Chapter 5


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The soft fabric flowed down like a mist. Raha’s skin, which was fully exposed under the light, was smooth milky-colored. It was because of Karzen. The crazed twin would calm the delicate nerves only when she immersed herself in skin care and hair grooming.


No matter how much expensive products they applied and rubbed in, it was nothing compared to the tremendous budget allocated to the Imperial Princess. Expensive items were colonized for Raha ahead of others. Thanks to this, tonight, her body was not much different from that of a bride in her wedding dress on her wedding night. It was always like that.


The man buried his face into Raha’s chest. A momentary moan escaped her throat.




It was a strange sensation, really unfamiliar. It was the first time someone had buried their face into her breasts, but it was also the first time she had experienced her breasts being swallowed in someone’s mouth. Her breasts were ravaged by the hot, wet tongue. Each time he teased the teats, which were already starting to stand hard, a strange tingling and pain went along with it.


The man lifted his chin. He grasped her reddened nipples with his fingertips and released it. Her softness was strange, too, and he grabbed one hand full of her breast. Raha let out a low moan of pleasure. The hands that had been blatantly playing with her breasts eventually went down.


Raha’s body stiffened with instinctive tension. It was because his hand had reached a place she had never thought possible. As soon as his fingers swept through the wet crevice and touched the small protuberance hidden in the back, she felt an electric current tingle in her lower belly.


“Hmmm …..”


As a Princess, of course she learned how to create an heir. But she had never actually had sexual intercourse with anyone before.


The man’s fingertips, which felt hard, stroked and squeezed the red bead. Raha’s hand gripped his firm arm in a movement that felt so precise in its persistence. She tried to grip his wrist, which constantly tormented her nervous system, but it didn’t work. It felt like she was clinging to a huge tree and begging him to stop.




A groan came out of Raha’s mouth. As her bead, hidden above the moist valley, swelled, her toes curled with it. The indentations under her feet, her lower abdomen, and between her thighs were hot and tingling.


“Slow down………..Take your time ….”


‘’If I go slow, it’ll be harder.”


Raha couldn’t understand the man’s words. It was already hard enough now….. On the other hand, her body was trembling. Her chest rose and fell with a strange but definite irritation.




Sparks flashed across her vision for a moment. Raha’s head snapped back. The heat that had been building up in her lower stomach exploded, and her whole body instantly stood on edge. Raha’s hands, which had been grabbing the man’s hand, trembled. For the first time in her life, she felt a light climax, and extremely, she fell into a weak shock of that unspeakable pleasure. But there was no time to indulge in sentimentality.


Before she knew it, I was lying on the sheet. She could see out of her field of vision that the man had his head down between her legs. It wasn’t long before she realized what he was doing.


“What are you doing ……..!”


Raha’s hips shook for a moment. She could clearly see where his tongue was touching. The hot, moist tongue touched where he had just tormented with his hand. Her eyes burned every time he touched her swollen bead with the tip of his tongue. It was a thrilling pleasure that couldn’t be compared to the rubbing of his hand, and it sent heat to her head.


Raha didn’t see the man’s neck shake every time she let out a moan. His hard fingers just dug even deeper into her and she clenched the sheet. Never once had she felt it so vivid there. It was only when his fingers invaded her valley that she realized it was deep inside her body.


For the first time in her life, the feeling of a foreign object was so vivid. The man grabbing Raha as if to hold her down and not letting go made her lose her mind. She couldn’t even think of closing her legs. Because his other hand was already holding her thigh firmly.


The man licked and rolled Raha’s sensitive spot to the point of pain. Her body, which was already climaxing and sensitive, crossed the pleasure threshold at a much faster rate than before. The sorrowful liquid that Raha’s inner walls vomited out splashed onto the man’s brow. He slowly licked the nectar with the tip of his tongue. Raha’s thighs trembled lightly.


Only after Raha’s whole body was exhausted, the man lifted himself up. Her body was already soaked with sweat. Belatedly, she realized that the man was also already drenched in sweat.


The man opened his mouth before she could ask ‘why’.


“Don’t close your legs.”


