Chapter 10


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When Elysia saw that Michael was no longer visible, she sighed inwardly with relief.


He was a very capable man, but he was no match for Hal. Helios was handling the back street of the capital. And Hal was the head of Helios.


That was how he found Jonathan so easily.


While Hal was bringing Jonathan back to his original position, there was only one thing for her to do. She had to hold onto Duke Deimos.


So, without looking back and forth, she grabbed the Duke by the arm. Fortunately, the Duke let her hold his arm gently in her hand.


Yes, that much was all right.


‘But, what should I do now?’


Elysia’s dark purple eyes rolled all over the place. She had to say something because she caught him, but she went crazy because she couldn’t think of anything to say.


It was then that Iker’s voice came from above her head. It was a gentle voice that filled her with a pang of conscience.




She lifted her head and her eyes immediately met the golden eyes looking down at her. Again, her conscience pricked her.


“What’s the matter? Seeing as how you caught me in such a hurry, it seems important.”


“Hahaha, that’s……..”


Elysia, who had been averting her gaze as she felt cold sweat pouring down her back, her eyes lit up as she thought of Lulien’s words.


[Then you should ask again in the near future]


[I think the Duke of Deimos’s usual personality would suffice for that, but I don’t know about humans. Especially lascivious relationships.]


Elysia glanced around. As she had expected, no one was interested in them.


Her lips lifted softly as she realized that now was the right time to do as Lulien had said.


‘Yeah, take this opportunity to get confirmation once more.’


Elysia knew very well that if she had to do it anyway, it was better to do it quickly. So she opened her mouth cautiously, looking at Iker.


“Can you have a drink with me first? I don’t think it’s something to say on the street. There’s a tavern over there that I go to often. What do you think?”


Iker’s handsome brows furrowed slightly at her suggestion.


“A tavern?”


“Yes, I’ll buy you a drink.”


‘What do you mean a drink? I can buy a hundred drinks if he falls for it.’


Elysia waited for Iker’s answer with some trepidation, like a person with a fishing rod waiting for a big fish to bite. Iker, who seemed to have been struggling for a while, fortunately nodded.




“Then, Your Excellency, please come this way.”


Barely holding down the corners of her lips that were about to go up, as if this was how it felt to have safely caught a big fish, Elysia pulled Iker in a buoyant mood and headed for the tavern.


So she didn’t know. She didn’t know that Iker’s lips were slightly lifted into a smile as he followed her, caught in her hands.


Arriving at the tavern, Elysia opened the door and went inside. Perhaps it was because it was night, but the tavern was already full of customers.


‘I’m sure there’s at least one empty seat.’


She was scurrying around inside the tavern when suddenly a deep, low voice landed on her ear with hot breath and made her flinch. The small hairs on her earlobes stood on end.


“There’s a seat over there.”


Elysia swallowed her saliva as she watched the back of Iker, who had found an empty seat and was walking ahead of her.


She suddenly remembered how his back was after scratching it with her nails all night that night.


Even if she didn’t check it herself, she could fully tell by the sensation felt at the fingertips when she hugged him. That the perfect form of muscles were tightly packed on the wide and solid back.


Truly the best body she had ever met in a man. The one that had brought her so much overflowing, deathly pleasure.


Elysia shook her head, a little startled.


‘What am I thinking about? I’m dealing with Duke Deimos, of all people!’


Apparently, sleeping together was a problem. Things she didn’t normally pay attention to kept coming to her mind.


Elysia sighed lowly and followed behind Iker.


The place he stopped was a table in a corner where not many people would see it.


“Not a bad place. Have a seat.”




Elysia looked at Iker with a blank expression as he removed the chair for her.


His actions were so natural that it seemed like he was regular here, not her.


Elysia sat down, feeling pushed from the start. When Iker saw her sitting down, he also sat down across from her.


Soon an employee came over to them.


“Are you ready to order?”


Elysia, who was hungry for a cool glass of alcohol to wet her throat, immediately placed an order. There was only one kind of brandy in this store, so she didn’t have to choose.


