Chapter 3



‘What should I do? I apologized, but he can’t seem to get over his anger.’


Lestia was so wrapped up in the idea that something was wrong that she couldn’t look up.


The first person to break the silence was Lysian.


”I knew it, I’ll kill him.”




Joel yelled and grabbed Lysian’s arm just as he was about to jump out of the carriage.


“Please don’t make things too big. Gerard instructed us to bring Lestia in as quietly as possible.”


“Darn it, that’s a lot to ask for.”


Lysian eventually suppressed his impatience and sat back down in his seat.


Joel hastily grabbed onto both of Lestia’s shoulders and raised her up.


“Lestia, you’re not stupid in any way. You didn’t do anything wrong. Do you understand?


“Yes? There is nothing wrong…….?”


“Nothing at all.”


“Hey, it’s okay. What’s wrong with not being able to read? If you can read, you’ll have more headaches.”


Lysian tried to patch up the situation caused by his actions. However, the situation did not get any better.


Lestia still would not dare bring her head up and was shrinking even more than before.


Finally, Joel sighed and took up the newspaper in Lestia’s hand. Then he pointed to the picture of a man that was prominently featured on the front page of the newspaper.


“Um, look at this, Lestia,” he said, “You just have to meet him first in the picture. This is Gerard Verchester, your oldest brother.”


He was a beautiful man with intelligent eyes and a deep and robust nose that even a cheap printing machine could not destroy his image. 


His lips were tightly closed, but the look of silence and sternness was somewhat intimidating.


“My brother has just gone to the Imperial Palace for title succession. He told us to bring you with us.


“Title……. succession…?”


“You see. Our father passed away. Gerard became the head of the family. Then, we’ve finally learned about you.”




“Yes, he’s your father, too.”


At these words, Lestia hastened to continue.


“I’ve never heard of him. What was father like?”


Indeed, Lestia never heard about her father. Her uncle only told her that mother was a woman who sold her body. Who rolled around in her body without shame, until she unintentionally gave birth to Lestia and died. He made a fuss, saying that her father must not even know she existed.


“Well, how can I explain this? The former Duke of Verchester was a foolish man.”


Joel spoke in a stiff voice. It was strange to see the soft and elegant appearance disappear for a moment. Suddenly, Joel immediately erased the look from his face.


Yeah, he was stupid. How could he have left a child as lovely as you alone? I’m sorry I came so late.”


Joel said apologetically and neatly folded the newspaper, then placed it where it was originally.


“Anyway, Lestia. Father doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t change the fact that you have your brothers. Even if we are half-brothers, we still share the same blood. That’s how it is.”


Then he smiled mischievously and said, “Well, what do you think? Why don’t you call me brother?”


“Huh?” Lestia gazed at Joel in surprise.


“Come on, come on.” Joel smiled as he urged her on.


But, the word “brother” stuck in her throat and was hard to get out.


‘Can I really call him that..?’


While Lestia hesitating, Lysian, who stayed silent, clicked his tongue and asked,


 “Why don’t you try?”




”Because you have two other brothers besides us. I’ll let you know the details slowly.”


Joel smiled harmlessly.


Lestia didn’t know she had any family besides her uncle. There were several questions she wanted to ask. However, she feared that if she kept asking, she might eventually come to the conclusion that she wasn’t their sister. That fact overwhelmed her.


Lestia bit her lips and remained silent.


“Oh, we’re almost there.”


Before she knew it, the carriage had finally arrived at Verchester mansion.


Lestia’s eyes widened and gasped in surprise as she watched the world outside from the carriage’s windows turn even more gorgeous.


The mansion was enormous in comparison to the dinky hut she lived in, a large garden lined with the pure white surrogate stone statues of the well-kept God figure.


All of those things were illuminated by the faint light that further added to the atmosphere.


These unfamiliar beauties made Lestia feel even smaller. 


“Lestia, let’s get off.”


The carriage stopped and Joel held out his hand.


Lestia took his hand but as she tried to step out, Joel quickly stopped her.


“Whoa, no. Lestia, your ankle hurts.”


In the end, Lestia had no choice but to get out of the carriage with Joel carrying her in his arms.


“I see you’re back, Young Masters.”


The servants bowed and greeted them.


Lestia turned to observe the people watching her. She felt uncomfortable at the sight of the servants bowing their heads.


“Master Joel, Master Lysian, I have prepared the young lady’s room as you instructed.”


An elderly gentleman wearing silver glasses and a suit, who stood at the very front of the servants, approached them.


