to copy when a better item comes out from the next shelter?


But soon shook his head.


‘I don’t know what’s coming up on my way to the next shelter right now…….’


This wasn’t the time for him to care. If there was a good item to copy in the next shelter, then he could spend another day there.


He had another concern.


‘Is the Hunting Hawk Potion really the best?’


Thinking about which potion option to copy.


The only potions he has currently was a Hunting Hawk Potion of visual rising, a Brown Bear Potion of strength rising, a Frost Wolf Potion of speed rising, and a Stone Turtle Potion with durability rising.


And lastly, there were the regular healing potions.


They were all embedded one by one into the equipment he has now. Which of these should be copied to his own body to get the most efficient result?


‘……Let’s use a healing potion.’


After a while of contemplation, Do-joon decided to use a healing potion.


The most useful effect for exploring the labyrinth would be increased visibility, but since he copied one to his cargo pants, he can use it for up to 40 minutes when he engages in a battle. However, without it, he just needs to move carefully and slowly.


But what about the healing potions?


The axe healing option only lasts 30 seconds. This effect will not be maintained at all after battle.


In a non-combat situation after the battle, having a potion or not really made a big difference. So Do-joon chose a healing potion.




[Copied successfully.]


[Material ‘Medium Healing Potion’ that was used has been destroyed.]


[Copied ability is adjusted to the item’s ‘classification’.]


[Additional Option]

– Skill: Receives the effect of regeneration (medium) for 30 seconds. Cooldown 300s




Then, a little unexpected result came out.


The option of the potion, which had been a conditional invocation on the axe, had changed to a kind of skill-like form in Do-joon’s body. A buff skill.


‘Although the cooldown is 5 minutes.’


It was useful though. Anyway, in battle, it was subject to constant regeneration (medium) with the Kujika’s axe.


After all, this skill was prepared for non-combat situations.


It’s only during non-combat that he finally gets 5 or 10 minutes to sit still until he recovers, but then what does cooldown time have to do with any of this?


Naturally, it would be better if it wasn’t there, but there was no problem with it right away.


After finishing the work, he packed his things.


‘Breakfast is… … Let’s eat.’


He had brought plenty of food in his inventory. But he couldn’t eat without thinking. He didn’t know how long this labyrinth would be.


Clap clap!


Do-joon slapped his face and got up from his seat. The blanket was moderately folded and placed into the inventory.






He opened the door and headed to the labyrinth.


* * *


‘It’s not like I’m just comfortable.’


How long has it been since he opened the door? Do-joon found a monster.


Carrying rusty swords and rotten wooden shields, rattling bones.


It was a skeleton.


‘If it has equipment… I think it’ll be an E-class.’


Skeletons could be graded by the equipment they usually held. This was because the more colorful and excellent equipment it had, the higher it’s status and stronger it was in its lifetime.


Lowest F if he is not holding anything and E-class if the skeleton was equipped with poor equipment.


It was an E-class, but Do-joon gulped.


‘Three E-class monsters… My specs are good enough now.’


7% fit rate, a weapon with extra attack power, additional stats, and equipment with a variety of additional options copied from Potions.


To be honest, one or two E-class monsters were worth the cake.


Nevertheless, Do-joon remained vigilant.


‘Let’s guard up and go for the goal.’


In Seorim-dong Wild Dog Dungeon, the fact that he was attacked by a wild dog beast while traveling alone happened only because he was off guard and careless.


He lived because he found a treasure dungeon in disguise, but what if it wasn’t true?


Maybe he would have failed to return to reality and become a dungeon refugee.




After a short breath, he rushed at the skeletons.


Thump. Thump.


The three skeletons turned their heads toward Do-joon at the same time. A red light emanates from their empty eyes. It was like a scene from a horror movie.


Do-joon swung his axe at the one closest to him first.




[The effect of regeneration (medium) is applied.]


At the same time, he could feel a robust feeling similar to the feeling of drinking a potion.


The skeleton lifted its shield to block, but Do-joon’s axe smashed the shield along with his arm bone.




The E-class monster was wounded by his attack. It was Do-joon’s first experience. His eyes began to shine.




However, there was no room for sentimentality. The skeleton was not alone. A knife wielded by another skeleton passed through Do-joon’s head. If he had been spacing out, he would have gotten the knife stuck in his head.


In the meantime, the first one swung his sword with his remaining good arm.




Unlike his slow footwork, the knife was fierce.




Do-joon blocked it with the axe blade and then stepped back.


[The effect of durability rise (lower) is applied.]


[The effect of visual rise (lower) is applied.]


[The effect of speed increase (lower) is applied.]


Do-joon’s eyes widened. All the options for ‘when hit’ embedded in clothes and shoes were activated. The current attack, which was blocked with an axe, seemed to be recognized as a hit.


At that moment, his body became firm and light.




He pulled out a knife with his other hand and hit the skull of the one-armed skeleton with that knife in hand. At the same time, the knife’s “strength increase (lower)” option was invoked.


‘That’s a lot.’


Do-joon was amazed. As of now, he was partially fully-doped with a ‘high-end’-grade potion. The power overflowing from his body was significantly different from before.


‘That’s why hunters can’t stop taking drugs.’


Thanks to this, potioners like him made a living.


With stronger strength, he put the axe into the skull of the second skeleton. The third one didn’t stand still, but what could it do when even the two of them couldn’t do a thing?




In just a few attacks and defensive moves, all three E-class monsters were dealt with.


Watching the skeleton disappearing into pulverized powder as they were undead monsters, Do-joon was touched.


‘I can slay monsters too.’


Suddenly he felt something flowing from my cheeks. He wiped it off and saw that it was a drop of blood. Looks like he must have gotten hit during the fight.


But by the time he looked, the wounds were already healed.


Do-joon realized how different he was now from yesterday.


‘I can do it.’


He could do it with this. He could go back to reality without dying. His eyes sank determinedly.


Do-joon was firmly determined again.


That he must never die, no matter what.


After a brief moment to catch his breath and pull himself together, he set off further into the labyrinth.


* * *


The dungeon was closed.


But Do-joon did not return.