Chapter 17


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When Raha was in a daze earlier, it seemed Shed had washed himself as well. He smelled faintly of perfumed oil like herself.


Raising her head, Raha reached her hands down. Shed’s clothes seemed to come undone with a few tugs on the strings, as did most of the clothes worn by night attendants. She wanted to see Shed panic. So she pulled the strings on his pants.


The pole that was laying firmly on his thighs came into view. Just as Shed froze, Raha’s thin fingers touched the thick column.


Shed’s eyes wavered slightly. He wrinkled his forehead a little and at the same time his hands that had been holding the sheet gained strength.


Regardless, Raha’s eyes were fixed on his manhood.


How did something like this find its way into her body? It was strange how it could increase in size. She felt as if she opened her mouth as much as she could, it wouldn’t be big enough to fit it in….


Raha slid down off the bed and bent over. She put Shed’s pole in her mouth to test it out, and it was definitely difficult to get it to fit in her mouth. Her jaw, opened as wide as it could go, went numb. She had never opened her mouth this wide in her entire life.


Raha licked and swept the penis that came into her mouth with the tip of her tongue. It was a poor caress. Raha herself knew that her tongue was moving very poorly, but it didn’t matter much. She couldn’t help but notice the heat that flared up in Shed’s body.


It was a strangely satisfying response.


She nipped at his hard pole some more, licking it with her tongue, and then lifted her head. In fact ……. Because if she continued to hold it in her mouth until he begged her to stop, her jaw was really going to come off. Raha stared at Shed. And then she opened her mouth.


“Do whatever you want now.”


The words were self-destructive. Each time she had a relationship with Shed, she felt overwhelmed by his size and power, and she dreaded it a little more. Furthermore, her doctor even gave her an order to stay away from physical activities for a day.


But what does that have to do with anything? She thought that Shed was going to shove that thing down her throat. Or shove it down the other one.




Raha had no idea.


She didn’t expect him to grab her wrist and lift her up and kiss her.


The thought that he had tasted his own so it didn’t matter was fleeting. The kiss deepened as the back of her head was held. She thought it would be okay if they just kissed and move on to s*x. That was the order anyway.


It was that kind of order……


As she thought so, she suddenly realized. The kiss was full of lust and heat, but it wasn’t the same as the previous kiss that had driven her breathless before she went into the relationship. It was a much gentler kiss. So …….


Shed’s arms hugged Raha’s waist. The close contact of their bodies and the bulky object was clearly filled with lust for Raha. It didn’t look like he wanted to hide it.


The kiss didn’t get rougher.


Raha felt strange.




  1. Who is the slave?




Raha didn’t come out of the palace for a week.


The princess had always done this before, so no one thought it strange. The maids of the imperial palace had tight lips, and externally, the collapse of the Holy Kingdom had kept the entire imperial palace busy.


The strange peace gained from him soaked Raha’s body.


She had a feeling that if the slave hadn’t been anything, he might have been an ordinary, prodigal child, living as Karzen wished.


First of all…


She loved that when she lay down with Shed, nothing came to mind.


Today was the last day of the week.


Because of that, she didn’t let go of Shed until almost dawn today. Her legs were shaking underneath, but she managed to solve the problem by wearing a slightly thicker dress.


However, she was the only one whose legs were shaking. Raha shifted her gaze to look at Shed’s long, outstretched legs. 


How could he look so normal? Was it because his thighs were made of thick muscles? Raha looked at the clock while thinking about Shed’s thighs she touched in bed.


She had to leave soon. She didn’t want to let Karzen know that Shed was still okay.


“You stay here. It’s safe here. No one comes but my maids.”


“I will.”


Raha was a bit taken aback. That slave was definitely not an obedient person. Just as Raha had experienced many times before. And yet he pretended to be obedient with his words.


“I will come in the evening.”




She didn’t like the fact that his obedience had continued since he saw the corpses a week ago.


Maybe Shed was still feeling sorry for her. She could break his actions with orders, but she couldn’t break his thoughts.


Still… Raha decided to let it go.


She just wanted to do that. 


