Chapter 24


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Although the Bureau of Investigation was the authority to issue gun possession and use permits, it was the emperor’s seal that was stamped on the permit. So, of course, she thought it was the emperor who approved it.


“Originally, His Majesty had to approve, but he handed it over to me because it was bothersome. And not long after, your request for permission came in.”


“I see.”


Elysia nodded her head.


Since the emperor’s trust in the Duke of Deimos was so great, it was just that way.


‘No wonder rumors are circulating that he is the emperor’s hidden son.’


Shrugging her shoulders, she suddenly remembered the past when she was persuaded by Lulien and Hal and submitted a gun license to the Bureau of Investigation.


Since most people still used swords, guns were very dangerous weapons.


Therefore, it was very difficult to own a gun.


In order to use a gun, the magic tower had to cast a spell on it, and for that, she needed permission from the king. And to get a permit, she had to have a clear identity and a good reason to have a gun.


It was impossible to place an order without money, even if it was difficult to pass through such a process and obtain a permit.


The cost to purchase one gun wws equivalent to the average annual budget of an aristocratic family, so unless they had enough financial resources, they could not even put an order in.


Elysia knew the price of the gun and was against it.


It was because the family was in a state of turmoil due to creditors who suddenly appeared after her parents died in an accident.


What did Lulien say to her?


[The most important thing right now is you, Elysia Camellia. We can’t do anything without you. Restoring the family and regaining the original authority. So, you should have at least one weapon to protect yourself.]


Still, when Elysia hesitated, Lulien informed her of a surprising fact. It meant that what was visible was not the only thing about the Camellia family.


It was then that Elysia first learned that her mother had arranged a lot for her. As if she knew in advance that such a day would come, the arrangements her mother made were of absolute help in rebuilding the family.


Hal also said to her who was weeping when she realized how much her mother loved her.


[Ely, build up your strength to protect yourself. Because that is the best gift you can give to the deceased Marquis.]


Lulien and Hal were right. Everything was possible when she was alive. Rebuilding the family and restoring the reputation of the past.


In the end, Elysia submitted a request for permission to possess a gun to the Bureau of Investigation.


She knew that there was a high chance that she would be rejected. The reason for wanting to own a gun was simply to protect the body, so the persuasiveness was low.


However, unexpectedly, the permit was easily granted, and Elysia was able to obtain the gun.


‘So, this man approved it?’


She looked at Iker with a new look.


If it weren’t for him, it would have been impossible to get a gun.


Thinking like that, Elysia suddenly became curious.


Why did he approve even for such a poor reason? Everyone who filed a request for a firearms license must have written the same as her.


After a moment’s hesitation, she spoke.


“Sir, may I ask you one thing?”




“Why did you give permission for the simple reason that I wanted to protect myself?”


Iker, who was silent for a moment at Elysia’s question, slowly opened his mouth.


“I remember that the Marquess had just become an adult at that time. At a young age, I thought that if you wanted to become a head and lead the family, you would need a weapon to protect yourself.”




“It’s a simple reason, but it can be desperate for someone.”


Elysia was momentarily speechless. She was bewildered by the fact that she had never thought that it was thanks to Iker’s consideration that she was able to own the gun.


After a moment’s hesitation, she turned her head and looked straight at Iker.


Was it because of the mood?


The golden eyes shining under the long black eyelashes felt so soft as if they were melting. Elysia, who thought that someone was tickling her heart with a feather, was startled by the sound of footsteps.


When she turned her head, she caught the sight of Rashian walking towards them.


“His Highness is coming.”


As soon as Iker finished speaking, the Prince arrived in front of Elysia and held out the gun he was holding with a look of anticipation.


“I brought it. This is the gun that His Majesty gave me as a present.”


Elysia looked down at the gun Rashian held out. Unlike hers, which was silver, the Prince’s one was golden.


Because it was for men, the size was large and the muzzle was long, but it did not seem to be a problem to use.


Reaching out and accepting the gun, she asked again.


“Did you contact the Magic Tower?”


