Chapter 1



“Elly… Elysia.”


A low-pitched voice penetrated Elysia’s dazed mind and echoed in her ear. It was a husky, yet attractive, and somewhat familiar voice.


She blinked as her foggy mind cleared. Beneath long, dark red lashes, her blurry dark purple eyes slowly regained their mysterious, original shape.


‘Triel, that punk… I will kill you.’


Elysia gritted her teeth as her head hurt like it was about to crack.


She had received and checked the list of food items to be used in today’s banquet beforehand, so she drank her cocktail in peace, but she had no idea that Helis was in it.


Helis was a blue edible flower with a beautiful aroma and color, and was a common ingredient in drinks and cocktails.


It had a stabilizing effect on the mind and body for the average person, but for certain people it had the side effect of disturbing the mind and increasing sexual desire.


Unfortunately, Elysia was one of those specific people. A one in ten thousand chance of that probability. And the side effects were so great that she reacted to even small doses.


‘It was obvious that he did it on purpose. How dare he!’


She, who was furious like fire, felt dizzy again and unknowingly stepped on the floor. Well, she thought it was the floor.


But the floor was a little strange. It was hard… but it wasn’t the hardness of the floor she knew.


‘What is it?’


She held her throbbing head with one hand and moved the other hand on the floor cautiously.


The hard floor, with a slight hint of moisture, moved finely. It jerked as if it were alive….


‘Wait a minute. Wiggle?’


Elysia’s face flushed with astonishment. There was no such thing as a living floor, was there?


She was so surprised that she quickly raised her head, forgetting that her head hurt. Her purple eyes, wet with sluggishness, met his golden gaze, and she turned to stone.


A few seconds of silence passed, and a curse escaped from her flushed red lips.


“Oh my god. Crazy…”


There was nothing else to say except that she was crazy. Of all the men in the banquet hall, why this man of all men? When Elysia was speechless and stiff, the man opened his mouth with a smile in his golden eyes.


“Is ‘crazy’ referring to me? Marquess Camellia.”


“No, of course not, Duke Deimos.”


When she finally opened her mouth to answer, Elysia realized another shocking fact. She was on top of the man in front of her.


Her trembling gaze turned downward. She gulped in the ridiculousness she saw.



‘I screwed up.’


She thought that her bottom was somehow cramped and stiff.


When was the last time she felt this embarrassed? Closing her eyes, Elysia took a deep breath and raised her head.


“…… Your Excellency, why am I on top………”


Looking into the wavering, beautiful purple eyes, Duke Iker Deimos looked troubled.


“I had no choice. As you can see, I can’t move. But I don’t think I can break it.”


What did he mean he was not free to move? Can’t break it?


Blinked and puzzled, Elysia noticed that the Duke’s arms were raised above his head. She shifted her gaze towards those arms and was startled.


To her surprise, both of the Duke’s wrists were tied to the headrest on the bed. He was right, even if he had the will, he couldn’t move unless he broke the bed headrest.


With a hint of ridiculousness, her gaze landed on the string that bound his wrists. But it was strange. The string was very familiar.


‘Where did I see it?’


The eyes that had narrowed to trace her memory instantly became round.


It was a red string that reminded her of the color of her own hair. That string was….the ribbon string that adorned the dress she was wearing.


‘Wow…Elysia, you’ve really crazy.’


Besides, she said she couldn’t give up her habit.  Wasn’t the Duke’s posture the one that she likes the most?


Despairing, Elysia unknowingly hit her head on the floor, and was startled by the groan that escaped from the Duke’s mouth.


However, the place where she hit her head was the Duke’s chest.


“It hurts every time when you hit it like that, Elly.”


“I’m sorry, my lord, by the way, how did you end up looking like that….. oh, of course I did that.”


Iker was the best demon slayer in the empire and a man called the god of war.


It was hard to believe that such a man had given her his wrists so willingly. It was impossible for her to bind him unless she was drunk on drugs and had monstrous strength.


At Elysia’s question of doubt, Iker’s wry smile appeared on his lips.


“His Majesty kept offering me exotic drinks all day. I couldn’t say no, and I guess I got drunk while I was drinking. As I was walking out of the hall to return to the Duke’s residence, someone suddenly grabbed me by the chest and pulled me into the room.” (Iker)


‘No way, that someone was me?’ (Elysia)


Seeing the stunned expression on Elysia’s face, Iker continued to speak. There was always a faint hint of mischief on his lips, but she didn’t notice it in her already panic-stricken state.


“It was a new experience being pushed onto the bed and tied up like this. And I stayed tied up like this while you passed out from drunkenness. After that, it’s exactly what you imagine.” (Iker)



‘Crazy. It’s crazy. I must have been crazy.’ (Elysia)


For the first time in her life, Elysia felt like crying. It was impossible for her to have grabbed the Duke by the chest, thrown him on the bed, and tied his wrists unless she was crazy.


It didn’t take her long to come to her senses from her panic. The first priority was to remove their attached bodies first.


As usual, Elysia, who had finally grabbed hold of her spirit, reached out her hands to get off the Duke’s body and she placed her hands on his chest for support.


The moment she felt those rock-hard muscles against her fingertips, she involuntarily swallowed hard. She looked at the Duke’s face.


Fortunately, he made no movement. He just watched her movements with a relaxed gaze.


But why did her face feel like it was burning?


Elysia hurriedly got up and pulled herself away from him.


‘I feel dizzy.’


