Chapter 12


Adelaide shrugged her shoulders once and looked around. Not a single stone could be seen, let alone gold and silver treasures. It wasn’t worth taking a big risk.


She turned her head again with a gloomy expression and looked at the demon impersonating a devil. He also furrowed his eyebrows. It’s the perfect habit to get wrinkles.


Adelaide, who became bored, spoke first.


“But why are you tied up here? Are you a criminal?”


She didn’t think it was a very good question. The man’s frown lines deepened.


“I was deceived by that b**tard Boraca… I was imprisoned for a hundred years, d*mn it, a hundred years!”


Adelaide didn’t know how to react. In this situation, she couldn’t even ask him to stop swearing.


“Uh… You look younger than I thought. You don’t look like you’re over a hundred years old.”


Adelaide shut her mouth at the man’s cold gaze. ‘Just keep swearing at Boraca’. She briefly regretted it.


She thought he was much younger than her because he followed the hip trend of transplanting a horn, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. He was much older. Adelaide clicked her tongue and shuddered.


Anyway, it was very pitiful to hear. Although this demon’s mouth was infinitely cursed and her first impression of him was not very good, objectively, the bad guy was Boraca.


Adelaide smiled awkwardly and continued.


“Do you want me to release you?”


Red eyebrows fluttered upwards. The anger that filled his silver-gray eyes slowly disappeared. It was probably a good question this time. A voice full of doubt came out from his rough lips.


“Aren’t you Boraca’s b**ch?”


“I’m really not… “


‘Why can’t you believe me?’ Adelaide grumbled, pouting her lips. This was the first demon who doubted her like this.


“Looking at your awkward appearance, it seems like you’re the type to be deceived wherever you go, not the type to cheat……”


“Fine, then don’t! I’ll just go!”


“Wait a minute. Let me have a look.”


Adelaide, who was about to stand and leave, stopped unknowingly. She waited just as he asked.


Why did she obey him? She couldn’t figure it out. She just felt like she had to.


‘It’s because he’s handsome. Did I fall for his beauty or something?’


The man’s gaze swept Adelaide. However, unlike other demons who looked at her face and body one after another with twisted eyes, he slowly looked at her with neutral eyes. Then, their eyes met. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long time.


It felt weird. She felt like she was being sucked into his silver-gray eyes.


Silver-gray. It should have been a cold color, but strangely, his eyes were dark and hot. Adelaide stared blankly into his eyes like a hypnotized demon.


The strange sensation that wrapped around her body disappeared only after he spoke.


“Are you really going to release me?”


“If you don’t tell Boraka that I did.”


“Yes, of course. Uncuff me.”


Adelaide smirked internally. What a cocky attitude in a situation where even if he begged to be released, it won’t be enough! It’s fortunate that she was a kind demon, otherwise she would have left him already, telling him to escape on his own.


Adelaide pouted her lips and walked over to him. The handcuffs that bound the man’s limbs looked pretty solid, but the iron cord connected to the wall was thinner than expected. Thin enough that even in her weak state, she could break them.


‘Why didn’t you break this yourself?’


He has been imprisoned for 100 years and probably had no power. Adelaide shrugged her shoulders once and without hesitation grabbed the iron cord. And at that moment, her whole body lost strength.


“Oh, my God.”


Flop. Adelaide dropped to the ground again. Her head was spinning and her body felt weak.


“I guess you aren’t really the last straw.”


“This… uh, what…”


“Well, the handcuffs are imbued with angelic power. How dare you grab them like that, are you an id**t?”


This devil impersonator was really shameless. How dare he make fun of the good-will of a demon!


‘I knew it was going to be like this!’


Adelaide stared at him while lying on the floor. Filled with resentment and anger, she wanted to slap him terribly, but tears automatically flowed out from her eyes which made her cry.


The man had the nerve to smirk impudently.


“Hey, are you a succubus?”


“If I’m a succubus then so what, what!”


Adelaide shouted, straining her droopy tongue. This demon also wanted to discriminate against succubi, so her voice became fierce.


“Come to think of it, you’re trying to do me a favor.”




“Come on. Squeeze out your last strength or something.”


“Aren’t we supposed to go?” The man added, raising the corners of his lips.


Adelaide did not know why she followed him this time. She forced her limp body to stand up and approached him. She even raised her hand as he asked.


This is the power of this demon! She was now convinced.


“Think of this as an honor.”


The man whispered inaudibly. Suddenly, a large hand grabbed Adelaide’s hand. A tickling aura flowed through her skin along with a sense of warmth.


“It’s not a hand that just anyone can hold.”


A succubus can absorb an opponent’s energy through skinship. When the victim opens their heart, more energy is absorbed. Therefore, succubi would seduce adventurers and draw their energies and consume it.


