Chapter 10


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Reinhardt, who had a cold face without an expression, raised his mouth and smiled, like he was about to say something.


“Master, it’s been a long time.”


“Ah…… yeah.”


She answered crudely while avoiding his gaze.


Exiting after closing the door, Reinhardt followed Valletta, seemingly unwilling to enter the office.


“Isn’t there something that you need to do at the office?”


“Maybe there is.”


“Ah….. I see.”


Is there something, or is there nothing, which is it.


Valletta glanced bitterly at him then went upstairs.




“… I’m not your master anymore.”


So please forget about me, Valletta thought.


Of course, everyone in the mansion had treated him poorly and with disdain, so no one would survive. She knows that.


But Valletta felt that it was a little unfair. No, not a little, she felt like it’s unfair. She tried to give him freedom in her own way, and she deliberately gave him the bead and gave him directions to run away.


She even gave him a map, because she thought that the  road would be difficult.


It was Reinhardt who refused it all.


She wanted to buy his favor, so she did her best for about a year and treated him kindly.


However, his cold gaze and false smile didn’t change at all and it seemed hopeless, so she gave up neatly.


Instead, she eventually ended up begging Count Delight if he could throw him away.


Of course, all of those plans are now shattered, turned into trash, and scattered on the floor.


“I think the master hates me very much.”




To be honest, if she hadn’t known he was like that, she would have acted as if she had provided him with both a liver and a gallbladder.


That does not mean that Valletta hates pretty people, but she likes people who have gentle smiles.




He stuck closely behind her and whispered in a faint voice. The owner of the voice bent his waist and terrifyingly whispered in her ears.


Valletta rolled her eyes and swallowed her breath.


‘When did he grow this big…?’


She felt embarrassed as if she had never seen him that close before and decided to keep her distance.


“I never did anything to you, Master.”


Although he calls her Master, his voice is not much different to how he would treat dust on his shoulders.


Reinhardt touched Valletta’s neck with his thumb. Valletta stiffened and goosebumps appeared.


“No matter how much I try to be loved, my master finds me repulsive.”


The voice that she heard close to her ears suddenly moved away.


As she slowly turned her head, Reinhardt had the same smile again.


“There was dust stuck on it so I removed it. I apologize if it was presumptuous. Then this slave will now go to its master.”


“Oh…… yeah.”


She replied, covering the goosebumps on her nape with her palms.


Reinhardt politely bent his back and descended the stairs again. She leaned against the wall and bowed her head.


‘… I think I’m going crazy.’




“One, two, three. One, two, three. Good. Good job.”




When Mrs. Joshua’s guidance was over, she bowed in greeting.


It was a boring dance lesson. As the wedding approached, liberal arts classes became increasingly difficult.


Three months after Valletta’s birthday, she will get married to the Crown Prince. Thanks to that, does it make sense that she has a class all day and has no time to rest?


She would rather go back to her senior year and prepare for the CSAT, Valletta recited like a habit.


There are many gifts and tea party invitations for her, since she will become the Crown Princess next year, and she frequently met the prince.


She was reluctant to do so at first, but when she faced the Crown Prince, she found that he wasn’t arrogant nor harsh.


But that did not mean that she’s romantically interested, rather she just found out that he was not a bad person. She was still rather skeptical about political marriage.


“Mrs. Joshua.”


“Yes, Lady Valletta.”


“What month and date is it today?”


“It was your birthday a week ago, so today is December 22nd.”


Valletta nodded nervously at Mrs. Joshua’s words.


Her birthday had passed.


Originally, the extermination of Count Delight by Reinhardt, which was supposed to take place on her birthday, did not occur.


She couldn’t believe it, so Valletta has been asking everyone she sees for a week what the date is, like a mad person.


And the answer that she receives is always the same.  Since the Lady’s birthday has passed, since the Lady’s birthday has passed…


Her birthday was so grand that she threw a party in the Palace.


It was natural as she is about to become the Crown Princess and the first noble alchemist.

Like a dolphin show, she, of course, had to show where she used alchemy to turn herbs into potions to light up the party.


She honestly couldn’t figure out who’s birthday pary it was. She was miserable, but it was ordered by Count’s Delight.


It was beneficial for her to follow his words for now until she’s out of his hands. She does not want to starve, be hung upside down or be locked up at this age.


“Then see you again next week, young lady.”


“Ah yes. Thank you for teaching me again today.”


“No, you’re born with great qualities, and I, as a teacher, always think that I should devote myself. As expected, the Crown Princess is different.”


All the teachers in charge of Valletta’s education were first-rate. At the same time, they were also nobles who lived to socialize.


Naturally, they were anxious to make friends with Valletta.


Some people have already become the center of high society just because they have been in charge of Valletta’s education.


They didn’t intend to disclose that in front of Valletta, but it was clear that they wanted to hear some news about the Crown Prince from her.


“Thank you for the compliment. Today, Mrs. Joshua is the last teacher, so I have to go in and rest.”


“Oh my God. Of course you have been busy. Then please take a rest.”


“Yes, please get home safely.”


After finishing the greeting for formality’s sake, Valletta slowly sighed once she was left alone.

She slowly moved to the second floor under the guidance of a maid who wondered why she was not coming out.


She went into her room, took off her dress, washed, and changed into a much more comfortable outfit.


After changing clothes, Valletta was unable to leave the room. It is because Count Delight would get very angry if he caught her. Thus, she always has her dinner in her room.


“My Lady, are you going to have dinner in your room again?”


“Yeah, get it ready in the room.”




Seeing the maid bow her head to leave, she spoke in a hurry.




“Yes, my lady.”


“What is that slave doing these days?”




The maid blinked her eyes, and soon let out “Ah.” in a low voice and nodded.


“Yes, you are talking about Reinhardt…?”


“Yes, you know his name?”


“Yeah, at first it was a little like that but…… He has a good personality for a slave, and now most of the maids are fond of him. Of course, some of the servants still hate him.”

Valletta nodded slowly at the words of the maid.


It’s good that he’s adjusting well, but his awakening day should’ve already passed. Why is he still here? And not leaving for the tower……


“He’s now serving His Lordship, doing some chores and cleaning the horse section.”


“Is that so?”


“Yes… but, uhm. Recently, His Lordship seems to be treating him a little harshly.”


While Valletta was nodding her head in relief, she stiffened when she heard the maid’s words. She forcefully turned her stiff neck.


Who’s treating him harshly? Are they crazy?


“Ah….. uhm, it’s a little….. He was trying to get him to do something sexual, but Reinhardt seemed to have rebelled……”


The maid whispered in a very small voice.


Something sexual. Is the Count crazy?


To whom? To that madman? No, but why doesn’t he run away?


“I saw his cheeks were swollen the other day, he must’ve been hit.”


“When was that?”


“It must have been a day before your birthday.”


“…… ”


This house. She needs to run away from it.


But really, how could that happen? No….. he put up with that and still continued to work?


Her head is spinning, but either way she can’t get an answer for sure.


“Then, I will bring in your meal.”


“Ah, yeah.”


She insincerely waved her hands.


Valletta, who sent out the maid, sat on the bed and muttered quietly.


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