Chapter 10


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Belatedly, Shed realized that it meant to untie the ribbons on her dress.


The front mirror showed Raha front and on both sides, so she was able to avert her gaze appropriately and see the ribbons that Shed had reached for.


The ribbons had tied complicatedly, but they were structured to loosen when pulled. Shed began to pull the ribbons around Raha’s shoulder blades one by one.


The untied ribbons flowed down smoothly.


The more the ribbons were untied, the easier it was for the tightened chest to relax. The lower and lower Shed’s hands went, the more slowly the clothes that had been wrapped tightly around Raha’s shoulders and arms came off. His hands passed through Raha’s shoulder blades and slowly untied everything down to the ribbons on her hollowed back.


The maids thought that Raha would have to undress alone in the inner palace today, so they had chosen a dress that could be taken off as soon as the ribbons were untied.


Thanks to them, when the last ribbon was untied, the dress slipped off without resistance. The dress, glittering with many tiny beads, fell down at Raha’s feet.


The mirror showed Raha wearing only her underwear. The skin, which was managed so hard to satisfy Karzen and to exhaust the overflowing budget of the Imperial Palace, shone white under the lights in the bathroom.


Raha took off her underwear and got into the tub. The water was appropriately warm and swayed softly as she entered. She sat down, leaning her back against the bathtub.


She noticed belatedly that she had not taken off her necklace. The necklace was very expensive to begin with, and the locking device was not something that could be easily removed with one hand. This was a gift from Karzen, so the maids put it on Raha’s neck without complaint.


Raha was about to undo the lock when a firm hand touched the back of her neck.






With two clicks, the lock was released. The necklace slid easily on Raha’s collarbone. Then it was the hard hand lightly gripping Raha’s neck.




The sound of dripping water made the bathroom weep. Shed’s hand didn’t stay on Raha’s neck for long. He took the necklace that fell on Raha’s chest and placed it on the side table by the tub. Clank. The sound of jewelry and marble colliding were vividly heard.


Actually, Raha didn’t like the luxurious necklace. It was a national treasure from the western kingdom that Karzen had exterminated a few years ago.


That royal family was known to Raha from what she had heard. It was said that the King and Queen were very in love even though they had a political marriage. So when the Queen gave birth to the prince, the King personally bid for the precious necklace at the auction house.


So the Queen must have worn it all the time.


Perhaps Karzen had taken this necklace after he had chopped off the Queen’s head.


How much blood was spilled on it. She heard that the attendants had a lot of trouble wiping off the sticky blood. Indeed, all the necklaces that Karzen had given her to wear at every banquet were of that type.


They were heavy jewels that made her neck feel chilled every time she wore them.




Raha wrapped her hand around Shed’s hand and held it to her throat. Shed frowned and asked.


“What are you doing?”


“I met with the priests today.”


Shed’s  eyes hardened slightly, but he was still better than the priests’. Raha was silent for a moment, and then continued speaking.


“Not that I’m saying that.”




“Did you see the priests often when you underwent the experiment?”


The answer came back after a delay.


“I didn’t see them often.”


“You didn’t? You must be very valuable.”


Raha smiled with a tilt of her chin. As she looked at Shed carefully, his gray- blue eyes caught her attention again. She couldn’t help it. The thought crossed her mind that Shed should have his head down at all times in front of Karzen.


“Come in, Shed.”




“Don’t you want to? A certain slave cheekily looks only at his master’s naked body…”


Shed stood up at Raha’s words. He was still lightly dressed, as slaves who had to stay indoors all day didn’t need thick clothing. Raha smiled at Shed as he slowly took off his shirt, pants, and underwear.


No wonder he didn’t take off his clothes right away.


Raha could see Shed’s pillar standing straight up. Whenever she saw it, she felt a tingling sensation in her navel. She couldn’t help but frowned as she thought it was strange. 


‘Why is it so big?’


“Is that size normal?”


Shed’s cheeks hardened for a moment. A rare look of panic on his face caused Raha to laugh. 


‘Yes, I guess not.’


Shed got into the tub and sat down. The water flooded the marble tub with a shushing sound as Shed entered. Raha looked at Shed who sat across from her and stood up.


