A Humble Princess (11)


01. A Humble Princess (11)


How economical. To think that she could prevent the downfall of the family with her insignificant life. 

Caliburn’s ruin didn’t just mean the demise of Catherine’s family. It entailed a cruel fate for the vassals who’d been loyal for several generations, servants, and residents living in the dozens of towns that formed the estate. 

Rather than being the only surviving Rediot, it was better to die as a lofty ducal princess.  

“I will prove it. That I lived a life without a single moment of disgrace.”


Deimos carefully observed her face. Urbane eyes, delicate cheeks. A small and straight nose, and even her tightly closed red lips.

In this moment, she, who had cast off her emotions of despair, resembled a natural-born ducal princess. A dignified, upright, and proud noblewoman.

The beautiful face that was akin to an exotic goddess overlapped with the face of a fierce cat-like young girl. 

“Remember this clearly. I am Ducal Princess Caliburn. Not barbarian.”

His throat felt tight, and the sensation of breathlessness lingered.

Why did this woman grow up exactly as he’d imagined? With a face as dazzlingly beautiful as an exotic goddess.

It wasn’t just because of the red hair that wasn’t reddish. The only striking aspect was her blue-gray eyes. No, it was everything, from the elegant eyebrows, her straight nose, to her small, red lips. It extended all the way to the fingertips that were akin to a swan’s feather. 

The clear water droplets made her pale skin, which was rarely exposed to the sun, shimmer even further. Like a deer wrapped in bandages, her long neck, slender shoulders, and prominently protruding collarbone extended down to a red, sparkling flame stone necklace.

Despite her slender stature, there was, surprisingly enough, flesh where the round and voluminous curves connected. 

The woman clenched the dress tightly with her thin hands, perhaps to hide her anxiety.

“If you call a priest, the procedure to verify purity can be performed…”

“Try doing it yourself.”

Deimos released the grip on her neck.

“I might end up killing that priest otherwise.”

Catherine’s mouth snapped shut at the dreadful statement. Verifying a woman’s purity was their duty. Why would he want to kill those doing their natural duty?

The fingertips gripping her dress trembled continuously. The problem was, she didn’t know how they performed that ‘verification.’

“If you find it hard, I can do it for you.”

He slid his hand beneath the dress.


The wet, heavy fabric brushed against her calves as it was folded upwards. Muscles lined down his thick and solid forearms vertically and blue veins protruded. Just his arms were completely different from hers, like they were of a different species. 

His hand, which seemed to brush against her thigh fleetingly, slowly extended inwards, and his fingertips touched her pelvis.

Her spine tensed. Even the slightest contact of his fingers on her undergarments felt like excessive stimulation to her.

“Lift your waist.”


She knew the reason behind this command. Yes, logically, to verify her purity, they needed to check… that area…

Aside from a bathmaid, Catherine had never revealed her naked body to anyone in her entire life. Given the circumstances where even ankle exposure was deemed immodest, it was unthinkable that she’d willingly expose her most private part to a foreign man. 

As Catherine hesitated while holding onto the vanity table, he narrowed his eyes and tilted his head.

“If this is an act, then it’s a remarkable ability.”

“I’m not sure what you mean by acting……”

“Lift your waist and spread your legs. This is the second time I’m saying this.”

In the end, Catherine raised her hips and spread her legs to make it easier for him to remove her undergarments.

Her cheeks were on fire. Doesn’t this posture look as though she was begging for his intrusion?

He stared intently, his expression serious without a hint of amusement. It was fortunate that there wasn’t any mockery or laughter.

As his hand pulled down her undergarments, the feeling of his hand brushing against her thigh permeated through her skin vividly. The small, semi-transparent underwear was caught on her ankle for a moment, before sliding past her shoe, and completely leaving her body.

Her pulse echoed in her ears.

Wearing a dress without undergarments. Catherine had never been in such a state before in her entire life. No, wouldn’t every woman in the world feel the same? Exposing one’s core was more indecent than being completely undressed.

Above all, the sight of her tiny undergarment crumpled in his massive hand was embarrassing and dizzying. Why was he staring at someone’s undergarments so closely when verifying purity? And with a gaze that seems to be looking at something fascinating and precious……

“D, don’t look.”

Just how focused was he? His gaze remained fixed on the small, white cloth until her hand reached over. He only turned his head around with a start when her hand entered his field of vision. 

