Chapter 14


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Reinhardt shrugged at Ceylon’s response.


He glanced around the dining room, holding her in his arms. There is nothing alive here anymore. There wasn’t even a single rat that survived in this mansion.


Quilt, what about the things I told you to find out?”


“Yes, I have compiled all of Count Delight’s crimes and illegalities.”


The one who answered this time was the man with black hair. His hair was cut short  in a sports style, and he had replied silently with a blunt expression on his face.


Reinhardt scanned the thick stack of papers that he was being handed with his eyes, without thinking of accepting it. He opened his mouth with an indifferent look.


“Scatter it. They will pick it up and interpret it.”




After responding to Reinhardt’s order, the robed man threw the bundle of paper.


Dozens of papers were spread out in the air in an instant and scattered like snow.


The descending papers fell on the bodies, on the table, and on the floor. Some of them had already started staining with the blood from the floor.


“Now, let’s go back to the Magic Tower.”


“… Are you taking that woman with you?”


“Yeah. Any problem?”


Reinhardt narrowed his brow and looked at Ceylon who questioned him.


His uncommonly beautiful light blue hair swayed, and there were light wrinkles on his forehead.


“I do not recommend it unless it’s for her alchemy and spirit abilities. The Magic Tower is a place where one could not enter if they do not have mana. Without mana, a person would not be able to get out of the tower.”


“That’s a relief. I really hope so.”


Reinhardt’s red lips drew an arc. Otherwise, she’s the type of person who would do anything to escape.


Reinhardt stood up on his toes and tapped the floor twice.


A huge magic circle appeared on the floor, and then light spewed out and swallowed up Reinhardt and Valletta, as well as Ceylon and Quilt who were standing by them, as the scattered paper that proved the horrendous night had taken place, covered them.


It was only natural that the empire and the Imperial Palace were overturned in horror at the annihilation of an aristocrat, as that had never happened in history.


Numerous rumors circulated about the disappearance of Valletta Delight, and Crown Prince Milrode himself took charge of the investigation to uncover the truth.


Thus, the curtain fell on the long night.


The view has changed.


Reinhardt raised his head while standing in the middle of the forest. The deep blue sky is covered with white clouds. The floor was full of all kinds of weeds and unknown flowers.


And on the grass-covered floor, an invisible magic circle was drawn.


One can only enter the Magic Tower through this place.


“The Magic Tower is right above.”




Reinhardt tilted his head slowly. It was obscured by clouds, but the Magic Tower was in the sky.


In fact, it was safe to say that it was a small town for magicians rather than a tower.


The magicians had considerable distrust of humans and decided that it was impossible to live along with them. As a result, they built the Magic Tower.


At first, there was only one tower floating in the sky.


However, the magicians soon decided that it would be difficult to accommodate all of them only with the Magic Tower. As the years passed, the land gradually increased, and a small island and city without an owner appeared in the sky.


So the Magic Tower was often called the Magician’s City.


Only those with mana could reach it by knowing the entrance, and because of this, magicians who had not awakened could not even ask for help from the tower.


In other words, entering the Magic Tower without mana was like saying that a person would not be able to come out of the city without the help of a magician.


“Is it really okay to take that person with you?”


Ceylon asked again.


Although taking her against her  will is alright, there was a strong tendency to exclude humans without mana, the so-called ‘Sokor’ in the Magic Tower.


“Since she was my master for ten years, wouldn’t it be fair if I’m her master this time?”


Reinhardt, who giggled and laughed, hugged her.


Embracing her even tighter, he slowly let mana flow to the ground.


As the unoccupied land absorbed the mana, the huge, hidden magic circle was revealed.


A pillar of light erupted from the magic circle and swallowed up the four of them in an instant.


“Welcome, My Lord.”


Reinhardt, who had closed his eyes for a moment as the light pierced his eyes, slowly raised his eyelids at the polite yet scratching-an-iron-like voice.


They were transported in front of a very large tower with a high spire. 


