Chapter 8



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Adelaide didn’t want to dampen his efforts, so she asked as naturally as possible.


“That’s right. So what do we do now? You said you found a new way, right?”


As soon as she arrived at the dungeon, she was obsessed with eating the food that Lisianthus had prepared, so it was only now that she was asking questions. She felt better after eating delicious food and feeling full. She was also motivated to try again.


“Yes, I found one. Master, do you know the Serbia region?”


“Yes. It seems to be quite close to Sarman and the closest dungeon to us is also there. From what I was told.”


Serbia was close enough to Sarman without using a warp.


Everyone knows that it has the biggest city around here. Of course, it was the best in the south of Kronatan, but compared to Central Belial, it was on a shabby level.


The dungeon closest to Greenville Dungeon, a neighboring dungeon, was also in Serbia. When Adelaide made her move-in offer, several demon races turned her down, saying they’d rather enter the neighboring dungeon than follow her to Greenville. Thanks to that, it was the first time she found out about its existence.


It’s name is ‘Boraca Dungeon’, it wasn’t a very fancy name, but it sounded a few hundred times better than Greenville Dungeon.


Adelaide opened the business in anticipation of the new way that Lisianthus had found.


“Are there any demons in that area who can make a contract with us?”


“Yeah, considering the energy I feel, I’m sure he’s pretty talented.”


“Where, where is he?”


She didn’t bother to ask if the talented guy would come to their dungeon. For now, whether she was rejected or not, she was going to push hard. She would bow if he moved in even if she only received 5 Hellas, or even 3 Hellas a month. Adelaide was that desperate.


“He’s in the Boraca Dungeon.”


However, Lisianthus’ reply poured cold water on her motivation.


Adelaide asked brightly, trying to turn the positive circuit around.


“……Our neighboring dungeon? He’s nearby?”


“No, I think he lives in that dungeon.”


“Then what’s the point? He already belongs to a dungeon!”


Adelaide’s face quickly burst into tears. ‘You made me look forward to it by saying it’s a new way, but what meaningless conversation is this?’


Lysianthus calmly replied whether he knew how much she felt wronged.


“I don’t know if he belongs to the dungeon. Maybe he’s an unregistered demon.”


“That’s not a common case…”


“It isn’t, but it doesn’t matter if he belongs to it. Like I said, there’s a new way.”


“What is it?”


Slowly, Lisianthus poured hot tea into Adelaide’s cup. He was the one who gave her tea every day, worrying about her, as she had been talking in a loud voice recently.


Adelaide quietly took the tea and drank it, waiting for his answer. And the gentle voice continued.


“Let’s invade the neighboring dungeon.”


The problem, however, was that the content of his answer was not friendly at all. Slowly, the fragrant tea flowed down through the gap between her open lips and dripped onto the table. Adelaide couldn’t think once again and stared at him blankly.


“Excuse me.”


Lisianthus wiped her chin again with a gentle expression. This time, it was a brown checkered handkerchief. Adelaide was too stunned to say thank you.


“Boraca Dungeon is an E-4 level dungeon. There are more than 20 demons, and they have quite a few assets. Perhaps there’s some unused magic as well. It’s quite a dungeon, so it’ll be fun for the Master to watch. Oh, there is also a trap room that the Master might like.”


He calmly continued his explanation. He looked like he had no worries or reservations in his proposal. It was enough to mention that it was fun, so she knew it would be laid-back.


Adelaide had a dejected face. She shook her head a few times before she stuttered and said.


“Lisian, I thought you were a pacifist…”


She thought his only ability was to specialize in furniture making and cooking. Even more so because he likes to grow crops in a small dungeon and decorate the living room by making cute props.


“Yes, I am.”


“That’s not to say…”


However, Lisianthus smiled languidly. It felt strangely different from the smile she had seen so far.


“If you are a demon, shouldn’t you have what you want?”


Adelaide swallowed dry saliva.


Somehow he was strange and scary. Golden pupils blazing in his curved eyes, and a grotesque radiance just like that of a predator.


The moment her vigilance, which had disappeared since the first day, instinctively creeped up, the atmosphere quickly diminished.


“I don’t mean to attack. I simply mean to bring it over, whether it be a magic stone worth using, or a demon worth recruiting.”


His eyes became as sweet as usual, as if they had never looked ferocious. The tone of his voice was soft, like he was trying to soothe her.


Afterwards, Adelaide took a deep breath. She was so nervous that she was holding her breath without realizing it.


She must have misunderstood something. Thinking so, she glanced at Lisianthus. He was smiling as if he knew nothing. Adelaide was relieved and concentrated on the conversation again.


