V7 Interlude 2. Swimsuit Time!


Translator: Eternia

Editor: Baset

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Why do swimsuits look so dazzling on the beach?

They often cover as little area of the body as underwear, and at times it covers even less.

Whenever there’s a woman in a swimsuit, men’s eyes tend to gravitate towards her.

But what if it’s someone you know?

I, for one, don’t enjoy others ogling my lover.

“Thomas, you’ve disappointed me.”

I slowly pull out my sword and approach Thomas, who ends up backing away in fear and falling on his butt.

“Lord Liam, please forgive me!”

The reason I’m angry at him is because he has truly disappointed me this time.

“Rejected. I absolutely refuse to have Amagi wear this kind of swimsuit. In fact, how’s this diving suit even swimwear? Are you messing with me?”

He brought a swimsuit that looks just like a diving suit.

It even has a goggle and snorkel; you’d think she’s going on a dive.

That’s the kind of design it was.

“Thomas, what did I tell you? I told you that I’m going to the beach with Amagi, did I not?”

“Y-you certainly did!”

Thomas is on his knees and sweating profusely.

“Then explain what’s up with this swimsuit! Do you think this is a joke!?”

“B-but Lord Liam, weren’t you angry about the swimsuits from before being too revealing?”

All the swimsuits that Thomas recommended me before revealed too much skin.

They wereregular swimwear, but I won’t have Amagi expose any of her skin while outside.

If a guy sees Amagi’s bare skin, I would cut him down where he stands.

“Well, they were!”

“I-I beg your pardon, but those cover more skin than the others on the market.”

“I want something that fits Amagi better!”


Thomas has failed to bring forth a swimsuit that meets the requirements that I’ve set for him.

He has showed me over a thousand swimsuits by now, none of which suit Amagi.

His shoulders are drooped, and he seems unconvinced.

I’m frustrated by this development as well.

“It shouldn’t reveal any skin, neither should it cover the skin—Lord Liam, is this some sort of a riddle?”

“Enough with this nonsense. Just find a swimsuit that matches well with Amagi.”

Amagi enters as I’m scolding Thomas.

She’s brought with her one of the swimsuits that Thomas recommended before.

“Amagi, that swimsuit exposes too much of your skin. Throw it away.”

“No, this one will do. Master, how much time are you going to waste choosing a swimsuit? Another week?”

“But Thomas—”

“No but’s. To begin with, it doesn’t matter how revealing it is. Master owns a private beach where only authorized individuals can enter.”

“I do?”


I thought there would be other pests on the beach, but since I’m rich, I have a private beach.

“Then I guess the one that you have with you right now is fine. Right, to the sea we go.”


I hear Thomas cry in the back as I prepare to leave the room and head to the beach with Amagi.

“Then what was the point of my suffering?”

Sorry, but it was about Amagi’s swimsuit, so I can’t be blamed for being extra strict.

The ocean is as blue as could be, and the beach is covered in white sand.

My servants got the beach all ready and prepared the moment I said we’re going out to play.

There’s no trash anywhere as it’s been cleaned before our arrival.

Amagi’s wearing a swimsuit that reveals much of her skin along with a skirt cover-up wrapped around her waist.

She’s more blinding than even the sun.

“Amagi—you’re beautiful.”

Words fail me as I try to compliment her with both my hands holding her right hand.

I’m ashamed that “beautiful” is the only praise I come up with.

“Thank you. I chose the one that would fit Master’s taste the most.”

“That said, it’s still too revealing in my opinion.”

“Nobody will see it anyway.”

If anyone does, I’ll erase him.

Brian calls out to us from a beach stand just as we’re getting ready to play in the sea.

He’s wearing an old-fashioned swimsuit with stripes that go down to his elbows and knees.

“Lord Liam, make sure you warm up before entering the water. Oh, and would you like a drink? You must stay hydrated.”

Brian’s smiling brightly at us.

“Why are you here as if it’s only natural?”

“Why, it’s to serve Lord Liam of course! My, it’s been a while since I’ve last been to a beach stand. Back in the day, I frequented beach stands so often that I was nicknamed Beach Stand Brian.”

You weren’t the one running it, right?

I’m not so sure about having him run the stand, but since Brian’s a wizened old man that has lost much of his bodily functions, I guess it’s fine to have him stay.

If he was any other man, I would’ve had him killed.

“Then give me something to drink.”


Brian enters the stand, and Amagi follows suit after bowing to me.

Soon after, she brings me a drink.

“Master, this is your drink.”

I feel enchanted by Amagi’s figure as she hands me the cup.

I might be imaging things, but I think I saw Amagi smile there for a split second.

“Amagi, did you smile just now?”

“Well, what do you think?”

Her expression has returned to normal, but I’m fairly certain that she was smiling a moment ago.

“Are you having fun”

“Having fun—maybe so.”

“That’s good.”

In that case, it was worth bringing her to the beach.

Brian was making yakisoba at the beach stand while watching Liam and Amagi.

“Lord Liam’s such a frugal man.”

Just to go out and play, he had people clean his private beach and prepare a stand.

Armies were also stationed outside Liam’s sight to keep watch.

Not only were they patrolling the land, the sea, and the sky, spaceships had been deployed as well for his protection.

Only female soldiers had been summoned.

A lot of manpower had been spent to fulfill Liam’s wish, yet Brian was calling him “frugal”.

“As a Count, Lord Liam could’ve had a planet as his resort. Being a bit more lavish wouldn’t have hurt anyone.”

They were in an intergalactic nation, and from the perspective of a Count, this level of luxury was only considered playing in the front yard.


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Brian (´;ω;`): “Lord Liam’s as unreasonable as always, it’s painful.”





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