V7 Chapter 9. Demon Lord Subjugation



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Gorius beheld an unbelievable sight.

The metal giant that had descended from the sky was staring down at the Demon Lord.

It was made of various precious metals that only appeared in legends and myths, making Gorius wonder how the materials were even collected.

There was little room to doubt that this metal giant was at a higher level of existence than itself.

Furthermore, this lump of metal seemed very much alive, almost as if it had a will of its own, and it was watching over Liam, who was its master.

Gorius knew instinctively that it would lose if it challenged the metal giant.

It knew that it would be extinguished, never to be revived again.

Heck, even if it did manage to revive, Gorius wasn’t confident of winning the next time.

But enough about the giant.

What Gorius refused to believe, or at least what it didn’t wish to believe, was the nature of Liam’s sword.

(N-no way. That weapon. A weapon like that shouldn’t be allowed to exist!)

Its fear stemmed from a certain type of metal mixed in with the sword.

Said metal was much like gold, but beyond that of gold—it was a type of metal that should not have existed in this world.

At the very least, Gorius didn’t want to be at the receiving end of a sword that contained this metal.

It was like having a nuclear missile aimed at an ant.

The term “overkill” would be an understatement.

The biggest problem, however, had to do with Liam.

(What’s up with this guy!?)

He rambled on about how humans were the root of all evil and how he was an evil being himself, but behind him stood the shadows of tens of billions that were supportive of Liam.

Prayers from those that had once received his help shone like gold particles as they blessed him with strength.

A sacred force was protecting him, and he was subconsciously drawing out and manipulating some of its power.

The sacred weapon in his hand was acting as a catalyst and empowering him.

(He’s not a human.)

Gorius had never encountered a human like this before. It was its first time facing someone far superior to itself.

It wasn’t just the living.

Even the dead and the stars above were backing Liam.

He was being showered by divine light, and when he drew his dangerous-looking sword, it appeared as if the blade shone gold.

Although the light was harmless to Liam and the others, it was a big threat against Gorius.

In fact, Gorius could feel its existence fading out because of the blinding light.

“—Evil? You must mean—”

Before it could finish its sentence, however, Liam swung his sword, having grown tired of listening to Gorius.

“Zip it. Our conversation here is over.”

With that sword swing, even the evil aura surrounding the Demon Lord’s castle was blown away and purified.

Liam did not wish for its revival, so he had completely erased Gorius from the world.

I’ve just eliminated a Demon Lord wannabe.

“—To think I’d be forced to use my favorite sword against a small fry.”

Although it declared itself to be a Demon Lord, it was quite weak, so weak in fact that I’m ashamed that I had to pull out my trump card.

“An existence that couldn’t be cut down…”

I’ve heard of enemies that can’t be dealt with through physical or magical means, but they can be easily eliminated by machines that are found in interstellar nations.

But that won’t do.

I must find a way to deal with them even if I’m by myself.

“How can I slice something that can’t be sliced—”

Ellen jumps down from the sky just as I’m contemplating this question.


She’s crying her eyes out with a runny nose.

She must have been quite worried as she’s refusing to let go after clinging onto me.

“I’ve worried you. Who else have come to pick me up?”

Gusu—Amagi-san, Brian-san, Nias-san, and—”

“Huh? Why are they here? And why Nias? Were Tia and Marie not free?”

Eh, why is Nias here as well?

It’s not like it would matter to her whether or not I disappear.

Actually, never mind.

Nias is probably the type of person that screams when she loses a sponsor.

“What a pain. So Amagi and Brian are here as well? I was treating this as a short break, but—”

I’m in for a round of scolding, I guess.

Kunai appears from my shadow.

“Lord Liam, the head is here.”

“Hmm? Kukuri came as well?”

A bulky man wearing a mask appears from the shadow of a pillar that’s standing amidst the rubble.

Kukuri approaches us with a weapon in hand.

I stop him with my right hand to protect Kunai.

“Lord Liam, I’m glad to know that you’re safe. On that note, please do not stop me from getting rid of a worthless subordinate. Kuhihihihi.”

Kunai’s on her knees, and she has her neck out for Kukuri.

“I’ve forgiven her, not to mention I was the one who got her involved in the first place. You should spare her.”

“—If that is Lord Liam’s wish, then I shall obey.”

“She has worked hard for me, so I’ll be rewarding her later on.”

