V6 Chapter 15. Epilogue



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Inside the mansion of the Banfield Family, there stood the figures of Rinho and Fuuka in their maid uniforms. 

The maid outfits prepared for them were of the cute variety, and they wore them while looking as if they had been forced to swallow a bitter bug.

As they were from the same school of swordsmanship, Liam had given them special treatment by having these uniforms custom-made for them.

The two felt unbearably mortified.

Even if they had to wear skirts, they preferred the cool-looking ones, yet the maid outfits that they were wearing were frilly and flowery, shaming them to no end. 

“Why do I have to wear these kinds of clothes?”

Rinho really hated the situation.

Fuuka, on the other hand, was feeling embarrassed, and her usually bullish attitude was nowhere to be found.

“A-as if I’d look good in this outfit!”

Serena, who had been appointed as their instructor, was present before their eyes.

Receiving education directly from Serena, the head maid, was a clear indication of favoritism.

“Such a barbaric pair of children.”

They had prior knowledge when it came to basic etiquette, but they were no good as maids. 

They strongly viewed themselves as swordswomen, and their violent behaviors stood out.

Hearing Serena’s evaluation, Rinho unleashed her aura as a swordswoman.

“Hah? Are you getting carried away? My sword’s been taken away, but I can still kill an ugly woman like—”

A child was watching them from the shadows.

Fuuka noticed this and elbowed Rinho to shut her up.


While Rinho tended to her elbowed waist, Fuuka pointed at the figure behind them in a hurry.

“Ya idiot! Ellen’s watching!”

In response, Rinho, still clutching her waist, pretended to laugh.

Ellen stared at them from the shadows.

“—I’ll be telling Master about this.”

Even as she smiled, Rinho’s expression turned blue upon hearing Ellen’s words.

“Ellen, this was but a trivial matter. Just not to Senior Brother….please spare us from Senior Brother!”

It was partially Yasushi’s fault that they were so afraid of Liam.

He had always watched over them warmly and never yelled or beat them even when he was scolding them.

However, Liam was different.

He was extremely strict, and he never hesitated to pull out his sword when they misbehaved.

As they had attained a certain level of skill as swordswomen, he showed no mercy to his Junior Sisters. 

If anyone in the mansion dared defy Liam’s orders, they would truly be forced to vomit blood.
Under Ellen’s scrutiny, the two feigned obedience in front of Serena.

“We’ll be under your care, Head Maid!”

“Please go easy on us!”

Seeing how energetic the girls were, Serena worried about the future.

“Really, if it hadn’t been for Lord Liam’s request, I would’ve refused to take care of you two.”

Would I be able to educate them well?

Serena felt anxious.

In the underground basement of the Banfield Family’s mansion, there’s a space where only a select few are permitted to enter.

It’s where the Black Ops headed by Kukuri resides.

I’ve come to visit, and I’m currently staring at what’s inside a huge casket.

“—So thirty of you died.”

Due to the rampage in the Capital, the Black Ops under Kukuri has lost around thirty personnel.

I’m not feeling particularly disheartened though.

After all, we were able to shave off a considerable portion of the Black Ops moving under the instructions of the Empire and Calvin.

Kukuri who is standing next to me appears apologetic.

“Please forgive them as their deaths were not in vain.”

“You state the obvious. They have died for my sake. Naturally, their deaths were meaningful ones.”

—The dead do not betray.

Nobody knows what they’ll be like when they reincarnate, but it doesn’t change the fact that they have laid down their lives for me.

They did not betray me until the very end, and for that, they deserve my respect.

Only the living can betray others.

That’s why I refuse to put my trust in humans.

Having said that, those that perished for my sake deserve respect.

I heard that the Black Ops will be conducting a funeral, so I’ve carried myself here to send the dead on their way.

“What will you do with the bodies?”

Kukuri answers calmly.

“Our bodies contain the secrets to our techniques, so we will be dissecting them, leaving nothing behind. Those that live on this side of the world are destined to disappear without a trace after their deaths.”

What a sad reality.