The round cylindrical, gray tower that rose through the clouds was quite long. Strangely, however, no windows or entrances could be seen on the tower.


At first glance, it looked as if a large, long cylinder had been erected on the ground.


“Who is it?”


Reinhardt narrowed his brow.


Appearing before his eyes was a man wearing a dark green robe and had his face covered.


However, he was too translucent to even be human. The tower behind it could be seen through him.


“He’s the caretaker and the watchdog of the tower. He is loyal only to you, My Lord.”


Ceylon silently explained.


Reinhardt briefly glanced at the translucent existence that was covered with a robe, and looked away as if he’s not interested.


The thing he was concerned about right now was not the watchdog of the Magic Tower.


“Guide me to a spacious room with the best sunlight. If possible, it would be better to go to a place where you can’t easily escape from.”


The watchdog deeply bowed at Reinhardt’s formal order. The translucent existence did not open its mouth after the initial greeting.


He snapped his finger, then a black entrance appeared.


“Only the watchdog and the Lord can open the way to the Magic Tower. Anyone who wants to visit the tower, needs to go through the watchdog.”


“Is it the same with going out?”


“No, anyone can leave with a transport spell as long as they have mana.”


“What if they have no mana?”


At Reinhardt’s question, Ceylon’s eyes fell on Valletta, who was still asleep without knowing the world around her while being held in Reinhardt’s arms.


In the case of the spirits, the story was a little different.


“If you’re talking about that person in your arms, she won’t be able to go out without the Lord’s permission.”




His lips drew into a smile with great satisfaction.


Reinhardt was very happy that he finally had what he so desperately wanted.


“Magicians and spirit users are fundamentally different in how they use mana. The magician’s mana is forcibly taken from nature and absorbed, whereas in the case of spirit users, they ask for the spirit’s permission and pay the price to borrow their power.”




Reinhardt nodded his head. It was something he knew as that was basic knowledge.


“The Magic Tower is a space created with the mana of a magician, and the spirits will not appear. So, a person will not be able to borrow their power.”


Reinhardt nodded his head.


When they came out of the passage, it was a room as wide as the Imperial palace’s theater hall.


Following the guidance of the watchdog, they arrived at the top floor of the tower.


All sides were made of glass, so sunlight poured in and clouds could be seen in the scenery outside the window.


There was a large bed in the middle of the room, but no matter where Reinhardt looked, there was no door.


“This is the top floor of the tower. Only the Lord and I, and those who the Lord allows, can enter. It is also impossible to leave unless the Lord permits it.”


With a voice like scratching an iron, the watchdog explained.


Reinhardt walked straight to the bed and laid Valletta down on it.


Valletta tossed and turned a few times as the sudden change in her posture was uncomfortable, then soon exhaled again.


“Really, I’m looking forward to you waking up.”


Reinhardt giggled and rubbed her white neck with his thumb.


He often has the urge to break it. Even though he knows that once he bends it, she will never shine again.


“Isn’t that right, Master?”


He kissed her on the top of her head then covered her with the blanket. Ceylon and Quilt looked silently at the intruder on the bed, their brows narrowed.


The top floor was usually used as the room of the Magic Tower’s Master. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling to see a Sokor occupying the place.


Reinhardt smiled as if he had noticed their gaze. He’s smiling but his eyes aren’t.


“It’s a pointless concern, but if you touch what is mine and get caught…”


As Reinhardt’s beautiful smile dropped, the two stopped breathing as well.


However, it was not possible to guess what kind of expression Reindhardt had as his face was covered just like the watchdog.


“I’m going to tell you to take out your guts while alive, put them in your mouth, and chew them. I want you to be careful.”


It was said in a refreshing voice, but the words were terrifying. Reinhardt’s eyes glistened with madness.


“Of course, that sounds like fun too.”


His deep possessive gaze reached Valletta for a moment, then he stopped and looked towards Ceylon and Quilt.


At the cold gaze, the two hurriedly knelt down on one knee and prostrated themselves.


It was a warm morning with the sun shining from all directions.



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