Dangerous Attraction (1)

Translator: Alice

Editor: Claire


Dangerous Attraction (1)

Huge thanks to PinkPrincessLacus for the kofi! (1/1)


“No, I understand why you misunderstood.”


“Be careful what you do.”


“I didn’t really do anything. We just had a conversation.”


“The act itself could have been a threat to Rosen.”


“…To be honest, when you think about it, it doesn’t seem like a bit of a surprise, doesn’t it?”


“I didn’t ask you to respond.”


“…I will correct myself.”


Rosen hid behind the curtains in the hall, watching Henry sweat profusely. It was exhilarating because it felt like she was taking revenge, but it was also a bit sad to see him being scolded by Ian. Regardless, Henry was too weak-minded.


“Rosen, come on out.”


One of the attendants, who was excited to help with her makeup, pushed her forward. She had treated her with kindness, and asked, 


-You’re a prisoner, aren’t you?


But she surprised Rosen by saying, 


-Everyone wants to kill their husband at times.


“Everyone will be surprised.”


“Because of me?”


“Yes, Rosen is so pretty.”


Dinner was prepared in the deepest part of the ship, in a small hall next to the captain’s quarters. She couldn’t go to the grand banquet hall where the passengers ate. The banquet hall was filled with colorful gambling boards, chandeliers, crystal sculptures, and proms were held every night… it wasn’t the same, but this hall was beautiful enough.


Warm-toned lights gave the room a dreamy atmosphere. It was the first time in her life that she had felt the texture of silk. It felt like she was wearing a cloud, or walking in a dream. With a fluttering heart, she pulled the curtain back and took a step forward.


As the sound of her heels reverberated on the floor, the two men turned their heads at the same time. It was Henry who greeted Rosen first.


“Who are you?”


He asked with a serious expression. She seriously wanted to punch him in the face. 


‘Did you forget that I’m a dangerous prisoner being transported to Monte Island?’


Confinement on Monte was the highest sentence possible. In other words, kicking the young Reville’s ‘jewels’ wouldn’t change her fate.


“What do you think?”


She spun around. The hem of her emerald dress fluttered. It was a perfect opportunity for her to stumble and fall, but since she was so used to being bound, she managed to stay balanced.


Henry didn’t seem to realize that she was truly Rosen Walker until he heard her voice.


“I’m not joking. Who are you?”


“Al Capez’s witch, Rosen Walker.”


“Oh my God.”


Henry clapped, eyes wide open in astonishment.


“You look like a real lady.”


“Thank you.”


It was half a joke, and half sincere, so she answered generously. Her reflection in the mirror was quite stunning. She was so surprised that she stared at herself in the mirror several times.


‘Do I have to roll my eyes and pretend to be shy?’


She finally lifted her head and glanced at Ian, who was standing behind Henry.


It was a fact she didn’t want to admit, but she was curious about Ian’s reaction. 


‘Will he look at the neatly and beautifully decorated ‘me’ as if looking at a mysterious animal? Or will he be wary of me? I don’t know why, but he said he was afraid of me…’


“Come here, Lady Walker. We will escort you.”


But before she could see Ian’s expression, Henry jumped forward, obscuring her vision. She returned the line Henry had spouted at her before.


“How are you? Ugh.”


“Why are you like this, Rosen? I’m good at escorting.”


“Are you going to pretend to catch me again and push me away because I smell?”


“That doesn’t make sense. Did I do that, my Lady?”


‘Didn’t Alex say that the Reville family always pays their debts?’


They certainly didn’t seem like empty words. Henry, who always wore a crumpled military jacket over a black shirt, suddenly appeared in uniform and was acting like a gentleman.


As she was about to put her hand on Henry’s with a grin, something blocked her way. It was Ian’s arm.


“You are not allowed within a meter of Rosen Haworth, Henry.”




“I’m telling you to step back.”


Rosen and Henry looked at him with absurd expressions. Ian separated Henry from Rosen, grabbed her hand, and hid it behind his back. She thought for a moment that he had misunderstood who he was supposed to protect, but in the end, it was her, not Henry, who was staring at Ian’s wide back. It seemed that wasn’t the case.


“What? Wasn’t the misunderstanding cleared up?”


“It’s resolved. But I don’t believe it.”




“You said excessive favor or hostility is equally dangerous. At first, you were very hostile to Rosen Haworth, but now you like her.”


