Chapter 7


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“My god, Duke Deimos?”


Before she knew it, Lulien had crossed her arms with a serious look on her face. It also meant that her head was quite complicated.


Elysia whispered, her voice apologetic as she made Lulien worry.


“I didn’t do it on purpose, but because of Heris…………. But it’s better than the second Prince, right?”






“You’re right, it’s better than the second Prince, but what the hell is wrong with you?”




“Duke Deimos. He has a clean record!”




When Elysia looked at her as if asking what she was talking about,  Lulien smirked and raised her pinky finger. It was quite delinquent for a girl like her.


“His relationship with women.”


Elysia’s brows furrowed naturally as she stared at the finger moving in front of her. It was an ominous premonition. And her intuition was not off the mark.


“I wondered if there might be a use for it, and I searched for it a few times, but nothing came up. There wasn’t even a woman passed by, let alone women he dated.” (Lulien)


“There wasn’t…How the hell am I supposed to take this …… that meant you’re the first woman he has ever met?” (Lulien)


“Huh, what did you just say?” (Elysia)


“Huh?” (Lulien)


Lulien stared at Elysia with a strange expression on her face as she suddenly cut off her words. Her best friend looked perplexed for some reason.


“What did you just say?” (Elysia)


“I’ve been searching but found nothing.” (Lulien)


“No, that’s not it.


“There wasn’t even a single woman passed by, let alone a woman he was dating?” (Lulien)


“No, no, the last thing you said!” (Elysia)


“That you’re his first woman?” (Lulien)


Elysia was momentarily dazed by Lulien’s reply.


‘What a doggone story is this? To that person, I’m the first woman?’


Her otherwise blank face turned a little pale.


“…Are you kidding me, Lulien?”


Elysia looked at Lulien earnestly, begging her to say otherwise, but all that came back was a shocked confirmation.   


“I’m not kidding. Didn’t you feel it last night? The first time?”




Elysia, under Lurien’s gaze, was quick to search her memory of last night. After a moment, the blood quickly drained from her face.


The pleasure before she had fainted had been so intense that she had forgotten it, but she was sure that she was strangely inept at the beginning. The man’s touch, the movement he thrust…..And the kissing.


Then it changed horribly and quickly…


‘Was I really his first? Duke Deimos, of all people? Is that possible? Apart from everything, can a person be that skillful the first time?’


Elysia’s mouth opened involuntarily, and she felt like her mind was going blank with dismay.


She couldn’t accept the reality of the situation, so she turned to Lulien and asked her a question.


“No, how is that possible? Duke Deimos, isn’t he the most popular man in the Empire?”


‘If you were to grab the women passing by and ask them who was the nicest man in the Empire, 10 for 10, 100 for 100, they would all say Duke Iker Deimos. So, how do you expect me to believe it was his first time?’


But her best friend was brutal.


“What’s not possible? Is there a law that says the most popular person has to have women? Maybe it’s his own beliefs. There must have been countless women who actually approached the Duke. However, he seems to ignore them coldly. I heard he’s never held a woman’s hand without gloves.”




“I can’t help but be curious. How in the world did you manage to get that Duke into bed?”


‘Oh, I’m going crazy.’


Elysia raised her hands and covered her face as she felt her head ache……..that she was Duke Deimos’ first woman.


The swear words came up to her lips, but she didn’t say them. She didn’t want to hear any more of Lulien’s nagging. 




Elysia sighed as she glanced between her fingers at Lulien’s call, as if to tell her to answer quickly.


”I don’t know……”


Elysia covered her face again and sighed, not bothering to hide it now that it was like this.


“I think it’s the alcohol.”


“The alcohol?”


As she heard Lulien’s voice asking back surprisingly, she remembered what Iker had told her.


“His Majesty has been offering exotic drinks all day. I couldn’t say no, so I drank it and I was drunk. As I was walking out of the hall to return to the Duke’s residence, someone suddenly grabbed me by the chest and pulled me into the room.”


Elysia translated Iker’s words exactly.


“His Majesty kept offering him exotic liquors, which he drank and seemed to be intoxicated. Then on the way back to his residence, someone grabbed him and threw him on the bed.”


 She just repeated what she heard. However, Elysia’s brows narrowed as Lulien and Hal’s expressions changed strangely as they stared at her.


She was about to ask them why they were staring at her like that, but her best friend was quicker.


“You grabbed Duke Deimos by the chest? Were you blind?”


Lulien clicked her tongue.


“I wonder if the man is really drunk. I don’t think he’s that easy to catch.”


Hal furrowed his brow as if he had heard something impossible.


‘No, you can grab someone by the chest! It’s just that it was the Duke of Deimos, and what do you want me to do!’


When her best friends reacted, Ellea’s heart boiled, but she couldn’t say anything because she caused the accident.


Her ears perked up at the sound of Lulien’s voice.


“But it’s weird. Even if he was caught by the collar under the influence of alcohol, he was dragged to bed? Duke Deimos, the empire’s best wizard and the god of war? Was he that drunk?”


