Chapter 20


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“If you have no plan of killing me, then stop threatening me.”


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Reinhardt’s eyes widened at the words that he heard instead of an answer to his question. His shoulders soon shook and he let out a sound, then he put his head on her shoulder and burst into laughter.


Valletta sighed at the sound of his giggles.


“You’re heavy.”




At Reinhardt’s call, Valletta rolled her eyes and looked at him.


Because he was still leaning on her body, she was not able to move freely. Reinhardt’s lips came close to her nose.


His eyes were bent into a half-moon, as if trying to seduce her.


Valletta grabbed Reinhardt’s shoulder and pushed him away.


It wasn’t that hard of a push, but Reinhardt backed away.


“Are you not hungry?”


“How long are you going to be here?”


“This is my room, Master.”


Reinhardt shrugged his shoulders. As he waved his hands, a table emerged.


He snapped his fingers once more and this time the table was filled with food.


The savory and sweet smell as if freshly made stimulated one’s nostrils.


“… What do you mean your room?”


“Ah. To be exact, it’s Master and my room.”


He twirled around Valletta and said brightly.


“Are you crazy?”


“Master knows how to praise me all too well.”


Seeing Reinhardt smiling kindly, Valletta crumpled her face.


What can you say to someone that takes being called crazy a compliment? Looking at Valletta’s seriously distorted face, Reinhardt smiled.


“Didn’t I tell you last time, Master?”




“Master was the only one who made eye contact with my eyes directly.”


Unlike other humans, who would first smile then their expressions would stiffen and for some reason they would tremble, Valletta was the only one who did not avoid looking at Reinhardt with such eyes. 


She frowned with an expression that hid what she’s thinking.


“Come on, let’s eat, Master.”


“I’m not your master.”


“… Valletta.”


Valletta’s body stiffened at her name that rolled off the tip of Reinhardt’s tongue.


Was the pronunciation so strange that it made the hair all over my body stand up?


Valletta relaxed her stiff body and sat in the seat he gave as if nothing had happened.


“If I call you like this, will Master also call me by my name?”


“… Give me a new room.”


“There are no vacancies.”


Reinhardt grinned and shrugged.


Does this mean that there is no space for her to lay her body down in this tall and wide tower that seems to be 100 stories tall?


As Valletta narrowed her eyebrows, Reinhardt shrugged his shoulders and sat across from her.


“The storage room?”


“Oh, it’s full.”




“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”


“… That’s not it.”


No, it sounds like you will do anything other than killing me.


At that moment her brows narrowed, a bright light appeared behind them and Reinhardt’s face distorted at the same time.


“What? I told you not to disturb me.”


It was Ceylon and Quilt, who were his closest henchmens. They also seemed to have heard stories from others.


‘Those two must have been allowed to enter the Sky Room.’


The two of them looked at Valletta for a moment before bowing their heads.


“Lord, excuse me. I think you should come down and take a look.”


“Can’t you see that we’re eating?”


“The magician we sent to the Imperial Family has returned with a message. Lord, this matter needs to be checked.”


Reinhardt, who’s face contorted, eventually stood up. Then he reached out and ruffled Valletta’s hair.


“I’m sorry Master. You’ll have to eat alone. You don’t even bother a dog when they’re eating. F*ck, I guess they think I’m lower than a dog. I’ll go educate them.”


(T/N: You don’t even bother a dog when they’re eating – This means you don’t scold or bother someone who is eating.)


Reinhardt said with a smile and disappeared along with Ceylon and Quilt.


“… He’s not joking. He’s really mad.”


If he swore, that means his mood was considerably foul. During the 10 years that they’ve been together, the number of times he swore can be counted on five fingers.


‘… Whatever.’


Valletta thought that the Magic Tower would turn into a pool of blood, but she did not care.


In the first place, it wasn’t something that could be prevented even if she tried to stop it.


She casually started her meal before the food in front of her turned cold. It was a quiet meal.




In front of a reverse view, there was a swarm of magicians. Reinhardt scanned the crowd slowly.


He does not know what it is for, but he arrived in a large hall. A magician wearing a white robe ornate with golden embroidery was standing at the center.


He was obviously the magician sent to the Imperial Palace.


“Nice to meet you, Lo-”


“Didn’t you know that you don’t even touch dogs when they’re eating?”




Melial, the magician dispatched to the Imperial Family, who was saying his greetings, asked blankly at the piercing voice he heard out of the blue.


It was because he wasn’t sure what he just heard.


“But, am I a dog? No, am I lower than a dog?”


Reinhardt asked while smiling with a very pretty face.


Melial turned his head from one side to another in search of the source of the voice, despite the obvious movement of the lips of the man in front of him.


However, it was clear the source of the voice was in front of him. Everyone stared at Reinhardt with dumb expressions.


If a person came down from heaven, would they look like this?


Melial had an impudent thought in front of the Magic Tower’s Master.


“Did your tongue get pulled out? You’re not answering. As far as I remember, a magician sent to the Imperial Family is still a member of the Magic Tower, or did I make a mistake?”


Reinhardt, who suddenly approached him, smiled broadly in front of Melial’s nose and said.


Melial’s face turned bright red at the sweet voice and beautiful face.


“Ah, no. I apologize.”


Melial hastily bowed and answered.


He really did make a mistake by himself, he didn’t lower his head because he thought so, it was because he could not make eye contact with Reinhardt’s eyes.


Count Delight had a backward personality and was a very greedy person, but at the same time, he was a person with a great sense of aesthetics. He was even more discerning as he had dealt with a lot of beautiful slaves.


Even though Reinhardt, who was then a young boy, had rolled on the battlefield and was in a poor condition, his beauty caught Count Delight’s picky eyes even in his messy state.


It was already like that back then, then what about now?


His silver hair glistened while neatly dressed.


Uncommon red eyes and half-moon folded eyes as if tempting.


And the softly rising corners of his lips were enough to make even a man like Melial lose his mind for a moment. However, he could not believe that he was being cursed fouly by that mouth.


Because of that, Melial didn’t want to believe that the beautiful man in front of him had uttered vulgar words.




Reinhardt, who was sick of Melial’s apology, looked around the hall. 


There were a lot of people there who came to confirm that a messenger had come from the Imperial Palace.


It was clear they were all magicians as they were all wearing their robes. Reinhardt grinned as he could clearly see what they were thinking.


“Am I amusing?”


Reinhardt asked with a smile.


If Valletta saw it, she would have thought that it was dangerous and would escape the hall as quickly as she could, like a leader of a group of monkeys.


Unfortunately, none of the people in the Magic Tower knew about it.



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