Chapter 4


“Who… what?”


Adelaide’s eyes opened wide in surprise.


Obviously, the document didn’t mention another family member, so who was this demon?


Long silver hair, as if made by melting the moonlight, gleamed beautifully even in a dark room. His face exposed through his hair was neat but sharp. His golden pupils that looked at her indifferently were like birds of prey, and his long eyes appeared ferocious.


He was a few feet taller than her, and he had long arms and legs with a slim body, but his shoulders and chest were wide, making him look bigger. It was only because of his well-dressed attire that she had an elegant impression of him rather than a clunky one.


After checking his appearance, Adelaide carefully corrected the question. Who the hell was this beautiful demon?


She didn’t care much about other people’s looks, and she was rather reluctant to look at good-looking men because she was tired of the arrogant behavior of the incubi. But it seemed that this modifier should be attached to this man.


A demon so beautiful that it is impossible not to mistake him for an incubus, opened his mouth.


“You ..”


He even has a nice voice. The deep voice with a low to mid-pitched tone matched the face. He also seemed pretty sexy.


No, this was not the time to admire his voice. Adelaide managed to come to her senses and grasped the situation.


The man standing in front of her was an intruder. This means that it is hardly the time for her to stand with a blank face.


‘Just try to stay calm and don’t panic.’


However, Adelaide could not help but panic at the next words of the intruder.


“Are you my master?”


‘What the hell is this nonsense?’


Adelaide unknowingly pursed her lips. She was so speechless that her neck dropped forward looking like it was dislocated. She looked ridiculous, but fortunately, the intruder had the decency not to point it out.


A random response came out of the blue.


“No, I’m just the master of this dungeon…”


As soon as she spoke, she regretted it.


‘You look like a crazy demon, why am I giving you a serious answer?’


But Adelaide was too weak to just kick him out. She was so weak that she couldn’t tell if the intruder was strong or not. That was also only possible if she had adequate power.


Adelaide watched him carefully, trying to be wary of any possible danger. She was the only one who felt the sorrow of the weak, having to watch out for illegal intruders in her dungeon.


The intruder had an unexpected response.


“Yes. If so, then you’re my master.”


The silver-haired demon said and smiled softly.


His face, which was frozen like ice, became warm like spring. His eyes were infinitely sweet, and his voice was much gentler than before. The perfect smile raised goosebumps all over her body. He was so handsome it was scary.


“What do you mea-…”


“I will introduce myself properly.”


The man casually knelt down on one of his knees. Long hair slid down his beautiful face.


“My name is Lisianthus, the manager of this dungeon.”


He flashed a terrifying smile.


“It is an honor to meet you. Master.”


Adelaide was startled and stepped back from him. She hesitated for a moment, then swallowed dry saliva and asked.




What is a manager doing in an F-class dungeon that doesn’t even produce large profits? The salary alone would be a big loss. She personally wouldn’t do it even if she was an idiot.


The scale of the decorations inside, and the manager, she felt like she knew why her grandfather was in such a big debt.


“Yes, don’t you remember from a long time ago? My lord appointed me as a manager and provided me with room and lodging.”


[T/N: Lisian was referring to her when he said ‘My lord’.]




“Come to think of it, you look different than last time. You must have taken Vida Nueva.”


This demon has now mistaken her for her grandfather. Adelaide, without realizing it, smirked.


Vida Nueva is the elixir said to be able to turn oneself younger. It was so precious that it was common for ordinary families to have never heard of it. However, the effect of Vida Nueva’s function is nothing more than changing one’s gender. However, the effect of Vida Nueva could not change one’s gender.


‘I can’t believe you mistook me for a man after seeing my figure.’ Adelaide admired his unbiased gaze. She envied his way of thinking.


“The person you met then was my grandfather, who passed away a while ago and I inherited the dungeon.”


“Oh, I see. I misunderstood because the portal could not be opened unless someone with Harbeiji’s blood activated it.”


Lisianthus nodded his head as if he understood now. As there was no sorrow to be found anywhere on his face, she thought he may not have been close with her grandfather.


“Hey, manager.”


“Please call me Lisianthus, Master. Or Lisian is also good.”


“Ah, yes, Lisian, please get up…”


“Yes, Master.”


It was awkward to see a large man on his knee look at her affectionately. The title ‘Master’ felt even more burdensome.


Adelaide stared at Lisianthus, who raised his body gracefully.


Just looking at his face, she thought he may be a little older than her. The stronger the demon, the slower they age, so he may be older than he seems. But, seeing him working as a dungeon manager in this remote countryside, he probably wasn’t that strong.


“Lisian, I’m sorry. I’m going to live here from today… so I’d like you to leave.”




Lisianthus didn’t look too surprised. Adelaide replied with ease because she saw his smiling face that didn’t seem upset.


“I can’t afford to pay your salary.”


“So far, I was being compensated by providing me accommodation. We can continue doing that.”


