Chapter 13




Combining the description of Lisianthus and the impression she had after meeting him in person, it was clear that the demon called Caladium was at least a mid-level demon. Maybe even stronger than the Durahan she’d met before.


His use of power was physical domination, which was a very high-level kind. Although the degree of competence varies depending on the level, his must be quite high if they need the power of an angel to restrain him.


If they had such a talented person working for them, the level of Greenville Dungeon would quickly be upgraded. Of course, she will be able to pay back the debt.


But Adelaide had just thrown away this precious opportunity. Instead of helping him, she ignored him, sucked his energy, and even stole his lips. It’s all over.


“But, it was so irresistible.”


Adelaide shuffled helplessly, recalling Caladium’s behavior.


As soon as he saw her face, he would swear, and even though he knew that he was being restrained by angelic powers, he didn’t tell her, Adelaide almost collapsed and lost consciousness.


In fact, there have been cases where a low-level demon came into contact with an object from the heavens and immediately vanished into thin air. Had it not been for Adelaide hastily removing her hand, she might have followed in her grandfather’s footsteps at a young age.


Besides, ‘It’s an honor. It’s not a hand anyone can hold.’ I mean. Even though she wasn’t strong enough, how can she be kind to such a rude and arrogant demon?


Of course, if he had not been tied up, he would have immediately realized the difference in strength and would’ve been skeptical of her.


“Huu… “


Adelaide took a deep breath.


Making excuses wouldn’t change anything. And she couldn’t give up.


There were much more things hanging on her shoulders now more than ever. The dungeon’s existence, her future, and Lisianthus’ faith. She couldn’t give up any of them, but the latter was the one that bothered her the most at this moment.


‘I can’t tell Lisian this embarrassing news.’


Lisianthus  would be very disappointed to learn what she had done. So, without him knowing, she had to fix it quickly.


‘Let’s go back tomorrow. I’m going to try to convince him properly!’


Adelaide clenched her fists and vowed.


As she walked deep in thought, she arrived in front of the residence who lived in the dungeon. A little further and it’ll be the room she had been assigned with.


But just before she set off again, she heard a voice leak out from a  corner.




The voice was too low to hear properly, but it was definitely talking about her. The demons, who were often ignored, were good at finding and listening to sounds.


Adelaide walked carefully, removing her presence as much as she could. She had a lot more energy than usual, so her ability to remove her trace had improved significantly.


She followed the voice and found herself in front of a room with the door firmly closed. When she looked through the gap, she saw skeletons. They were the ones who threw bones at her earlier.


‘Let’s see what they’re talking about.’


Adelaide narrowed her eyes and pressed her ear to the door. She could then hear the conversation properly.


“Who’s going to throw a bone at that succubus tomorrow?”


“I will. I’ll do it.”


“Again? The Captain?”


“It’s okay. That’s what the Captain is for.”


They really didn’t waste time plotting their bullying. Adelaide laughed at the absurdity.


She turned her face away from the door and was about to move to get back on her way. However, she heard the remaining conversation.


“It must have hurt her a lot, right?”




“Yeah, I think I threw it too hard. There were tears in that little girl’s eyes…”


What kind of dual personality was this? Adelaide listened with interest.


“You couldn’t help it, Captain.”


“Yeah, look at that face that doesn’t know anything. If Boraca binds that innocent demon with fraud, we wouldn’t be able to sleep with the guilt. We have to make her hate this place so that she’d run away.”


“Yeah… I shouldn’t have said something weak. Thank you. I’ll clench my teeth and be cruel again tomorrow.”


“We’re grateful. The captain is doing something so difficult.”






Thick drops of tears ran down Adelaide’s cheeks.


These were tears of emotion. How, how could such good-natured creatures exist!


Adelaide decided to peek at the lovely appearance of the skeletons through the crack in the door.


‘The Skeletons can come with us to the Greenville Dungeon…!’


It was a decision without asking the parties’ opinions.




The next morning.


She probably wouldn’t even notice that it was already morning had Lisianthus not informed her. This was because, unlike the Greenville Dungeon, where the artificial sun was activated in the morning and the warm sunlight pours in, the Boraca Dungeon was dark regardless of the time.


