Chapter 13


After Valletta spoke, Reinhardt with an expression that masked what he was thinking, then slowly reached out again and rubbed Valletta’s lower lip.


“My kind master doesn’t seem to enjoy this kind of fun, so I’ll take care of it.”


He softly smiled once again.


“I don’t think it’s going to be easy to tear the guts out of that thing that made you a spectacle like a clown in a circus show.”


It was a bloody remark. It was even more horrendous as he said it with a perfect smile.


Valletta wanted to ask if she could return first, but her lips were once again stuck together and couldn’t move.


Valletta had now given up on speaking, and just looked at him.


“My master is last, so stay here and wait.”


He stroked her messy hair as if he was the sweetest person in the world, and then turned around.


‘The last…’


Valletta’s face hardened.


‘D*m it, so in the end I’m still going to die.’


He glanced at Valletta, who was thinking, and smiled reassuringly. He then walked straight towards Count Delight, while casually stepping on the dead bodies.


He didn’t need to explain any more. What unfolded before Valletta’s eyes was just a massacre.


Two men in robes and hoods grabbed every single living person in the mansion and shoved them into the dining room, and Reinhardt threw weapons at them, as they trembled at the horror that lay before them.


They had tried to do everything they could to escape, but the difference in basic ability between them and Reinhardt was like the difference between heaven and earth.


Reinhardt, with a mischievous smile on his face, only lifted one of his fingers to subdue them.


“I’ll give you a chance.”


As if it wasn’t enough, he seduced them sweetly with his words.


“Run away. If you can leave this dining room safely, I promise I won’t touch you anymore.”


And put them in despair.


Was that the voice of the person who cut the rotten rope in the fairytale book, [The Sun and The Moon] in my original world.


It was a sweet voice as if tempting, and a generous voice as if giving an opportunity. But the circumstances were gruesome.


Their legs are either broken or severed, and no one had a functioning leg to run away. So, who the hell is he asking to run away?


Reinhardt smiled softly as he watched a person, desperate to live, crawl.


“Ah, come to think of it, didn’t you kick me with this foot, saying that I’m bad luck?”


“Ugh…… Ack…… I, I didn’t…… do that……”


One of the maids, who seemed to be holding back the pain, rolled on the floor and shook her head desperately. Reinhardt chuckled in a low tone, as if he had heard a funny story.


However his eyes and, this time, the corners of his mouth were also straight.


“I hate lies.”


When Reinhardt lifted his finger, the maid’s other foot lifted into the air, and then strangely bent.




Valletta’s face contorted at the same time as the terrible scream was heard.


Even if she can’t smell the blood, that doesn’t mean that the sound of bones breaking was bearable.


Reinhardt snapped his fingers again, as if noticing her distorted face.


Then the maid’s lips clung to each other, and soon, she couldn’t even groan.


“Shh, my master got startled.”


I’d say your blood-stained face is more eerie. Valletta thought.


Reinhardt smiled sweetly at her and soon began to move quickly.


The same thing happened over and over again. Reinhardt really recited their charges in detail, as if he had piled up what had happened over the past decade. And there were quite a few things that Valletta found shocking.


“What made you think that I’ll turn the other cheek when you made a mess out of me?”


“You used me as a chair.”


Reinhardt said, stepping on the servant’s and maid’s back.


He licked his lips as if telling Valletta to listen. There was no such thing in the novel. If he had changed, Reinhardt would have changed because of Valletta herself.




Does he want her to feel guilty?


Hearing Reinhardt’s words, Valletta couldn’t shake off her dumbfounded mood. She wryly smiled with a feeling of blankness.


She felt no guilt at all. She did her best, yet no one really listened to her.


She then snorted. They mocked and tormented him as she expected. She tried to stop them, but they unexpectedly harassed him behind her back.


“Uh…… Ugh…”


“Ah, I almost forgot.”


Reinhardt lifted his hand as he heard a groan from behind. The sword that had been lying on the floor floated into the air and flew straight toward Count Delight.


Count Delight, who had been holding his breath and occasionally trembled, let out an eerie sound as his head fell.


