V7 Chapter 1. The Fate of the Great Factions



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The Goblins and the Orcs were allowed to migrate to the planet containing the World Tree.

Instead of favoring the Elves, the Banfields had permitted the two ugly races to live in their territory.

The Elf Queen had returned to her immigrant ship, and she shook in anger upon hearing this news.

Her eyebrows were furrowed, and she was squeezing the armrests to her throne. 

“—Why did he not choose us!? Why did he decide on those ugly bastards!?”

The immigrant fleet under the Elf Queen was small, but there were still tens of thousands living there.

They had been anticipating the moment when they would be able to finally settle on a new piece of land. 

However, the negotiation had fallen through.

She was furious to learn that the Goblins and the Orcs had been chosen instead.

The Elves on the side were equally baffled.

Unable to contain her wrath, the Elf Queen roared towards the ceiling. 

“—How dare a human do this to us! Yes, let’s have the World Tree fall! Since we can’t have it, there’s no need for it to continue existing! With the Planet-Cursing Poison—”

Hearing their angry Queen’s declaration, the Elves around her dissuaded her frantically, saying that it was a bad idea.

The Planet-Cursing Poison was a dangerous substance that was formed from the lingering grudges of a destroyed planet. 

Once applied, a terrible curse would rapidly spread throughout the entire planet, and if it was used as poison, the person who drank it would suffer and die miserably.

Those with weak hearts would die instantaneously, their dead bodies becoming the source of spreading misery. 

Disasters were bound to ensue when the poison was used.

At that moment, a top hat fell from the ceiling without the Elves noticing. 

Small limbs were growing out of the top hat that wasn’t visible to the Elves.

“Ahh, what an unsightly anger filled to the brim with pride and arrogance. I can soak it up easily since it’s closely tied to Liam.”

The Guide sucked up the Elves’ anger and hatred towards Liam, even inhaling their Planet-Cursing Poison and regaining a large amount of negative energy for the first time in a long while.

With the overflowing energy, the Guide grew a new body from his top hat and raised his arms into the air.


After getting the feel of his new body, the Guide thought about what he should do moving forward.

“Hmm, I’ve made a comeback, but I can’t beat Liam as I am now. If I try to approach him, I’ll have the tables turned on me. Hmmm, something I can do behind Liam’s back—Oh, there’s that!”

The Guide thought of using his summoning magic to teleport Liam to a distant planet that the Empire had no information of. 

However, he soon realized that he didn’t have enough power to perform such a task.

What else could he do?

“Let’s have him sent to a planet that’s performing an otherworldly summoning. That ought to buy me some time. While he’s there, I’ll gather people like these Elves and lay ruin to Liam’s territory. If I can also take away his Alchemy Box, he’ll be in for a lot of trouble.”

The Guide’s plan was to drive Liam away, weakening the Banfields while the nuisance was gone.

He would also steal Liam’s Alchemy Box and his Planetary Development Device, the former of which was the source of his wealth.

For this plan to work, he would have to throw Liam on a planet where he wouldn’t be able to interfere.

That being said, as magic existed in this world, there were countermeasures placed to stop people from being kidnapped using summoning magic.

As the Empire’s Count, layers upon layers of such countermeasures had been laid on Liam.

“Sending him to a different world altogether would be impossible, but I can certainly have him sent to an undeveloped planet somewhere in this universe—for example, a planet plagued by a Demon Lord. I could perhaps manipulate the Demon Lord into defeating—no, never mind.”

If Liam could be defeated by a mere Demon Lord, he would not have been driven so far into a corner. 

Besides, if Liam were to disappear, his family would surely dispatch a search party.

The Guide was just hoping to earn some time for himself.

With that in mind, he began browsing through various planets, eventually finding one that was suffering under a Demon Lord and considering an other-world summon.

A Hero was about to be summoned.

“This is it! If Liam’s gone, I can do as I please in his territory! Let’s quickly get rid of him by getting him involved in the summoning ritual!”

When the Guide left the room, the Elf Queen powerlessly slumped down onto her chair.

“Your Majesty!?”

The Elves around her looked worried. However, the Queen had let go of her ambitious plan.