I wanted to bury them in graves, but they’ve refused even that.

They’re really thorough with their work.

“—Kukuri, I shall give you a reward.”

“Pardon? Have we not already received one?”

I’m the type of person that gives preferential treatment to those around me. 

Since I don’t have to fret over financial problems, I can reward people with however much I want to.

Nevertheless, as an evil lord, I must be stingy.

I spend a lot on myself, but whether I’m generous to others depends only on my mood.

Thus, I only bestow rewards upon those that have been of service to me.

Recently, however, a lot of good things have happened. 

Tia has shielded me without regards for her own life, and Kukuri and his subordinates have put their lives on the line to fulfill my orders.

They have all risked their lives for me.

For their service, I don’t mind rewarding them.

“You guys have been of great help to me. Hence, I will be preparing a reward for you and your men. Is there anything that you would like?”

Say anything!—is something I would not say.

After all, I have no intention of entertaining unreasonable requests!

Kukuri and his subordinates seem confused for a while, but eventually—

“—Then can we have a planet for our own use?”

“A planet?”

“We have lost our mother planet. If Lord Liam can be so kind as to bestow us with a planet that is in good condition, we would like to designate it as our new mother planet.”

I check their list of conditions. There seems to be only one such planet within my territory that is suitable for them.

Some people are living on the planet, but they only number tens of millions.

Kukuri kneels before me. 

“I have long wished for the revival of my family. To that end, please grant me some land.”

A hidden village where the Black Ops reside.

What a romantic idea.

It would also be to my advantage if there are more of Kukuri and his subordinates.

“Fine. I’ll chase away the ones that are living on the planet straight away.”

“There is no need to go that far, Lord Liam. It would be more convenient for us if there are residents there.”

“Is that so?”


“Very well. I’ll swiftly prepare everything that you need.”

Every member of my Black Ops kneels down before me, but I have them stand back up since we’re in a funeral.

I place a flower in the casket. 

“—The dead do not betray. You have been loyal to me until the end. Until you are born again, sleep in peace.”

Back inside the Banfield Family’s mansion, Ciel, who worked as a maid, was reminiscing her busy days at the Capital.

“—I wasn’t able to do anything.”

She had tried to reveal Liam’s true nature, but she hadn’t been able to do anything at all.

In fact, she had only witnessed the hard-working side of Liam.

He had been sent to a local government office as an intern, but he ended up cleaning up the corrupt workplace.

Not only that, he supported the expeditionary force behind the scene and held parties on a daily basis, enthusiastically working for the Cleo Faction.

She tried to find some clue, but he was so serious that there were none to be found.

“What’s going on? What’s up with him? He’s behaving like a perfectly capable lord. Then why is it that he reeks of a small fry, even more so than the others!?”

No matter whom she asked, people responded by saying, “Lord Liam is a wonderful lord!”

None of them questioned Liam’s true nature.

What’s more, as Ciel worked under Rosetta who was close to Liam, she often received jealous looks from the others.

“It’s not as enviable a position as you people think it is! The people here are all too blind to see the truth!”

She couldn’t tell why they were so drunk on Liam.

While she busied herself in cleaning the room, Rosetta came over.

“Ciel, so you were here.”

She had apparently been searching for Ciel.

“Lady Rosetta? I would’ve been at your service if you had called for me!”

 Why was this woman roaming around in search of her own servant?

It made no sense to her.

“I wanted to check and see if you were doing well. We’re no longer at the Capital, so it’s my duty to check on you to make sure you’re adapting well to your life in the mansion!”

Ciel was the daughter of a Baron that directly served the Empire.

She had a higher position compared to the children sent over by Liam’s subordinate houses, and she was the first official student to have come to the Banfield Family for training.

As such, she was treated differently from the children of Liam’s subordinates.

If Ciel’s training went well, other aristocrats would also rush to send their children here.

This, in turn, would increase the number of connections that the family could make with other aristocrats. 

As a cherry on top, popular training sites were often revered as prestigious houses.