“Have I lost Sir’s trust? Don’t you believe me? Do you think I’ll break your orders and release Rosen? That won’t happen!”


Henry looked shocked and asked several times, 


-No, right?


However, Ian kept his mouth shut and didn’t say anything.


“…How could I know what the two of you did in the bathroom? Apart from what you told me.”


Ian narrowed his eyes and looked at Henry and Rosen in turn. He seemed to have noticed that Henry had done her a favor. Rosen quickly lowered her eyes, feeling guilty.


‘Does he really know how to read minds?’


Henry hurriedly confessed the truth.


“No, I would never betray Sir! What Rosen asked me about in the bathroom was a meal! I told the chef that there was a dish she wanted to eat.”


“…Is that true? Haworth.”


“Well, it’s true. But you can’t place faith in your lieutenant.”


She glared at Henry and smirked. 


‘You’re not loyal, no matter how small the request is. Why are you so easily scared?’


“What do you want to ea-“


The moment Ian turned around, trying to pry into her request…


“Roseeeeen! Rosen is here! Rosen is so pretty!”


Layla, wearing a cute dress and shiny boots, ran up to her, bouncing like a ball. Rosen quickly turned towards the child and avoided Ian’s gaze, as swiftly as a rat running out of an eagle’s sight.


“Hello, Layla. Will you be having dinner with us?”


“Yes! I begged my grandfather. Rosen is my savior! I can’t be left out, right?”


Kids were definitely annoying at times, but they were adorable all the same. Even more so if it was a child she saved. She wanted to hug her, but with her hands chained, she had no choice but to convey her joy with her eyes.


Ian was still blocking her way. Layla’s hand, which had reached out to Rosen, was quickly stopped.


“Layla, don’t come near her.”


“Rosen saved me, and I have to thank her.”


Unlike Henry, who was foolish, Layla bravely protested with a voice as big as an ant. It was admirable.


“It’s enough to do it at a distance.”


However, Ian’s coldness was equally applied to children, and Layla’s protest was immediately dismissed. Layla quickly became depressed and hid behind Henry’s pant leg.


Perhaps there was no one on this ship who could express opposition to him…


“Ian Kerner, you stuck up man! Why are you so suspicious?”


There was only one. Captain Alex Reville walked in behind Layla and shouted loudly.


“Captain, Rosen Haworth is-”


“Miss Rosen, I’m sorry. Your meal will be ready soon. Please wait a moment.”


The white-haired old man knelt before her, gently grabbed her hand, and placed a kiss on the back of it. She was embarrassed because she didn’t know what to do, while Ian simply sighed.


“Miss Walker, I wish I could unchain you just for dinner…”


Alex glanced at the handcuffs that bound her hands, glared at Ian, and then gave Henry a nod.


“Henry, please help with Miss Rosen’s meal.”




“I mean, I’m giving the task to you so she doesn’t feel uncomfortable!”


“Can’t we just ask the crew?”


“You idiot! Are you even a Reville?”


Ian stepped forward, pushing aside Henry, who was floundering stupidly. However, what Ian was trying to say was stopped before it even came out of his mouth.


“Ian, if you’re going to say no again, then leave! I am the law on this boat!”


“…Not Henry.”


“What’s wrong with Henry?”


Alex was stubborn enough to overwhelm the great Ian Kerner. Rosen was deafened by his roar. She thought it was really fortunate that Alex Reville was on her side. If she had acted like Ian, she might have been thrown into the sea on charges of performing a bizarre procedure on his granddaughter rather than being rewarded with a meal.


“Henry can’t do it anyway.”


Ian had been contemplating whether or not to report the events that took place in the bathroom. Henry’s face turned white. He shook his head so frantically that Rosen felt like he was trying to say ‘please’.


“Captain, I’ll feed Rosen”.


“Sir Kerner, I’m-”


“Don’t tell me you can do it again”.


The three men were talking over each other loudly. It was Ian Kerner who eventually won out over the others.


“…I’ll help her eat instead of Henry, Captain.”




“Can’t I?”


It seemed she wasn’t the only one surprised by his words. It was such an unexpected suggestion. Due to Ian’s personality, she thought he would say, ‘Let the crew do it.’


“There is nothing that can’t be done.”


“Then I will assume that you have no objections.”


Only then did he distance himself from her and back off. She found that he was more attached to her than she thought. Her vision, which had been obscured by his large shadow, brightened.


“Rosen Haworth, do you have any objections?”