Reinhardt’s inconsiderate consideration of preventing her from smelling the blood, made everything right in front of her look like a movie. In fact, she felt far from reality.


How long has it been?


Boom! The door opened again and the two people wearing robes came in. They  threw three maids into the dining room.


“These are the last survivors in this mansion.”


“Because it’s a mansion, there were a lot of insects to deal with.”


Those were very cold words to say. The three people, who had been dragged in there, were stabbed by ice spears, without having a chance to scream, and scrawl out.


It’s unbelievable that Valletta’s still alive after all this time. 


‘…… Wow.’


But Valletta envied them. They were at least able to go to the other world in one shot.


He looked down at the three people who had stopped breathing, let out a long sigh, and turned around.


“Now, you’re the only one left, Master.”


Reinhardt slowly approached her with a sweet voice like a siren seducing the seaman.




(Back to the Present.)


Reinhardt looked down at Valletta, who had lost consciousness at the end, unable to withstand the shock of the rushing fatigue and pain in her heart. Perhaps because she eventually slumped down, the robes were bloody and messed up. She was frowning and groaning as if she was uncomfortable.


“You’re not going to kill her, My Lord?”


One of the two men in robes removed his hood and asked. The man standing next to him also took off the hood he was wearing.


The first was a beautiful man with jet-black hair and bright yellow eyes, and the other was a man with light blue hair that covered his neck and dark blue eyes.


“I’m thinking about it.”


“Is it because of her alchemy abilities? Or her spirit arts? Neither is a common ability. I think they will be useful.”


The black-haired man said calmly.


“If that’s all we need, we can just forcefully subjugate her.”


That was possible for Reinhardt. At his blunt remarks, the two men’s faces became puzzled.


Reinhardt, who had been squatting in front of her, ran his fingers through Valletta’s bloodstained hair.


Instead of a red blush on her snowy white, slim cheeks, the blood had hardened, making them into a dark red color. Her voluminous hair was messed up and scattered on the floor.


She groaned and then breathed out lightly and fell into a deep sleep, with deep wrinkles still forming between her forehead.


Reinhardt’s bloody hands gripped her neck gently.


“If you are not going to be completely mine, I’d rather……”


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to just kill her and keep the body.


Reinhardt’s red eyes flashed, then slowly blinked. But if he does, he won’t be able to feel her warmth and she won’t smile at him anymore.


He threw that thought out at once. His index finger ran down her nape then poked her in the cheek.


“It’s a shame though.”


If asked if he wants to kill her again, he would say no. Instead, it was the explosion of his dissatisfaction with her for not calling him by his name even once during their ten years of being together.




“Yes, My Lord.”


The light blue haired man immediately answered. It was a soft voice, as if the spring breeze was tickling the ears.


“Do you think it’s possible to live together for ten years and never call each other by their name?”


“… It’s not impossible, but I don’t think it’s the usual.”




But Valletta Delight did. Not only Reinhardt’s, but she did not remember or call the names of anyone she met or those who worked on the mansion.


Whenever she calls for someone, it’s ‘Hey’, ‘ You there’, ‘You’.


‘If you remember, you should say it,’


But she remembered Reinhardt’s name. It was even more disturbing that she hadn’t ever said it. 


“Father! Please, get rid of that slave. I’m sure it’ll be a problem later.”


Reinhardt blinked slowly as searched around his memories.


She always asked her father to kick him out or sell him to someone else as soon as possible. From a year ago, she had been begging Count Delight almost every week. He sincerely wanted to ask the reason why.


‘I can just ask her slowly.’


He doesn’t need to be in a hurry. She is now his and he no longer has to bow his head to anyone.


After thinking, Reinhardt rose from the ground, putting his arms under her back and firmly supporting her under her knees. 


“By the way, didn’t you originally plan to do it a week ago? Was there any particular reason for the delay?”


“There was a birthday.”


Reinhardt bent slowly and kissed her forehead. What he could only look at from afar finally fell into his arms.


A deep smile was drawn around Reinhardt’s mouth as he thought so.



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