Kukuri stares down at Kunai.

“You should be grateful to Lord Liam.”


After making sure that Kukuri has put away his weapon, I hug Ellen who’s still crying.

Kunai bows deeply, but that’s not what’s important right now.

“Kukuri, has anything changed?”

I ask him if anything had changed while I was away.

Kukuri tilts his head to the side.

“Yes. The territory has fallen apart, some aristocrats have raided the mansion, and a successor has been declared. Some members of the Cleo Faction have betrayed us and are planning to plunder the territory after allying with the pirates.”


“Those idiots!”

By the time I returned to the palace, mobile knights have come down to occupy the Kingdom of Aarl.

The spaceships hovering in the sky are blocking the sunlight from reaching the ground.

It’s around noon, and the sky should be clear, but it’s dark outside because thousands of battleships have come to pick me up.

That’s not why I’m mad though.

After all, I expected no less from my subordinates.

The reason I’m mad is because I’ve been told that Tia and Marie have risen up.

They’re apparently going around the territory claiming that they’re my successor.

“And I was just starting to see them in a new light… Really, what am I going to do with them?”

Things shouldn’t have escalated this far even with my absence.

It’s because of those idiot underlings of mine that things have grown to this point.

Also, who the heck is Isaac!? I refuse to have a nobody like him named as my successor!

“I’ll deal with Tia, Marie, and Isaac when I’m back, but for now—”

Some of my knights are following behind me as I walk down the palace corridor.

They’re part of the Liam retrieval force, and they seem to have taken control of the kingdom’s palace.

When I enter the audience hall, I’m greeted by an empty throne.

The heavyweights of the kingdom have been handcuffed, including the Queen that was responsible for summoning me.

The same goes for the kingdom’s knights.

Some seem to have resisted and were consequently beaten up.

It feels nice seeing them like this.

While the majority of my subordinates look relieved that I’m back, there are still some that appear agitated.

“Speak the truth! Such a primitive magic circle couldn’t have penetrated our barriers! You’re hiding something, aren’t you!? Spit it out! If you don’t, I’ll force you to—”

“P-please! Have mercy!”

The magicians under me are surrounding a summoner named Citasan and interrogating him.

They’re apparently having a hard time believing that such a primitive magic could bypass their barriers.

I feel a bit sorry seeing everyone so agitated.

After all, I could’ve easily escaped from the summoning circle if I really wanted to.

“You guys are being too loud.”

“Lord Liam!? Please accept our sincere apologies. We’re willing to make up for this mistake with our lives, so please have mercy on our families!”

To the inhabitants of this planet, these magicians must look like otherworldly sages.

The heavyweights of the kingdom finally come to a realization of what’s going on after seeing the magicians begging for forgiveness with their heads touching the ground.

Kukuri looks at me and asks, “Lord Liam, how should we dispose of them?”

“—You better make this the last time that something like this happens. Go over the mansion’s defenses again when we’re back.”

“W-words cannot express our gratitude, my lord!”

I was the one who got caught up in it on purpose, so it would be too cruel to execute them.

When they hear that they’ve been forgiven, they begin thanking me profusely while banging their heads on the floor.

—It’s a bit disturbing to watch.

My knights kneel down before me as I sit on the throne with crossed legs.

The officials that have come to pick me up are glaring at the kingdom’s inhabitants with cold eyes.

“They’re calling it a Hero Summoning, but what they did is no different from kidnapping. Lord Liam, I believe it’s necessary to put these people in their place.”

A lot must have happened while I was gone for the officials to sound this irritated.

“You’re right. How about destroying the entire planet? They were being pushed back by a small time villain anyway. They’re bound to be destroyed sooner or later.”

Let’s destroy the planet!

When I say so, two women, Queen Enora and Kanami, stand up in protest.

“P-please wait!”

“Destroy the planet!? You’re going too far!”

My knights pull out their swords, but I raise my right hand and signal them to back down.

I laugh maniacally like a villain after sentencing them to their deaths.

“You kidnapped me through a summoning magic. This is a great sin. What are you willing to do to make up for this transgression?”

With a sullen look, Enora replies that her kingdom will compensate us.

“We are willing to compensate you with gold and silver, so please spare us.”

“Very well! Then prepare enough treasure to fill this palace to the brim! I might spare you all if you do.”

“T-that’s unreasonable!”

