Chapter 2



“Duke…? …Ha!”


The Duke’s lips touched her earlobe. Perhaps it was because her whole body was on fire, but the mere touch made her whole body go numb.


“It’s hot, like a fever has risen.”


The sound of licking could be heard in her ears, and her open-shouldered dress was peeled off by his hands.


Now the only thing covering her body was a thin chemise with a subtle reflection of her body’s curves.


The Duke’s golden eyes sank darker as he looked down at the woman underneath his body.


“Yes…quickly, ahh…….”


Once her body was on fire, it didn’t cool down easily.


Elysia writhed in the heat that seemed to burn through her. All she wanted was for the man in front of her to calm down this hot heat as soon as possible.


Hurriedly raising her hands, Elysia grasped the Duke’s arms with one hand and dug into his open shirt with the other, exploring his chest.


The Duke clicked his tongue low as he settled into the softness of the small, white hand sensuously stroking the beautifully ripped muscles.


“It’s hard for me if you’re like this as I’m already at the end of my patience. If my patience runs out, I will be out of control.”  (Duke)


‘Patience? Why does he need that now?’ (Elysia)


Already paralyzed by the drug, Elysia pouted at the Duke. He wanted him to come in and fill her up quickly, but he was taking his time so she couldn’t help but be impatient.


Her languidness caused the Duke’s golden eyes to darken with lust. 

He lowered his head so that his lips touched Elysia’s.


The hot breath that escaped from her feverishly red lips tickled his lips, but even that seemed to tempt him.


“You’re driving me crazy….Remember, Elly, you’re the one who broke my reins.”


The Duke licked her lips as if in a whisper, and swallowed the lips of Elysia, who was tempting him, without hesitation.




The sweet breath leaking through the red lips disappeared into the man’s lips even before it was scattered into the air.




The man was not a good kisser.


She could feel his clumsiness, as if he had never kissed anyone before, but at this moment, even that felt sweet.


Maybe it was the golden eyes of the man looking down at her, soaked in heat and dazed. Those eyes, always serious, had never been so disturbed as they were now.


Elysia couldn’t tell if it was the side effects of the drug or the man’s desire for her body.


“Haaaaa, I think I’m going crazy.”


The man let out a low moan, but Elysia didn’t hear it as she lifted her back and was drunk on the intense pleasure.


How many times had she climaxed under this man? Without adding a single lie, Elysia calmed her mind as there was not an ounce of energy left in her.






Iker took a deep breath and released the arms that were holding Elysia. She was already slumped, unconscious.


‘’It’s not like me. I can’t believe you keep pushing me to this point.”


A wry smile crept over his lips as he roughly brushed the sweat soaked hair on Elysia’s forehead.


The moment the side effects of Helis subsided, her body slowly started to get cold.


He knew it, but he couldn’t stop it. Like a child who licked candy for the first time, he was completely intoxicated by the sweetness of her body. 




He stared down at the sleeping Elysia. 


His gaze moved slowly scanning her neat eyebrows, long lashes, and a high nose.


He had always thought she was beautiful in general, but there was no comparison when he looked at each one.


Finally, when his gaze landed on her red lips, Iker couldn’t help but twitch his dark eyebrows.


The moment he saw her swollen lips, which he kissed and sucked, his lower body reacted heavily.


“…I didn’t know my patience would be tested by the Marquess……”


He nuzzled his face into Elysia’s neck and inhaled her body’s scent strongly, then gritted his teeth and pulled himself away from her.


He looked at her white, shining naked body under the moonlight, and came down from the bed after rubbing his face roughly as he suppressed his desire. His clothes were scattered randomly under the bed. As he was putting on his shirt, his gaze rested on his wrist, which had a faint mark. It was where it was tied by Elysia.


Honestly, even if he refused a little, Elysia would not be able to tie him up like she did. He was drunk because the Emperor kept feeding him strange alcohol, saying he came from the New World, but he was caught by her. 


But that didn’t mean that he couldn’t subdue one woman, even though she had grabbed him by the chest and laid him on the bed while he was off guard. 


