Chapter 4



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How much time has passed? Raha didn’t even budge.


On days when slaves entered, she always slumped down like this and fell asleep. There was nothing uncomfortable about it.


Like a stone statue, Raha’s body, which had been cowering like a dead person, trembled. This was because she could feel a distinct body heat coming from her wrists.




As soon as Raha lifted her head, a tinglingly strong grip pulled her wrists tight.




It happened in an instant. She was lying on the bed, her vision turned upside down.


She was not lying there peacefully. Both of her wrists were held down, and just above her, a man shivering with fever and pain was staring at her.




A living man. A slave who didn’t die.




Raha’s eyes went wide. She reflexively tried to sit up quickly, but gave up. Her hands were grabbed by the man and held down. She finally opened her mouth.


“You …….”


But the man’s voice was faster than hers.


“…… why did you feed me your blood?”


It was a voice that sounded tired and somewhat exhausted. A subdued voice from the throat, which had not been used properly for several days. Raha, who was staring at the man blankly, replied quietly.


“The blood of the royal family is good for neutralizing the engraving.”


The man had two eyes, too. There was no way that he did not see the test subjects who were dragged together to the imperial palace die as soon as the brand was engraved.


That’s right.


This Princess saved him.




“What do you want from me?”


The voice was alert. The thought of an injured beast passed through Raha’s mind. No, he was actually injured, beaten, undressed like an animal.


“I don’t want anything.






He smiled slowly. Raha’s gaze slowly went downwards. All she could see was the man’s tight muscles.


“I was sick of my slaves always dying in front of me, so I just wanted someone to live.”


Half of it was a lie, but half of it was serious.


“That’s why I used what I heard from somewhere. Your life is nothing to me.”


The man stared at Raha. It seemed that he was just looking at her, but she felt threatened. Perhaps it was his intimidating physique that gave off that vibe.


Still, she wasn’t the least bit intimidated. She only had a painted smile on her face, as if she didn’t feel threatened by anything. Rather, she even finally pulled out one of her wrists, which was being held by the man, and raised her hand and swept the man’s lips.




It was amazing that the slave had a slight complexion. All of the slaves that originally entered this palace were all pale just before death. The fact that he was still alive like that was very strange, even though the sign engraved below his left chest was clear….




Raha suddenly remembered one thing. She grabbed one hand of the man and put it on her neck.


“What are you doing?” (Man)


“Can you kill me now?” (Raha)


“…… What?” (Man)


He looked at her like she was crazy.


Raha’s slender fingers wrapped around the back of the man’s hand and pressed it, but the man’s hand did not exert more than a certain amount of strength. Because the brand engraved on the slaves were designed to protect the Princess perfectly.


“It doesn’t work.”






Raha stared at the man.


The wizard, who engraved the brand on the slaves’ chests, was the the first wizard of the Imperial Palace and Karzen’s subordinate. He was so desperate to be loyal to Karzen that he could be called authority.


The wizard was always bloodthirsty to show off his magical prowess. And the one who seemed to have dedicated his life to flattering Karzen. Anyway, he was a smart young man who knew how to gain Karzen’s trust.


“This brand only interfered with the evil intentions of those who wish to harm the Princess. It has nothing to do with  the other side. In any case, it’s an enchantment that is engraved on the slaves who serve the Princess’s bedchamber.”


It all started when Karzen heard those words and showed interest.


The red pattern that was similarly engraved on the chests of the slaves that were carried dead from this inner palace. The wizard 

had boasted many times that it would not affect Raha’s night life, but the carving was too strong. The slaves that had the pattern on their chests died, and he never once checked them.


Wasn’t it all ridiculed in the first place?


It was a painful mockery that everything Raha gets her hands on dies.


But today, there was a slave in front of her who did not die. A beautiful man whom her twin put there to do whatever she wanted.


Say it calmly, the slave who may die in a few hours later.


But instead of saying that…


Raha slowly released the man’s hand that was still covering her neck. She reached out with the back of her hand and stroked his cheek slowly.


