Chapter 9


Stealth Operation!


‘I never dreamt that I would do this wonderful act myself, which I have only read in novels.’ She felt a little excitement all over her body.


Adelaide was awash with the thought that she had become a spy. The anxiety that she might be caught came as a pleasant tremor to her.


“Wait here for a moment.”


The manager of the Boraca Dungeon left without a single word and hadn’t returned for 10 minutes.


Although he spoke politely, he looked lazy just by looking at his face. Even his clothes were untidy and messy, which was not great to look at.


Adelaide chuckled, saying that the manager was really missing. He was very different from the manager of Greenville Dungeon, who maintains his shirt without a single wrinkle.


“Let’s not take him.”


Adelaide whispered in Lisianthus’ ear. She was thinking of taking only one or two people with them anyway, but she  didn’t want to take him. It was questionable whether there were demons who will go with them, but such a lazy b*stard will be rejected from their side first.


Lisianthus replied with a faint smile.


“Did you intend to have a manager other than me? I guess I’m not good enough.”


Long, silvery eyebrows furrowed and covered his clear eyes. Even the smile on his lips looked very lonely.


“No, that’s not it.”


“I will reflect on myself. I will serve you more sincerely in the future, so please reconsider.”


“No, no!”


Adelaide waved her hands vigorously in surprise. But soon she saw his smiling face and realized that she had been teased. It was a strange feeling rather than unpleasant.


“Lisian, so you know how to play such a prank.”


“I’m not a boring demon.”


Lisianthus smiled and shrugged slightly.


“Oh, it looks like the manager is coming back. You’d better arrange your clothes again. Master.”


“Not Master, ‘Adela’. Who calls his own sister Master?” Adelaide added with a smile.


He couldn’t say her name because it seemed awkward for him. Adelaide didn’t want to rush him because she thought he would do well even without forcing him to do so.


Instead, she arranged her clothes according to his advice. After getting off the ladybug, the dress went up a little because they walked quite a bit. She grabbed the dress with her hand and made her chest visible again.


Then said, “Good enough, right?” She smiled and looked at Lisianthus.


Lisianthus, who turned to the front and meant to ask her to cover her chest, didn’t say anything and just avoided her gaze.


“Follow me. The master is waiting for you.”


Soon the manager of the Boraca Dungeon arrived and guided them. It wasn’t very nice seeing him drag his feet.


Adelaide saw that, and promised again that she would never take him away. She was already counting her chickens before they’d even hatched.


Soon, they arrived in front of a large portal. It looked like it was a portal that they would go through to enter Boraca’s room.


‘I’m envious.’


Adelaide lowered her eyebrows pitifully and smacked her lips. If a portal was installed in this way, even if an outsider enters, they can take you to the room without revealing the dungeon. It was possible to keep trade secrets, such as how it was designed and where and how the trap room was installed.


She needs at least eight rooms to install a portal, so it’s still a long way for her. In the first place, she didn’t have any trade secrets to keep about the Greenville Dungeon.


When she closed her eyes and went into the portal, the place quickly changed. Adelaide opened her mouth in surprise as soon as she opened her eyes. An exclamation just popped out.




“Fancy, isn’t it? This is a room where you can see the wealth of the Boraca Dungeon.”


The manager raised his chin and said with an arrogant expression.


As he said, it was a fancy room.


The size of the room was really big, it looked like several rooms were put together. Everywhere was decorated with expensive jewels and not only were there decorations, but treasures were piled up on both sides. They seemed to be trophies taken from the adventurers.


‘Even if I steal only one of these, I will be able to pay the interest.’


Adelaide walked quietly along the carpet, glancing around with greedy eyes.


There were only a few steps left at the end of the long carpet, and a golden chair was placed on it.


How big and shiny it was, she vowed that if she succeeded one day, she would put up a chair like that.


“Oh! It’s really a succubus!”


As she was distracted for a moment, a demon standing behind the chair shouted in a loud voice.


When Adelaide came to her senses and turned her gaze, she saw a man with a very small stature despite his voice. She was taller than him as if he was a little demon.


“This is better than I expected……!”


He moved his short legs and quickly moved forward in front of Adelaide. His gloomy eyes scanned her up and down her. His mouth opened wide after checking her seductive figure.


Lisianthus’ eyes narrowed for a moment. Even his well-groomed eyebrows twitched slightly. Adelaide, in fact, looked at the demon standing in front of her with no change in her expression. It’s because it wasn’t the first time she had received this kind of gaze.