She walked down the long corridor of the East Wing, wearing a shawl. It didn’t feel so bad to have Shed walk at his own pace.


She looked back at Shed, who was standing in front of the doorway of the palace where the slaves could no longer leave.


“I’ll send the palace doctor later. He’s a child, and a good one, so don’t be afraid.”




Shed’s forehead furrowed.


“A child?”


“You can say whatever you want to him.”


Raha chuckled. Oliver’s meticulous conquests with that young appearance, prepared only for the Imperial Palace, and old tone would be hard to adapt to quickly.


Thinking about him made her feel better. She gestured lightly to Shed. Immediately, she kissed him lightly on the cheek as he bent down slightly. It was a semi-impulsive act. 


Raha chuckled as she looked into his slightly widened blue-gray eyes.


“I’ll be back, Shed.”


When Raha walked through the long courtyard of the inner palace and arrived at the outer palace, the attendants were waiting politely as usual.


She blinked when she spotted a figure in front of them.


“Your Royal Highness, I am sorry to greet you so late. How has your health been?


“Count Paltz.”


It was Count Paltz, who had been absent for some time due to a small problem in his domain. In his middle age, he was polite, articulate, and above all, he grew flowers and trees amazingly well.


It could not be denied that Count Paltz had been a great help in keeping the Imperial Hostess’s long absence from the surface of the water as low as expected.


The imperial gardens were perfectly managed thanks to him. Everyone forgot about the Empress’ absence, even if only for a short while. Even Karzen, who was horrified by the talk of marriage, didn’t dare to mention it in his greeting.


Raha smiled.


“There is one living in the inner palace.”




“I don’t think he’s going to die anytime soon.”


“Oh …….”


“I would like you to take care of the garden inside.”


Whenever she looked at the desolate garden of the inner palace, she thought Shed would be bored too looking at it. Count Paltz belatedly bowed his head.


“I will do my best. Princess.”


* * * *


Few hours later.


The chamberlain, who was waiting in front of the main conference room, looked flustered at the unexpected visit.


“Princess ……?”


It was Raha de Harsa. With hair like the sea hanging long, and eyes just like her hair embedded under long eyelashes. Dressed in the finest dress with layers of soft fur on her neck and sleeves, the Princess was very elegant.


The problem was that …… Raha’s condition looked much better than normal.


Originally, on the day came out of the inner palace, she was confined to the outer palace and did not go out much. So much so that Karzen went out of his way to make the day Raha came out of the inner palace the day they would eat together.


She always had a soft smile when she was talking to Karzen, but the chamberlain never knew that her steps were not much different from those of livestock being dragged to the slaughterhouse.


Was it no longer painful for her to see her slaves die?


Sure, she had seen it so many times over the years that she might have become okay with it. The number of slaves who had died in front of her was close to a thousand.


“What about the emperor? It’s our lunch date together.”


The chamberlain bowed his head.


“Princess, I’m sorry. His Majesty suddenly had an important council meeting today…….”


“Is that so?”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“It seems the Holy Kingdom is making too much noise.”


It seemed that they were so angry with Karzen’s outrageous behavior when he dragged the priests away that they sent a group of people on a protest mission.


The chamberlain bowed deeply.


“Yes. Of course, I don’t know for sure.”


“I understand. Please tell His Majesty that I’ve come.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


If she didn’t have to eat with the crazy twin, it was pleasant. With light steps then usual, Raha turned and began to walk through the huge main palace. The nobles who saw her bowed deeply.


She pondered as she gave them a light chuckle.


‘Should I eat with Shed?’


Raha remembered that there was a good wine that came today.


Then she shook his head. The council meeting might end shortly. It was not yet the right time for Shed to be seen in front of Karzen.


This was a very wise decision. It was when she spoke to the gardeners of the Imperial Palace about seedlings and landscaping that should be planted next spring.


A person from the emperor’s main palace came to visit.


“Your Imperial Highness. His Majesty would like you to join him for dinner.”


“Really? Okay.”


She thought she should tell Shed to have dinner first.


“Yes, and…..”


While flipping through a collection of drawings of saplings, Raha lifted her head. 




“His Majesty asked you to attend the banquet in a week.”





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