“Are you hinting that I’m not worth that much? What do you guys think?”

Enough treasure to fill up the palace.

I requested it while knowing full well that it’s an unreasonable demand, but my subordinates do not seem to catch on to this.

“It wouldn’t be nearly enough.”

“Are they even aware of their sins?”

“They’re saying that it’s unreasonable without even trying. I don’t think they’re reflecting on their mistakes at all.”

—My subordinates are taking this so seriously that it’s kind of troubling.

I was envisioning a scene where they laugh like villains at the kingdom’s heavyweights.

I didn’t think they’d react like this.

I guess this is what I get for not interacting with them regularly.

They’re genuinely angry. I don’t think they’re in the mood to entertain jokes.

“Whatever. In that case—”

“And what do you think you’re doing?”


Just as I was thinking of teasing them even more, the door to the audience hall opens.

I straighten my back and adjust my position to sit properly on the throne.

Amagi presents herself before me.

—Brian, who has entered with her, runs up to me, crying.

“LORD LIAAAAAM!!” He wails.

“D-don’t come near me! I have no need for men’s tears!”

“Thank God you were saaaafe! I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep at night!”

Amagi walks up to me just as I’m trying to peel Brian off.

My subordinates look back and forth between Amagi and I.



“When the summoning circle appeared, you didn’t move away on purpose, right?”


“Although it doesn’t justify what they did, they must have been quite desperate to do something like this. Also, you knew that we would be coming, yes? What I want to say is—please stop horsing around.”

The people around us await my response.

If I were to ignore her words and order for the planet’s destruction, my subordinates will heed my order without asking any question, but doing so would mean incurring Amagi’s wrath.

Yup, this planet’s not worth the trouble.

That said, if I were to retreat here after being scolded by Amagi, my image as an evil lord would suffer.

Kuuu…what should I do?

Brian wipes his tears and speaks up.

“Lord Liam, according to the Empire’s law, we’re supposed to minimize our contact with intelligent life forms that are incapable of going into space by themselves. We must refrain from doing anything that may lead to the loss of cultural diversity. We had no choice but to get involved with them this time because of the summoning magic, but we should leave things at that and return without causing trouble.”

I would have lost all face if I had to change my decision after being scolded by Amagi, but thankfully, Brian has extended an olive branch at a critical juncture.

“Y-you’re right. I guess there’s nothing we can do about it if it’s the Empire’s law! Aight, boys, withdraw!”

Heeding my command, my subordinates salute in unison and leave in a hurry.

They must have put two and two together and figured out that I cannot go against Amagi.

It’s quite shameful as a leader.

The saving grace is that my subordinates are quick enough on the uptake and don’t question my orders.

I’m glad that they’re like that.

Amagi bows.

“Thank you for listening to my suggestion. However, when we return, we will still need to have a talk along with Brian.”

“Don’t be too angry—I’ll apologize.”

I quickly leave the audience hall to escape from the critical eyes of Amagi and Brian.

Queen Enora could not believe what she had just witnessed.

The arrogant army that came from another world was obediently heading back because of the orders of a single woman.

It was as if a goddess had descended onto the planet.

Her appearance was out of the ordinary, and she was wearing a beautiful dress.

The woman unlocked Enora’s handcuff and held her hands.

Her scarlet eyes were so mesmerizing that Enora felt as if her soul was being sucked in.

“Please allow me to apologize on their behalf for causing such a big disturbance.”

“T-that’s not necessary! Ah, would you mind telling us your name?”

“—I go by the name of Amagi. We have brought with us some supplies that we believe would help in the kingdom’s recovery. Please use them as you see fit.”

“C-can we really?”

“Consider these our apology for the disturbance that we have caused. Having said that, please do not summon anymore heroes from now on. The magic circle is too unstable. It could cause other accidents like this one.”

After listening to Amagi’s explanation, Enora nodded.

“But we would be helpless against the Demon Lord if it appears again.”

“Lord Liam, my Master, has thoroughly defeated the Demon Lord. It won’t revive ever again. If another problem arises, you will have to rely on your own power to overcome it.”

Enora saw Amagi as a goddess. Thus, she begged Amagi for help.

“We are weak, so please, help us!”

However, Amagi shook her head.

“You must learn to overcome the challenges. That is the trial that has been bestowed to you.”

Someone calls out to me just as I’m about to head back with my luggage.

