A Humble Princess (12)


01. A Humble Princess (12)



The sensation at her entrance eventually caused her to lose grip of her dress. The olive-coloured hem cascaded down, like it was covering the private part that had been exposed. 

His fingers swept the supple petals from below in a very gentle and relaxed manner. 

The contact, which she had never dared to imagine happening, left her completely paralyzed. Unable to see what he was doing, she couldn’t distinguish whether it was fortunate or not.

It’s not like that part had been drenched though. She was quite wet. Following his touch, a peculiar sensation, both ticklish and hot, remained like traces that was left behind. 

What is this? Ah, this feels… too much… 

As he rubbed slowly, the slick flesh was pressed in various directions and made a squelching sound under his touch. Under the gradually intensifying stimulation, she breathed heavily and dug her nails into his forearm.

When he pressed down at some unknown place, she convulsed like she’d been electrified. Frantically pushing him away, she spoke tearfully.

“Oh, not there, don’t….”


“Your Highness. Enough, I’d rather you hurry…”

“…Don’t rush me. You’ll get hurt.”

His voice was quieter than usual. Like someone that was forcibly enduring something. 

His thick and sturdy fingers entered the soft entrance even more roughly. Into her.

Catherine was too shocked to shriek. She never expected to confirm the presence of a part of her body she hadn’t been aware of in this way. She knew about it theoretically, but this was reality.

His fingers forcefully delved into the tight crevice. She was being suffocated from below, and her thighs trembled.

Just like the pleasure gripping her buttocks, the mental blow was equally huge. The sensation of someone entering her body was both unfamiliar and lewd.

As he stirred the inserted fingers and pushed against the tight inner walls, her waist arched again. The wet hem of her clothes, the humid breath filling her lungs, and the sound of her pounding pulse echoing in her bones was so loud that it disoriented her.

“Heuh, hngh, Your Highness… Heut.”

Without stopping, he enjoyed the sensation of the flowing spring water and pressed his lips against hers.

“Are you scared?”

Catherine nodded tearfully.

The rising heat in her lower abdomen frightened her. The churning sensation in her abdomen seemed to swell beneath her skin, like it would eventually devour her. Once that unknown feeling took control of her body, it felt impossible to go back to how things were before.


He pushed even deeper.

With a gentle nibble at her ear, he slowly swept up from her flat stomach to her ample breasts. A reflexive short moan escaped as the delicate peak and the soft skin were caught in his rough palm. 

The deep and low voice that clung damply to her ears, the hands that sensually caressed her chest, and the subtle heat rising from her abdomen. 

The squelching sounds echoed blatantly in the bathroom. With his movements, the heat gathering in her lower abdomen was both unfamiliar and frightening. 

Though she tried to bite on her lower lip to suppress it, moans kept slipping out. 

Every time he pressed and rubbed some unknown spot, pleasure kept dripping out. This unfamiliar feeling was driving her. Perhaps, to the point of no return. 

But the most frightening thing was her gradually growing desire for this heat. Her ears were unknowingly filled with lewd nasal sounds while her buttocks flinched. 

Her eyes kept wavering. Unable to believe that she wanted to entrust herself to him, she tried her best to push his shoulders away.

“I, It’s strange. It feels… strang, heut, ngh!”

“Mm. I’m doing this to make you feel strange.”

Soon after, kisses were planted to soothe her as her tears streamed down incessantly. On her cheeks, eyes, and the bridge of her nose.

Despite the kisses that were showered down like a flowery rain, she couldn’t easily put her mind at ease. Compared to the feathery kisses, the hand exploring below was merciless.

He meticulously stirred the tight insides with his long fingers, while the other fingers lightly pressed the sensitive flesh at the entrance.

Somehow, he managed to use his fingertips to explore the area that made her shrink and even rolled it round. 


As he touched a spot hidden deep inside, her limbs shook like a fish caught on a harpoon.

He stimulated the peak, which radiated a tingling pleasure, and the spot inside simultaneously. He grew the embers outside by rolling and tapping, while inside, he focused on pressing the spot that made her shrink.

Splosh, the sound echoed in the bathroom, like footsteps on the ground dampened by a monsoon rain.

She was beyond feeling ashamed now. She merely moved her hips in response to his touch, and let out delicate moans like a cat. 

As he increased the pace, the splashing liquid dirtied his palm with a squelch. Unlike the rising sensations, a sharp pleasure began to fill her private part. 

This is different. This is…

When she shook her head and tried to push him away, he grabbed her throat. Thud, the back of her head hit the mirror, and her breath caught in her throat.

“Don’t close your eyes.”

She gasped for air through the narrow opening and forced herself to meet his gaze. Her reddened eyes were filled with tears, while lewd sounds echoed from beneath. 

His golden eyes captured her, like a predator about to devour its prey.

“No, don’t… Heok, no…”

Light flashed right before her eyes. The sharp sensations he planted surged through every nerve. 

Giddying and dizzying, this frightening pleasure. The feeling of someone grabbing her scalp spreaded throughout her limbs simultaneously, making everything before her eyes spin.


Her bottom, which devoured him tightly, convulsed. Sticky fluid gushed out onto his wrist.

The fine nails that gripped his forearm tightly scraped against his flesh.

Her toes curled, and tears poured out like a fountain. As Catherine barely breathed through her open lips, she trembled violently.

As this place had never been touched, it was overly sensitive, and that alone brought her to the peak. She was just breathless and dizzy, and that made the stimulus more frightening. 

To him, it was merely a toying action, but it shattered everything for her. Unfamiliar touches and dizzying sensations were planted deep within.

“Uh… Hah…”


His hand, clasped around Catherine’s throat, kept flinching. It seemed like he was about to crush her thin neck like it was a reed, yet hesitated repeatedly like he couldn’t bear to apply strength to it. 

He silently looked down at her, who twisted her waist as she trembled. It was like he was engraving her sweat soaked and tear-covered face into his brain.

It was an indescribable gaze. Like an lofty spectator appreciating a precious piece of art, yet like the eyes of someone who wanted to snap the neck of an enemy he hated right away. 

Even him withdrawing from below was yet another round of stimulation. Catherine’s gaze lowered inadvertently.

Water dripping onto the floor from the hem of her dress entered her vision. Between her wide-open legs, escaping from the wet dress, were his firm forearms.

He finally released her throat. She, who was leaning against the mirror by relying on his hands, collapsed on the vanity table like a doll whose strings were cut strings.

It’s cold…

The damp scarlet hair limply covered her slender shoulders and face haphazardly. Perhaps feeling heightened sensations in the aftermath of a climax, her panting breaths were loud, and the skin tingled persistently, like tiny popping candies were running around.  


Only his eyes moved to glance at her.

“Will you… believe me?”


He didn’t respond, making Catherine feel uneasy. Despite swearing her innocence to the heavens, she worried about any potential misunderstandings that might arise, causing her to be the sole survivor.  

He gently pushed her dishevelled hair behind her ear. It was a tender touch that was filled with a strange warmth, as if dealing with a lover after an intimate encounter. 



She closed her eyes in relief.

‘Right. So, I’m going to die.’

‘I don’t have to live as a Rediot.’

She came to a realisation when she was suggested to reveal that she was a s*x sl*ve by a family member in order to save her life. What it was that she truly desired.

Catherine didn’t want to live as livestock, nor did she want to hide that she was livestock by marrying and trembling in fear.

‘I had dared to want to live as a human.’

However, there was only one perfect way for her to remain as a human.

It was to die as a human.

Gasp, gasp, the cat-like deep breaths filled the quiet bathroom. The breathing was filled with serenity. 


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