Chapter 11


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Shed’s hard manhood dug inside. Yesterday, Raha thought it was clear that her skin was torn, but fortunately there was no stabbing pain in her cut skin. However, she couldn’t breathe properly because the pillar as big as the forearm was forcefully trying to open Raha’s soft inside.


Still, Raha was clinging to Shed. It wasn’t uncomfortable, though it was an unsteady position and she didn’t want to fall to the floor. She was holding on pretty well. She slowly felt relieved because Shed’s movements hadn’t been rough for a while. He seemed to be instinctively nervous.


Raha groaned. His big manhood filled her still very tender body, but it seemed more bearable than yesterday. Her moans felt oddly and strangely ticklish. 


As Shed continued his slow pursuit, barely suppressing his burning lust, he decided that it would be nice to continue to slowly move and savor the warmth of her body. However, already Raha seemed to be overwhelmed just by this kind of movement.


Her body was gasping but it felt better than the first day. It seemed to have gone somewhat wider to be exact. The sweet pleasure in her chest made her dizzy in front of her eyes, but it was bearable. Raha, who had been staring at Shed with eyes clouded with pleasure, sought out his lips and kissed them.


The tongue was warm as it delved into the inside of his mouth. The way it moved against his wet mucous membranes was itchy. The way she hugged his neck tightly. She shouldn’t have expressed her satisfaction to Shed in such a way. She didn’t see the momentary large jerk around his neck.


Raha finished kissing him and looked up. The sweaty smile on her face was fleeting but Shed’s eyes became strange.




There was no reply. Waiting for her to finish kissing him, Shed swallowed her earlobe. As soon as his tongue licked her earlobe loudly, goosebumps appeared on Raha’s body. At the same time, his thrust gained strength. Shed barely swallowed his swear words and let out a rough moan.


“Don’t tighten it.”


Raha’s lower abdomen strained painfully.


“You have to wait until I satisfy your lust, Raha.”


The wet sound coming from right next to her ear sounded overly teasing. That was when the thirsty Raha involuntarily swallowed her saliva without realizing it. Shedd lifted his chin and cupped Raha’s buttocks firmly with both hands. The pillar that had been slowly moving back and forth pounced violently for a moment. 




The hard, big pillar forced its way inside the wet. The arm-sized sex organ, which seemed to penetrate her lower belly, or indeed somewhere, was relentlessly thrusting into Raha’s inner valley. It was relentlessly stimulating her most sensitive part. 




Swish. Swish.


The rough and wet  sound echoed through the bathroom incessantly. Raha couldn’t even get a good breath and swayed wildly. Her legs, which were wrapping around his hips, couldn’t overcome the shocking force that hit her hard on the inside, and she slipped.


There must have been red marks on her buttocks and thighs where Shed had held them painfully hard. His manhood, like a murder weapon, launched it mercilessly deep inside. A violent force hit the deepest depths and her back against the wall with Shed trapping her in the front, Raha’s moans were now mixed with whimpers.


“Oh, Shed…ah…..!”


Tears instantly pooled in Raha’s eyes from the excruciating pleasure. Her whole body was tense, but only the inside where Shed was thrusting was unusually weak. It was as if she was being pushed through a merciless stake. Raha’s back trembled and shuddered with each thrust of Shed’s pillar.


It was as if her inner walls were completely attached to his manhood. It was painful as Shed hit so hard that it hurt, and every time he slipped out of her in a messy way, her whole body seemed to follow along with him.




For a moment, everything went blank in front of Raha’s eyes. The inside of her valley, which was as wide as Shed’s huge pole, cramped up fast. Heat flowers bloomed all over her body and seemed to burst.The love juices that had moistened Shed’s pillar ran down along her legs. Shedd finally suppressed the desire that was rushing to the edge of his manhood.




Feeling the intense climax, Raha wanted to curl up, but her desire was still screaming loudly. With a thick pole between her legs, Shed began to move again before Raha’s climax was over.


Once she reached her orgasm, Raha’s inner walls were full of juices. It grabbed and glistened Shed’s hot pillar and did not let go. Even though she had climaxed first, Shed was also out of his mind.