Adelaide woke up still half-asleep and got a meal at the restaurant. She now had a habit of eating breakfast thanks to Lisianthus. However, the food she received, despite going through the hassle, was so terrible that she wanted to spit it out as soon as she took a bite.


“The welfare of the staff is terrible…”


Gulp. Adelaide looked sad and forced to swallow the food in her mouth.


Lately, as she had been eating Lisianthus’ food everyday, she had become more picky. But the food here was just tasteless. It was even far more inferior to the meals she ate at Morpheus.


“Ours was on the better side. They seem to be paying attention to our recruitment.”


“Then it’s actually worse than this? They’re too much.”


No matter how much they scammed them into a contract, they had to at least feed them properly! Adelaide felt sorry for the skeletons. However, she soon realized that they were monsters that did not need to eat and gained sympathy.


“But Master.”




Adelaide looked up, and mumbled with food in her mouth. Lisianthus was staring at her with curious eyes.


“You must have been very tired yesterday.”


Eek. Adelaide’s body stiffened.


As soon as she returned to her room last night, she fell asleep. Although she was tired, she had intended to hide the incident with Caladium.


Lisianthus said with a grin.


“I was waiting for you, but you fell asleep right away, so I was very disappointed.”


The way he smiled and curled his eyebrows was strangely seductive. She guessed it was because the content was misleading. Adelaide understood that and chewed the food in her mouth hard to answer quickly.


But before she could swallow, Lisianthus continued.


“Maybe it’s because you’ve been resting well? Strangely, the Master’s face looks more lively than usual. I think it was since last night.”


The food went down her throat. But Adelaide continued to mutter as if there was still food left. She kept her face straight as much as she could, pretending nothing had happened to her. A single drop of cold sweat ran down her spine as if to reveal her feelings.


“Looks like you received energy from someone.”


Why was he so quick-witted?


Adelaide glanced at him with a half-pale face. That pretty face that smiled at her was really scary. The corners of his eyes and lips were clearly smiling, but the eyes were cold.


Should she be honest? But if she did that, Lisianthus may be disappointed in her. However, it would be foolish to lie even if he already knew this much.


Unable to do anything, Adelaide remained silent.


Lisianthus waited for her answer without urging her. He maintained a smiling face like a painting. She panicked even more.




Just as Adelaide was about to part her lips to say something, her lifeline came down.

A clear, light knock sounded.




“Oh my, Carat!”


Adelaide got up and opened the door. The demon, who wasn’t very happy yesterday, was now so happy that she looked like she’s on the verge of death.


“Good morning! Did you sleep well? But what’s going on?”


“Uh… Uh, the master called you. I came here to tell you.”


Carat scratched the back of his head like a fool at the unexpected hospitality.


‘I thought you didn’t like me very much, didn’t you? Were you really sensitive to smell?’ 


What he was thinking was evident on his st*pid face.


“The Master? What for?”


“Probably an interview.”


“Okay, we’ll clean up and be right there with you.”


“No, he said only for you to come.”


Adelaide, who turned to clean up her food, stopped. Lisianthus’ cold stare was also directed towards Carat.


“Just me? Why?”


“It’s just…”


Carat glanced at Lisianthus, then turned to look at Adelaide. It was a very familiar sight. He looked at her chest and hips in turn.


“It will be a personal interview.”


Carat chuckled. He advised her to go quickly then left. The way he hummed was still clear to Adelaide.


A personal interview. Adelaide chewed on Carat’s words with a cold face.


It probably wasn’t for a good reason. But she had no reason to refuse. Adelaide said ‘Huh’ and exhaled with a sigh, and tried to put a smile on her lips.


“Lisian, I’ll go.”




“No, no. I’m fine. If he has a brain, he wouldn’t fool around since we haven’t signed a contract yet.”


Yeah, no matter how much of an id*ot he was, he won’t touch her before the contract was finalized. He wouldn’t want Adelaide and Lisianthus to leave and say they won’t sign the contract.


There was no way the clever Lisianthus could have failed to make such a judgment. Still, he continued to dissuade Adelaide.


“You don’t have to go. No matter what your attitude is, he wouldn’t cancel the contract.”


“Come on, that’ll be annoying, don’t worry. I’ll be right back.”