Chapter 6 Part 2

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“Huh… … Huh… … .”


How many hours has it been?


I don’t know.


There was a slight trickle from his mouth. His eyelids were stiff since he rolled his eyes too much. Still, he didn’t stop moving and observing.


In fact, he didn’t find it this ignorant in the first place. At first, he tried to use his brain.


‘Why don’t I just mark it instead of killing it?’


With that thought in mind, he even tried things like scratching the armor or tearing the cloak.


But it didn’t work. Both the scratched armor and the torn cloak were recovered in a blink of an eye.


‘If I can’t scratch it, then how about leaving a mark on the outside?’


The rope in his inventory. He took it out and tried to tie the skeleton knight’s heads or hands. It was not to restrain them, just to use as a marker.


Of course, it failed as well. In the first place, the act of tying something up against a wild monster was difficult, even if it was successful, the skeletons would cut it off with their broken swords.


When all of these methods did not work, Do-joon had no choice but to admit.


He can’t clear it with such trickery, can he?


Eventually, he was constantly looking at them with his eyes, and continued to deal with the hordes of skeletons.


‘This guy’s eyes look different.’




‘He’s got a different cloak pattern.’




‘……he has a different front nose on his shoe, right?’




Do-joon handled the skeleton knight with an irritated expression. Now he saw a skeleton who was almost the same as the statue. That’s why he thought it was a bingo, but there was a very small difference at the end.


This was a common occurrence.


Do-joon widened the distance between him and the skeletons with a large swing of his axe, and placed his back against the wall. He took a short break and took water out of the inventory and drank it.




The empty plastic bottle rolled over the ground after he finished drinking. The bottled water, which overflowed from drinking in a hurry, ran down the jawline. Do-joon wiped his chin with his forearm. The sticky sweat was washed away with cold bottled water.


‘In the middle, I got it.’


Earlier, Do-joon, who had become accustomed to observing them, quickly ran through the middle of the room.


His eyes scoured every skeleton knight in sight, though he kept his feet moving because he couldn’t stop in the midst of hundreds.


None of them looked like the statue.




Do-joon moved again, after parrying the flying broken sword. to avoid being surrounded, he had to move incessantly. In this room alone, he felt like he ran more than a full marathon course.


‘Next up is the West……. This is the last place.’


Based on where the statue-like guy can be found, the east, north, south, and center were all checked one after another. All that was left was the west.


But Do-joon also knew. Just because it’s the last area doesn’t mean it’s 100% likely to be found there.


Either that guy was somewhere else and Do-joon didn’t see it, or else he was on the move.


So with that reason, it was much more likely that it would not be found.


But what can he do?


There was nothing Do-joon could do but observe step by step with hope.


‘…… Let’s go.’


Do-joon, who was watching the timing, penetrated into the group of skeletons in an instant.


Thunk! Thwack!


In a mere second, two nearby skeleton knights were incapacitated. Soon they will be revived, but he has bought some time.


Do-joon swung his axe and smashed all the skeletons he could see, confirming their attire.


First, the number of horns. Next, the shape of the eyes, the shape of the teeth, the cloak pattern, the seams of the armor, and the shoes.


Now, observation and discrimination have been carried out almost like a mechanized process. Most of them were filtered out from the cloak pattern stage, and in the case of searching down to the shoes, not a single one of them matched.


Of course, he also didn’t forget to knock them down. If it was a skeleton knight, he had the confidence to destroy it with one blow even with his eyes closed.






He found the guy who had everything the same, even his shoes. The length of the broken sword was the same. He literally matched the statue from head to toe.


‘I found it!’


Do-joon ran towards him in a single sprint.


The guy didn’t run away like the other skeleton knights, he threw his sword at Do-joon without fear.




A bright light flashed and a sword slashed through Do-joon’s neck lightly. The joy of finally discovering it caused him to neglect his defense.


But thanks to that, Do-joon was able to get close to him. The wound had already healed, without leaving a trace.


Do-joon attacked using his axe with blazing eyes.




The rough axe struck the skeleton’s skull like a bolt of lightning.


From it’s skull to it’s groin, the skeleton was completely smashed. The axe was originally a weapon specialized for tearing and smashing, rather than cutting smoothly.


Looking at the white bones that were shattered and scattered on the floor, Do-joon’s face lit up with excitement. It was finally over.




[The Skeleton Knight is resurrecting. To stop the resurrection, find and kill the Summoner.]




The expectations disappeared and there was nothing but bewilderment in its place. That wasn’t the summoner? Was there anything he missed?


Or maybe….


‘Isn’t this the way… … ?’


He stood tall in embarrassment. Meanwhile, the skeleton knights were scrambling to attack Do-joon.


At that time, a sense of incongruity was captured in Do-joon’s field of vision.


All the skeletons were approaching him with a dull grunt, but he saw one skeleton slipping away alone.


This time, Do-joon’s eyes lit up.




He smashed the skeleton in front of him with his gauntlet-clad fist. After that, he swung his axe at the next one and blew its head off. The next, and the next, he chopped, kicked and smashed his way forward.


In order to not to miss the guy he just saw.




The guy now turned around and started running away.


Everyone looked towards Do-joon, but the fact that it was the only one with it’s back turned naturally made it stand out. While chasing and examining it, it looked exactly like the statue.




But it was not easy to narrow the distance. The cumbersome skeletons blocked Do-joon’s front endlessly.


Do-joon clicked his tongue and took out the knife from his inventory. After giving himself the strength to hold it firmly, and glared at the back of the head that was only visible to him in the distance.




He threw it.


The knife swirling and pouring in toward it.


His eyes were fixed on the flying knife as he hit and kicked the skeletons that kept rushing in.






The knife properly stuck in the back of it’s head and the skeleton fell forward. At that moment every skeleton in the room flinched.


Without missing the opportunity, Do-joon shook off the other skeletons and approached him. Then he swung his axe, gathering all the strength he could muster from his bottom.




It’s head broke down and its body became ash and began to disappear. At the same time, 300 skeletons in the room stopped moving, equally pulverized and disappeared.


It was over.


This time, for real.




Do-joon slumped down with a breath.


【You have defeated the monster. Experience (EXP) increases.】


【Fit rate has increased.】


【Fit rate has increased.】


【Fit rate has increased.】


[You have defeated the Skeleton Summoner.]


[You have cleared the labyrinth. A reward will be given.]


[Reward List]


  1. Hearthstone
  2. Tier 2 Labyrinth Key (Random)
  3. Item Box (Random, high-grade)


Messages which quickly filled his vision in a flash.


It was not a choice. All three rewards were in Do-joon’s hands. He didn’t know what was what, but there wasn’t a single thing that looked bad.


In particular, high-end items soar to hundreds of millions of won depending on their performance. Even if it was trash, the basic cost was millions of won. There was no way it couldn’t be good.


Do-joon smiled softly.




[The Skeleton Summoner has been detected with great observation and meticulous insight.]


[Hidden Quest complete! Additional rewards will be given.]


That wasn’t all.