Chapter 1

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Open page: Present. 



“Oh, my God!”


“Please help me. Please… please…!”


 “Young Master ……!”


People were dying in front of her eyes. The legs of people who had walked normally yesterday rolled on the floor, and people who crawled away on all four were also seen.


Her father was already sitting at the table, dead with a sword stuck in his heart. Of course, there was no normal picture. One of his eyes was just an empty socket and blood was dripping down like tears. Valletta once again tried to move her immobile legs. She wanted to run away from here for now, but she couldn’t move. There were black shadows in front of her, but she couldn’t tell what they were.


It wasn’t fear that made her stiffen. She had no regrets about any of the people in this family. She knew they would be punished for what they had done. It’s just that if there’s a problem here, there’s no escape. No matter how much she struggled, she could not turn her head or move her body off the floor as if she was a statue.


She couldn’t move a finger, and the only thing that moved according to her will were her eyes. 


“I’ve never heard of you in my life.”


 A light voice with a hint of laughter tapped her ears. His long, silvery-white hair, a rarity, covered his shoulders and swayed slightly just above his waist. The eyes she had thought were “ruby” actually seemed to be blood. Emotions seeped into them, and now they glowed with madness. The solid door of the dining room, which was tightly closed, opened. A scream came from the doorway. 




Two beautiful women and a servant were thrown through a half-open crack in the door with screams. The two men in black robes pushed them in with their feet like dogs.


“Please save me!”


“Monster! Monster! I hate you!” 


“Shut up.” 


The scream died in an instant. Along with his voice, the crazy gaze reached the three people who had just entered. The mouths of those who were screaming under the pressure closed tightly.


Finally, Valletta’s vision caught sight of them. The shivering figures were sympathetic. But she couldn’t pity them.


She wasn’t in a position to pity anyone.


 “These are the last people alive in this mansion,” said one of the men in black robe. It was an indifferent voice with no regret in it. 


“It’s a mansion, there are many vermin to deal with.”


Walking lightly towards Valletta, the silver-white man smiled refreshingly at her as she stiffened. Then he tapped her cheek with bloody fingers and headed straight for the maidservant who had fled into the corner. As Valletta glanced sideways at him as he passed, she saw his shoes with blood on it.


She had goosebumps and wanted to wipe her cheek.


“I’m getting tired of this. There’s still a delicious main dish left….,” said the man, glancing at Valletta behind him. 


She could only see the front anyway, so no matter how much she moved her eyes, she wouldn’t be able to see what was happening in the back corner.


Still, it was not hard to tell who he implied as the main dish was. 


“Young Master, please help me… … I’ll do anything…” 


“Hahaha! It seems like I’ll get to hear ‘Young Master’ a lot more today.”


His red eyes folded like a crescent moon, and his bloody hand slowly reached the maid’s cheek. 


He rubbed the blood from his hand back and forth across the maid’s cheek. 


“I’ll kill you all in one go,” he said, his voice mercilessly gentle. 


As soon as the man flicked his fingers, icy spears formed in the air. To be precise, it was more like giant icicles than spears. Except the tip was sharp enough to kill a person.




There was a series of sounds of something being shot along with the sound of the wind. The three maidservants who had gathered there died without a sound. The man eventually quieted down, smiling and twirling around like a dancer. Valletta could hear him approaching behind her. She inhaled deeply.


‘Oh, I should have gotten rid of him back then. If my father listened to me, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened. I should have run away when he didn’t listen to me.I shouldn’t have stayed here!’


Valletta struggled to move her limbs in her mind, but the reality was beyond measure.


And at that moment, the intangible power that was binding her body like a statue disappeared. As a result, her body lost its balance and tilted forward.




Surprised, Valletta hurriedly stretched her legs and tried to regain her balance, but she was a step too late. As she closed her eyes thinking the pain would come, someone grabbed her shoulder and held her waist tightly.


Then her head seemed to touch someone’s chest. Yes, it was as if she was being held by someone. Valletta sighed inwardly. Somehow, she felt as if she knew who it was. But she was afraid to open her eyes. 


“My heartless master begged her foolish father every day to abandon me, but now she’s in my arms.”




With the breath that touched her ears, Valletta hurriedly pushed him away and stood on his own feet. Up close, his appearance was even more beautiful. It made her wonder if he was really from this world. His cold voice echoed in her ears was mesmerizing. He sounded as gentle as if he were a fairy in a fairy tale. However, Valletta knew very well that it was just an illusion.


He was a man who could smile and talk to people and kill them without blinking. He was the dark Lord, and now the King of the magic tower.  And he was Valletta’s slave until just now. It could be described as a master-servant relationship. 


“Now, I’m the only one left. Master,” he said sweetly.


She wanted to run away from him, but the only exit was blocked by the two wizards.


“Do you want to live?”