It’s Kanami.


“What do you want?”

“Well, um—those people are telling me that they’ll send me back.”

I’ve ordered the magicians under me to return Kanami to her original world.

Nothing good will happen from leaving her in a world like this.

She’ll be happier back in her own world.

“Don’t worry, it’s free.”

“—But I don’t want to go back.”

“Don’t you want to meet your precious daddy?”

Kanami’s erupts in anger.

The guards around me try to pull out their weapons, but I tell them to stand down with my eyes.

“I’m not talking about daddy! The only one that truly loved me is my father!—He’s dead though.”

What a complicated family situation.

Not that it matters to me, but I don’t like to leave things hanging, so I decide to have a short talk with her.

I put my large baggage aside and sit on the stairs to talk with Kanami.

“I don’t care about your family situation, but we all belong to our respective worlds. You should return to where you came from.”

I’m sure her deceased father would want that as well.

He wouldn’t want his daughter to stay in a world that stinks of blood and war.

“Even if I do go back, I’ll be sold by my mom. Might as well stay her and help with the reconstruction.”

“You’re really dumb. Now that the Demon Lord has perished, you’re an unnecessary existence to this world. In fact, they’ll soon see you as a nuisance because of your power.”

“Enora’s not that kind of person.”

The fact that she trusts the Queen so much goes to prove that she has no eyes for people.

“The Queen will likely be swayed by the words of those around her. Even if that’s not the case, the others will try to kill you in secret. Either way, nothing good will result from you staying here,” I tell her.

“T-that can’t be…”

I can’t help but want to take care of her after seeing her so shaken by the revelation.

It must be because her name’s the same as my daughter’s.

—A lot has happened back then, but my daughter was not the direct cause of my suffering.

I hated her for a period of time, but she was just a child back then.

I still don’t have a good impression of her, but I don’t hate her like before.

My hatred is instead directed towards the woman that abandoned me and the man that encouraged her to do so.

Seeing Kanami reminds me of all that.

“You might be friends with the Queen right now, but she’s someone with a weak mentality. She’ll eventually come to fear you and distance herself, but if you leave right now, you’ll be able to keep your beautiful memory with her.”

Kanami was summoned to this world as a secret weapon against the Demon Lord.

Now that the Demon Lord is gone, she’ll be nothing more than an obstacle.

Kanami presses her forehead against her knees.

“Haha, in the end, I don’t belong anywhere.”

“You should create a place you can call home.”

“As if. I’m just a normal high school student back in my original world. I can’t do jack by myself.”

The image of my daughter overlaps with Kanami whenever I look at the latter.

Her last name is different, and it would be a miracle to have a reunion with my daughter at this point.

There’s just no way for them to be the same person.

They do look similar, but I’m sure that my daughter is living a good life with her real dad.

—She must be having a good time after discarding me.

It makes my chest uncomfortable just thinking about it.

I hope they all get cursed or something.

That said, my encounter with Kanami must have been some sort of fate.

I guess I can help her out a bit.

I take out a bag of gold coins from my pocket and shove it towards Kanami.


“I got these gold coins from the Demon Lord’s castle.”

“—You sure you’re rich? Is this why you attacked the Demon Lord’s castle? Were you just there to rob? What were you thinking?”

I chuckle at how much of a goody two-shoes she is.

“Since I defeated it, the Demon Lord’s wealth of course belongs to me. Oh, just checking, but gold coins are valuable in your world as well, right?”

Seeing her nod, I hand the bag of coins to her.

“Then take these gold coins and use them as you like. You can choose to start a new life with this or just use them to have fun. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.”

Kanami grabs the bag that contains the gold coins.

“You think I can lead a new life with this?”

“It’ll be up to you. Now, it’s time for you to return.”

The magicians are waiting for Kanami after having finished preparing.

I push her back lightly before picking up my luggage and boarding the battleship.

Kanami calls out to me.

“You’re nicer than I thought.”

“—I’ll give you a piece of advice. You should develop your eyes for men. You suck as judging people.”

“S-sorry!? I just praised you! Do you really have to put it like that!?”

“That’s why I keep calling you an idiot. Everything that happened today was a coincidence. I am an evil lord—I’m an evil villain! You were lucky that I decided to help you on a whim.”


Brian (´;ω;`): “Lord Liam treats me so coldly. It’s painful.”