Chapter 11


“Waah, they said all that dirty stuff? They’re not even demons, why are they so fussy about you? I’m afraid I’ll have to inform the Master.”


Carat grumbled as soon as he came out of the portal. Adelaide replaced her answer with an awkward smile.


“This is the final room. When an adventurer breaks every room, he gets here. Of course, there aren’t many cases like that. Most of them fall into the trap rooms, and we attack the ones who survive.”


“Then who is watching over this place? Master?”


Although it depends on the strategy, the final room is usually guarded by the dungeon’s strongest demons. But to Adelaide, Boraca didn’t look that strong. It seemed that he was not enough to fight the hero who had gone through all the trap rooms and multiple demon races to win.


He had a similar atmosphere to Adelaide. In other words, it was the energy of the weak.


“Master doesn’t fight… The strongest demons in the group take care of it.'”


He’s  probably referring to the Boraca’s escort. The one helping the fraudulent activity of Boraca by using force.


‘Taking that demon to our dungeon… No.’


Adelaide shook her head slightly. If she took the favored demon escort, the attack power of the dungeon would definitely increase significantly, but she doesn’t want to.


They can’t take anyone involved in their fraudulent activity. In the first place, there was no way a demon that strong would come to their dungeon. They can’t pay as much as Boraca.


“Now, this is the trap room.”


After going through a few rooms and portals, they finally got to the trap room. Adelaide, who was shivering as she listened to what Carat was saying, finally came to her senses and focused.


The appearance of the room did not differ much from the one assigned to her. It looked like Adelaide’s room. Hey, it was a little wide, but it was still empty.


The only difference was that there were small holes all over the floor, ceiling, and walls.


“If it detects any movement…”


Carat smiled and waved through the air with one of his arms. Then, in an instant, strong flames exploded out of every hole.


“This is how it becomes an ocean of fire.”


Adelaide frowned at the hot wind touching her skin. On the other hand, the corners of her lips were raised endlessly upwards.


“I absolutely love it!”


“Right? It’s very expensive. It’s a D-class, and in order to find the right way in this dungeon, you’ll have to go through this room no matter what. If you go the wrong way, you may have to pass it three or four times, which is perfect for roasting an adventurer.”


“Wow, that’s amazing.”


“Well, that’s understandable.”


Carat straightened his back and put on an arrogant look.


“I’m sure you haven’t seen anything like this because you’re a succubus. Oh! I’m not belittling you at all. Please don’t take it in a bad way.”


The characteristic of demons who say not to take it badly, is that they say something that would hurt another person’s feelings but would not apologize. Adelaide was impressed that he fits perfectly to this proposition today.


‘Well, I guess I’ve already heard all the explanations I need to hear. Just in time, his existence was no longer necessary.’


“Hey, there’s something I want to say too, don’t take it badly okay?”


“… What?”


“How many days have you not washed?”


‘You can use magic, but it must have been cumbersome.’ Adelaide, who muttered a little, continued with a smile.


“I tried to hold it in, but the smell was so disgusting that I‘m about to throw up… So, can I go alone now?”


Carat’s face was as red as the color of his hair. Adelaide smirked, raising her eyebrows as if she was embarrassed herself.


“I can’t stand dirty things because I’m squeamish, I’m sorry!”


There is no demon who will stay still after hearing this. Carat closed his lips for a moment, not saying anything, and quickly disappeared.


Adelaide wiped the fake smile off her face as soon as he disappeared.


She’d gotten rid of the annoying guy and also finished looking at the trap room. It was now time to properly explore the dungeon.


‘To find something to take!’




Adelaide diligently looked around the dungeon to make up for the brief delay.


There were certainly a large number of rooms in Boraca, which shows that they were truly wealthy. She couldn’t believe it was an E-4. It seems that they used a lot of magic stones for dungeon expansion.


Some of the portals were locked, so the color itself was different. If it was originally blue, the locked one took on a red color.


‘Is there a magic stone or gold and silver treasure in there?’


Adelaide bit her lips in disappointment. Lisianthus told her to memorize the location, so she will remember it, but she was wondering what was the purpose since it was not something that could be unlocked anyway.


The deeper she went into the dungeon, more locked portals appeared. They had so much to hide in the dungeon, so Adelaide, who had nothing, was envious.


Eventually, she reached the deepest end of the dungeon. Likewise, there was one portal with a red light. Knowing that she could not enter anyway, Adelaide stared at the portal in vain and pouted her lips.


‘I wish I could come in…’


She sighed deeply. There’s nothing good about having false hopes. That’s why she turned away immediately.


No, she was trying to turn. If only she hadn’t noticed something odd.




Adelaide rubbed her eyes to check if she had seen wrong. But something has changed. 


The color of the portal, which was clearly red, changed to blue.


‘Isn’t this an… opportunity?’


There must be something wrong with the portal.


