Chapter 8


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When Raha approached, the priests turned pale and shuddered.


“Don’t you want to drink? Since this is a welcome banquet for the priests, I have served the most precious alcohol in the Imperial Palace.”




Among them, the priest at the front swallowed his saliva and answered.


“We do not drink alcohol during Issac’s period*. I’m sorry, Your Highness.” (*I’m not sure what Issac’s period is.)


“You don’t have to be sorry about that.”


Raha beckoned to the attendant. The attendant, who had been carefully watching the Princess’ movements, approached agilely.


“Yes, Princess.”


“Go and get the tea. What kind of tea do you like, priests?”




“Of course….”


After receiving the appropriate orders, the attendant quickly brought the tea. The priests’ hands, which were holding the teacup, trembled.



“What is your name?”




“Priest Amar.”


Raha smiled. In fact, how strict was the education she had received as an Imperial Princess? Of course she knew the descriptions and names of the priests. Issac’s period? She knew that too.


The fact that the priests were dying of thirst here had nothing to do with Raha.


She also served tea to the other priests and took a walk with priest Amar. After all, the priests were only priests, despite their respected position. But there was no way he could refuse if the Princess asked to have a chat.


Only when they came to a suitably secluded place, Raha parted her lips.


“Number 192 is alive and well.”




Priest Amar almost dropped his tea cup for a moment. Even after surprising the priest like that, Raha just looked at him with an innocent expression.


“His Majesty gave him to me. I didn’t bother him that much.”


At that moment, Amar’s eyes lost their way. No matter how promiscuous the Princess was by the rumors, she would only dress neatly when she went to the temple. The only person who would mention even a nuance of her night life in front of the High Priest would be this ocean-haired Princess.


However, whether Amar was stunned or not, Raha only tipped her glass of champagne gracefully.


“He’s well fed, he slept well, he’s fine, he’s not in pain anymore.”


‘I’m the only one who’s not feeling well.’ (Raha)




Without thinking, priest Amar heaved a sigh of relief. Raha knew it. She realized that she had been right.


Shed was not just a test subject that was picked up from somewhere. The Princess had grown up sensitive to human feelings, and she could see the clear affection in priest Amar’s sigh.


Shed was a test subject that was loved and nurtured. It was also interesting. But wasn’t it absurd?




More importantly, she had to awaken priest Amar, who couldn’t manage his expressions. What would happen if Karzen was watching them somewhere?


Did he grow up in a flower garden because he was a high priest?


And how was he able to experiment with killing Delo’s royal family?


Raha had many questions.


She tilted her head as she looked at Amar, who looked completely relieved.


“High priest Amar.”


“Yes, Your Highness,” Amar replied in a slightly calmer tone.


“There was an imperial physician named Harsel. He was my doctor a few years ago.”


At that moment, High Priest Amar’s face stiffened. How hard it had gotten, but the reaction was worse than when he had heard that Delo’s troops had crossed the borders of the Holy Kingdom.


Raha spoke calmly as if she didn’t care if Amar’s face stiffened or turned to stone.


“But the doctor was a little strange. Every time he treated me or diagnosed me, he took an awful amount of my blood.”




“What on earth could have needed that would require so much of the Delo royal blood?”




“I couldn’t think of any reason to get so much blood, other than the experiment to eliminate the Delo royal family.”




High Priest Amar’s hands had grown cold. She didn’t have to touch it to feel it, she could feel its temperature dropping.


She continued to talk, tilting her glass.


“I don’t know when, but my doctor didn’t drain my blood anymore. Then he quit a while later.”


He said his old mother had passed away in his hometown, so he said goodbye to Raha and left urgently.


Did he really have an old mother?


How long will it take for that doctor to tell the truth if she catch him now and throws him into the Imperial torture chamber?


Of course, it was an idea that did not come true.


Because after a while, Raha clearly remembered what Karzen said when he came up to her bed.


“Raha. I’ve heard that there are some impure seeds who dare to experiment with harming the Delo royal family.”


