Chapter 6


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“Have you finally lost your mind?”


The arms and legs that were swinging in the air stopped. Elysia, who jumped up and sat up as if she were wearing a spring, turned her head around and refuted.


“I’m not crazy.”


Her gaze turned to see her aide and longtime childhood friend, Lulien Spencer, standing there. The golden hair that came down just below the chin was well-organized as if carefully groomed, and the white blouse and long skirt that came down to her ankles were neat without wrinkles.


She was the complete opposite of Elysia, whose clothes were crumpled from rolling around on the sofa.


Lulien smirked at her friend and superior as she lifted the glasses she was wearing.


“Oh, you’ve really lost your mind. If you were really in your right mind, you wouldn’t have stayed out overnight without permission.”


Her tone was so polite, but the content was brutal.


Flinched, Elysia quickly waved her hands. When her best friend was so respectful, she knew all too well that it was a good idea to give in.


“I’m not crazy yet. And I didn’t stay out overnight without permission. It was an accident! That b*stard Triel….!”


“Marquess? What country’s language is that?”


“No, that crazy Triel……….”






When Elysia, who was excitedly telling her story, shut her mouth like a clam, Lulien sighed.


“How is it that our Marquess’ words become harsher as the days go by? She used to be a person who used only beautiful words. Didn’t you say you’re not crazy?”


“Because the world has become like this…”


“Is the world rough or has our Marquess become rough? Before we talk about staying out without permission, shall we first talk about proper and fine words?”


Elysia’s face turned pale.


Lulien never got angry, but she had a quiet style of killing with words. She couldn’t tell you how many times she had been scolded for using one word wrong before.


“Lu, Lulien, I………”


“I’d like to speak about staying out overnight first.”


Before she could finish, an annoyingly somber male voice came from the shadows.


A beautiful man with dark blue hair who had come at some point stood behind Elysia.


“Oh my gosh.”


Elysia’s pretty face crumpled.


The man who had just appeared, Halani, also was a childhood friend of Elysia’s like Lulien, and a knight.


In front of her was Lulien, behind her was Hal. This was a megaton calamity.


Unlike Elysia, who became pale, Lulien smiled and spoke softly.


“Hello, Hal. You’re back now?”


“Oh, it’s because of someone who suddenly disappeared yesterday.”


Was it just her who could hear the sound of Hal gritting his teeth? Elysia quickly raised her hands before being bombarded from both sides.


“I’m sorry I spoke harsh words, I’m sorry I went AWOL, but I didn’t know my drinks had Helis in it. You guys also went over the ingredients list for the banquet with me.”


‘So, please cut me some slack.’


Elysia smiled charmingly and acted cutely.


She knew very well that it was useless to fight with them using words, so she used the most acceptable way she could, but it didn’t work.


An hour later, Elysia was holding the seal to stamp the memorandum of understanding with her tattered spirit captured. The contents of the memorandum were as follows.


“[I, Elysia Camelia, Marquess of Camellia, agree to the resignation of my aide, Lulien Spencer, and my escort knight, Halani, if I stay out without permission after today.]


When Elysia couldn’t bring herself to put her seal down next to her name, Lulien pressed down her hand generously.


“Lulien, are you really going to be like this?”


Caught off guard, Elysia, who had pressed the seal as it was, snapped and tried to take the memorandum, but the memorandum was already in Hal’s hands.


“You don’t have to stay out all night. Is it so hard?”


Hal’s words left Elysia with nothing to say. It could be done if she didn’t do as he asked.


Still, she growled lowly as she felt a lingering sense of regret.


“What if something like this happens again, regardless of my will? That much is in the exception clause…”


“Dismissed. So, I told you yesterday that you should only drink alcohol and drinks that I brought you. However, who was the one who quickly received everything while I was out of the room for a bit?”


“I didn’t think that the cocktail that Triel brought would have Helis in it!”


“I told you so, didn’t I? I told you to be careful, because that little rat might bite you. This is all your carelessness, Elly.”


“……oh my god.”


Elysia said, thinking that she might die of irritation before the two of them did. But it was better to be silent.


‘All of this is Triel’s fault!!’


She didn’t know if it was intentional or accidental, of course she thought it was intentional, and if it wasn’t because of Baron Triel, she wouldn’t have stayed out overnight without permission, and wouldn’t have gotten involved with the Duke.


“I need to get rid of it.”


Lulien and Hal’s eyes turned to Elysia as the gruesome words spilled from between her lips.


“That’s right. We’re going to bury him. Just leave the head and bury it in the ground.”


Hal and Lulien looked at each other as Elysia began to laugh grimly.


There was a brief moment when it occurred to them that they might be too harsh, but the two soon erased the idea cleanly from their heads.


Elysia Camelia wasn’t the kind of person who would listen if they weren’t this strong.


