Chapter 11


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“It was arbitrary, but I didn’t think it was disrespectful. It was a new experience for me.” (Iker)


Oh, it was a new experience, wasn’t it? What kind of woman could tie Duke Deimos to the bed and ride him? Unless she was crazy, that is.


‘My god!’


Elysia dropped her head in despair. Perhaps it was her habit, she forgot it was the table and she tried to hit her forehead on it. However, the large palm placed under her forehead.


“I understand it’s a bad habit, but are you going to fix it, Marquess?”


“…… This much won’t kill me if I hit it, sir.”


When she muttered without being able to raise her head due to embarrassment, a low laughter fell over Elysia’s head.


“If you bump into people to death, it’s a disease, and speaking of which, can I ask you something that’s been bothering me?” (Iker)


“What is it?”


Elysia gently raised her head, feeling that she could get out of the difficult subject. She straightened her posture and brought the glass to her mouth. 


“Please ask.” (Elysia)


“Did I perform well that night?” (Iker)




Contrary to her expectations, Elysia almost spit out the drink she’d just put in her mouth. She barely swallowed it, but she coughed several times before she could open her mouth.


“No, why are you curious about that?” (Elysia)


Iker then replied in a calm voice. His expression was also very nonchalant, as if he was drinking tea.


“It was my first time and I felt inexperienced. I don’t know if I satisfied you.” (Iker)




‘It was really his first time?’


Perhaps it was because the truth she didn’t want to believe had revealed itself before her eyes, but Elysia blinked both eyes, feeling as if she had been hit hard in the back of the head. His insinuations fell on deaf ears.


After being dazed for a while, she hurriedly opened her mouth. She couldn’t believe it unless she checked again.


“Ummm, you know, sir.”


“Say it.”


“Perhaps I’m not your first, right? The first time you meant was this kind of experience?” (Elysia)


“It’s true.” (Iker)


‘Ha, crazy.’


In response, Elysia crumpled her pretty face, swearing inside.


She was ashamed that she had tied him up and attacked him, but it was his first time?


How can it be his first time with that appearance, physique, and status?


She wanted to question him, but Lulien was right, it sounded absurd.


Elysia only moved her lips like a fish, but eventually she raised her hands and buried her face.


“Well, I’m sorry, Your Excellency, I have nothing to say.”


When she apologized with a sad heart, the answer immediately came back.The voice was still calm and relaxed.


“The Marquess has already apologized enough, but I don’t want to hear an apology. I was just curious to know how you felt about it. Since it was my first time, I thought I should know.” (Iker)




Elysia closed her eyes tightly. Was the word “first time” such a prodding word?


‘I knew I should have gotten rid of him. Whether using a gun or a sword.’


She was feeling terribly regretted about letting Triel live, and Iker’s voice made her nervous.




Elysia sighed inwardly and forcibly took her hands off her face. She had to reply because of the crime she had committed.


“So that night was……..?” (Iker)


Certainly, at first, she felt he lacked technique. Should she say that he was somewhat clumsy?


Of course, even that was crazy good, probably because he was so hot.


Didn’t he choose only places where she felt good? It was a crazy pleasure that melted her down to her core.


If it was something he had learned while doing it, then this man was a genius in that area.


But that didn’t mean she could just say it to him.


Elysia replied casually, unhappy with her own assessment of the man in front of her.


“It was okay. You were a little clumsy at first, but you got better.” (Elysia)


“You mean it wasn’t bad?” (Iker)


Her conscience faltered a little at the sight of Iker taking her seriously, even though she had said it roughly.


Anyway, if it really was the first time for this man. Her words could have a huge impact on him.


“Well… Honestly, I didn’t think it was your first time. I’m satisfied enough, so I think you can be relieved about that.” (Elysia)


Unable to look up at him in an embarrassed mood, Elysia exhaled as she looked down at her glass.


‘Why am I saying this to this man?’


Still, her words worked, and she glanced at the man, and his lips gently lifted in a small smile.


“I see. Then that’s a relief.” (Iker)


A satisfyingly relaxed voice sounded in Elysia’s ear.


When she looked up, she saw Iker slowly turning the cup.