Perhaps it was because of the rush, Elysia unknowingly reached out because her head was dizzy. The problem was that her hand, which was trying to grab the bed, grabbed the Duke’s pillar.


‘D*mn it.’


She swore again, feeling the hard muscles wriggling under her hand.


She threw him on the bed, tied him up, touched his chest, and now she even touched his manhood…. It was enough to make her feel like a pervert.


Elysia gulped as she closed her eyes, thinking she was a pervert.


‘How can this man be superior to other men?  He looks really mean.’


Elysia couldn’t help frowning. Suddenly, she felt a burning thirst.


‘What is it? Am I still feeling the side effects?’


Elysia frowned at the heat rising inside.


Of course, she knew that she had more side effects from Helis herb than most people, but she didn’t know it was this bad.


It was the only time she had suffered from Helis’ side effects. Even that was all she drank because her father knew that Helis was in and quickly slapped her drink out of her hands.


Nevertheless, she suffered from side effects quite badly that day, but this time she drank the entire cocktail, so there was no way she could be safe.


Before she knew it, her body was hot again from the effects of that d*mned herb that hadn’t ended yet.


As she was breathing hard, the voice of the Duke came.


“What’s wrong, Elly? You don’t look good.”


Elysia didn’t realize for a long time that he kept calling her by her nickname.


Biting her bottom lip, she took a deep breath, and slowly opened her mouth.


“Huh… don’t worry about it, Duke.”


This much entanglement with that man was enough, no, it was more than enough, it was overflowing. From the beginning, this had been a terrible situation. That she, the head of the noble faction, was lying in bed with the Duke, the head of the imperial faction… 


Elysia, who wanted to get out of this situation as soon as possible, tried to sit up, but her body, wobbling from the side effects, ignored the master’s will. Her half-raised body wobbled with dizziness fell on the Duke’s body again.




She felt like she was going crazy with absurdity, and she couldn’t even swear anymore. Elysia buried her face in the Duke’s chest and exhaled only hot breaths. She felt so hot that her head was spinning. 


“Oh, you really don’t look well. Are you okay?”


 “No, I’m not okay. It’s the side effects of Helis…. Anyway, don’t talk to me…”


Had she ever been robbed of the remaining reason like now? With the reason she had really raked to the floor, she tried to get off the Duke’s body somehow. That was, if she hadn’t heard him. 


“You seem to be in a difficult situation, I’ll lend you my body one more time if you need it.”


“Please don’t talk to me.”


Elysia was mentally disoriented from the side effects, but she couldn’t believe her ears. What is he saying? Lending himself?


‘It can’t be right. Right?’


Perhaps it was just a hallucination due to her dizziness. Looking at Elysia, who was trying to ignore him, the Duke calmly opened his mouth again.


“Did you say Helis? I know that flower too. It is very rare, but it causes dizziness and increases sexual desire.”




“Shouldn’t we work this out somehow in our current state? It’s not something that can be diminished by lending it again. Use me if you need it.”


‘Use him if I need it?’


Elysia’s purple eyes, hot with heat, searched for the Duke’s expression. The serious expression on his face didn’t look like he was joking.


‘Was this man always this generous in nature?’


He was the one who had always refuted Elysia’s proposals with a sardonic expression and tone of voice in the assembly hall.


She thought he was an icy cold person, not only because of his frighteningly methodical way of speaking, but also because of his cold demeanor that never got excited under any circumstances.


Perhaps that was why she felt very disconnected from the Duke’s current appearance.


Even if it was an unavoidable side effect of Helis, it would be saintly of him to give himself up again to the woman who had attacked him.


Elysia was in conflict. This wasn’t a problem that could be solved by grabbing her reason and leaving the room.


If the side effects wouldn’t subside, if she still lost her reasons, if she grabbed another man, it would be another problem.


Above all, she was in the Imperial Palace. If she was really unlucky and grabbed the second Prince, that would be really bad.


Anyway, if she accidentally mixed bodies with that d*mn Prince who constantly flirted with her, whom she was ignored with all her might…


Elysia shuddered with horror at even the slightest imagining. Goosebumps broke out all over her body.


Eventually, she made up her mind.


Remembering the doctor’s words. If she accidentally ingested Helis and experienced side effects, she shouldn’t hold it in, but find a man and release it. It would be good for her physical and mental health. 

The man in front of her was none other than the Duke of Deimos. So he will at least take responsibility for his words.


Taking a deep breath, Elysia grabbed her shaking head and looked at the Duke.


“Uh…Your Excellency, then please promise me one thing.”


“What is it?”


“On this matter ……..Uh…No weaknesses or threats in the council…….”


The Duke’s lips curved gently at her words.


His lips moved while Elysia couldn’t take her eyes off that charming smile for a moment. He seemed to be saying something, but she couldn’t hear it.


“What….Huh…. Sir, what are you saying….?”


“I said you worry about something you don’t need to worry about, but I’ll promise anyway. First, I need you to untie me. My wrists are about to go numb.”


“Oh, yes……..”


Taking another deep breath to regulate her hot, excited breathing, Elysia gritted her teeth and climbed into the Duke’s body.


The Duke’s wrists were bound very tightly. It wasn’t an exaggeration to talk about the lack of blood flow.


A snide remark was inevitably made, but Elysia kept her mouth shut, knowing full well that it was she who had tied him.


After several unsuccessful attempts, she was finally able to free the Duke’s hands.


It was then that she breathed a sigh of relief as she completely untied the Duke’s left hand, followed by his left hand. Suddenly the world was turned upside down. 


Before she knew it, she was lying under the Duke’s body.