As he said this, Karzen stroked Raha’s eyelids with his fingertips. The blue eyes hidden beneath that thin, soft epidermis. They were the eyes of the heir, the eyes of the blue sky.


As long as these eyes were there, no one could harm Raha. It was a proven legend, a dichotomous word that was a fact. That was why they experimented with harming these eyes.


That was when Raha realized.




Who was the one who stole so much of her blood?


Her doctor must have been complicit in Delo’s experiments to harm the royal family.


As she put her face in Karzen’s hands, she suddenly became curious about something else. So was it because of the success of that experiment that Harsel quit as her doctor?


Of course not.


The experiment had failed, the lab was discovered, the temple which covered it was destroyed, and the priests were brought in like dogs.


“High priest Amar.”


Raha opened her mouth while looking at Amar, who had turned pale like a sheet of paper.


“Every time you have made meaningful progress in your experiments with the blood of the young Princess, what would you consider if that progress was stalled?”




“Oh, besides blood, you’d need data. That seems to be the case, what do you think, High Priest?”


“…….I, Princess, I……….”


The end of Amar’s voice trembled slightly. Raha gave a pitiful smile at the poor Priest.


Many things came to her mind. Too many.


If they made significant progress in their experiment with her blood, they would need at least some bone or flesh to continue. But they couldn’t cut the flesh of the royal family directly. So they would need something else. Something that wasn’t so obvious no matter how much they would take from her.


“How much longer do I have to sleep with number 192?”




It was the same with the sacred power, and the unknown power that the royal family had. Physical contact with anything should be the best way to receive details.


At the same time, Delo had an Imperial Princess who was known to be playful. The people who conducted the experiment must have thought that if they sent the right mix of slaves, they could solve the problem without difficulty.


It was a way to legally send the slaves to the Imperial Princess’s bedchamber.


No need to think too long. Therefore, it had to be the Holy Kingdom. Because if there was one country that the Delo Empire could not completely destroy, no matter how much Karzen raged, it was the Holy Kingdom.


“You can’t answer that, can you? That’s fine. Then, priest Amar. This is entirely my guess.”


Raha whispered in a sunshine voice.


“The temple must have leaked to the Empire that the main laboratory was located in the Holy Kingdom.”


At that moment, Amar couldn’t take it anymore and dropped his teacup.




The sound of the teacup crashing against the marble. The Great Banquet Hall was busy with the sound of the orchestra, but it was a sound that those nearby could hear.


High Priest Amar was very embarrassed by the stares pouring in. It was a good thing that the High Priest had broken the cup, Raha thought. 


“Are you okay? High Priest Amar.”


The servants rushed over and collected the teacup. Amar barely managed to utter the words, “Thank you.”


It didn’t take long for the commotion to be settled.


High Priest Amar barely lifted his head to look at the Princess who had thrown a series of bombs at him. Raha’s expression was still without a single fluctuation.


“Do you want a new cup of tea?”


“……please. Princess.”


The new teacup was immediately colonized by Raha’s hand gesture. The cup was placed directly into High Priest Amar’s hands with a gentle and careful touch. It didn’t make much sense. Amar’s hands were still shaking.


The teacup and saucer bumped and clinked madly.


“Please be careful. High Priest Amar.”


“….. Yes. Princess.”


“Be more careful.”




Amar couldn’t understand the words. He felt like he had been hit over and over again in the head. When he finally took his eyes off the teacup, he saw that the Princess was still innocent and beautiful.


The twin Princess had given the young, beautiful, and highly capable Emperor a great complex. On the surface, their relationship didn’t seem to be bad. They were full of love and hate. Moreover, the Emperor poured all his precious things into the Princess. Every now and then, there would be times when he would feel as if he cherished her above all else.


Sometimes it was embarrassing, but the young Emperor is like fire to everyone, and yet he only emulsified his twin.


The Emperor’s hammering of the imperial Princess’s reputation into the ground was an unavoidable act to block out the threat to the throne that arose from not being able to have eyes if the heir.


All of this was information that was gathered and known in the Holy kingdom.


Detailed information about Raha was difficult to find even in the Holy Kingdom, although she didn’t have much….