In fact, he hadn’t been in his right mind since she’d kissed him on his hot cheeks. He let out several heavy moans, grabbed Raha’s tear-stained face and scratched the inside of her gasping mouth.


“Ah, Shed! Slow down……..ahhh!”


That pleading voice calling out his name was the problem. It didn’t make sense that she wanted him to slow down with a voice like that, and to begin with, her underside squeezed Shed’s manhood tightly and wouldn’t let go. Every time he struck roughly, bodily juices splattered. Raha’s body was caught tight, unaware that even Shed’s thighs were glistening with love juice.


With her completely trapped in his arms, he squeezed tight and lifted her back. The seeds he had been holding back erupted into the deepest part of Raha’s innermost being. He moved his hips slowly, burying his lips in Raha’s sweat-soaked neck. The Princess’s body, which always held an icy smile, was hot and cozy.


It was strength.




Raha’s wet thighs trembled. She wasn’t soaked in the tub, but her whole body was covered in sweat. She watched as Shed led her to the tub. She  watched him mix the hot water with the already cold water, and before she knew it, she was dozing off.


“Take me to bed…”


She thought that if she didn’t order him to do this, this insolent slave might just dump her in the hot tub.


Perhaps he could read the meaning behind her words, and she heard Shed’s laughter. Raha was a little curious about his smiling face, but she was already beyond exhausted. Before she knew it, she was leaning her cheek against Shed’s shoulder and falling asleep.


She was able to sleep very deeply again today.


* * * *


The next day.


Raha sat up on the bed and touched her empty head. When she woke up, her hair was organized. To be exact, all the jewelry that had been intricately inserted in the hair was pulled out and neatly placed on the table.


Her messily braided hair was still there, but it had been brushed back over her shoulders to make it easier to sleep.


It didn’t make sense. During this period, by Karzen’s order, no servants were allowed to enter her inner chamber except during certain hours. Besides, if the maidservants had come in, they would have untied her intricately tied hair.


It was strange. Raha stared at the seat next to her, which was already empty.


She wanted to ask Shed about her hair, but she didn’t have time.


‘Why did I sleep so long?’


The banquet the priests were attending started at three in the afternoon. But she woke up a little after noon, so she had to hurry.


It was not like there was  a maid in this inner palace who dared to come in and wake her up during this period.


So, Raha put on her shawl and got up. After stopping by the bathroom and getting her diamond necklace, which she had removed yesterday, she walked through the courtyard of the Inner Palace to the Outer Palace. Sure enough, the maids were stamping their feet at the entrance.


They were accompanied by an unexpected person.




It was Karzen’s chief aide. Raha’s mood quickly hit bottom. It was only natural, since she had stumbled upon one of the faces she hadn’t wanted to see all morning.


“What is it?”


“Nothing much. I brought you a gift from His Majesty.”


The aide was one of the few people who had access to Raha’s inner palace at this time. But last night, he stopped in front of the entrance for no apparent reason.


He knew why. It was a vile indulgence. He knew that Raha would be afraid to be alone in the inner palace on the day she was given the slaves.


And today, he didn’t wake her up by coming in, even though Raha was just barely late. Still, it was Raha’s role to be troubled.


The aide just raised the edge of his mouth and said.


“I was worried because you were late.”


Sometimes Raha was envious of Karzen. All the servants, even the captain of the guards, didn’t like her. They didn’t like her for one reason: they thought she was ruining Karzen.


It was funny. Did she have any other way to escape Karzen’s grasp other than committing suicide?


Moreover, with these watchful eyes, even suicide was difficult.


“Speaking of which, Your Highness.”


The aide asked in a worried voice.


“You had a long talk with the priest yesterday, what did you discuss?”


Raha blinked lazily.


She knew they watched her every move, but she did expect him to ask her openly like this.


Oh, yes. He was always like this.


Instead of answering, Raha decided to act as usual. Being obedient could also raise doubts.


“Did His Majesty ask?”


“It’s just my personal curiosity. Princess.”


“Then just keep holding it in.”


Raha drew the line insincerely and bluntly. But there was not an inch of distortion in the aide’s smile. He said in a rather polite tone. 


“His Majesty sent you this.”


The aide brought a set of jewelry again this time, and the jewels on them were as thick today as they were yesterday.