Elysia finally snapped at the look in Lulien’s eyes that said, “How drunk was he that you could get him?”


“How do I know? I came to my senses and I was already on board. I really don’t remember before that.”


 She herself also wanted to know the truth about that day.


Frankly, she still didn’t understand it. How in the world did she tie Duke Deimos to the bed?


But it seemed like he could get out of it if he swung his muscular arms.


“Did Heris’ side effects make you more powerful?”


Elysia froze at Lulien’s words, knowing Lulien would look into the side effects again.


“I’m bragging. But I hope that’s not your hobby.” (Lulien)




Again the dark purple eyes began to roll this way and that, losing their way. The answer was clearer than words.


Hal, who had been listening as Lulien clicked her tongue, asked.


“What hobby?”


“Don’t you know? Tying your partner to the bed and jumping on them.”


“Oh, it’s a bad hobby.”


‘Bad taste—you didn’t have to say it. Just a personal taste.’


Elysia’s lips twitched invisibly again. She liked that position because she didn’t like to be pushed around by men.


It was fun to make the opponent anxious, but it wasn’t her cup of tea to be anxious about the opponent.


Anyway, the conversation seemed to be going in a rather strange direction at this point, so Elysia cleared her throat and quickly diverted the conversation.


“Hmmm… Anyway, I got Duke Deimos to promise not to use this as my weakness. So let’s move on.”


 Lulien shrugged at the look in her eyes, “I think we’re done with the interrogation.” And asked,


“Well, that’s a relief. When did you get that promise?”


“Once in bed last night, and once in the morning.”


“Then you should get it again in the near future.”


“I got it twice, do I really need to?”


Lulien looked at Elysia, who was asking if it was too much to ask, and answered firmly.


“Duke Deimos’s usual personality would be enough for that, but you never know with people. Especially when it comes to lascivious relationships.”


While it was hard to believe that Duke Deimos had been drunk, Lulien couldn’t honestly understand how he could have been so honest with Elysia even if he was drunk.


Aside from the fact that it was out of pity, she knew several stories of women who had approached the Duke that way and were thrown out naked.


Of course, Elysia was one of the most beautiful women in the empire, but in any case, it must have been a burden for the Duke as well, as she was the head of the aristocracy and a political enemy of Duke Deimos.


‘It doesn’t feel right.’


Lulien thought about the Duke’s gaze at Elysia.


When he looked at Elysia, he usually had a heartless look in his eyes, but sometimes it was different. It was a fleeting moment, and no one seemed to notice.


Lulien, who was lost in thought, looked up at Elysia’s voice.


“Okay, I’ll get another confirmation when I meet him. So, we’re going to end this interrogation here, right?”




Perhaps because she could get out of the difficult subject, Elysia smiled with a bright face.


“Okay. I won’t ask anymore. Just act well so that there’s no problem.”


“Of course.”


Hal raised his dark eyebrows slightly when Elysia suddenly called out to him.


“Triel, can you find out where he is now?”


“Within half an hour. But why?”


“I’m going to bury him. Otherwise, I think I’ll go crazy with stress. On that note, check whether he received the instructions from the second Prince.”




“Then, please confirm hsi location. I’m going to change my clothes.”


As Elysia, who twisted her lips grumpily, strode to her room, Hal turned around without saying a word.


As he opened the front door to go outside, Lulien’s voice stopped him in his tracks.


‘I won’t say a word if you really do bury him this time.”




After a moment of silence, Hal turned and looked at Lulien.


When he asked if she was serious, Lulien slightly raised the corners of her lips. It was a smile so wicked that Elysia would run away as soon as she saw it.


“He dared to trick Elly without even knowing his position. He has to pay the price.”




Raising his hand as if he understood, Hal opened the door and walked out. Lulien turned as the front door slammed shut.




The hem of her shirt, smooth and unwrinkled, tucked into her pants. The pants, which covered a waist thin enough to hold in both hands, were held in place by a belt.


Elysia wore a black cape coat with her hair tied up in a high knot.


The coat went down to her knees and had a hood attached to it, which was a good way to hide her appearance.


After buttoning the coat and putting the hood over her head, she pulled out a pair of black leather gloves from a dresser drawer. The gloves were cut as thinly as the shirt and were not uncomfortable to move in.


“As expected, this is the best feeling.”


Elysia spread and folded her hands in satisfaction, then closed the drawer containing the gloves and opened the one next to it.


In it lay her favorite silver pistol and a number of silver rings.


‘I don’t know if it was accidental or intentional, but anyway, when you tricked me, you have to pay.’


Elysia took out four rings and slipped them onto each of her four left fingers, except for her thumb. After repeatedly clenching and unclenching her fists, she lifted her pistol and slipped it into her belt.


The pistol was a magical tool that could be used without loading bullets, and the rings made of orichalcone, a divine metal, was enchanted with strengthening magic.


The strengthening spell that increased the power of the wearer by three times or more, which was something that Elysia cherished.


After finishing all the preparations, she left the mansion with a satisfied smile on her face.