Chapter 25


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‘I have to leave this place quickly.’


Elysia felt serious skepticism as to why she was still here with the 3rd Prince and the Duke of Deimos.


It was an unbelievable combination from the beginning. The 3rd Prince, the Duke of Deimos, and herself, the head of the aristocratic faction.


She didn’t want the prince to get hurt because of her.


He had a good personality, good eyes, intelligence, quick understanding, and most of all, he seemed to have a straight mind.


It was only natural that his master was Duke of Deimos.


In any case, if he grows up like the Duke, the third prince has a good chance to become emperor. To the extent that it shouldn’t be compared with that d*mned 2nd prince.


That was why she had to leave this place even more quickly.


Elysia, who thought that now was the time, looked directly at Rashian and spoke. 


“Your Highness, do you remember what I said when I first met you?”


At her question, Rashian nodded slowly.


“I remember. The Marquess told me to be careful.”


“That’s right. I am the head of the nobility, and unlike Duke Deimos, I am not a person who can be of any help to you. On the contrary, I’m a person who can be harmful.”


Elysia paused for a moment, and with a faint smile on her lips, politely bowed to the prince. 


“For that reason, I, Elysia Camellia, are rejecting the undeserved offer of the Crown Prince. Please forgive me.” 




Iker, who was looking at Elysia’s distant back, turned to Rashian when he heard his voice.


 “Master was right. Marquess Camellia is a good person.”


On the prince’s smiling face, the youthfulness of a young boy a while ago had disappeared and there was a sense of adulthood.


Even with his sudden change, Iker was not surprised at all. Iker opened his mouth calmly.


“She’s the head of the Camellia family. She’s a person who cannot become evil under any circumstances.”


“I realized once again that people shouldn’t judge based on what they hear. If the Marquess was really Dustin’s person, she wouldn’t have said that to me.”   (*Dustin is the second Prince)


Rashian remembered Elysia, who gave her advice with worried eyes.


[Did you know that I am the head of the nobility?]


[If you had known that, you should have just received my greetings and moved on. You shouldn’t continue to talk so openly.]


Marquess Camelia, whom he had only heard of but met in reality, was a very beautiful and seductive person like a red rose that bloomed splendidly.


At first impression, she seemed arrogant and cold, but she had a soft heart and cared for others.


 So that was why she caught his Master’s eyes. That indifferent gaze that never looked at any woman.


Rashian smiled brightly as he recalled the eyes of his Master looking at the Marquess Camellia.


Although he was still young, the boy who held his breath and bowed in order to survive was quick-witted and sensitive to the changes of his opponent.


But how could he not notice it?


The hot gaze that dwelled in his Master’s golden eyes that faced Marquess Camellia. 


Recalling the image of Marquess Camellia, who was shooting without shaking with a gun in one hand, Rashian turned to Iker as if determined and said,


“I’m going to tell His Majesty that I want to learn shooting from the Marquess. If I make a formal request, the Marquess will not be able to refuse.”


“Have you made up your mind?”


“Because I can’t hide forever. Didn’t Master tell me? I have one year left. I’m sure it’ll move to that side too. Being hit once is enough.”


Rashian remembered the large, warm hand that stroked his hair.


[Even half brothers are brothers, Rashian, one day you will understand my heart.]


His eldest brother, who had all the qualities of an emperor, who was superior to anyone and more benevolent than anyone else, eventually lost his life because of that belief.


Since no traces of the murder could be found, it was set up as a sudden death, but Rashian knew. Who made his brother, who was his idol, like that?


It must have been since then. The boy lost his boyish smile and had a grown-up expression.


 “I am different from my brother. I will definitely keep that place. And I’ll let them know. It’s a position they can’t beat.”


There was a strong conviction in the silver eyes of the prince who spoke each word with strength.


After speaking, Rashian looked back at his Master.


The young prince knew well that even if he had made up his mind, it would be useless if Iker, the leader of the imperial faction, opposed it.


The silence grew longer. The lips of the prince, who was making a calm expression, were also dry. Rashian, who was worried that Iker might be against it, or he would say it was impossible, heard a heavy voice.


“It will be difficult. Will you be okay?”


A relief ran down the boy’s body. The fact that his Master acknowledged it meant that he also had potential.


“I promised. Whatever the outcome, I will not regret it.”


Iker’s lips, which had been firmly fixed in a straight line, loosened slightly in response to Rashian’s reply, full of determination.


