Chapter 8


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Michael Aston looked at his boss, Iker, who was sitting on the couch with his long legs crossed as he gave his report. His boss had a blank look on his face, but Michael could tell. He wasn’t feeling well.


‘He must have suffered a lot from the Imperial Doctor.’


He didn’t know the details, but he knew the story roughly.


His boss, who was indifferent to women, brought a woman to the ducal palace and had the meeting scheduled for the morning postponed until tomorrow on the pretext that he was not feeling well.


Because of this, His Majesty sent the imperial doctor, and his boss was tormented by the imperial doctor for over an hour.


‘What kind of woman is it that made His Excellency postpone until the meeting? No, what kind of night did he spend with her………..’


Michael, who had been spreading the wings of his imagination, was surprised to hear his boss’s voice.


“Jonathan Triel?”


Iker’s handsome brows furrowed slightly at the sight of the man’s name on the report.


Michael swallowed his spit, unknowingly nervous because his boss, who looked under a lot of pressure, added an explanation.


“Yes, sir. It has been confirmed that he is in charge of the distribution of illegal contraband that is currently being traded secretly among the nobility, even though he is a Baron.


“Jonathan Triel…I heard his name before…”




Michael couldn’t believe her eyes for a moment. The dimness in the mouth of his superior, the Duke, was indeed a smile.


‘Was there something in the report that made His Excellency feel good?’


Looking at his boss, whose expression relaxed unlike earlier, Michael blinked. He memorized all the details of the report, and there was no point anywhere in the report that made his boss smile.


Michael was left dumbfounded when he heard Iker’s voice.


“We’ll have to catch this guy first to figure out the smuggling route.”


“Oh, yes. That’s right. I’ll send the knights right away…….”


“No, I’ll go there myself.”


“What? Your Excellency?”




When Iker got up from the sofa, Michael was surprised and stepped aside.


The smile, and the way he just acted, he wasn’t the boss Michael usually used to see .


‘Has His Excellency ever gone directly to such a small matter?’


Michael was confused.


Jonathan Triel was insignificant in his point of view, and his boss was packed with work that even if he divided into two persons still wasn’t enough.


Duke Iker Deimos was the head of the imperialist faction and also the director of the investigative bureau.


‘Is there an incredible background behind Baron Triel? To the point where His Excellency has to go himself?’


Other than that, there was no way to explain the sudden actions of his boss.


Michael’s face was wrinkled at once because when he first got this case he was excited, thinking it was a simple one.


Unlike his deputy, whose mood had bottomed out, Iker was feeling good, even a little buoyant, which was unlike him. It was because of the last name, ‘Triel,’ that he directly embarked on a journey that normally he would have never done. He did not forget what Elysia had said when she was on top of him.


[Triel, that punk..……I will kill you.]


Iker’s golden eyes sank darker as he put on the coat the butler had brought him.


The red hair that fell over his chest, the dark purple eyes that were foggy and fuzzy yet mysterious, the hot breath that flowed from between her seductive red lips…


Just the thought of Elysia made Iker feel a burning thirst. It hadn’t even been hours since they had parted.


‘You’ll have to quench your thirst to quench your thirst.’


There was no way Elysia’s character would let it go when she said she’d kill the man. She returned to the Marquess’ residence.

Obviously, she’ll be out looking for the person named Jonathan Triel.


If they met while performing duties, Elysia wouldn’t feel any resistance. With any luck, the opportunity to be with her might arise.


‘It doesn’t have to be by chance.’


A small smile thickened a bit more on Iker’s lips.




“I’ll make you feel comfortable soon, so wait a little bit.”


Jonathan Triel whispered to the woman, who was too drunk to hear, and opened the door of the closed room. He propped the woman up, grunting, and led her to the bed, where he laid her down on the bed and sat down on the edge of it.


Looking down at the unconscious woman, Jonathan’s gaze landed on her red hair, which was in disarray on the bed. It wasn’t exactly the same, but it too was a similar color to the Marquess of Camellia’s. 


It was also the reason why he took this woman in the tavern, even though her appearance was far behind Elysia. He yanked roughly on the cravat he was wearing and threw it on the floor, muttering. 


‘Well, it’s hard to find a beauty like that. That’s probably why all the men are struggling, but where did she disappear to last night?’


Jonathan’s confidence grew as he unexpectedly discovered Elysia’s weakness. He was confident that he would be able to spend a hot night with the snub-nosed and imposing girl. 


Her escort knight, who hadn’t left her side for a moment, was out of the room for a while, and he was nervous as he handed Elysia the cocktail with Heris in it. 


He even felt joy as the liquor slipped in her plump, red lips. The game was over when he would snatch Elysia, who staggered out of the hall from the side effects. 


But somehow, he looked away for a moment and suddenly Elysia was gone. No one had seen her since. 


“I didn’t work very hard to hand someone my soup.”