‘I don’t think an F-Class dungeon would need a manager…’


What would a manager even do in this little dungeon? Adelaide rolled her eyes and spoke.


“Ah, if you like living here, how about registering as a member? I’ll give you a discount.”


In general, the manager of the dungeon does not register and is only paid a wage. It was a contractual relationship, so it was possible to move freely, unlike other demons who register, there is no obligation to fight back when heroes attack.


A business opportunity! Adelaide was quick to suggest. But Lisianthus shook his head lightly.


“I don’t have any money.”


She was relieved by the firm answer.


Though he looks like a noble, he can’t even pay a monthly rent in an F-class dungeon. She felt that she understood. Someone with nowhere to go and no money.


Adelaide looked at Lisianthus with sympathetic eyes. He had the same expressionless face as before, but when she realized the situation, he seemed a little pitiful.


“Give me a chance.”


“What chance?”


“I’ll prove it in three days.”


“Prove what?” Adelaide tilted her head and asked. 


Lisianthus replied as he gently raised the corner of his lips and smiled.


“The need for a manager.”


‘That smile is so pretty again’. Adelaide shrugged. Suspicion and vigilance was reflected on her face.


‘Handsome guys use their smiles like weapons…’


The well-to-do incubus guys used to smile like that before they made trouble. But Lisianthus was more handsome than all of those incubus. That’s why she was even more wary. 


‘I’ll just kick you out in three days.’


‘I don’t know what he’ll do if I reject that offer for no reason.’


If he insists on staying and holding on, there’s no way Adelaide can do anything about it.


With rough judgment, she nodded her head and declared in a determined voice.


“All right, three days then. No more, no less, only three days for sure!”




Thirty minutes later.


“I appoint Lisian as the lifelong manager of Greenville Dungeon!”


Adelaide declared, smashing the table like a judge.


There was no trace of doubt or vigilance left on her face. She was too happy that she had found a lifelong companion.


If Penelope had seen it, she would have hit her on the head and asked if she was crazy that she had decided to live with a demon she met for the first time today. But Adelaide also had her own good reason.


Simply put, as Lisianthus promised, she felt the need for a manager.


Let’s go back to thirty minutes ago.


After Adelaide announced she would give him a three-day chance, Lisianthus said:


“It’s an honor. Master. You must have been tired on the way, so please sit down comfortably. I’ll bring you some warm tea.”


“Tea? Do you have something like that here? Did you buy it, Lisian?”


In the demon world, tea leaves were considered luxury goods. Low-level demons, who had a hard time living in the streets, had never had tea touch their mouths. Adelaide also only drank tea when she was alone with Maximilian.


Her fellow succubi would whine about Maximilian’s favoritism. It was because he doesn’t give tea to just anyone.


‘Well, that was in the past. And it’s not like I’ll be sleeping…’


“It’s probably better to see it for yourself. Would you like to follow me?”


Adelaide followed Lisianthus like a docile puppy. Lisianthus smiled kindly and opened the door to the room on the right, which Adelaide had yet to enter.


The room on the left, which was well decorated, looked much better than the room on the right. There was nothing inside except five flower pots, some junk, and a wooden door.


“Huh? There’s a door. Is it another portal to exit the dungeon?”


“No, it’s a space that I’ve split into two rooms to use for different purposes. I prefer not going out of this dungeon if I can help it…” Lisianthus continued, opening the wooden door.


“I’ve created a self-sufficient space.”


A green world appeared before her.


Outside the wooden door was a garden. No, it’s more fitting to call it a field rather than a garden. It was because all kinds of crops, fruit trees, and tea trees were planted in abundance. The warm sunlight illuminated the water and trees, and the dark soil looked very healthy.


“How is there a sun in the dungeon…?”


“I installed it.”


Lisianthus replied with a satisfied smile. It was something he was proud to show Adelaide.


The magic of creating an artificial sun in a dungeon is prohibitively expensive. The applicable range is not very wide and it was not that useful, so most dungeon masters did not buy it. It wasn’t usually installed until a dungeon was at least a C-class.


It’s not even his own dungeon, yet he invested such a large amount of money that he doesn’t have enough to pay rent. As a demon, Adelaide opened her mouth in amazement at the ridiculous spending.


She understood why Lisianthus didn’t want to leave. It was clear that he poured all his money into living here for the rest of his life.


‘He doesn’t even think about tomorrow.’


Even Adelaide, who was not very smart, thought it was a reckless act.


“These crops…?”


“Yes, they grow on their own. I just had cherry tomatoes a few days ago, would you like to try them? They’re very sweet.”


Adelaide took the cherry tomatoes he gave her and ate them nonchalantly. Like he said, they were really sweet.


“This is lettuce, that is rugola, and that one…..”


His face, explaining the crops one by one, seemed somewhat reminiscent. The blunt-looking expression was gone, and only the proud face of a young farmer remained.




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