A large hand, hardened with calluses from long training, landed on the prince’s shoulder and then lightly grabbed it and fell off.


“Then do it.”




“The Imperials will be your sword and shield.”


“Thank you, Master.”


A relief spread across Rashian’s chest.


Even if the road ahead was difficult, there was a strong determination on the face of the prince who was determined to overcome it.




Iker, who was walking out of the garden of the 3rd Prince’s palace after breaking up with Rashian, had a soft smile on his lips.


He really liked the way the prince spoke his opinion strongly.


“You’ve grown a lot.”


Five years ago, the emperor entrusted the third prince to him in the name of a swordsmanship teacher.


At that time, Rashian was a young boy who was running wild saying he was going to take revenge on his older brother without knowing anything, but now he was becoming an adult.


Enough to know who his enemies were and how to do it himself.


Coldness descended on Iker’s face as he remembered Rashian’s enemies, the 2nd Prince Dustin and the Duke of Russet.


He didn’t like Dustin. The fact that the Duke of Russet was behind him was enough to rise to the rank of emperor.


Because he was a mean and sleazy person who would do anything to get what he wanted.


Wasn’t Elysia also nearly defeated by that dirty hand?


His eyes gleamed coldly when he thought that this was not the only time Dustin had aimed at Elysia.


That said, it was dangerous to touch them right now. Moreover, since Rashian said that he would go head-to-head with them, he needed to be more careful than before.


‘As long as His Majesty is determined, the people will soon be confused. I’d better prepare in advance.’


Of course, he should deal with Count Blanky, who was talking dirty about Elysia before then.


It wasn’t difficult to do that. Iker, whose lips twisted, felt a presence and stopped walking. At the same time, Fran appeared and bowed before him.


“What about Marquess Camellia?”


“I have confirmed that she got into the carriage safely. As she walked out of the Prince’s palace, no one noticed.”


“How many insects flew in today?”


“Two. They were all scavengers.”


“They’re anxious. It would be better to be more vigilant.


“Yes, Sir.”


“I see.


After Fran disappeared, Iker moved slowly again. 


The palace of the 3rd Prince looked peaceful, but that was only the appearance.


Day by day, the assassins hid in the palace and were killed by Shadows he had placed in the palace. There was a suspicion that it was Duke Russet’s men, but there was no evidence.


His relentless glowing eyes softened again as he recalled Elysia.


Although Elysia did not know, it was no coincidence that she met Rashian. (*Iker had Elysia in his grasp 😂)


He was thinking of getting her to meet Rashian in the near future. And that thought grew stronger after the meeting break, the time alone with her.


Because he was convinced that Elysia was trying to get out of the shadow of Duke Russet and the second prince.


She made the excuse that it was because she didn’t want her personal feelings to be mixed with work, but he could easily figure out the real truth behind it.


After the meeting was over, he was watching the third Prince practice his swordsmanship and was thinking about when to let him meet Elysia.


A report came in that Elysia had taken the wrong road and was coming to the Palace of the 3rd Prince.


There was no reason to think or hesitate. He immediately sent Rashian to where she was.


The result was very satisfactory.


‘I’ll make way for you little by little. Your way out. Because you’re capable enough.’


Elysia’s alluring deep purple eyes staring sharply at the target he had created. Full lips, confident eyes.


Iker recalled the statue of the fountain that Elysia was looking at.


A red bird wrapped around itself with its large wings to protect it.


Perhaps she saw herself in the bird.


How beautiful it would be if she could break free from everything that bound her and flew with her folded wings wide open.


That way, it will be easier to approach her.


Iker’s golden eyes looking up at the sky shone softly with anticipation.




Elysia stopped walking only after the gaze she felt behind her back disappeared. She had already left the palace of the 3rd Prince.


‘It’s strange.’


Elysia’s eyes narrowed slightly as she looked back.


Aside from what she felt as if she was being followed, there was something she couldn’t understand.



“Was it really his first time?”


Lulien clearly said that Duke Deimos had never had a relationship with a woman or held a woman’s hand with bare hands.


But why was it that the more they met, the more she felt like he was a player?


Elysia’s eyes narrowed as she remembered Iker’s words and actions to her a while ago. Although Elysia politely declined the request to teach the Prince how to shoot, the Prince did not give up.


It was Iker who rescued her, who was troubled by the nagging boy.