Jonathan complained in a whisper. The words were meant as a joke, but he didn’t know that the Duke of Deimos had scarfed down that eagerly made soup. If he had known, he should have nipped the bubble and moved on. 


Frustrated at the thought of missing out on his prize, Jonathan calmed himself as he watched the woman lying in bed. He couldn’t hold the Marquess of Camellia, but he could hold the duck instead of the swan, and that would solve his lust anyway.


“Well, it’s okay if you don’t look at her face.”


It was when Jonathan, his appetite whetted, was about to touch the woman’s dress. Suddenly, with a thump, he heard the sound of someone kicking the door. The door of the room, unable to withstand the force, opened as if it was going to be torn off. Startled, Jonathan hastily looked at the door.


 “Who is it?


 At his bewildered cry, he heard a low, attractive, but gruesome female voice.


“That’s great. You’re taking it off to make it easier to cut.”


“Elysia Camellia ………?!”


The moment he realized whose voice it was, Jonathan wondered if he was hallucinating. It’s like the auditory hallucinations you get when you think too much.


But he soon realized that he wasn’t hallucinating.


“Where did this guy get so rude?”


A fist flew into the air with an angry voice and struck Jonathan in the jaw. The fist that suddenly flew in was so powerful that Jonathan’s sturdy body collapsed.




A groan came naturally out of his mouth.


The body hitting the floor wasn’t hard, but the pain rushed in as his jaw bone was broken.


Jonathan clutched the spot where he’d been struck and rolled over, groaning.


It was in an instant that his head, which was shaking around, was fixed. The cold shoes pressed down on his head.


Jonathan moaned and froze.


“Do you know how funny I became because of you? So I decided. I’ll bury you.”


Elysia’s voice, coming from above his head, was not only gloomy but also chilling. Jonathan’s body trembled with fear as the soles of her shoes held him down.


Then he was really buried in the soil of a nearby field. Only his head was sticking out without a single thread of clothing.


It was only natural that he was beaten several times by Elysia, whose anger had not subsided while digging the land to bury him.


However, this wasn’t enough.There were horrible stories going back and forth in front of him.


“I told you to cut him up and bury it, but someone told me to just bury it.”


 “Now you want me to smear his filthy blood on my sword?”


“Why don’t you just borrow someone else’s sword to cut him?”


Any trace of blood on Jonathan’s face disappeared. He didn’t want to believe the current situation he was facing.


‘I went crazy, but why touch Elysia Camellia? She’s not just another woman…’


He sincerely wanted to cry.


It was true that he wanted Marquess Camillia. Everyone knew that she was a flirt, and that she would easily switch lovers.


Besides, he had confidence in himself. Compared to the men that the Marquess Camellia had dated in the past, he didn’t fall short and his appearance was even better.


However, no matter how much he tried to seduce her, she wouldn’t look at him. So it was true that he thought about drugging her. But he soon abandoned that idea.


It was because he had heard rumors that the Marquess of Camellia carried all the antidotes for most of them, and also because he was afraid of the cleanup in case he failed.


It was then that someone whispered to him. Marquess Camellia has side effects on Heris. So take a cocktail with Heris and give it to her.


He knew it was the devil’s whisper, but he was fooled.


He thought it was worth a try. Since it wasn’t a drug and it was a commonly used cocktail ingredient, he thought he could just say he didn’t know if they found it.


He had no idea that it would be a shortcut to hell.


Jonathan, whose face was pale, froze in place as the conversation continued.


“Don’t be such a prude, how about I cut off his head? Lulien gave me permission.”


“What? Lulien?”


Elysia blinked in disbelief as if it was a joke and she asked again. 


“Are you sure?”


“Yes. Lulien was angry.”




Elysia raised her eyebrows at Hal’s reply, looking at Jonathan with only his head sticking out of the ground, Lulien’s consent meant that she was ready to clean up the mess perfectly.


Elysia’s dark purple eyes narrowed. She pulled out the silver gun and held it to Jonathan’s temple.


Jonathan freaked out. The feeling of the cold metal against his skin was horrifying, but with a clattering sound, her voice sounded gruesome. It sounded like the voice of a phantom who wanted to take him back to hell.


“Shall I get rid of him?”




Thinking he might die, Jonathan screamed with all his strength.


“Please save me!”


“Then who told you? I have side effects on Helis.”




He hesitated and the muzzle dug a little deeper into his temple. The horrible feeling startled him and he shouted quickly.


“I heard it in the tavern! I couldn’t see his face through his robe, but he whispered it to me! The Marquess has side effects from Heris!”


“Who was it?”


“I really don’t know! I’ve never seen him before!”


“What? You don’t know him? Then there’s no need to let him live.”


The sound of the pistol’s safety release was louder than the thunder in Jonathan’s ears, and eventually he couldn’t stand the fear and passed out.


Elysia, who was looking down at his unconscious form, even foaming at his mouth, put on the safety again and gave him a dumbfounded look.