Chapter 10


A good-looking demon led Adelaide and Lisianthus into their room. While walking, Adelaide asked questions about him, and he answered them in a rather friendly manner.


“How are you doing here? Do they give you a good meal?”


“The food comes out of the restaurant. The room is quite large, so it’s nice to stay in.”


“Do a lot of adventurers come? Isn’t it difficult to fight?”


“Yes, they do come here a lot since we’ve set up a portal in Mediar. So the dungeon revenue is pretty high. Don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with an adventurer during the test period.”


“Hmm, I see.” Adelaide mumbled with a curious expression. She was smiling though. He looked somewhat sullen.


“Come, you can use this room. Then I’ll get going. See you later.”


When Adelaide arrived at the room she was going to use, the demon smiled kindly and left. As he said, the room was quite large. No, compared to her dungeon, it was very, very spacious. It was almost the same size as their living room, the largest room in Greenville.


How big is the room given to the devils and other demons? It’s definitely an E-4 level dungeon, so it looks different.


But unlike the Greenville Dungeon, there was no furniture to use. In this regard, the Greenville Dungeon, which provides custom-made furniture, won. Adelaide tried to sleep like this.


“Let’s not take him, either.”


Adelaide, who naturally lay on the floor, said with a sulky look.


“You don’t like that demon too? I think he’s a mid-level type.”


“Yeah, you’re too kind.”


It’s a scam contract, and he didn’t even tell them to run away. It’s no wonder they don’t know what to do against the strong escort. However, there was no reason for him to encourage other demons by giving good answers. It’s like he also wanted other demons to suffer.


“Now, shall we look around? I want to search around and see what’s worth taking. It looks pretty big, so it would be better to move separately.”


They were only allowed three days. They couldn’t waste it pointlessly. So Adelaide surprisingly stood up diligently.


“Don’t go into rooms that look like they have jewels or magic stones if you can help it. The portal is probably locked, and there’s a security spell on it, so they’ll be suspicious. It’s enough to remember the location.”


“Yes. Oh, what does the demon with the useful talent look like?”


“I don’t know. I just felt the energy. But if you see him for yourself, he’ll definitely feel special. Oh, the color of the energy was red.”


‘What kind of useless explanation is this?!’


Adelaide showed a disappointed smile. Although Lisianthus appeared to be meticulous, he also had a sloppy side.


‘It would have been great if you weren’t handsome’


Adelaide had this wish that would sound strange to others if they’d heard.


Things got a lot better after meeting Lisianthus but she was still wary of good-looking people because of her previous experiences. 


‘I know it’s a bad thing to judge demons by their appearance, but what can I do when I’ve seen and experienced things…’


‘It’s also better if you were a woman instead.’


She had hope, thinking of the pretty, strong, and kind Penelope. Unfortunately, however, her wishes were not fulfilled.


Both of them.




“Then, see you later!”


“Yes. Lisian, call me if there’s anything dangerous.”


“Yes, Master.”


Lisianthus smiled faintly at Adelaide’s words. It seemed funny to say that she, who seemed weak, would protect him.


But it was the same for Adelaide. Of course he looks a little stronger, but that was because it’s only compared to her. There weren’t a lot of people who were weaker than her.


Adelaide confirmed that his power was strictly life-centered. That kind of power was usually manifested by demons who were not very strong. Perhaps the same was true for Lisianthus.


In other words, calling Adelaide when he’s in danger will hardly change anything. The number of demons in danger will just increase to two.


Adelaide carefully imagined Lisianthus and herself in danger.


“As expected! Lisian is here to save me!”

“No, I got caught too.”


No matter how hard she thought about it, this was the most realistic situation.


Adelaide shook her head vigorously. Then she vowed never to call him, even in the face of danger.


However, regardless of whether the promise was to be honored or not, she was satisfied with the exchange of these conversations. It was a good thing to be worried about someone, and their relationship was better than before. She was happy to see that it was definitely getting better.


“Are you going to look around?”


After separating with Lisianthus, a familiar voice followed Adelaide’s side as she walked briskly. It was the demon who led her to her room earlier.


Seeing they met again so soon, their rooms must be close to each other. She wasn’t very happy about it, but she replied with a forced smile.


“Yes, I thought I’d do that.”


“May I guide you?”


“No, it’s okay.”


“Don’t say no. It’s a big place, and it won’t be good to get lost. By the way, my name is Carat.”


‘I didn’t ask.’


Adelaide quietly swallowed her words. She wanted to tell him to get out of her way, but it was true that she didn’t know the place. It would be better to be guided by him for efficiency.