She sat down in front of Shed. Then she frowned at her forehead. When she sat on his thighs in the morning, they were muscular and stable, but now she felt uncomfortable because something hard kept poking her.


She tried to put it away to the side by reaching down and grabbing the stiff pole that was constantly bothering her back. However, she didn’t expect that the thing she grabbed got much harder…


For a moment, the thought of “What should I do with this?” came to her mind, but Raha didn’t let go of her hand. She couldn’t even grab it all with one hand, and it twitched slightly under her fingertips.




Raha turned back around. His gaze met Shed’s eyes. A strange heat gathered in his eyes. The thought flashed through her mind that she was glad that she was the master and Shed was the slave.


Because if it was the other way around, she thought she would have collapsed just like that right now.


She stared straight at Shed. Unlike the frighteningly hard manhood, Shed was looking at her with a gentle expression. He didn’t touch her anywhere, pretending to be obedient.


Raha smiled and tilted his chin.


“It hurt so much last night.”




“Didn’t you get hurt?”


She whispered, her lips lightly touching Shed’s lips.




Shed’s voice didn’t last.


Whispered speech, tongue digging into his mouth. They only met for a moment, and in a flash, Raha’s back was wrapped. Shed kissed Raha obsessively. His tongue invaded her inside violently as it licked and sucked.



“Haaaa. ……”


Shed’s hand cupped one of Raha’s breasts tightly. His soft breast, full of water, was distorted in his hand. His fingers rolled the already hardened nipples. Shed’s other hand reached between Raha’s thighs. Their body heat was hot, matching the water temperature. The fingers that touched between her legs finally found her soft mound. The fingers squeezed and pressed it. Raha shuddered.


Raha’s hair was reflexively grabbed onto his hand, pinning it in place. The kisses overflowing from Shed quickly became unmanageable. The red bead that had been submerged in the water began to swell more and more. Raha’s toes contracted as Shed’s fingers pinched the sensitive spot.




A helpless moan leaked out as she held Shed’s arms tightly. Shed slowly removed his lips from Raha’s.


Suddenly, Shed picked Raha up as he stood up. Droplets of water trickled down from his skin.




Raha gasped and wrapped her arms around Shed’s neck. Her skin, which had been soaking in the hot water, came into contact with the cool air and goose bumps broke out.


Shed walked firmly out of the tub, still holding Raha. The water dropped onto the large carpet that the servants put down each time. She thought they were going to the bedroom.


However, Raha’s back touched the cold marble wall of the bathroom. It wasn’t long before she shrugged her back. Spreading her legs and adjusting her posture, Shed bent over slightly and kissed Raha again.




A thick tongue seemed to fill Raha’s mouth. The back of her head was grabbed and she couldn’t move. The cold air slowly cooled Raha’s body, and she soon began to heat up. A finger, still wet, entered between her legs that were wrapped around Shed’s waist.


Slowly, he touched her swollen bead and the passing finger dug into her moist valley. Raha involuntarily grabbed Shed’s shoulder hard.


Hard fingers which obviously had been holding a sword, began to move, invading the soft inside with all its might. It was not with the purpose of trying to stimulate her. The difference between the two was clear. It was more of an obvious caress that was trying to stretch her insides.


But every time Shed’s fingers dug deep, every time he deliberately touched a particularly sensitive spot, Raha involuntarily moaned.


‘If you’re going to increase it, do it fast and insert it.’


But his hand was rather relaxed, even though the huge pillar that touched her belly was moving as if it wanted to hammer into her at any moment. It was enough to scorch Raha.


“That’s enough.” (Raha)


“No.” (Shed)


Shed was absorbed in Raha’s body without raising his head.


“I don’t want you to pass out again.” (Shed)




Raha’s cheeks burned for no reason as she remembered passing out the first day. That day, she should have held herself together, but he shoved something that big into her small body and she fainted. 


 Raha, who was staring at Shed with eyes already clouded with heat, was about to open her mouth.


Without warning, her body lifted slightly upward. Raha’s field of vision was now slightly higher than Shed’s. Confused, she grabbed his shoulders. Shed, who lightly held Raha with one hand and supported her, grabbed his erected manhood with the other hand and pressed it against her valley’s entrance.