Chapter 7



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“Me, I will!”


“No, I will! Step aside!”


As expected, the competition was fierce, so both of them rushed in saying that they would sign the contract. Without even thinking of reading the contract properly.


Adelaide smiled warmly was about to sign a contract with the Durahan who approached her first.




In an instant the contract disappeared from in front of her.


“Greenville Dungeon.”


A dull voice came from behind.


As she turned her head in a hurry, she saw a particularly big Durahan. He had approached without her knowing and took away the contract in her hand.


He flipped through the contract and soon grabbed the last page. Only then did Adelaide realize the situation, she was surprised that the contract was taken, but more than that, she…


The Durahan’s voice followed.


“Class: F-5, Holding assets: 0, Number of demons: 0. Number of rooms: 6.”


“You’re being tricked.”


Adelaide closed her eyes tightly.


“I wouldn’t call this a good offer.”


Due to the Durahan’s evaluation, other Durahans also grasped the situation. Soon they approached her with very harsh gestures.


“Aren’t you a scammer?”


“If Raham hadn’t told us, we would have gone crazy!”


“You dare try to deceive us Durahan, you, a mere succubus?”


Adelaide stepped back in surprise.


“I didn’t mean to cheat… Ahh!”


Someone shoved her with a spear. It was a light push to them, but it was a tingling shock to her, a weak woman. Her body fell backwards as if she was about to fall.


She almost fell down and hit her head on the floor if someone hadn’t caught her from behind.


“How can you be so violent towards the Lady?”


The Durahan, who had just revealed the content of the clause in the contract, said with a firm grip on Adelaide’s shoulder. The low voice was quite fierce.


“I’m sure you’re at fault for trying to sign the contract without reading it.”


“Raham, that’s not it…”


“This girl is lying. She doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘Lady’.”


“…… Because this succubus was lying.”


The Durahans hesitated and looked at the person called ‘Raham’. He seemed to be a quite powerful demon here.


“I didn’t lie! Everything I said was the truth. Good food, a bathroom and an artificial sun.” Lies that can’t be done anywhere.


“I’m telling you it-… it’s true…!”


Adelaide instinctively raised her arms and covered her head to protect herself and murmured. Yes, even to herself, an F-class dungeon with a bathroom and an artificial sun seemed like a lie. But what can she do if it’s real?


“Stop it, you guys calm down and I’m going to let this woman go.”


“No, we didn’t mean to hit her either…”


Raham, who firmly blocked the other Durahans from approaching, enjoyed walking with Adelaide’s arms wrapped around his armor.


Adelaide did not hesitate to follow him because it was a good opportunity to escape from this dangerous situation.


Soon she moved away from the Durahans and arrived at the place where the ladybug was waiting. Adelaide, who had been glancing at Raham throughout the walk, only opened her mouth when she stopped.


“I… Thank you. I was in trouble, but you helped me.”


“Even though I’m the one who put you in trouble?”


Raham asked, tilting his head in an unusual way. Of course, there was no head, only the neck. It looked like he was smirking.


‘Yeah, actually that’s a bit annoying. I can’t believe you scattered ashes on cooked rice!’

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Adelaide only grumbled inwardly. It’s been done, and nothing will change even if she said more. It would be wise if she would just hurry up and find another way.


“Well, I brought it on myself. Actually, I thought I might get caught… But I really didn’t lie! I swear.”




“Yes, really.”


Adelaide exclaimed, pounding her chest. Then Raham smiled softly. Without his face, she couldn’t tell if he was smiling or not, but that’s what the atmosphere seemed like.


Then she made a suggestion in order to not miss out on the opportunity.


“So, by any chance, do you want to move into my dungeon? I’ll take good care of you!”


Two slender hands grabbed Raham’s large hand. Pink eyes looked at him.


It glistened like the sun.


Penelope had told her that it was a way to seduce a man. If you do, anyone will fall for it, and unless they aren’t attracted to women or an eunuch, they will give in.


Unfortunately it had no effect.


Adelaide clenched her hand in embarrassment, blaming Penelope inwardly.


“I’ll give you a discount, 9 Hellas per month…”


She didn’t want to miss out recruiting this strong-looking demon, so she even lowered the price. But Raham only replied in a vague voice.


“If your dungeon becomes E-rank, I’ll think about it.”


As if Raham didn’t want to talk any more, he lifted Adelaide up and put her on the ladybug’s back.