Lestia involuntarily tugged at Joel’s shirt. It was because the old gentleman gave the impression of being meticulous, not tolerating even the slightest dirt. 


Perhaps sensing that Lestia was afraid of him, Joel put his hand on Lestia’s small shoulder and said, 


“Lestia, this is Butler Halo. He has been aiding the Duke of Verchester for quite some time now.”




Lestia, still in Joel’s arms, peeked out and warily said hello.


Halo bent gracefully and quietly.


He observed her for a moment, then moved closer to her.


“Oh, dear…”


“What is it?”


“What attribute of magic does the Young Lady deal with? Be ready for it, right away.”


“I….I have no idea what you’re talking about. What magic?”


Halo twitched his fingers in frustration.


“The descendants of the Duke of Verchester are born with the ability to handle magic. They can use the powers of water, fire, wind, and earth as if they were their own limbs. Have you ever felt anything strange?”


Was she born with the ability to handle magic power? 


Was that why Lysian and Joel were both wizards?


They were Verchesters.


But Lestia had never used magic before.


Coincidentally, she never had that experience either.


Lestia held her breath. Halo’s stern face seemed like it was saying, ‘You’re a fake.’


“I’m ……”


She didn’t know what to say and bowed her head. She didn’t expect the fact that she wasn’t their sister to be revealed so easily. Yet, why did she want it to be revealed later? She felt stupid and ashamed. 


“Oh, I see.” 


Halo seemed a little surprised, but he didn’t make a big deal of it and stepped back.


 “Um…I think I’d better go home. I’m not a Verchester.” Lestia said with her eyes closed.


“Hey, what are you talking about?”


Lysian ruffled Lestia’s hair.


“You are Verchester, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you can use magic or not.”





Joel interrupted Lestia. 


“Yes. You’re our sister, Lestia Verchester. There’s nothing to be concerned about.”


Lestia was terrified. Why would he still call her his sister when he knew she couldn’t use magic? They said that if one had Verchester blood, they were supposed to know magic. What really were their intentions? 


“Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you slowly.”


Joel smiled and looked at Lestia, as if he understood what she was thinking about.


Then, he held out his left wrist to Lestia and asked,


“Lestia, would you mind rolling up my left arm’s sleeve?”


Lestia carefully tugged on Joel’s sleeve at the request. Then, a bangle on his wrist was revealed. It was made of pure gold, thin and twisted like a vine, but it was adorned with grains of bright red stone that looked like pomegranate seeds. 


“This is the magic neutralization stone, Lestia. As you know, we are wizards. In order to use property magic, you have to use the reverse property magic neutralization stone at regular intervals.”


“It’s beautiful,” Lestia exclaimed, admiring the bright colors of the magic stone. 


“Yes, it is.”


Joel chuckled. 


“This is a fire neutralizing stone that can neutralize the magic of wind. Without it, I might die, torn to shreds by the wind I’m using.”




The word “might die” made Lestia hardened.


Joel casually tapped the bracelet lightly.


The bright red light of the stone was absorbed into Joel’s palm.


At the same time, the stone immediately turned gray.


“But Restia wouldn’t need these distractions in the first place. Since you were born perfect.”






She didn’t understand.


If she had used magic like Joel and Lysian, she wouldn’t have doubted the word ‘Verchester’…


But Joel had said it as if not being able to use magic was a blessing in disguise.


“Halo just didn’t know that you were perfect. Isn’t that right?”


“I’m sorry, Young Lady, I’ve been presumptuous. Please forgive me.”


Halo quickly bowed deeply towards Lestia and apologized.


Lestia cried out in surprise. 


“Forgive? No! You didn’t do anything wrong.”


“I’m so proud of my little sister. You have a generous heart.”


Joel hugged Lestia affectionately.


Lestia froze like a stone.


It was the first time anyone had hugged her so long.


And the unbelievable fact was that it was Joel.


How could such a graceful and beautiful person hug her tattered self like this?


Lestia said, fearing that Joel might get as dirty as the carriage she had ridden in.


“Joel, if you keep holding me tightly like this, you might get dirty.”


“No, I will not, Lestia. You are not dirty at all, and call me “Brother,” 


Joel wasn’t even afraid of dropping her and gently patted Lestia on the back with his big hand.


Lestia’s cheeks flushed as she asked cautiously.


“Can you tell me more about …… our parents? 


Lestia wanted to know more about her unknown parents so that she could have a little more faith that she was a Verchester.




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ALL OF THE FEELS in this chapter!!

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