Carat, a demon with carrot-colored hair, took her silence as acceptance then smiled.


‘Well done.’ If she went around alone, she probably would have encountered a strange demon for no reason, there were also many dirty people here.


‘That’s you.’ Adelaide muttered inside.


“What’s your name?”




“You have a pretty name. We’ll be seeing each other for a long time, Adela.”


It was very unsettling to see him smiling with eyes half-closed.


In fact, objectively, he had a decent level of appearance, but to Adelaide who spent her whole life surrounded by succubi and incubi, he looked average. Especially since she’s been living with Lisianthus these days, it unintentionally raised her standards a great deal.


Adela was very wary of handsome men, so she wasn’t particularly afraid of him. However, she didn’t like him very much either. For some reason, her view of this demon was not good.


‘Rather, the vague-looking ones were more pretentious.’


Adelaide recalled the bluffs of the B-class incubus she met and the entitlement of the one from C-class she encountered. The A-class incubus she rarely saw was considerably better than them. Of course, there were too few examples. It is not possible to generalize as each class has different tendencies.


“This is a space where the demons who belong here live. There are about 10 rooms and a separate dining area, but most people eat in their own rooms because they don’t get along well with each other.”


“I see.”


“If you go through that portal, you will find a space where you can properly deal with the adventurers. The trap room is over there.”


For a moment, her eyes turned to a lifeless pink eyes like that of a rotten fish.


This was what all dungeon masters, including Adelaide, aspired for. If you set up trap rooms, you can deal with a lot more adventurers at once without having to increase the number of your demons.


There are many different types of traps, such as a trap where lightning strikes all over the room at the same time as soon as the adventurers enter, or a trap that spreads a deadly poisonous gas that poisons many adventurers inside.


However, the price traps for F-classes were exorbitant, so they usually only have one in a D-class dungeon. Therefore, it was very unusual for the E-4 level Boraca Dungeon to have a trap room. Perhaps it was thanks to the wealth gained through numerous fraudulent activities.


“Let’s get out of here! I’m curious about the trap room!”


Adelaide shouted, forgetting her purpose of checking what was worth taking.


Once installed, trap rooms cannot be moved. If you want to change the location, you have to destroy the original one and install a new one separately. Of course, you’ll have to spend again. So, going to see the trap room was purely to satisfy her curiosity.


“Okay, follow me.”


Carat grinned as if he was cute. It was a very burdensome smile but Adelaide endured it and focused on her thoughts about the trap room. She was relieved to think that she wouldn’t see him again once they were done with the dungeon.


But before even leaving the portal, someone has appeared to interfere.






Adelaide screamed at the sudden pain. Something very hard seemed to hit her back.


She looked back with tears in her eyes. Something fell on her head and was rolling on the floor, a bone. It was a long bone composed of a finger all the way to the elbow.


“I can’t believe you couldn’t avoid it. You’re so weak!”


“I’m afraid it’s a succubus.”


When she looked up, she saw the culprit who threw the bone.


A body made of only bones, and the old armor hanging over it. He was an adventurer who once invaded the dungeon, but lost all the parts of his souls and died, he forgot all his beliefs and memories as an adventurer, and remained as a part of the cursed race, the Skeletons.


Several skeletons were glaring at Adelaide with sullen eyes. One skeleton who came forward as if he was the leader, had no arms. Perhaps the arm that struck her on the head was his.


“Did you just throw your arm at me…?”


It was terribly uncomfortable yet lively. The fact that he threw his own body instead of the sword in his hand seemed friendly to her. Of course, this is Adelaide’s bizarre thinking as it was just an idea that came from her imagination.


“Skeleton, what are you doing to the newbie?!”


“The newcomer is this weak? We’re against it!”


“Go away, succubus! Don’t embarrass the demons who belong here!”


Other skeletons also threw their bones in succession. Startled, Adelaide hurriedly lowered her head to avoid them.


‘It’s fierce. The culture of ignoring the succubus is the same here.’


If Penelope had heard this, she would probably fly over, raging with anger. However, skeletons travel in groups, and each one of them was strong enough to be a mid-level demon, so it is not easy to deal with them.


“If anyone had heard you, they’d think you’re the demons. Ignore them Adela, this is just the succubus’ luck, let’s go.”




Adelaide glanced at the skeletons staring ominously at her and Carat. Perhaps, because of what Carat said, they were glaring at him more than they did to her.


Adelaide turned her attention to one of the skeletons taking out his arm and lifting it up. She then quickly moved her legs and entered the portal.


‘I don’t want to be hit by that hard thing again!’




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