“8 Hellas! Then, 7 Hellas?!”


She bargained until the end, but he disappeared without looking back.


In the end, Adelaide’s goal to recruit a Durahan was thwarted in this way.


Adelaide went to different places afterwards, doing her best to recruit tenants. But her efforts were sometimes, no, quite often betrayed.


All of the demons were the same.


“Are there any adventurers coming? You’re telling me to go to an F-class dungeon? Is this a joke?”


He ridiculed and threatened her by saying that she had insulted him. Adelaide couldn’t even fight back, and just ran away. She promised that one day she would succeed and make sure he regretted it.


When all the candidate mid-level demons rejected the offer, Adelaide went to a den of low-level demons. But their answers were not very satisfactory either.


“I don’t have money to pay rent. But I have the power to eat you.”




The low-level demons attacked Adelaide as if they’ve been waiting for an opening. Adelaide fled, dodging their attacks like a rat.


Thanks to eating and sleeping well, she had a lot of Magi, and the speed of her running away became quite fast. She often ran away, so she was already skilled at running.


Adelaide, who had escaped safely from the low-level demons, sat down on the street and exhaled. This was why she couldn’t face Lisianthus. Even the well-being of her arms cannot be guaranteed.


A ladybug passed by her side as she sat like a homeless person. The way it flapped its wings seemed like it just came back from work.


“Ladybug, would you like to move into our dungeon?”


And even the ladybug rejected her. It’s like it was annoyed, it was very aggressive.


The wounded Adelaide bowed her head helplessly. It’s a dungeon that may even soon shut down. She only now fully realized the situation of her dungeon. A shadow fell over her desperate head. Soon, a familiar voice rang in her ears.




It was Lisianthus.


Adelaide raised her head and met his gaze.


“Lisian? Why are you here?”


“It was evening and you still hadn’t come back, so I came to look for you.”


“Oh, it’s already like that.”


Time flew by in an instant as she was being rejected here and there all day, then repeatedly ran away. Soon after, the sun had settled down.


Her face darkened even more as she looked at the dark sky. It was the sad face of an unsuccessful head of the family.




Lisianthus called her trying to cheer her up, but Adelaide did not answer. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything even though she worked hard. Her head almost fell to the ground.


Lisianthus, who had been silent for a while, slowly lowered his body and faced her. They were now at eye level.


“Miss Adelaide.”


When a sweet voice called her name, Adelaide reflexively lifted her eyes. It was the first time he had called her name.


She saw a friendly smile on his face. The tension eased and warmed her heart.


“I’ve found a new way.”


“So stop being sad.”


Lisianthus gently wrapped Adelaide’s hands in his.


“Let’s go back together. You should have dinner.”


His voice was kind.


“There is no talent available in this area.”




Thick potato soup dripped down Adelaide’s lips.


Even pieces of parsley came down, which made Adelaide look pretty ridiculous, but she couldn’t even think about wiping it off while looking at Lisianthus’ face. Her incessant stare revealed her self-righteousness.


“Master, there’s soup dripping from your mouth.


“Oh, well.”


Adelaide roughly licked her lips with her tongue. The special soup of Lisianthus was very delicious.


However, it was impossible to wipe the soup that had dripped down to her chin using her tongue. Just as she was about to let go of her spoon that she was holding dearly, Lisianthus moved first.


“Excuse me for a moment.”


He was a demon who carried a handkerchief. The navy blue checkered handkerchief had a warm, classic design, but when you look at the appearance of the person holding it, he looked very sophisticated. The movement of wiping her chin was as light and delicate as her feathers.


“Thank you.”


“Don’t mention it.”


Adelaide smiled in gratitude and took a full bite of the food she was holding in her left hand. The freshly baked bread tasted impressive even when already full.


She mumbled and continued again.


“What do you mean no talent?”


“Literally. There were no demons capable enough to join us.”


Adelaide smiled vaguely instead of answering.


‘How should I say this?’


‘We were the ones who got rejected.’


No matter how much she lowered the price, there was not a single demon that wanted to make a contract. Even a passing lady bug immediately rejected her offer. Recruiting someone with talent is difficult, so we might have to beg for just one person to come.


It seems that Lisianthus was shocked and had a mental victory. The so-called ‘That grape must be sour’.


[P/N: Sour grapes is the expression we use when someone puts something down in a negative way or makes it out to be unimportant solely because it is unattainable to them]



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