Her eyebrows were no longer furrowed, and she appeared to have calmed down—almost as if she had been dowsed by cold water.

“I guess using poison is a bit excessive.”

“I-indeed! Even if we were to kill the World Tree, it would have to be after we squeeze out the elixirs!”

Her subordinates were reassured, but the Elf Queen shook her head sideways.

“That’s too troublesome.”

“Troublesome!? Y-your Majesty, are you unwell?”

“I’m thinking of settling down on a peaceful place. Wandering around in space isn’t that bad, but I want to relax now. Also, I should get married.”

The Elves stared at one another, thinking that it wasn’t a bad idea.

As beautiful as their Queen was, she wasn’t young.

The people around her were honestly hoping that she would settle down soon.

One of the younger Elves, however, failed to read the mood and said, “This is great! After all, Your Majesty’s already over two hundred years ol—”



The Queen stood up and rammed her fist into the stomach of the young Elf whose mouth had slipped.

“Now, let’s find a planet where we can all live together.”

To revive himself, the Guide had sucked away too much of the Elves’ evil intention, and things were about to progress in a strange direction.

—At the Capital—

Calvin, the Crown Prince, was the man that Cleo, the Third Prince backed by Liam, was up against in the succession battle.

Calvin’s status as the Crown Prince was once rumored to be as immovable as a mountain, yet Liam had singlehandedly cornered him and raised Cleo up from his overwhelmingly disadvantageous position. 

Many of the aristocrats had left the Calvin Faction, and only his closest aides were left.

Not only was his influence in the Empire diminishing, words out there were claiming that Cleo would become the next Emperor.

—Calvin was about to lose his title as the Crown Prince because of Liam’s actions alone.

However, he had a secret plan, and he was smiling comfortably in front of the aristocrats that were lined up in the conference room.

“The bigger the faction, the harder it is to control.”

As someone that had once led the largest faction, Calvin knew this all too well.

The dumb aristocrats that used to flock to his faction often dragged his entire faction down.

The bigger the faction, the more problems it would have to face.

A lot of fools were gathering around the Cleo Faction hoping to get onto the winning ship.

What they didn’t know was that Calvin was secretly influencing them into doing so.

The aristocrats around him nodded in agreement. 

“I highly doubt that Liam would be able to control the faction.”

“Agreed. After all, it was extremely hard for us as well.”

“There are bound to be some idiots that tie him down.”

Even if they did nothing, those fools would drag Liam down, and there would come a day when he would no longer be able to manage the faction.

Calvin and his subordinates had experience in running a faction. Thus, they were counting on this happening to Liam.

“We will strike when Liam-kun loses control over the faction. Until that day arrives, we will preserve our war potential.”

For the time being, they decided to lay low. 

They had come to the consensus that they would wait and observe the situation without interfering with Liam’s affairs.

Brian’s been noisy recently.

He barges in whenever I’m trying to relax and brings up the issue of having a successor.

Since I’m chilling right now, my appearance isn’t the most presentable.

“Lord Liam, for how long do you plan to avoid this issue!”

“Shut up! Don’t intrude upon my private life!”

“It’s not a private matter! This is of utmost importance for an aristocratic family!”

Brian seems to be concerned about the future of the Banfield Family.

To be honest, I don’t care at all about the next generation.

As if I give a damn about raising a successor.

Know this—I abhor children.

“You have no say in what I do with my lower body. I’ve made up my mind already to do as I please.”

“It would do even if the baby’s from artificial insemination. Why not raise a successor using a capsule?”

Capsules—after artificial insemination is complete, these devices help raise the children in their mothers’ stead until they grow into infants.

By using them, the burden on women becomes very light.

When I was reincarnated, I was also born in this manner.

It’s quite incredible now that I think about it.

Children can be made without love, and raising them doesn’t put much burden on the parents either.

I can easily prepare a successor if I really want to.

It can be done so easily, and that’s exactly what makes me disgusted.

“I hate capsules.”

Brian becomes apologetic when he hears my response. 

He must be thinking that I’m bothered by the fact that I was born in a capsule. 

I don’t mind it at all, but it’s a hassle to explain things, so I’ll just leave the misunderstanding alone.