“Two brandies, on the rocks.”




As the employee took the order and left, an awkward silence fell over the table where they sat.


No, to be precise, it was only Elysia. Iker was looking around the tavern with a carefree expression.


‘What should I say?’


Of course, there was a set topic. She needed to confirm that Iker wouldn’t use last night’s accident against her.


But it hurt her pride to say it right now. The other person had no reaction, but she seemed to be overreacting all by herself.


So she wanted to induce him naturally through a general and appropriate conversation. Anyway, she had to keep the Duke in place until Hal returned.


A low voice rang in her ear as she struggled to figure out how to start the conversation naturally. It was a muffled voice in a noisy bar, but she could hear it very clearly.


“There are a lot of people.”


It was just a short sentence, but to Elysia, who had no words, it was like a life-saving rope. She quickly grabbed the rope and held on tight.


“I come here a lot because the drinks taste good compared to the price.”


“I see.”


“Are there any taverns you frequent, Sir?”




“Oh, I see.”


The problem was that the lifesaving rope was too short. The conversation was cut short by Iker’s short answer type answer.


Just as the awkward silence was about to descend again, the employee brought two brandies and some dry snacks at the right time.


“Let’s drink first.”


Elysia lifted the glass in front of her. She thought her mouth would move a little if she had a drink.


She drank it down as was her usual custom, and the ice cold brandy slid down her throat, cooling her down from her frustration.


With her lips raising in satisfaction, Elysia noticed Iker staring at her. Embarrassed, she stared at the glass and asked.


“You’re not going to drink it?”


But what came back was a different question.


“Do you always drink that much?”








Realizing that it was the empty glass in her hand that made him blink, Elysia answered, raising her hand and calling for an employee.


“This is how I usually drink my first cup. It’s cool with ice.”


“You seem to drink a lot, and that day too.”


That day…..Elysia’s movements stopped for a moment as she handed the employee her empty glass.


She had never had a drink with him before, so that day he was talking about was the day she attacked him.


“Another round on the rocks, please.”


She shouted in her mind as she casually ordered. It was a little earlier than she had expected, but it was good to know that the conversation was going in the direction she wanted anyway.


So she quickly bowed her head. She was going to confirm his  promise naturally, apologizing for what had happened that day.


“I’m really sorry about that day. I committed a grave crime for grabbing you by the chest and tied you to the bed….”


Iker replied to her words as he slowly turned the glass of brandy. He didn’t seem to like alcohol, but his hand was very good at turning it.


“You already apologized for that.”


“I’m glad you said that, but… Didn’t I make any other mistakes?”


“Other mistakes? What kind of things?”


“Oh, that’s …..”


Elysia was about to answer Iker’s question, but stopped speaking for a moment when the employee brought her a new glass of brandy.


“Thank you.”


After accepting the glass and greeting the employee, Elysia opened her mouth as the employee went, spinning the glass slowly as Iker had said.


“As I told you earlier, I have taken the liberty of committing this against the will of Your Excellency.”




“I just don’t remember. If I was rude, I apologize.”


She brought her glass to her lips, inwardly thinking that stalling like this would be a good way to get confirmation of his promise, and eventually froze when she heard Iker’s reply.


“So the Marquess is saying that you forgot you tied me up and pulled down my pants?”


At that moment, Elysia was thankful that the glass was touching her lips. Had the alcohol been in her mouth, she might have spat it out.


How could he say something so embarrassing without changing his expression? But it wasn’t the end.


Underwear, clutch and soar, shook…..


Elysia’s expression changed from moment to moment at Iker’s words.


‘Wait, wait, wait. What’s happening now?’


For a moment, she couldn’t tell who she was talking to. Is she really having the right conversation with Duke Deimos, the head of the imperial faction?


His voice was relaxed and noble, neither vulgar nor bad. But the problem was that he was composing very unhealthy sentences in that tone. 


When she was at a loss for words, Iker took a sip from his glass slowly as if savoring it and continued to talk.