“But, morally, it’s a bit… isn’t it?”


It’s not like dungeons don’t go against each other. In fact, many dungeons fight and conquer each other to increase their power. However, ‘battle’ and ‘invasion’ feel a little different.


Invading other dungeons without any justification was insulting in many ways.Their honor would obviously be reduced, and some demons with high pride refuse to belong to a dungeon that has such an infamous former enemy.


In other words, it’s never a good choice for the long run.


“I know what your concerns are, but it’s okay. As a result, the Master can take what the Boraca Dungeon has without losing your honor.”




“While the Master was busy walking around, I did my own research. About the Boraca Dungeon and its owner, Boraca. The biggest feature is…”


‘They named the dungeon after their own name.’ Adelaide briefly admired.


She wanted to quickly save money and change her dungeon’s boring name.


‘I don’t think ‘Adelaide Dungeon’ is bad either. Or ‘Adela Dungeon’ for short.’


Lisianthus touched the table lightly with his index finger. It allowed Adelaide to regain her concentration after a brief pause in her mind.


“It’s a scam.”




“Most of the demons in Boraca Dungeon were bound by fraudulent contracts. They’re forced to sign forged contracts and then have to pay too much rent and work too hard. They’re practically slaves.”


“How is that possible?”


Demons are not a very patient race. It’s different for each demon, but for some, even if they’ve been swindled in signing a contract, and even if the uncomfortable life continues, they get up without arguing. It was bound to be.


There was only one case where they maintained their patience.


“Because the escort of Boraca is very strong. From what I heard, he’s a mid-level demon, but almost high-level.


“It is said that he has a power that is close to a high-level demon. Maybe the monthly rent he took from the other demons went to his level.”


When you are pushed out of the dominance of power.


Adelaide, who was in a weak position, sighed a little.


“Because of this, it is clear that even if we invade the Boraca Dungeon, there will be no harm to the honor of Master. Rather, it could actually go up.”


In fact, all his words were assuming that ‘the invasion was successful’. They could lose a lot more if they didn’t succeed, but Lisianthus didn’t say a word about that.


Adelaide, who fell in love with that subtle tone of his voice, also began to paint the future on the premise that they would succeed. She didn’t have a lot of worries about things that haven’t happened yet, so it wasn’t difficult to persuade her.


“As our honor rises, the number of demons who would apply to move in will also increase, right?”


“Yes, of course.”


“So we’re gonna get paid for it?”


“That’s right.”


As the conversation continued, Adelaide’s eyes brightened. She clenched her fist to express her will.


“Let’s go now!”


To the Boraca dungeon! Adelaide exclaimed loudly.


Lisianthus smiled contentedly and nodded his head.




They said that they should go right away, but they couldn’t really start immediately. It was necessary to prepare to come back safely after infiltrating the dungeon, a place where a demon with abilities close to those of high-level demons exist. What are the preparations? This was it.


“Lisian, how are you? Are you okay?”


Adelaide asked, turning around.


She was wearing a very different outfit than usual. Instead of the wide dress she wore day and night, she wore a black dress that was tight enough to perfectly show off her body’s curves 


The dress showed her chest area, her long white legs stood out because she had no stomach, and the skirt hugged her body tightly. She wore translucent stockings that went up to the top of her thighs, and she wore high-quality shoes.


She literally looked like a succubus.


There was no need to apply anything on her face. She was born beautiful to begin with.


However, she untied her hair, which she usually wore up comfortably, and combed it neatly. Her black hair flowing down to her chest was as beautiful as the night sky, and looked pretty good to her.


“I don’t think it’s necessary to do this, but…”


Lisianthus looked uncharacteristically embarrassed.


He was also dressed differently than usual. Instead of always being neatly dressed in a shirt, vest and black pants, he wore a dungeon-fitting uniform like Adelaide. There were a lot of decorations here and there, and the coat came down long and had a fluttering appearance.


However, since the person wearing it was beautiful, even that ‘cheeky look’ looked good. If Lisianthus’s strength was originally the sexiness that was gently reflected in neatness, now it was just sexy itself. The way he squinted his eyes and bit his lips looked seductive.


“No, if you’re going to do it, do it right! Again, what about Lisian?”


Adelaide even showed her wings after a long time. It was a small thing that was very inconvenient so she didn’t want to take it out.


Lisianthus hesitated for a moment as if embarrassed, then answered in a low voice.


“…an Incubus.”




Adelaide looked up at him and reckoned his answer.


“I am the Master’s oppa.”




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