Her face, reddened like a late summer apple, and looking like she was holding back her tears, made him couldn’t help but curse inadvertently. The things he held back without uttering surged to his front with heated intensity.

Honestly, this woman’s acting hadn’t been that good since the very first day. Could a person that, after removing just a single piece of underwear, froze like she’d been thrown into the square naked have committed liaisons with her father and brother? 

He dodged her hand. When the small, white cloth touched his nose, her entire face was filled with astonishment.

“Your Highness…!”

The back of his head stiffened. Blood rushed to his front, not only making it excited but also painful.

Surprise, nervousness, fear, pleading, …he watched them. Each time those blue-gray eyes responded to him, a strange thrill surged within him. 

“It has a sweet, and racy scent.”

He grabbed the table again, confining her. It was like he could gobble up this cloth, which emitted a fruity fragrance, right on the spot. His hunger couldn’t be sated by a single piece of white fabric that was smaller than a handkerchief though. 

“Won’t you tell me? Whether you really taste like this.”

Catherine felt dizzy at his vulgar mockery that exceeded common sense. It was like she was being ridiculed by a small town wastrel. A vile and indecent man could conquer her without hindrance.  

“That place isn’t a place for you to… put your mouth at.”

He snorted at the response she’d barely managed to muster. As she became uneasy that she’d answered incorrectly, the hint of amusement vanished from his eyes.

He leaned closer. The scent of blood was mixed with the wild yet sweet scent of Deimos, and as their distance narrowed, her entire body was engulfed in his huge shadow.

His scent, intensified by the water, tickled her nostrils. Like someone had mistakenly crushed berries on leather, it was a rough yet sweet scent. Whether it was coarse or mellow, this scent, which its nature was unknown, was completely exposed to her.  

“…Open your mouth.” 

As he whispered, their lips brushed narrowly. He gently caressed her wet cheek with a hand.

As Catherine’s lips parted, the sound of dry lips meeting echoed in her ears.


A warm and moist flesh slid in, causing Catherine’s eyelids to slowly close.

He delivered a sweet kiss with those cruel lips. It was akin to sipping honeyed milk at the bedside while drunk on sleep.  

He coaxed her tense tongue and twined it with his own. Her dry mouth was made damp by him. With each turn of their heads as their tongues tangoed, a squelching sound reverberated in the bathroom.

He skillfully alternated between gently drawing her in, letting her go momentarily and then sucking her back in, so that she wouldn’t flee. With each insistent invasion, she found herself involuntarily opening herself up to him.


Whenever the tip of his tongue gently stroked the roof of her mouth, Catherine would let out a pleased nasal sound unconsciously. Her sense of shame was nowhere to be found, and the soft nasal sounds were entangled with his intrusion.

His head was slowly raised, and when his head gradually lifted fully, he lightly nibbled at the end and allowed her time for a breather. While swallowing the hot breaths she exhaled, his teeth traced along her lower lip and soon dug back in, causing her spine to tingle.

Perhaps sensing her escalating desire, his kisses intensified. His large hand enveloped her cheek, tilting her head as he explored her mouth.

It was a kiss that felt like she was being loved.


After letting go of her lips, he pressed a brief kiss like he was urging her to answer, causing her eyelids to flutter as she struggled to catch her breath. Her heart pounded as though it might explode, and his scent surrounded her with every inhale, making it difficult to regain her composure.

Deimos clasped her ankles, lifting a leg onto the bathroom’s vanity table. When he lifted the other, Catherine found herself in a position she had never imagined herself in.

Hidden parts of herself, which she didn’t even know existed, were widely exposed along with her opened legs. This private place was so sensitive that it could unadulteratedly feel the moist air. 

“Your Highness. W, wait a minute…”

He had a tall and slender physique. The tale of an artist carving a sculpture while praying to God to breathe life into it came to mind. Was this how the statue would move if it were animated? With each breath he took, the firm upper body, dampened by the moisture and blood, expanded and contracted.

It was as though the blood on his body was diluted by the moisture, and his skin seemed to flushed red with excitement. 

“Your Highness, why don’t you…”

Suppressing the urge to shield the lower part of her body with her hands, she shut her eyes tightly.

“Please do it quickly…”


He gritted his teeth. 


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