“What are you doing?! Hurry up, bow to the master and greet him!”


‘Oh, is this Boraca? I didn’t even know that he was the dungeon master because I couldn’t feel any strength from him.’


Adelaide, realizing the identity of the little demon, slowly bent down…


“How do you do? My name is Adelaide, a Succubus.”


“…… Incubus, Lisianthus.”


It’s not that difficult for her to pretend to be obedient, naive, and please him. Because that’s what she always did to stick to Morpheus like a bug.


However, Lisianthus had a very hard tone of voice because he felt awkward doing this. Adelaide was amazed at the fact that there was something he couldn’t do, and took it easy.


“I worked for the Morpheus Association, and my brother worked for the Rygius Association. While looking for a new workplace, we were lucky to find this Boraca Dungeon. I’ve heard of the fame, but seeing it in person like this, the real thing is much more splendid and grandiose.”


“Yes indeed! There are no other dungeons in this area. I’m surprised you were in Morpheus! It’s a famous association, isn’t it?”


“Even if it’s famous, the working environment isn’t very good. So, I really wanted to live in a distant place. Especially in such a wonderful dungeon.”


Adelaide wiggled her tail and smiled again. Her voice was louder than usual and was charming.


With her flattery, Boraca laughed horribly. He continued to look at Adelaide’s face and body throughout the conversation.


Her transparent white skin, big eyes like a set of jewels, a small, stout nose, and reddish lips with a bright smile, every inch of her was beautiful.


At first glance, she looked innocent, but the slightly raised corners of the eyes, the long eyelashes that would slightly cover her pupils, the sly smile and the soft gaping lips, were truly fascinating.


What about her body? The long limbs were so thin that you’d doubt if they had grown up eating poorly, but the curves were clear. The narrow waist seemed more than enough to be held by both hands, and the hips under the wide pelvis were nicely convex. Especially those huge…




A low-pitched voice cut off Boraca’s secret thoughts.


Boraca, who was staring blankly at Adelaide’s chest, reflexively raised his head. He felt a cold gaze on him.


“We want to apply for this dungeon. Is it possible?”


Lisianthus looked down at the demon that was two or three feet smaller than himself and asked. Boraca, feeling uneasy, turned his back and frowned. Then he went back to the chair above the stairs and sat down to eat.


“Well…It’s good to have a pretty succubus in the dungeon. But I don’t know about an Incubus.”


“What? I can’t… Then I can’t help it. Let’s go back, brother.”


Adelaide wept as if she was very sorry. She then turned her body around without hesitation. Startled, Boraca rose from his chair.


“Why are you leaving!?”


“Well, I can’t do it unless I live with my brother. Of course, families have to live together.”


“At that age, when each person lives independently, what kind of person will live with their family for the rest of their lives?”


“I don’t know. I can’t live without Brother because I’ll get bored. Right?”


Adelaide leaned against Lisianthus’ body, secretly holding on to his arm. After hesitating for a moment, Lisianthus relaxed his expression and answered.


“Yes, Adela, I can’t live without you.”


“Yes, let’s go back!”


She told him to do it but it felt very strange when her nickname came out of his mouth. Even though she doesn’t put a lot of importance on nicknames.


Adelaide smiled awkwardly and crossed her arms. He will probably respond after three steps.


‘One, two.’


“Okay! Let’s sign a contract! It’s okay if the two of you come together!”




“The Incubus might be useful!”


Boraca screamed urgently. He cannot afford to miss the precious succubus because of his vain pride.


‘And even that incubus that I don’t like is an A-class, no, at least an S-class. With that kind of face, all the adventurers, whether male or female, would fall for him.’


He didn’t like him because he doesn’t like men who were more handsome than him, but anyway, if he tied it up with a fraudulent contract, it would be a surplus business.


“Oh, good! After all, it’s because it’s the famous Boraca Dungeon Master, you’re generous too!


“Okay then, let’s make a contract……”


“Of course there’s a test period before the contract, right? Usually, it’s about a week, but how many days is it here?”


“Test period?”


“Yes, I’m trying to live here before the contract! You’re not without it, are you?”


“I heard there were many scams”. Adelaide murmured with a concerned look. There was a shadow under the pink eyes.


Fearing that they would leave again, Boraca rushed to work.


“Of course there is. It’s three days.”




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