(Our families are both from the countryside, yet the manners taught here are as strict as those taught in the Capital. Objectively speaking, the education here is nice, and it’s a good place for people to train.)

Serena, the head maid, was strict, but she was someone that had served as the Empire’s imperial head maid for several years.

Brian was not without flaws, but he performed his duties well as a butler.

Rosetta was strict as well, but she was gentle in nature, taking care of Ciel and guiding her patiently.

It was the ideal environment for training. 

The only qualm she had was with Liam.

Rosetta, on the other hand, was delighted to see that Ciel was working diligently.

“You seem to be doing well in the mansion as well. Since that’s the case, the day when you finish your training and return to your parent’s house is drawing near. I’d be lonely without you though.”

She appeared truly lonely.

(She’s such a kind-hearted person. Why did she have to fall in love with Liam of all people? Setting aside the others, I want this person to be aware of the truth.)

Ciel hoped that Rosetta would open up her eyes to the reality.

Inside the borders of the United Kingdoms of Oxis, the Henfrey Chamber of Commerce was traversing through space.

Among their fleet, there was one particularly eye-catching spaceship that looked extra luxurious.

Thomas had boarded this ship and was personally dealing with Count Norden.

Count Norden had lost his position in the United Kingdoms and was relying on the Henfrey Chamber of Commerce to escape abroad.

He was planning on intruding upon Baron Norden, one of Liam’s subordinates.

In the past, their families had been relatives connected through blood. 

Relying on this fact, he was having Thomas escort him there.

Inside the ship, he was drinking alcohol in an attempt to forget about his anxieties.

“Thomas, this is all your fault, so it’s your responsibility to escort me to safety! Damn it! Why is this happening to me?”

Thomas was watching him with cold eyes.

Realizing that they were about to enter the Empire’s territory, he cut straight to the point.

Until now, he had been listening to whatever Count Norden said without interjecting.

“—Count Norden.”

“What is it?”

“We, the Henfrey Chamber of Commerce, are merchants that have their main office in Lord Liam’s territory.”

“And what about it? If it’s about money, haven’t I paid you already? Just shut up and help me escape to a safe place. Don’t tell me that you, a merchant, is fixated on loyalty. Merchants are just a bunch of money-grubbers after all.”

“Those are some harsh words. It’s true that merchants place a lot of emphasis on earning money. Be that as it may—I’m still someone that knows about gratitude and honor. I’ve received Lord Liam’s assistance countless times in the past. Don’t you think it would be disadvantageous for my merchant group to help you when you’ve betrayed Lord Liam? ”

Count Norden snorted in derision.

“As long as you keep it under the wraps, no one would notice anyway. This is something that everyone does. Just be upfront about it and tell me how much it would cost for you to betray Liam.”

Count Norden, after being stripped of his title as an aristocrat, had abandoned his home and his family to escape by himself.

All he had left was the fortune he had gained by betraying Liam.

In addition, despite his current plight, Count Norden was formerly an aristocrat.

With his knights protecting him, he was confident that he could deal with a merchant or two.

Although he had run off without his family, he had brought along his knights.

That was why he did not bother correcting his arrogant attitude. 

The reason why Count Norden had turned to Thomas for help was because none of the companies in the United Kingdoms agreed to help him.

As Norden was a traitor to the United Kingdoms, helping him would mean they would no longer be able to conduct business. As such, they refused despite all the money they were offered.

With its main base inside the Empire’s territory, the only willing party was the Henfrey Chamber of Commerce. That was why he had no choice but to rely on Thomas.

His plan was to seek refuge and flee to his distant relative, Baron Norden.

Liam wouldn’t expect the traitor to be hiding right under his nose.

In this sense, Baron Norden was a traitor as well.

“Count Norden, please know that I’m not the only one dissatisfied with the happenings this time around.”


Suddenly, the spaceship shook.


An alarm warned Count Norden and his knights that intruders have come on board. 

The sound of footsteps was heard, and the door to the room was quickly kicked down.

A woman wearing a purple power-suit entered.

The sword in her hands had saw-toothed blade, and it was rotating like a chainsaw.