Raha didn’t think the man’s words were rude, because she was struck by a lachrymose feeling of pain that made her forget all those thoughts at once.




She didn’t know how to breathe, but she felt her stomach drop. There was a huge, unbelievable rush of something deep inside her that she had only just come to know when the man’s finger entered her. She knew that it was the man’s turn to insert his manhood, but theory and reality collided with each other.


This insane slave pushed not his manhood in, but his knees?


While feeling pressure as if she was strangled, Raha tried to raise her head. She couldn’t understand the  thickness that penetrated her inside. She twisted slightly and buried her head in the pillow as she collapsed in sharp pain.




At the man’s words, Raha realized that she was not breathing properly.


“Did you put your knees …… in there?”


“Why would I put my knees in your body?”


“Then……? It hurts ……”


And before she knew it, Raha was sobbing. In the meantime, she understood why the man had caressed her body so much. Because she instinctively understood that if it wasn’t for the ample lubrication from her body, her valley would rip open and turned into a pool of blood.


No, she still felt like she was torn somewhere. A trickle of tears ran down Raha’s eyes. The man’s hand wiped around her eyes like a caress. His face was close to hers, and she finally noticed. His blue-gray eyes were filled with heat and dark desire. It made Raha’s back stand up for a moment.


“Do you want me to stop?”


Lustful eyes that looked at her, his ears were hot, the desire in his voice fresh and murky and cracked.


Oh, I see…..


Raha suddenly remembered the time when she was punished with having to stand outside for hours on a winter day by the Empress. She was shivering and just before her limbs gave out, she was finally able to return to the warmth of the palace. Even though she hated and feared the Empress so much, the milk she gave her was very sweet.


The food given when hungry was so destructive. The man seemed very excited to caress her.….


Above all, they had to consummate. If she was right, that was.


“Do it till the end….”


The man touched Raha’s face with both hands. Then he moved his hips very gently so that Raha could adjust to the unaccustomed size of his pillar.


She forced herself to breathe, and clung to the man. There was no time to notice the deep frown that was between the man’s brows and the suppressed moans coming from his clenched teeth.


The man moved his hips faster than before. As supple as the movement was, it was very hard to bear. It was about that time that her legs, which had been spread as wide as they could go as if they were nailed together, became stiff. It was when Raha wrapped her legs around his waist.


The color of the man’s eyes flashed darkly for a moment. She also felt like his neck was shaking greatly. The man began to move his hips deeper.




Whenever Raha groaned, his heart fluttered. The man’s threatening pillar penetrated her soft flesh, making it difficult to see. It was the pressure of her whole body being held down, the agony of her body being torn apart, and the thin pleasure that makes her head spin strangely.


She couldn’t come back to her senses. The man’s hips began to thrust harder and deeper. His huge manhood stirring and stimulating the inner walls in a messy way. Every time he moved, Raha’s eyes became helplessly wet. It was so hard that the sticky heat attached to her body made her want to shudder, as if someone had lit a fire deep inside her. She didn’t know how many times she pulled the sheet.


Then suddenly, the man’s lips touched Raha’s cheek. The feeling slow sweeping with his tongue. It was then that she finally realized that she had been crying all along. The man whispered as he licked the tears that constantly spilled down her cheeks with his tongue.


“…… while crying like this.”


The man’s low, murky voice was strongly laced with a distinct thirst. A chill ran down Raha’s spine at the eyes that were filled with sexual desire.


Raha raised her faintly trembling hands that said and cupped the man’s cheeks. Then she caressed the corners of his eyes slowly, just as the man had done. It was not for any other reason. She wanted to cry, and she thought the man did too. He was the test subject who hated the Delo Empire,  and now he was captured and was being used as a sexual relief for the Imperial Princess….


At that moment…




The roughly thrusting pillar stabbed wildly at Raha’s most delicate part. A moan erupted from her lips as the pleasure ruptured. Raha’s eyes went white. Her body shuddered with the raw pleasure that came with the intense pain.


At about the same time, she fainted because she could no longer withstand  the enormous pressure that was ravaging her narrow passage.