Adelaide looked around her. Maybe she’s being tested. But then again, maybe this was a real once in a lifetime opportunity.


Her pink-colored pupil shook like crazy. Adelaide bit her lower lip.


She clenched her fist. It didn’t take long to make a decision.


“I didn’t even eat.”


So she hurriedly threw herself into the blue portal.


A scorching heat enveloped her body. It was a different feeling than when using a normal portal. It was hotter than the flames she had seen in the trap room earlier.


‘Did I make the wrong decision?’


But even if she regrets it, it’s already too late. Adelaide closed her eyes and prayed she could pass through the portal and succeed.




The last time she felt sleepy, the heat went away in an instant. It felt familiar.


The place had changed. She realized instinctively. The portal move was successful!


Adelaide slowly lifted her eyelids, thankful that she wasn’t dead. And looking around her with her eyes full of hope, the first thing she discovered was not a lot of gold, silver, treasure, or magic stones. But a demon.


A man in a semi-naked state with handcuffs all over his arms and legs.


The man’s appearance looked so rough that it was close to a ferocious beast. The flaming red hair came down to his chin as if it hadn’t been managed for a long time, and the silver-gray eyes looking at Adelaide were fierce. Sharp teeth were revealed between his lips.


Just looking at it, it’s a one-of-a-kind face. He had a small head, a tight nose, and a clear jawline, so even compared to Lisianthus, he had a handsome face. In addition, the curves of the muscles exposed over the slightly tanned skin were so luscious that she couldn’t stop drinking it in.




The beastly man opened his mouth. However, Adelaide, who noticed the man’s red hair rising, could not answer.


A long horn that stood high on one side. It was the symbol of a devil.


“Who is it?”


A low-toned growling voice.


Adelaide was silent with her mouth open. The strong aura he exuded made it impossible to utter a word. She felt overwhelmed just by making eye contact. After all, he was a devil.


Not a mid-level demon nor a high-level demon but the one at the top of the demonic pyramid.


It’s a devil himself who can kill just by a flick of a finger without a mouse or bird knowing.


Even high-class demons like Maximilian were stiff and scary for Adelaide, with the devil of course included. She was so nervous she couldn’t even blink. In front of her, her whole life seemed to unfold like a panorama.


It was the unexpected existence that broke such extreme tension.


“F**k you, can’t you hear me? I’m asking who are you?”


‘Even for a devil… this is dirty work.’


Adelaide stared blankly at the man who swore at her on their first meeting. Her tension was lifted, so she looked again and saw something she had never seen.


There was definitely a horn on his head. However, the number was not as expected. Two horns symbolize the devil. But there was only one thing that rose on his head.


This means…


‘He isn’t a devil?’


It felt like a breeze. The dark aura of the man, which she had just felt, disappeared as if it were a lie. Adelaide slumped down on the floor, taking in deep breaths she had been holding back. She suddenly relaxed, and didn’t have strength.


“What? Why are you sitting down all of a sudden?”




Adelaide took a deep breath. She thought she could live now.


Yeah, there’s no way the devil can exist in a place like this in the first place. It was said that devils worked under the Demon King, or they would build a castle in the area they owned and lived there. There’s no way such a person would roll in an E-4 level dungeon on the outskirts.


Adelaide glanced at the man who was frowning heavily.


Even if she didn’t know why, it looked like he’s being held. She could hear the sound of a passing ladybug laughing at the fact that a devil, handcuffed in both arms, was captured and imprisoned by a mid-level demon.


These days, I heard that demons implanted decorative horns to look good… Don’t. Don’t say anything.


Adelaide looked at him like he was pathetic and clicked her tongue. He was probably afraid that he would die if he dared to transplant two and surpass the authority of the devil, so he only transplanted one. If that’s the case, just live without it. Young people these days are fre*ks.


“You… did you just click your tongue? Now, everything towards me…”


“I think I got it wrong.”


“How dare you lie to me!”


“You seem to have misunderstood.”


Adelaide smirked and scratched her head. She was quite brazen, thinking that he would not be able to attack her because he was tied up anyway. He seemed to be several times stronger than herself, so she instinctively spoke formally.


The red-haired demon was angry at her attitude, and his face was up to the tip of his head.


“Hey, are you also Boraca’s underling? Did that b*st*rd send you to kill me?”


“It’s not… It’s not that.”


‘I’m a competitor.’ Adelaide was silent for a moment as she tried to speak.


Although these demons have a negative impression of Boraca, they do not know who she was, but she cannot tell the truth. She narrowed her eyes and spit out lies.


“I will soon become a member of the dungeon. After the three-day test period, we agreed to sign a contract…”




Adelaide looked at him with an innocent face as if nothing was wrong.


The devil-impersonating man made a serious expression for a while and then spoke with a more genuine voice.


“How did you get through the portal? It must have been locked, but if it wasn’t for Boraca’s permission…”


“The color suddenly changed to blue. So I just came in to see what it was.”