If it had been any other woman, he would have refused and went on his way without a second thought. There had been many women who had tried to seduce him with their bodies. But the moment he saw Elysia’s red hair and violet eyes reflected in the moonlight coming in through the window, he froze. 


There was a woman on his body who could never seduce him. Not to mention the one he didn’t need to see, that would be Elysia, who was as sharp and thorny as a hedgehog. He blinked, thinking he was drunk, but the woman’s face didn’t change. He was stunned for a while in an impossible and ridiculous situation. That was probably why he gave up his wrists without realizing it.


After he was tied up, he noticed that something was wrong with her, but she had already untied his pants by then. When he remembered Elysia moving on top of him, soaked in pleasure, Iker raised his hand and rubbed his face again.The thirst that had yet to extinguish had risen again.


“I think I’ve lost my mind. The side effects seem to have happened to me.”


Sighing lowly, he pulled on his pants and straightened himself up. His shirt was wrinkled, but it was well hidden by a dark colored jacket that went down to his thighs. With all his clothes on, he approached the bed. The pure white curves of the woman’s body reflected in the moonlight coming through the window was beautiful.




Staring at her, Iker sighed, lifted the fallen dress, and climbed onto the bed.


He had never worked so much for someone before. Moreover, that someone was sleeping soundly. He looked disapprovingly at the crumpled dress in his hands and began to put it on Elysia.


He didn’t like the idea of putting dirty clothes back on her, but he would have to go home, wash her clean and put her in new clothes.


In the process, whenever his hands touched her soft, smooth, baby-like skin, his eyebrows furrowed slightly and his tightly knit lips naturally tightened.


Perhaps it was because it was the first time he had dressed a woman, there was some trial and error, but he was able to put it on roughly anyway.


She didn’t move a muscle even after he had her all dressed. She was just sleeping peacefully.


“You’re sleeping so well. Is this what other people have seen so far?”


Iker recalled those who had had an affair with Elysia. Those were the so-called men of the Marquess of Camellia.


He felt rapidly sick at the thought that they, too, had coveted Elysia’s boy like he did. He didn’t know why.




Suppressing his unfamiliar emotions, Iker covered Elysia’s entire face and body with a cape he had placed next to him.


The height difference between him and Elysia allowed him to hide everything except a glimpse of her feet.




He got off the bed with Elysia piled up in his cloak and quietly called someone’s name, and someone appeared in the air with a swoosh. He was covered entirely in black cloth.


Looking down at the person as he knelt on one knee, Iker opened his mouth. The way he spoke was emotionless, completely different from the way he treated Elysia.


“Is there anyone outside?”


“Not at the moment, but about an hour ago, the second Prince’s henchmen were walking around.”


“The second Prince’s henchmen?”


When Iker frowned, Fran replied in a low voice with his head down.


“Yes, they seemed to be looking for someone.”


“Looking for someone…..”


There was the Marquess who suffered from the Helis side effects and the second Prince’s henchmen roaming around the corridors…Was it really a coincidence?


Above all, he was well aware of the fact that the second Prince was constantly flirting with Elysia.


Iker’s golden eyes flashed coldly for a moment. It was enough to make Fran, who had his head down, flinched.


“You almost got bitten by a crazy dog.”


Iker looked down at Elysia in his arms and muttered.


“You should consider yourself lucky that you caught me instead, Elly.”


His cold lips immediately softened as he looked at her, sleeping defenselessly in his arms, unaware of anything.


“I’m going back to the Duke’s residence. Have the carriage ready. And call the doctor and tell him to prepare contraceptives.”


Flustered by the words he didn’t expect to come from his master, Fran looked up without even realizing it. However, when his eyes met his master’s, he quickly bowed his head again.


Fortunately, his master was not angry.


“Bring it to my office by tomorrow morning.”


“Yes, Lord.”


Fran quickly disappeared into the air, as he did when he appeared with his head down.


“I can’t let you have an unwanted pregnancy.”


Murmuring, Iker quietly stepped out of the room with Elysia in his arms.