Valletta took a step back as she heard what sounded like a demon offering her a helping hand. Then he took a step closer as she stepped back. Their distance became closer due to his long stride.


His eyes that were folded into a half-moon gradually widened. There was no laughter in the eyes that appeared under his eyelids. 


“Sit down,” his eerie red eyes turned to her. 


He flicked his fingers and told her to sit down. It was exactly what Valletta had said to him when they first met. She took another step back, firming her feet. She had to get away.


She held her breath and took more steps back, but something caught her foot. 




Valletta looked down and saw what caught her feet was one of the corpses that lay everywhere. The man smiled and leaned closer. When his eyes at Valletta’s level, his long hair came down in a flurry. It seemed long enough to reach the bloody floor.


“Very well. Very well, Master.”


The man reached out and stroked Valletta’s auburn hair as if to compliment her hair with his bloodied hand.


‘I knew he was crazy, but I didn’t expect him to be this crazy…’


She didn’t want to sit down but ended up falling down on the floor.


Valletta knew the man was a lunatic, and she begged her father to get rid of him countless times. However, her father insisted that the man would have something useful when he grew up. Her father believed that and kept the man. No one knew that he was plotting a revenge. This was the result. In the novel, the whole family died. She knew she was going to die. Valletta was the only one who foresaw the tragic situation.


In an attempt to avoid this situation, she tried to be nice to the man in front of her, but that didn’t change the way that crazy person looked at her. So she gave up, changed her mind, and begged him to keep away. And what did the others do? All the people in the house, unaware of the horror of this madness, reacted recklessly. Of course they did!


His beautiful appearance and low status as a slave would have made anyone feel superior to him. Not only that, he had a sweet tongue. He was a man who could keep his anger hidden and put a smile on his face.


‘I should have done it if I was going to die anyway. Now that everyone is dead. I should at least survive.’


What was with this guilt? Valletta swallowed her breath, screaming inwardly.


He stared at the frozen Valletta, then reached out and took the necklace from her neck. The lightly broken string of the necklace looked like her future. It was a red, transparent, coin-sized glass bead. It was a seal carved into the heart of the madman, and when the bead was squeezed hard, he could not disobey his opponent’s orders because of the seal.


That was what ‘humanity magic’ was like.


If you hold your opponent’s heart as a lifeline to subjugate him and he does not listen to you, you can squeeze the bead. Then the opponent would feel the intense heart pain. If he didn’t want to feel the pain, he had to obey the command. It was an inhumane spell, Valletta never wanted that.


Now that it was like this, there was only one way to get out of here safely. She didn’t want to use her power in front of this madman. But it’s much better to have her power discovered than to be caught and die. Valletta made it a priority to escape. 


“Jin!” At the sound of Valletta’s shout, a strong whirlwind blew through the empty space around her. The man in front of her seemed quite startled, and his eyes widened, as if he didn’t see it coming.


“Supreme Spirit of the Wind?”


“Is she a Spirit…?”


The two wizards who were silently guarding the door murmured. 


<What is this? You summoned me to this bloody place.> The Wind Spirit said.


“Please help me. Take me far away from here. Anywhere but here.”


<What’s my reward?> The Wind Spirit asked.


“I’ll give you my blood.”


The hawk, vaguely transparent, spread its huge wings. It was an agreement. The wind enveloped Valletta’s body and floated her.


The moment she stretched out her arms and tried to hold on to the hawk’s wings, an intense pain shot through her heart. 




Her mind was distracted by the unexpected and terrible pain. At the same time, the transparent hawk she summoned disappeared. Valletta rolled on the floor, moaning in pain. 


“Oh, my God. I’m sorry, Master. I was so surprised that I….”


“What is this…”


As the pain slowly subsided, her body contracted by the remnants of pain and remained on the floor in cold sweat.


“My master is impressive.”


The man who squatted in front of Valletta, who was on the floor with her hands in his chest, said, patting her head affectionately.


“Sorry, this is a little too much.”


Valletta barely raised her head at the man’s pretentious voice.


“What the hell…” 


“Oh… I removed the seal in my heart and placed it on yours. I’m afraid that you will abandon me and leave.”


When the man finished speaking, he reached out and grabbed a strand of Valletta’s hair and kissed it. 


“Master, please call my name. Then you can sleep.”


He whispered to Valletta with the same gentle look in his eyes that he had when he was a slave. The red bead was rolling in his hand.


“Ah, d*mn it.”


Why didn’t she run away back then? Valletta sighed deeply, feeling regretted.


“Come on,” his friendly voice rang in her ears. Her eyelids were heavy. She slowly opened her lips as opposed to her closing eyelids.






“Good girl. You may sleep now, Master.” He said, stroking her head.


‘Where should I begin to explain what’s wrong with this lunatic?’


While thinking, Valletta eventually lost consciousness, unable to forget the pain.