She couldn’t believe she was sitting here like this with this man and having this conversation.


She was glad for the chance to have it confirmed once again, but the unexpected question surprised her and she almost forgot.


Iker seemed to be in a good mood, so she thought it would be okay to ask him about it, and she said it jokingly.


“You’re really not going to use it as my weakness in the council, are you?”


“I promised, didn’t I? Don’t worry about it.” 


She was glad to see Iker answering so simply after all.


When she had the confirmation she wanted, she quickly continued.


“And you’re not going to tell me to take responsibility because it’s your first time, right?” (Elysia)


She tossed it as a joke, to ask lightly and pass it by. What came back, however, was not the response she had expected, but a very serious question.


“Is this something I should tell you to take responsibility?” (Iker)


Elysia blinked both eyes at Iker, who asked in a rather curious way. His expression looked far too serious to be a joke.


‘What is it, this human? At that age, you really don’t know anything about male-female relationships. Are you kidding me!?’


Elysia replied, looking a little confused.


“Well, for someone, their first experience might be an important one, you know?”


She felt something strange. She brought it up, wanting not to take responsibility, but it seemed like he was telling her to make an excuse.


Elysia felt like banging her head again when she heard the reply.


“I see. If you think so, I guess I could say that you should take responsibility.” (Iker)


‘No, why are you nodding so seriously?’ Thinking that she had dug her own grave, she quickly changed the subject.


‘That’s the thing. In the old days, it was like ‘Marry if we sleep together’, and that may have worked, but these days, that kind of thing doesn’t work. The idea of free relationships is so prevalent nowadays. If you look around a banquet, unmarried men and women will disappear somewhere together as the darkness deepens.”


It was obvious what the missing men and women would do.


In the end, they were just in different places. If not in the guest room, then deep in the garden. Well, sometimes there were couples who were drunk and did it in the hallway.


This was the country where she lived, a place where the idea of s*x was common.


So Elysia did not stay long at the banquet.


Perhaps it was because of the nickname ‘playgirl’, men always flocked to her as the night deepened.


People might think that she was enjoying herself to the fullest at the banquet, but she had never actually spent the night there.


How could she find a partner from such a place when she could always choose the man of her choice if she could just reach out to him?


That was why she had no reason to have a relationship with Iker. Originally, that was.


Not that it matters anyway……….


Elysia quickly added words to lead the conversation in the direction she wanted.


“That’s why we don’t become lovers or get married just because we spent one night together. I’m sure Your Excellency would agree……….”


Still a bit conscience-stricken and unable to make eye contact, she dropped her gaze behind Iker and stopped talking mid-sentence. Hal was standing in a corner of the bar. How long had he been standing there? He made eye contact with her and moved his lips silently.


“Everything is taken care of. So let’s leave now.”


Both of Elysia’s eyes were wide open with joy. Finally, she could get out of this strange situation.


She quickly suppressed the spontaneous rise of the edges of her lips. It would be troubling if the man in front of her found out about this situation.


She lightly nodded at Hal, keeping her expression as if nothing had happened, and Hal quickly disappeared.


“Very good.”


When she was showering the disappearing Hal with admiration in her mind. Iker called out to her in a strange voice.




‘Oh, I was talking.’


Startled, Elysia glanced at Iker and quickly spoke up.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I saw someone I knew. For that matter, don’t you also think so, my lord?”


She asked, thinking that he would naturally agree with her. But Iker’s answer was different from what she had expected.


“Well, I think it depends on the opponent.”




“I said it depends on the opponent.”


‘What are you talking about? Why are we talking about the other party here?’


Elysia’s eyes narrowed slightly as she felt a sense of foreboding, and her premonition sadly came true.


“So, I’ll tell you what, if you need a man to warm your bed, how about me?”




“I think I can give it to you, if you want.”


Elysia was momentarily dazed when the unexpected words poured out. It felt like she was hit in the back of her head while being careless.


But that wasn’t the end of it. A low voice sounded softly in her embarrassed ears.


“You said I satisfied you enough, so consider my offer. If the Marquess needs it, I’ll lend it to you anytime.”