It was a vicious weapon designed to maim people.

“Found. You~”

When the visor to her helmet opened, the helmet folded itself up and was stored away.

The woman whose face was now in the open looked ecstatic.

Behind her were some angry-looking knights.

Norden’s knights tried to attack them with their weapons, but all of them were obliterated by the knights that entered.

Shocked, Norden’s eyes shot open.

Meanwhile, Marie was thanking Thomas.

“Thomas-dono, thank you for relying on me. You were right to call me instead of that minced-up woman. You have good eyes.”

Marie, who had been assigned to protect Liam’s territory, had dragged along hundreds of battleships for this endeavor.

Thomas made a troubled face.

“He’s all yours.”

Marie’s hatchet-like weapon was making a high-pitched sound that was painful to listen to.

“Norden! Your crime of betraying Lord Liam is a heavy one! I’ll slowly teach you all your sins by carving them into your body. Don’t worry. I have lots of medicine, so you won’t be dying anytime soon.”

There was a similar air surrounding the knights around her.

“Death to the traitor!”

“Kill Lord Liam’s enemy!”

“It’s showtiiiiiiime!” 

Norden looked over to Thomas for help, but the person  in question was already about to leave the room.

He screamed as the knights pushed him to the ground.


Marie grinned.

“No. Way.”

The United Kingdoms was in a dispute over who should take responsibility for the war that they had lost. 

“—Oya? By that way, what happened to Norden?”

Liam had been relaxing in his room and reading the news on his terminal with his back on the sofa. 

He recalled the circumstances surrounding Norden when he came across an article about the United Kingdoms. 

He decided to ask the question to Amagi, who was preparing drinks in the room. 

“I received a report saying that he had been disposed of by Thomas and Marie.”

Liam yawned. 

“I was wondering where Marie had went. Turns out she was disposing of the traitor, huh? It’s nice to know that she’s working hard.”

Noticing that Amagi had finished preparing tea and sweets, Liam got up to enjoy their smell.

“The tea that Amagi brews has a nice scent.”

“Aren’t the leaves used the same as before?”

“The tea that you brew is different from others.”

“Is that how it is?”

Was Liam talking about a very subtle difference?

When Amagi looked up at Liam, she remembered the events that transpired on that day.

(In the end, what kind of existence was that? He kept shouting Master’s name until the end.)

The mysterious existence had appeared in the shape of a man, but he was definitely not human. 

A lot of “noise” was detected in the image when she tried to look at him.

One thing was for certain: the existence was not friendly to humans.

(Is Master being targeted? If so—)

Amagi was worried about Liam being targeted by an alien creature.

Liam, on the other hand, was as carefree as ever.

“Hm? Where’s Brian? I don’t think I’ve seen him today.”

Upon seeing how carefree Liam was, Amagi decided to just play along like usual.

That was the only thing that she could do.

“He has a day off today. I heard him say that he will be going out to eat with his grandchildren.”

“Brian’s grandchildren, huh? I’ll be paying for their meal. It’s good to have him feel indebted in occasions like these.”


In the outer space, tiny limbs were growing out of the Guide’s tophat that was floating about.

A mouth appeared on the tophat as well, and it was grinding its teeth in regret.

“Damn it—Damn it—”

He was crying.

—The Guide had not died yet.

“I can’t win.”

He couldn’t even get close to Liam.

The gratitude that Liam received from the people inside and outside his territory allowed him obtain a tremendous amount of power despite being human.

Even in his heyday, the Guide might not have been able to win.

That said, the Guide had not given up.

“I won’t give up on revenge. I’ll definitely end Liam’s life!”

Defeat Liam by any means available.

The Guide renewed his determination.

A dog was watching such a Guide. 

It was dissatisfied by the fact that the Guide was still alive, but it disappeared to somewhere else, perhaps believing that it would be fine to leave him alone for now.

The Guide roared.

“I admit defeat for today, but I shall definitely return. LIAAAAAAAAAAAAM—”

The Guide was drifting in space, heading to God knew where.


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