“Of course. It’s been disenchanted, and I’ve even received a spell to cast the spell again, so you don’t have to worry about that.”


Rashian smiled brightly at Elysia.


“Then I’ll borrow it for a while.”


It seemed ridiculous to refuse, as long as he had gotten permission from the tower, so Elysia raised the gun and aimed at a nearby tree.


It was a little heavier than hers, but it wasn’t burdensome.


As she was contemplating what to demonstrate, Iker came forward.


“You’re going to need a target. I’ll make it.”


“Your Excellency?”




Iker, with a relaxed smile, swung his wooden sword into the air once, and surprisingly, a small circle of light appeared irregularly at a suitable distance to shoot.


Elysia opened her eyes wide in surprise.


She knew he was a magic swordsman, but seeing the magic right in front of her eyes felt very strange.


Moreover, whether he really wanted to see her skills, he made circles of light of different sizes and positions.


Elysia, who was somewhat excited, loosened the safety device, raised the gun, and started to shoot at high speed.


Each time the gun was fired, her red hair, tied up high, swayed softly by the repulsive force. Even so, there was not even the slightest disturbance in Elysia’s posture as she quickly hit the target.


All the bullets she fired passed through the center of each circle of light without a single deflection.


After firing the last bullet, she lowered her gun.


It didn’t even have to check the results. The skills she developed through hundreds of thousands of practice would never miss a target.


Suddenly, applause was heard immediately.


“Awesome, Marquess. Not one miss.”


Rashian was genuinely admiring her skills.


Facing the twinkling silver eyes that seemed to be looking at a great person, Elysia shook her head, feeling a bit embarrassed.


“It’s not a skill to admire. Anyone can do this with training.”


“Is it possible? I’ve been practicing occasionally, but it’s very difficult to get it right like Marquess.”


“Is it possible with moving targets?”


“Yes, well, if only there was a target…”


“I will make it for you.”


Before she could even finish speaking, Iker swung his wooden sword into the air. Then, to her surprise, circles of the same shape as before, this time even moving, appeared.


‘No, why is it so fast?!’


Elysia screamed inwardly.


Iker was too quick, contrary to his relaxed attitude. 


‘This makes me too scared to even bring it up.’


While grumbling inside, Elysia raised her gun and aimed it at the target. Whether stationary or moving, for her, it didn’t matter.


The gun was fired at a constant and high speed, and the targets were pierced by bullets one by one and disappeared.


After finishing the last light circle accurately, she wondered if she could do something else, so she quickly put the gun’s safety on.


Iker’s soft laughter could be heard next to her, but she ignored it.


It wasn’t that she hated the prince’s hopeful gaze, but she didn’t want to be a spectacle any longer.


As she lowered the gun, Rashian came in with applause. The prince’s eyes were shining brighter than before.


“It’s a really great skill. As Master said, handling weapons has nothing to do with gender. Another lesson learned thanks to the Marquess.”


“I’m flattered.”


“No. So, Marquess.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Would you mind teaching me how to shoot?”




Elysia was taken aback by the unexpected proposal that came in suddenly.


“No, that… .”


“Two hours a week or even an hour is fine.”


‘Wait a minute. Why is this going this way?’ Elysia was genuinely perplexed. She regretted showing her skills for nothing, but it was already too late.


So she quickly returned the gun and said:


“Thank you for your proposal, but I don’t think I can make time for it because I’m a bit busy. How about looking for someone else? I can recommend someone if you need.”


She suddenly changed her words because she remembered the old man who had taught her the basics of guns had just passed away.


If he had been alive, without hesitation, Elysia would have recommended him to the prince. Because of his teachings, she was able to have the skills she had today.


But her words didn’t work at all for the Prince.


“I can find one through Master or through His Majesty. But I’m sure no one has as much skill as the Marquess. Once a week, even for an hour is fine. How can it be impossible?”


As Rashian aggressively pushed, Elysia became more than perplexed.


Apparently, the Prince didn’t just learn the sword from Duke Deimos. The sudden attack and the push-pull way of talking were exactly the same.


‘Two Dukes Deimos.’


It was really not good, she really thought so.