Episode 8. The Role of the Hostess (3)

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Editor: Linny


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“Calm down, you idiot!”

“This guy is going to die! Have you called any doctors?”

“Will they come? Also, you need money to call a doctor. Paul, I will allow him to pay a lot.”

“What’s the point of having a clinic? I’m sure they went to see their wives. What’s wrong with humans who stay home all the time?!”

“D*mn it. In the first place, does it make sense that there are only five doctors in this vast duchy? Are you saying that people like us are supposed to die when they get sick?”

There were a lot of remarks that would be admirable if the nobles had heard them.

Thanks to this, Dooha, the Duchess, did not mind, but her maid’s face turned red with anger.

They were eating food provided by the Duke’s family, and yet they dared to curse the Duke’s family. Those words were unacceptable for a maid who had served the noble family for a long time as a noble woman.

“How dare you…”

“What are you doing right now? Are you out of your mind? Leaving a patient with a broken chest bone lying on the ground?”

But this time, before the maid could even get angry, Dooha strode forward.

There was anger in her voice.

The stable keepers were bewildered by the sudden appearance of Dooha and fell on the ground in surprise when they saw the maid.

They seemed scared that the maid had heard the conversation.

“Madam! Maid!”

“You dare to insult the Duchess in front of her, you really want to die…”

The maid raised her voice because she thought it was an appropriate time, but once again, she couldn’t finish her speech.

This was because Dooha squeezed in between them and sat down.

She didn’t mind getting dirt on her expensive silk dress.

“Oh, Duchess?”

Leaving the bewildered maid behind, Dooha pressed on the injured young man’s chest at different areas and raised his upper body.

The maid stood in the way between her and the stable keeper, screaming with a shocked face.

“The Duchess! What are you all doing without looking around and helping!”

“Yes, yes!”

While the stable keeper kept turning his head, feeling helpless, Dooha tore off the hem of her underskirt.

“Duchess, what are you doing? If you do this in front of the lower people…”

“Just let her do what she wants.”

“All, you!”

The maid, who stood next to Layla, took offense. She was simply watching her master’s atrocities.

“What are you doing? Standing here instead of stopping Madame? And you call yourself her maid?! Madam shamed herself in front of the lower people…!”

“Well, Princess, no, Madam wouldn’t think so.”

“I beg your pardon?”

When the owner and her maid showed incomprehensible behavior as a pair, the maid grabbed her skirt in frustration.

“I can’t understand at all! What on earth…?”

“Do you know this, Miss? When people get hit by a horse, nine out of ten die.”

Layla looked at the back of the Duchess and continued her words.

“But he survived. Heaven helped. She can’t let such a person die. Our princess.”

Layla raised her eyebrows as she looked at her master’s delicate but strong back.

As if it were a pity.

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean, our Duchess is an expert in this, so don’t get in her way.”

“Oh! I’m not saying that right now…”

With the two of them fighting behind her, Dooha strongly wrapped the chest of the injured young man with a torn cloth.

The young man groaned, but his complexion was better than before.

After checking his condition, Dooha sighed in relief and turned her head toward the maid, Sylvia.

“Silvia, bring a doctor. All I can do is first aid.”

“Madam, the doctors are busy taking care of the vassals of the Ducal Castle, so how can they do such a thing…”


All of a sudden, Dooha’s golden eyes darkened.

“There are no nobles at work, so where are the nobles really?”

The Duchess also seemed to have heard the conversations of the stable keepers.

The maid bowed her head with an absurd face.

“Ahh, I’ll call one. But if the stable keeper said he was injured, the doctors wouldn’t come…”

“Then say I am sick. Inform them that I was kicked by the horse’s hoof as I toured the stables.”

Surprised by Dooha’s words, the maid’s mouth twitched like a goldfish.

She didn’t know that the Duchess would come up with such a trick… Then, Layla nudged her with her elbow, leaving the maid’s mind blank.

