Chapter 5


It wasn’t until about five minutes later that Lisianthus calmed down.


“Oh my, I seem to have been keeping Master for too long. I guess I talked a lot because it’s the first time I’m showing someone the crops I’ve grown myself. It’s silly. Let’s go back in. We have well-dried tea leaves so I’ll make some warm tea.”


The face that smiled awkwardly was a little cute. It wouldn’t be too bad to live together.


‘Argh! I almost fell for it! No, no, no! Get a hold of yourself, Adela!’


Adelaide lightly slapped herself on the cheek. She must have been less threatened by his handsome face as she almost fell for it.


She returned to the living room and sat down on a chair with pretty cushions. After she sat down, she noticed that the table was a bit high. Lisianthus, who was skillfully brewing tea, saw this.


“So, the furniture was made for me, so it might be a little uncomfortable. I will make one suitable for you tomorrow.”


“You make furniture…?”


Adelaide had an indescribable look on her face. She looked surprised and spaced out. Lisianthus smiled and pretended not to see it, then replied.


“Yes, there is almost nothing in this dungeon that I have not touched.”


“Then what about this light?”


“I made it.”


“And this vase?”


“I grew the flowers myself and made the bottles.”


“…… The bath tub?”


“I also made that.”


She even pointed to things that seemed impossible to make, but the answer was the same.


Adelaide’s expression fell into even more confusion, and Lisianthus, who was watching her, explained with a sly smile.


“My power specializes in such things.”




She then understood.


Mid-level demons and above have at least one power. The stronger the demon, the greater the power, and the type of power they have, also increases. There were demons who were born with various powers, and there were demons who developed more as they lived, so the possibilities were endless.


And Adelaide, who had not yet demonstrated a single power despite being a mid-level demon, looked at Lisianthus with envy. Although his power was not the type that others recognized, it seemed the best to be self-sufficient in times like this.


“Then… Are you good at cooking?”


Let’s see how well he can do this! Adelaide asked, feeling inferior.


And after a while…


“Rucola pasta, paprika omelette and hibiscus iced tea.”


Adelaide has never seen such beautiful food in her life. It was a natural reaction as she had only eaten food from Morpheus’ messy hall everyday.


The fork headed for the plate was shaking in excitement. And as soon as she had a mouth full of soft omelette, Adelaide decided.


“I appoint Lisian as the lifelong manager of Greenville Dungeon!”


‘I’ll eat this food for the rest of my life.’


Lisianthus, who got a job just like that, became the manager of the Greenville Dungeon again in half an hour.


Time passed like a dream. Life with Lisianthus was truly perfect. She ate high-quality food every meal, lay down on furniture specially made for her size, and rolled around all day.


The cleaning, which had to be done on time, even though she didn’t want to do it while she was in Morpheus, was no longer her responsibility. There were no demons urging her to work.


Lisianthus, which felt difficult at first, became comfortable in less than a day. He had Adelaide as his master, and at times, was a decent conversationalist who soothed her boredom.


Lisianthus knew a lot of things so no matter what she asked, he would answer them kindly and accurately. The handsome face was a little scary, but she got used to it as time went on.


And a few days later, a letter arrived for Adelaide, who was drunk with a satisfying life.


The interest you need to pay back this month is 1 Alma. If you are unable to pay, an agent from the Debt Management Bureau will visit you. 


Thank you.


Next to Thank you was a drawing of a smiling bear. It was the same as her current mood.


“Lisian, what if a Debt Management Agent comes to visit?” Adelaide concealed her feelings of being robbed and calmly asked.


Lisianthus, who was hanging out the laundry under the artificial sun, replied with a friendly tone.


“At least one arm will be cut off.”


It was time to start dungeon management.


1 Alma. It is equivalent to 100 Hellas which is the monthly wage of Penelope, a well-known succubus.


It was ridiculously small compared to the borrowed amount, but it was too much money for Adelaide, who only had money to ride the warp once.


“666 Almas. You borrowed a lot.”


Lisianthus, who had already dried all the laundry, approached, looked at the notice and said: 


The fact that his old master owed a lot has come to light.


“I’ve just inherited it, and the owner is so young that he’s lowering interest rates a lot. Thank God.”


“It sounds like I’m going to have to pay it back for the rest of my life…”


Adelaide muttered with a look of dismay. She let out a sigh. As expected, she would never be able to repay even the interest that had already been lowered so much.


