Chapter 6 Part 1. Finding Wally



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Next day.


【Experience (EXP) did not increase due to monster being weaker than the user.】


‘Is that it?’


A message that popped up when he just wiped out another bunch of skeletons. Do-joon let out a small breath and opened the status window.


Fit Rate

– 12%


Fit rate had increased by 2% more than before. Until that message popped up.


The original fit rate will not rise if he slays a monster that is even slightly weaker than him. In order to become stronger, hunters had to fight against monsters of the same level as themselves, or even against slightly stronger ones.


If that message appears at 12%, it means that these skeletons have the strength of 11% of the fit rate.


And again, it meant that in this labyrinth, it was no longer possible to go through the compliance rate.


‘The time has come to slay the boss.’


Do-joon looked at the map and headed to the nearest shelter.


There, he moistened his throat and trimmed his equipment. He also opened a few cans and filled his stomach. After fully regaining his stamina, he headed to the pre-viewed boss room.


A huge door buried in the wall.




As soon as he opened the door, a spectacular view unfolded.




It was the largest room so far. There was a huge stone statue in the room that could fit several houses easily.


A skeleton figure with a broken sword and wearing armor. Three horns were attached to his head, blue flames flashed around his eyes, and a cloak that was draped around his shoulder had a crescent moon split in half.


And underneath that…….




Skeletons that seemed to be in the hundreds were swarming.


Do-joon took a step backward involuntarily. But with a loud bang, the door was forced shut. As he can’t go out once he has come in.


Unconsciously Do-joon flinched, and clenched his teeth.


Yes, he has to clear this room in order to return back home, even if it kills him anyway.


He did everything he could. He maximized his fit rate as much as possible and swept all items. He has also utilized his copying ability to the maximum.


‘This is the last gateway.’


He was overwhelmed by the seemingly 300-strong skeleton army, but he quickly and calmly assessed the situation.


For battle, he has infinite potions and enhancements. Thanks to that, he was confident in engaging in long-term warfare, and he has been used to many combinations of warriors, wizards, and archers in a random mix from his previous battles.


And above all, those teeming skeletons.


They all looked like statues. All, in armor and cloak, held a broken sword.


In other words, there were no long-distance bastards to bother him from afar. So, no matter how large the numbers were, the number of attacks they can do at once would be limited.


‘It’s worth doing.’


Dojun’s eyes shone.


He who made the estimate was proudly in the midst of them… … Instead, he jumped into the corner. Positioning himself with his back against the wall.


He pursued the most reasonable judgment rather than a momentary curiosity.








Unlike the skeletons he used to kill outside, these ones also have voices of their own.


A terrifying voice like scratching a blackboard.


But it was rather better. It was more monster-like and it was good to make such a sound than those who rushed without a word.




[The effect of regeneration (medium) is applied.]


[The effect of durability rise (lower) is applied.]


[The effect of visual rise (lower) is applied.]


[The effect of speed increase (lower) is applied.]


[The effect of strength increase (lower) is applied.]


He aggressively deflected the broken sword of the skeleton knight with an axe. All of the equipment’s additional enhancement options were activated by that one hit.


The skeleton knight, who was blocked from attacking, leaned over. It was different from outside, where the skeletons were unsophisticated and their movements were dull.




Do-joon swung the axe loudly.


Then, the armor of the skeleton knight was torn apart, and even the bones were shattered. It was the result of a combination of destruction rune that reached Lv 13 and the effect of strength increase (lower).


‘One down.’


Their number was over 300, so he wondered if it would be meaningful to count one by one, but he wanted to memorize it regardless. just so he could give himself a sense of purpose.


‘Now the second…….’


Right after that, Do-joon was about to run to the guy next to him. But suddenly came to a towering halt.


[The Skeleton Knight is resurrecting. To stop the resurrection, find and kill the Summoner.]


‘…… What?’


Do-joon rolled his eyes. And looked at the skeleton he just killed.


All the broken bones were attached, and the torn armor was restored. And it was standing up again.




It was making sounds as if he was laughing at Do-joon.


“Oh my-, Mr….”


He struggled to resist the swear words that were trying to come out involuntarily. Things made sense right away.


So, it means that even if an army of 300 skeleton knights or more was defeated, it would still rise again? Until he finds the summoner and slay him?


“…… F*ck.”


… … He couldn’t take it any longer.


After he had a child, he tried so hard to only use the right words and kind words, but these days, it seems that swear words were coming out frequently. He was no Buddhist, and he can’t stand a situation like this over and over again.




Skeleton knights flocked in without a moment to settle his confused mind.




Do-joon clenched his teeth and swung his axe. However,


[The Skeleton Knight is resurrecting. To stop the resurrection, find and kill the Summoner.]


It was all in vain.




Do-joon took a breath and glanced around the room. Then, there was a gleam in his eyes while looking at one place in the room.


With his back to the wall, he began to move little by little.




In the process, dozens of skeletons were killed, but they continued to rise like zombies. With all the wounds on the body and armor repaired.


Fortunately, with the vitality rune reaching Lv 12 and the effect of regeneration (medium) that was always applied, Do-joon also did not consume much stamina. 


As he smashed the group of skeletons, he moved along the wall little by little.


And Do-joon, who is about to arrive at the place he had been eyeing.




He jumped big.


Bricks sticking out of the wall. Do-joon grabbed it and hung on it.


The skeleton knights followed and swung their swords from below. Swinging his axe and kicking, Do-joon glanced at the interior area of the room. Thanks to the heightened visual level, the bustling skeleton knights could be seen at a glance.


‘Where’s the summoner?’


He kept paying attention to the attacks coming from below and looked for summoners whenever he had time.


About a dozen minutes later, Do-joon’s eyes filled with perplexity.


Because there was no skeleton anywhere that looked like a summoner.


“No way, is he not in this room?’


Where was the secret room, or was he hiding? Or maybe he got hidden by skeletons because he was a very small guy.….


All sorts of thoughts ran through his mind.




In the midst of all this, Do-joon discovered one strange thing.


 Skeleton knights which he thought all looked the same. However, upon closer inspection, they all looked slightly different.


Some had only one horn, while others had slightly different armor shapes and seams. The length of the broken sword was also different, as was the pattern drawn on the cloak. Some were in the shape of cracked or broken crescent moons, some were half moons, and some were full moons.


A thought flashed through his mind for a moment.


‘Perhaps… … .’


His eyes turned on the statue. And he also saw a group of skeletons below.


‘Do I have to search for a guy who looks like that statue or something?’


There was no certainty. He was not sure……. But, it seemed quite plausible.


Otherwise, there would be a reason for such a statue to exist, and no reason to make the skeleton knights look so different.


At least it was more reasoned rather than asking him to find a secret room without a hitch.


However, even when he found an answer, Do-joon was not happy. Digging in between those skeletons and looking for a guy who looks just like the statue.


‘No, it’s like I’m looking for Wally.’

(T/N: Looking for Wally is a reference from a British series of children’s puzzle books ‘Where’s Wally?’)


Do-joon furrowed his brows because just imagining it made his head hurt.