“What are you doing instead of leaving? You want to kill the survivor?”

“You…! I’ll be right back.”

Sylvia glanced at Layla, who dared poke her with her elbow, before sprinting out of the place, having come to her senses.

Indeed, it was completely incomprehensible with the imperial nobility’s common sense.

The same goes for being generous to the servants working in the kitchen and tearing a skirt for someone else, especially as he was just a stable keeper, but why?

Now she was running to call a doctor to treat the stable keeper at the order of the Duchess.

Although embarrassed, she didn’t feel too bad about it.

Although she was born as an aristocrat, she was not unaware of the positions of the subordinates who served the higher nobles. Was that why?

There were no signs of difficulty on the face of the running maid.

Rather, she had eyes that seemed to be filled with joy in the deep corner of her heart.


“Fortunately, thanks to the good first aid, there seems to be no harm to his life. The injuries are minor compared to others that got struck by a horse.”

The doctor brought by the maid put a splint on the injured part of the young man and searched for the bag he was carrying.

Watching the scene, Layla stood next to her and elbowed the forearm of the maid who was breathing heavily.

“Miss, you run faster than I thought. Did you watch me again?”

“…Don’t speak nonsense.”

“What do you mean? We are in a position to help each other to serve the duchess, so please take care of yourself.”

“Don’t talk about a friendly measure, a specification.”

As if it was unpleasant, the maid shook her off her forearms and took one step away from Layla.

The age difference was considerable, and Layla, who was not shy, was quite unlike the typical maid of honor.

Whether she knew how the maid’s heart felt or not, Layla just shrugged her shoulders with a playful smile.

“You are embarrassed.”

Apparently, she seemed to like her, the maid who listened to the Duchess in one way or another.

Meanwhile, Dooha was sitting next to the doctor, listening to his explanation.

“Since you are young, it is most important to get enough rest so that your bones can fuse together naturally. This is an ointment made from arnica, which will make it less painful if you apply it to the wound every day. And this is a medicine that makes the bones rejoin well…”

The doctor gave orders to the stable keepers who had gathered on either side of him and Dooha. At that moment, the young man groaned as if his senses had returned.


“Are you awake?”

“Oh, it hurts…”

“You were kicked by a horse’s hoof, of course it hurts. The treatment was done properly and the medicine was given, so the only thing left to do is to recover. Do not worry.”

As if to reassure the young man, Dooha wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with her kind words.

He murmured as he looked at the reflection of Dooha through his heavy eyelids.

“Madam, angel…?”

Unless he died and went to heaven, it was clear that the angel had descended down to Earth.

A woman with silver hair fluttering in the iridescent color under the sun and with golden eyes that looked noble.

What if she was not an angel?

In addition, there would only be angels who would take care of someone like him, who had a lowly status.

Dooha nodded at the young man’s words.

“I don’t know what an angel is, but I’ll get one for you if you want. So you have to recover and become healthy, okay?”

“Uh, uh, uh…”

On the other hand, the expressions of the other stable keepers who were watching the scene from afar became strange.

They stood side by side, glancing at the Duchess and whispering.

“Is that really the new Duchess?” 

“The Princess from that Bashal? Her hair color is very unusual.”

They looked at Dooha, who had shiny silver hair, with curious eyes.

“They all say that those from Bashal are blood-crazed murderers…”

“What, a killing maniac? She looks like she can’t kill even a single ant.”

“And how would a murderer take care of an injured person like that? Say something that makes sense.”

“By the way, her skin is so pale. I think it’s much paler than the Imperial women. Who called such a person an ugly woman?”

“I can’t believe the rumors. A person like her is ugly…?”

It was a time when the stable keepers were arguing about their feelings for the Duchess.

Dooha got up from her seat, looking at the young man who had lost his mind as if he was in pain again.

“I have something to ask you guys.”

She squinted her eyes as she looked back at the stable keepers, who had innocent eyes.

“Who is Paul?”