However, it is impossible to remain depressed like this.


‘If I do, my arm will be amputated after a month. No, he said at least one arm, so maybe I’ll lose something more.’


Her golden imagination sent chills down her spine.


“We need to develop the dungeon.” Adelaide declared, raising her body from the rocking chair.


Then she turned her head and looked at Lisianthus. He seemed to have a smile on his face.


“Lisian, can you help me?”


She has never had a business in her entire life. She failed managing her own life, let alone hiding in a dungeon, so there’s no need to say more. She had to ask for help. It is foolish to start blindly without knowing anything.


“Of course. Master.”


Lisianthus laughed, saying he was glad he could help.


And that afternoon, after washing the dishes, Lisianthus set a long stick on the table. The wooden bar looked so fragile that it seemed it would break if touched.


“What’s this?”


“It’s a dungeon pad. It’s time to check the status of the dungeon. It is used when requesting a class upgrade. Try spreading the bar sideways.”


When she looked closely at the bar, which she thought was a single rod, she saw  a cracked frame in the middle. It looked like two rods were attached as a pair. As he advised, a transparent screen was revealed when the bars were spread on both sides. Letters slowly began to appear on the screen.


“This is the dungeon pad I’ve only heard of. I only have one dungeon… but it’s a lot worse than I thought.”


“It’s because the dungeon class is low. Raising the class will add a number of features, and the interface will look better.”


Adelaide moved her finger carefully to avoid breaking the pad and lowered the screen. There was nothing special.


[Greenville Dungeon] 

Owner: Adelaide

Grade: F-5

Assets: 0

Registered Demons: 0

Room Count: 4

Trap Rooms: 0

Portal Count: 1


She was a fool expecting her grandfather to have left some money behind. There’s no way a person who was in so much debt could put money here.


‘’No, shouldn’t there at least be something?’


Adelaide pouted her lips in her frustration. Suddenly, one of her doubts arose.


‘Could it be, there was money in the beginning, but other demons touched it? For example… The demon who has been living here this whole time?’


“By the way, only the owner can touch the assets.” Lisianthus said with a smile on his face.


Adelaide, who had a gentle gaze, but felt that she had a puncture wound, shuddered. 


‘Does he have two powers instead of one? Is one of them mind-reading?’


She smiled comfortably, saying.


“Uh, of course I know. I never thought that.”


“Yes, of course. I said it just in case.”


“Yes, yes, then the pad. Why did you bring it all of a sudden?”


It was a perfect diversion. Adelaide praised herself.


“You said you were going to develop the dungeon.”


“Oh, because of that.”


“There’s one thing I’d like to ask you before I can help you.”


Lisianthus’ voice has become much lower. His face looked serious too. Adelaide nodded.


“What’s your goal?”


It was an abrupt question. Adelaide blinked absentmindedly. Lisianthus stared at her without adding anything.


Are you testing your master’s disposition? Or are you just being practical?


There is no need to worry about the former or the latter. Adelaide has already set her goals, and she has no desire to change whatever the answer may be.


“We will create a dungeon that provides a very high salary, with great benefits, and the best accommodation and meals.”


Normally, dungeons receive monthly rent from the demons registered. However, the situation is reversed when the dungeon class exceeds a certain level and has high profitability. It’s good to give a competitive salary to bring in strong demons and further develop the dungeon.


It’s easy to say, but not many dungeons have reached this stage.


“That’s a B-class at the very least.” Lisianthus said solemnly.


It was too high to aim for, coming from an F-class dungeon, but he didn’t look surprised or disappointed.


“No.” Adelaide shook her head.


Her red lips parted open and her imposing voice burst out.


“The target is S-class.”


Adelaide added. It has to be enough to realistically pay off all her debt. Even if it seemed like an unrealistic goal. Only then did Lisianthus respond.


His sharp eyes curved gently and his long silver hair fluttered like a butterfly’s wings. A satisfied smile appeared on his beautiful face.

Perhaps it was the right answer.


“What the master desires, I will surely make it happen.”


Adelaide replied with a bright smile. When Lisianthus said it, it seemed like it would really come true. He had neither excellent fighting ability nor strong power, but somehow he still wanted to proceed.


“So let’s get started. Looking at the dungeon information shown here, what do you think is the problem?”


“Uhh… Everything?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


Adelaide was only half joking but she was embarrassed that she was right.




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