“—That was inconsiderate of me. That said, this is an important issue that the Banfield Family must address at one point. Lord Liam’s vassals have pledged their allegiance to you alone. No one knows what will happen to the Banfield Family in the unlikely event that Lord Liam perishes.”

“Stop making a fuss about what might happen after I die. It doesn’t concern me at all.”

“Again with this attitude! This is exactly why Lord Liam should raise a successor! If something happens to Lord Liam, it’d be too late to nominate one!”

“You speak as if I’m about to die!”

“That’s because Lord Liam’s constantly getting involved in things that might get you killed!”

Amagi has been preparing tea next to us as we are having this heated discussion.

I finish drinking the tea is one gulp and place the cup back onto the table.

Amagi joins our conversation as she fills the cup again.

“I believe Brian-dono’s worries are justified.”

“The thing is, Amagi, I’m not even a hundred years old yet. Don’t you think it’s too early for me to be nominating a successor?”

Being a hundred years old would’ve sounded impressive in my previous world, but in this world, it’s no different from being a greenhorn that’s not even in his twenties.

I’m technically considered an adult, but I’m yet to be recognized as a functioning member in society.

From my previous life’s standpoint, it’s like appointing a successor when I’m only nineteen years old.

Brian corrects my misconception.

“Aristocrats can pass away at any moment. We must be prepared for everything.”

“Got it, got it. Don’t worry, I’ll appoint one eventually.”

“The vassals won’t be convinced unless it’s your real child, Lord Liam!”

My vassals, including Tia and Marie, have sworn their allegiance to me and me alone. 

Brian’s trying to point out that their loyalties don’t lie with the Banfield Family.

If I disappear and one of my relatives replaces me, they won’t be loyal to that person.

The minimum requirement is for the successor to be my descendant. 

But it’s not like I’m going to suddenly drop dead.

After all, I have the Guide, who’s the Goddess of—Huh, Goddess? That doesn’t sound right.

Anyway, I have someone that brings me luck watching over me.

I can overcome any crisis, not that I’ve had any of course.

There can be no obstacles in my life.

So far, I’ve been able to get past all my problems, and I’m not feeling anxious at all.

“It’s not your business what I do with the lower part of my body. On that note, don’t you think I should punish the ones that participated in the child-making demonstration?”

A little while ago, no, even now, demonstrations are being held in the territory.

There was a democratization movement as well, but the problem right now is with the “child making demo”.

Because of the “child-making demo”, I was made a laughingstock at the court of inquiry. 

I will definitely wash away this humiliation.

Amagi cocks her head to the side. 

—Stop, you’re being too cute.

“Master, won’t the demonstrations naturally go away if a successor is born?”

“I should punish them for going against me! It is a mortal sin to go against me as mere commoners in my territory!”

Brian shoves his face in front of mine.

“Lord Liam!”

“W-what is it!?”

“This Brian wishes to take this opportunity to clear things up. When in the world do you plan on bedding Lady Rosetta?”

Rosetta, who used to be a woman of steel, was once my favorite, but she turned out to be an easy woman and started calling me “Darling” soon after our engagement.

I’m not looking for this kind of woman.

What I want are strong, independent women that hate me from the bottom of their heart and resist me to the bitter end.

There’s no point in laying me hands on easy women.

“You’re asking me when I’ll be sleeping with her? That’s none of your concern.”

“Lady Rosetta has made up her mind ages ago. Lord Liam is exacerbating the issue because your indecisiveness. Before returning to the Capital, please leave behind a descendant!”

“Stop speaking to me as if I’m a wimp!”

I push Brian away and stand up indignantly.

Me? A wimp?

People would think I’m scared of Rosetta or something.

“I get to decide who I’ll lay my hands on! Rosetta’s just one of the many girls out there.”

Yes, I’m a man that has decided on building a harem.

A harem—doesn’t it sound like something an evil lord would have?

As an evil lord, I’ll have beautiful women serving me while I’m drinking and doing evil things!

Brian ignores my determination and corrects my statement.

“Lord Liam—there are zero people.”