“For the time being, you will have to live as my slave anyway.” (Raha)




“Didn’t the attendants inform you to listen carefully to your master?” (Raha)


A silence fell. The man looked at Raha silently. The man had a strange, overwhelming atmosphere, and it was hard to predict how he would react.


That was when Raha slowly blinked.


“So…” (Man)




“What can I do for you?” (Man)


It was a low voice. There was still a low level of fatigue that she couldn’t shake off, but on the other hand, her lower stomach was strangely numb. Before she could get caught up in the strange feeling, she put her hand down. Then, with her fingertips, Raha traced the red seal carved on the man’s left chest.


She looked up at him and their eyes met. She realized that unlike the man’s subdued voice, the look in his eyes was not.


It was anger and hatred.


Strange resignation.


Yes, this man was also a prisoner of war. It was a common look that the prisoners had for Raha. And the fact that he hadn’t reached out to strangle her first was enough to make him different from the other captives.


There was a bitter smile on Raha’s lips. Whether she saved his life or not, yes. Anyway, Raha was the twin of the tyrant who was crazy about the blood.


The twin of Karzen had a kind of joint responsibility.


Raha didn’t want to think deeply.


Raha kissed the man. The lips and tongue rubbed lightly and fell. 


The kiss was deliberately clear, but its density was not heavy. This was because Raha had no lover, no fiancé, no husband, and all she had was slaves in her bedroom. And even then, the slaves died before they could last a day.


“Take care of me for the night.”


The man was predicting to some extent what Raha asked for.




Raha didn’t expect much. However, she thought it would be nice to push her with considerable strength as he looked like this.


Only then would she be able to make that d*mn wizard embarrassed….that thought was only for a moment.


The man grabbed Raha by the chin without warning. In a flash, her chin was pressed and her mouth naturally opened. This was a behavior that Karzen often did. He would grab Raha’s chin, push it down, open her mouth a little, and leave it there, deciding whether to push his fingers in, his tongue in, or otherwise leave it alone.


But if there was one thing that was different from that time, it was that this slave in front of her was really kissing her.


“…… Hmm.”


The man’s tongue was as hot as his body temperature. His tongue flicked and cracked Raha’s lips. The heat mingled with the faltering stirring of her mouth. She couldn’t calculate whether it was the temperature of the man himself or a different kind.


There was no time for that.


The man’s hand peeled off Raha’s shawl. The man’s grip was basically strong, and the fragile cloth was torn apart. The cloth slipped, and the man’s hand dug in between the open collar. He held Raha’s breast in one hand.


Raha’s breathing rasped for a moment.


The man hadn’t been wearing anything properly to begin with. His hand supported Raha’s neck and pulled her in. If it hadn’t been for the instinctive fear of a dead body in front of her earlier, she would have held his gaze a little longer on the man’s almost naked body.


The man lifted Raha’s head and she could finally get a more decent look at him.


He had a sleek, beautiful physique. His broad chest was constricted by thick muscles, and his thick arms, taut even under the thin fabric, bobbed tightly as he moved. His straight, long arms and legs were natural, and the two hands were overwhelming enough to snap Raha’s thin neck with one hand.


Most importantly, there were many scars all over his body. However, they weren’t needle marks that were used in a laboratory. It was more of a sword mark…….


“Were you a knight?”


The man who was staring at Raha replied.




With a short reply, the man kissed Raha again. Her breath burned wistfully. Before she knew it, she was panting heavily in her chest. He didn’t set his teeth on her, but she felt like he was nibbling on her flesh. It was such an intense kiss. That was when the bottom of her thighs started to tighten.


Suddenly, both of her legs were caught and spread out. Raha, who had never been forced like this by anyone, opened her eyes wide in embarrassment.


The man with a thick body positioned himself between her spread legs and reached towards Raha’s chest. A man without clothes. An empty bedroom. A desolate darkness was falling from outside the window…and when Raha’s heart was pounding with unavoidable tension.


Her clothes were completely torn off by the man’s hands.