“So who did you spend time with yesterday?”


Elysia’s ghastly smile faded as she heard Lulien sigh, and her bewildered dark purple eyes slowly made their way to her best friend and aide.




“Who was it?”




Elysia’s two eyes were quivering, and she began to roll this way and that, at a loss.


Lulien’s eyes instantly narrowed as she watched Elysia’s mouth tighten as if she had glue on her lips.


That reaction meant that she had just had a terrible experience with someone she should never have spent the night with.


Hal, who was watching nearby, did the same. He frowned with an expression that said, “No way,” and slowly opened his mouth.


A low voice permeated Elysia’s ears with deep suspicion.


“No way, you didn’t sleep with the second Prince, did you?”


“Nonsense!” Am I that crazy to sleep with him!?”


Before Hal could finish, Elysia was furious. No matter what kind of people they mentioned, wasn’t the second Prince too much?


Lulien smiled at the sight of Elysia holding up her hands and picking at her ears as if they were dirty.


‘There’s no way I would sleep with him. If I had, I wouldn’t have that nickname.’


After the Marquis and Marquess of Camellia left the world in an accident, the second Prince began to flirt with Elysia openly.


The way Elysia chose to avoid him was to keep men close to her. Elysia changed her partner every month at the shortest and every three months at the longest to avoid any problems. After about two years, before long, she was known as the most flirtatious person in the empire.


Elysia had avoided the second Prince to the point of earning such a nickname, so Lulien could understand why Elysia was so upset when Hal asked her if she had slept with the second Prince. So she looked at Hal and said.


“Hal, you’ve gone too far this time. You know how much Elly hates the second Prince.”


Hal also felt that he was excessive, he looked at Elysia and immediately apologized.


“I’m sorry. I misspoke. Because I saw the second Prince’s guards lurking around last night.”


Elysia asked back with a sharp voice.


“The second Prince’s guards? Are you sure?”


“I’m sure.”


“Why are you telling me all this now, when it’s so important?”


When Elysia scolded, Hal stared at her with a look of absurdity. Elysia cleared her throat at the look he gave her, “Whose fault do you think it was that I forgot?”


“It was the second Prince after all. Jonathan (Baron Triel), how did that guy know…”


“The second Prince was the only one besides us who knew that you were having side effects with Helis, right?”


“Yes. I accidentally told him when I didn’t know anything about it.”


“No wonder he was staying quiet for a while, because he was planning this. As expected, he’s irreplaceable trash.”


Elysia smiled at Lulien, who cursed the second Prince without hesitation.


“And you told me to use beautiful words.”


‘Sometimes you need to. But you do it so often, it’s a problem.”


“Tsk, Tsk.”


Elysia clicked her tongue as if displeased. However, she did not have the courage to come at Lulien, so she emphasized once again while looking at Hal.


“Anyway, don’t you ever say anything so horrible again. Understood?”


“I understand.”


“I’ve said it many times, I’d rather catch and roll with anyone passing by than sleep with the second Prince ……….”


Elysia, who shrugged with a completely relieved face, immediately froze at the sudden question of Lulien.


“So who was it? Who was the one passing by?”




Elysia’s dark purple eyes shook widely without knowing what to do.


‘D*mn it. How in the world could she hit the target like that?’


Elysia had an embarrassed look on her face, and as much as she wanted to expedient it somehow, she knew better than to do so.


Because now she had her two best friends in front of her, the ones she could trust with everything, even her life, without having to worry about floundering.


If it weren’t for them, not only the head of the noble faction, but even the Camellia family might have failed to rise again.


In the end, Elysia raised her hand and rubbed her face several times, and with a dry look on her face, she murmured. But her voice was very small.


“It’s Duke Deimos…..”


“What? Who? Please speak properly. The ants are louder than that.”


At Lulien’s tease, Elysia clenched both fists and opened her mouth again with a forced expression.


Her ears were red with embarrassment.


“That passerby was Duke Deimos….”


“Oh, Duke Deimos…. What!?”


Lulien’s eyes, which are not usually surprised, opened round and round, and Hal was also frowning with a look of whether he heard it wrong.


But what immediately came to mind on the faces of her two best friends was a look that said, “You finally got it right.”


“Oh, crap.”


The reaction returned as expected, and Elysia’s murderous intent towards Baron Triel was inevitable.


If it weren’t for that lunatic, she wouldn’t have tangled with Duke Deimos and wouldn’t be in this situation. What kind of shame is this?


“As expected, it’s better to bury him. What’s the use for a man like that to breathe? I think we’ll just bury him all the way to the head.”


Elysia, who was imagining burying Jonathan (Baron Triel) instead since she couldn’t bury the second Prince, raised her head, surprised by Lulien’s voice.