“No way.”


She shrugged and lifted her head to observe him.


Ian had a different look than usual. Was it just an illusion?


She did not know the meaning of his gaze, but the direction was certain. He was staring at her. No one could deny it.


-We may have similarities.


Rosen always tried not to make unnecessary assumptions. Assumptions tended to flow only in favour of oneself, and all that remained after being corrected was an embarrassing and miserable reality.


But grey is an annoyingly vague colour. There was no doubt that red is hot and blue is cold, but grey’s temperature is hard to determine.


Her sociability stopped at the age of 17, causing her to grow up with spite and pretence. So she couldn’t figure out what he was thinking about when he said strange things to her.


After all, a prisoner didn’t need great insight. They didn’t have to know the truth.


But Ian Kerner turned her into an idiot who kept getting hung up on meaningless things. It should be a crime to make complex expressions with such a handsome face. Even though she knew it didn’t make sense, she wanted to know his heart. His true feelings.


It was like she was going back to her stupid and naive days, waiting for Hindley in the kitchen… and when the flyers containing Ian’s picture began to fall, she quickly ran out and smiled at the sky. She never wanted to do that again.


She dropped her gaze. His rough, warm hands wrapped around her fingers tightly. She suddenly realised that Ian had started to hold her hand instead of the chain.


She couldn’t bring herself to like it. It was just proof that he was becoming a little less wary of her… but her crazy heart still jumped ahead and fluttered. He instilled in her a dangerous delusion.


‘Perhaps. Perhaps… With a little luck.’


‘He might really give me a chance.’


A prisoner should always be alert, but she was afraid that she would act like a fool because of the meaningless sympathy he gave her. If a rat gets too bold, it will be destroyed.


The foolish excitement that tickled her chest bothered her. She clenched her jaw and shook off her assumptions. And she pulled her hand out of his as hard as she could. She asked sarcastically.


“Why do you keep holding my hand?”




Her chain shook and made a clunking sound. It was only then that Ian seemed to realize that he had been holding her hand the whole time. He stiffened for a moment, and then, like a guilty man, poured out a bunch of excuses.


“I’m going to grab the chain…”


“I can’t believe you tried to pull her chain! Be polite to Miss Rosen! Have I taught you anything, Ian?”


“Oh, please be quiet.”


Ian flinched as if he wanted to say something. His forehead was crumpled mercilessly.


He looked at Rosen with eyes that seemed to make excuses.


She stared down at the floor.


Ian and Rosen seemed to have entered into their own world. Such an illusion haunted her.


“I didn’t do that on purpose”.


“I know.”


“Really, the chain–”


“I know.”


‘I know. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s all my imagination and it’s just an illusion.’


[I will always protect you. There will be absolutely no danger.]


‘Yeah, I knew everything. It was an impossible promise. How many facts in the world can be asserted as “absolute”? Look at this situation. He, who was everyone’s idol, ended up failing to protect Leoarton and became my humble guard. This is how I ended up meeting my hero.’


‘Nevertheless, I believed his lies. I needed something to believe. Even if it was a lie, it didn’t matter. Even if it was an illusion or a fantasy…’


Shameful memories came flooding back. She realized that saying she liked him was deceiving herself. There were days when her heart overflowed and she couldn’t handle it. Moments when she took out a picture of him and comforted herself.


[-Rosen, is it okay for a married woman to cherish a picture of another man like this?

-As long as Hindley doesn’t find out, it’s fine. And I don’t like him that way. I mean, it’s just like how children love heroes.




‘I think I can admit it now. I had a crush on him in the fantasy I created. That’s why I keep imagining him showing useless emotions to me…’


Like an ostrich who buried its face in the soil, she finally paid the price. At the moment when she had to be cool, she couldn’t even look at his face properly.


“Don’t get me wrong.”


“You think I’m stupid? What kind of misunderstanding do you have?”


“It means nothing.”


“I know!”


He kept chasing her. She didn’t know what was making him so restless that he looked very upset at times. It was understandable. His agile sixth sense may have read her dirty inner thoughts. She kept failing to distinguish between reality and fantasy.


She shook her head. Her heart was pounding. She didn’t have to touch her chest to know how fast her heart was beating.


‘You can’t do this. Wake up, Rosen.’ 


She thought with her eyes closed.


[I will protect you. I, too, love Leoarton.]


Maybe it was her, not him, who had to be careful not to be deceived by lies.

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