“The number of people in Lord Liam’s harem is still zero. Half a century ago, you have declared that you would have a harem, but the results say otherwise! This Brian is starting to doubt whether Lord Liam is serious about building a harem.”

“What do you mean zero!? I have Amagi! A-and there’s also Rosetta!”

I glance at Amagi, but she shakes her head sideways.

“As I have said many times in the past, I don’t count. As for what Master has said about Lady Rosetta, she can’t be considered being a part of your harem when she’s the only one in it. What’s more, didn’t Master declare that you won’t be adding Lady Rosetta to your harem?”

Even with Rosetta, there would only be one. 

Only one?

Nearly a century has passed since I reincarnated, but I’ve hardly made any progress in building a harem.

“T-then I’ll treat beauties like disposables and—Yes, that’s right! I’ll sleep with a beauty every day and throw her away in the next! I’ll begin by gathering the beauties in my territory!”

I say this to avoid the two’s stares of disdain, but Brian’s eyes shoot open the next moment upon hearing me say that I’ll start looking for women.

“Is that so!? In other words, Lord Liam intends to lay his hands on a different woman each day!?”

“O-of course! I should be able to gather them easily. I have the money for it after all!”

From simple calculation, this should mean 365 women in a year. 

Dumping a woman after sleeping with her. That’s exactly what an evil lord would do.

Amagi and Brian nod in unison.

“It’s not nearly enough, but it should do for now.”

“Indeed. One a day sounds rather lackluster considering how there are over 30,000 concubine candidates waiting in line. If we were to send out a recruitment notice, I’m sure that hundreds of thousands would gather.”


Brian reveals a thin smile.

“Even if it’s just one a day, the number would exceed a thousand in three years. It’s a pity that the number is a bit small, but this is progress nonetheless!”

Amagi concurs.

“For the time being, we should start by securing a thousand people each year.”

“Since the number’s so small, we should only select the very best out of them all! This Brian can finally have a peace of mind. Three a day would be ideal, but we shouldn’t be too greedy.”

“Once we start recruiting, we’ll be flooded with applications. The number of applicants might even exceed a billion.”


I’m a Count that has control over numerous planets.

In a sense, I’m the master of billions.

If I were to recruit people in earnest, it won’t take any time at all to gather them.

For some reason, the atmosphere’s more along the lines of “Will that really be enough?”

Brian wipes the sweat off his forehead.

“I was foolish to assume that I would have to fill up an entire planet with beautiful women.”

Amagi also mentions something scary.

“According to the records, there was an aristocrat whose harem consisted of 10 billion women, and an entire planet had to be used to accommodate them.”

“That would be going a bit too far, but 300 people each year should do very well! I’m just worried that people would complain about there being too little seats.”

I’ve made an error in judgment, haven’t I?

Cold sweat trickles down my face as I feel remorseful about belittling this world’s standards. 

“I-I take back what I said.”


Shocked, Brian stops moving momentarily.

I think back at my sense of aesthetics.

“I promised myself that I’ll only collect beauties that I have personally selected. I almost forgot about that. Anyway, I take back what I said.”

Brian protests vehemently.

“Despite saying that, Lord Liam hasn’t touched anyone until now!”

“S-silence! The point being, I’ll be the one to appoint members to my harem!”

“It’s clear that that isn’t wor—Lord Liam!?”

Just as I’m wondering how I should save myself from this situation, a magic circle appears by my feet.

From the knowledge that has been installed, I immediately recognize it as a magic circle from a summoning magic.


Measures should have already been taken against such magic, but I’m getting sucked into the circle.

Brian rushes to me, but he doesn’t make it in time.

Amagi also reaches out to me, but she’s too far away to grab me.

—Thus, I get summoned against my will.

I’m not feeling panicked or surprised though. Instead, what I’m thinking is…

—Great, I managed to escape!


Wakagi-chan (): “What’s this? It seems like a lot of you are sad that I haven’t been appearing! Iya~ being popular is hard~…But you see…”

Wakagi-chan (): “I don’t condone any other plant-based idols aside from me! I’ll have the World Tree killed in no time.”

Brian (´;ω;`): “What an evil plant. Also, Lord Liam has been taken away. It’s painful.”