In the case of Adelaide, it had been a long time since she abandoned her original job. Occasionally, even if she accidentally came into contact with someone, she did not intentionally absorb their energy. She thought it was the polite thing to do.


But now, things are different.


If she does not accept the energy immediately, Adelaide won’t be able to move for a long time. And it’s all the fault of this d*mn devil impersonator. There was no need to refuse him opening up his heart and giving energy to her.


Adelaide’s eyes changed. Her pink eyes, which seemed innocent, became as bewitching as bright red cherry blossoms. At the same time, her red lips drew delicate arcs. Her soft voice leaked out from the gap between her sultry lips.


“It is an honor.”


The man’s energy was quite delicious. But it’s not enough for a feast that she hadn’t enjoyed in a long time. Adelaide turned around, still holding one hand. Naturally, their hearts were still connected. The startled man’s chest muscles flinched and he hurriedly opened his mouth.


“What are you doing…!”


“These aren’t lips that just anyone can touch.”


Because she was once Morpheus’ best.


Adelaide, who whispered like that, grabbed the man’s head hard. She took his lips without hesitation.


The red tongue was mixed with hot breath. His sweet energy flowed into her body. It wasn’t even comparable to when they only held hands.


At the same time, a small wing protruded from Adelaide’s back. The black hair that had fluttered over her waist grew in an instant and covered her bottom. It was the appearance of a perfect succubus.




Adelaide exhaled with hazy eyes.


Gnarl, he licked his lips lightly. And then they kissed again.


It’s been a long time since she ate so it was too delicious. The skin all over her body heated up with excitement, and her desires were heightened. Adelaide continued to devour his energy as if she would never stop. Since she already had a taste, it was not easy to restrain herself. Reason had long since disappeared.


Surprised by the sudden touch, the man frowned but soon responded to her rough kiss.


As if he didn’t want to lose, he vigorously kissed her lips. Silver-gray eyes stared at Adelaide’s face without blinking for a moment. The face of the woman who was engrossed in his kiss was pretty seductive.


If only his hands and feet weren’t tied. The man frowned as he regretted.


Whether it was a meal, skinship, or a battle, things continued for a long time. Adelaide only came to her senses and pushed him away after her lips had become slightly swollen. Their lips unlinked with a smack and wet sound.

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“Hmm, now I’ve come back to my senses a little”


Unlike the man who was breathing heavily, Adelaide spoke with a clear expression.


The man’s eyebrows twitched at the brazen remark. His face, which had been arrogant, suddenly turned red.


“Then I’ll be on my way! There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to help, bye!”




Adelaide smiled brightly as she bid him goodbye. She ignored the man’s words and kept walking.


She could hear grinding teeth behind her, but she doesn’t care about it. Now if she doesn’t go back soon, Lisianthus will be worried.


“You, what’s your name?”


Before stepping into the portal, Adelaide glanced back at the man. He was staring at her with blazing eyes.


Well, there’s nothing she can’t tell him. Even if he was thinking of telling Boraca, he already knew what she looked like anyway.






The man slowly recited her name. Then he told her his last words as she left.


“I am Caladium. Remember.”


“I hate it”, Adelaide murmured obnoxiously.


After leaving the portal, Adelaide walked quickly towards her room.


Perhaps it was thanks to the energy she consumed, her body was revitalized. It was the first time in recent years that she had been this lively.


‘Are you a pretty strong demon, as well as your powers?’


A succubus becomes stronger the more it consumes the energy of a strong demon. Seeing that she recovered so much with just one kiss, he seems to be quite strong.

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It felt like her heart was beating all over her body. It was like a signal that her body was welcoming the energy that hadn’t come in a long time. There was also a sense of anxiety as she felt she committed a bad deed.


‘This time, it was inevitable.’


Adelaide rationalized it like this. She didn’t take away much of his energy, and it happened because of his fault in the first place, so she couldn’t be blamed for anything.


Adelaide focused on the energy that was circling around her body to forget her guilt. It was a deep red energy burning like a flame.


At that moment, the conversation with Lisianthus suddenly crossed her mind.


“Yes. Oh, what does the demon with the useful talent look like?”


“I don’t know. I just felt the energy. But if you see him for yourself, he’ll definitely feel special. Oh, the color of his energy was red.”


The sullen look on her face distorted in an instant.


“It’s ruined.”


Adelaide murmured vainly.


She couldn’t believe that the devil impersonator was the ‘useful talent’ Lisianthus was talking about.


Her meeting with him was so unusual that she didn’t even think about the possibility. Of course, it was because she thought that a useful talent would be one of the demons who belonged to the dungeon.


‘I really tried, it wasn’t enough..!’


Adelaide closed her eyes tightly and regretted it. She regretted it a little too late.