Chapter 22


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Reinhardt was capable enough to cast a powerful magic that could not even be dispelled by three magicians casting Dispel, only by flicking his finger and without even reciting the spell.


It was only then did they realize that they picked a fight against someone they shouldn’t have.


Reinhardt glanced at them.


“Aren’t you going to answer me? If you’re not going to use your tongues, can I pull them out one by one?”


“Ah, no!”


The magicians answered hastily.


The age and awakening period of the Magic Tower’s Master was no longer relevant. All the magicians who stood there could see the short-temperedness and madness that he gave off.


They no longer had the confidence to stand up against him. Unless they wanted to be pierced by an ice spear and be a decoration on the wall.


“Good. What do you do when someone is eating?”


“Dogs, you don’t even bother the dogs?”


The young magician answered hastily with the desire to live.


“Am I a dog?”


“We will not disturb the Lord!”


As Reinhardt smiled and was about to lift his finger, the young magician hurried to his knees and screamed.


In an instant, Reinhardt grinned and burst into low laughter at the quick response of the young magician who had glimpsed his madness.


“You understand it very well.You can bother a dog, but don’t bother me.”


“Yes, I understand.”




Reinhardt nodded his head in satisfaction, then he clenched his fist and unfolded it.


There was a dull sound of cracking in the air, and soon, fragments as if  a sculpture broke began to fall from above like rain thudding to the ground.


“… Is that flesh?”


Among the wizards who tilted their heads, the youngest magician spoke the question.


The magicians stared blankly at what started pouring down in pieces.


Their heads turned. The figure of the magician, who was wearing a gray robe, was gone and nothing remained except for his limbs that were stuck by the ice spear.


His head and body were lost.


“Because a promise is a promise.”


Reinhardt, facing the astounded wizards, smiled softly and said. However, he was covered in blood, thus he did not look like he was smiling.


He then waved his hand again to clear the blood from his body.


“I can take a look at it first, eat, and come back after, right?”


“Yes? Yes, yes… Yes…”


The Imperial Magician, Melial, sat down and nodded desperately in response.


Reinhardt smiled softly.




Reinhardt let out a sigh and flicked his finger three times in the air.


The flesh, which had exploded like a bomb, floated in the air and began to gather again where the limbs were. After a while, a man in a gray robe appeared again in the form of a human being.


The wizards stared blankly at it.


“Time Reversal Magic?”


“Oh my gosh……”


When they saw a magic that only existed in legends unfold in front of their eyes, awe spread across the eyes of the magicians who were still filled with fear.


This time, the Magic Tower’s Master was different. Everyone in the room realized this.


“There’s no second time, so behave well, understand?”


Reinhardt, and Caspelius who followed him, disappeared at the same time, leaving them with those words alone.


“… What kind of b*st*rd said that the Tower’s Master this time was a low-level child who doesn’t know a single thing about the world?”


Some time after Reinhardt disappeared, the young wizard, who had his forehead on the floor, raised his head and shook it at the question a middle-aged sorcerer threw out.


“He, this person…”


The young wizard said and stretched out a piece of flesh he was holding in the palm of his hand.


Brutal b*st*rd, the young wizard shrugged his body at the sound of a voice he heard from somewhere.


In any case, albeit horrible and gruesome, no one died. Although one did die, they came back to life. The wizards who had struggled to bring down the companions adorned on the wall began to clean the hall using healing magic.


They all had dazed eyes, as if they had lost their mind.


The gray robed man didn’t even scream as he recalled the terrible pain imprinted on his body.


“I’m alive…”


The gray robed man still hadn’t come back to his senses. It was a terrible memory that he will never forget for the rest of his life.




When Reinhardt disappeared, Valletta ate with a relaxed expression.


Then she narrowed her brows as she heard a thumping of strong wind at the glass wall.


‘No matter how high this tower is, it’s still sloppy construction.’


Thump thump, this time again, there was a loud sound due to the strong wind.


Valletta, who had reached out her hand to the leg of a roasted goat coated in buttery savoriness that stimulated her sense of smell, turned her head.




Valletta exclaimed. It was because she had forgotten about the spirit’s existence. She hurriedly got up from her seat. She had summoned Jin when she was having a war of nerves with Reinhadrt, and had completely forgotten about him.


“Ah, I’m sorry.”


Valletta walked up to the glass wall again with a bewildered expression.


The wind seemed to have been created by Jin. She pursed her lips in regret.


She was about to say sorry again, but the angry hawk flapped its wings and generated a whirlwind again.


In the empty air, three tornadoes that were almost twice Valletta’s height appeared and hit the glass wall of the Sky Room.


Even with a strong wind that was sure to blow away an ordinary house, the glass walls of the Sky Room only shook slightly.


‘… The Magic Tower is sturdy.’


She had changed her mind after thinking that it was sloppy. She summoned Jin and completely forgot about him then she started her meal, no wonder he is angry.




-Are you kidding me?! Last time you summoned me and just released it! Then, this time you ignore me! I was answering your summon even when you’re not a contractor, how can you be heartless and ungrateful!


Jin’s anger was not easily resolved.


Valletta smiled awkwardly at the thunderous roar in her head.


‘It seems to be true that you can’t usually summon them unless you’re a contractor.’


She honestly didn’t think much of it. When she called his name, he was summoned, and since he was summoned, she just had to pay the price and make a request. Valletta smiled as she tried to appease Jin, who now even looked sad.


“I’ll be more careful next time, Jin.”


Jin’s anger subsided when Valletta did not raise her head and stiffly apologized honestly.


Humans like to put strength in their shoulders and straighten their chins, so he thought it would be the case again, but this woman did not.


The hawk’s eyes were torn as he stared intently at Valletta, then snorted.


-Fine, why did you summon me to this eerie place this time?


“I want to get out of here. Can you come in?”


-Isn’t this the Tower where a flock of magicians live? A magic is applied to prevent spirits from entering. The Magic Tower is a collection of wicked things that forcibly took away the power of nature and sucked it up. Hmpf, it’s obviously impossible.


She didn’t know it since they’re relationship is only her getting help by paying with a bit of blood, but Jin was rougher than she thought.


His roughness is comparable to sandpaper. Valletta nodded her head. She actually didn’t think he’d be able to come in.


-And you as well, how did you think of summoning me from a separate space? Well, it was already abnormal that you could summon me normally.


“Is it complicated to summon a spirit?”


– Of course. The only way to summon a spirit by its original name is when the contractor calls the contracted spirit. By the way, when they sign their first contract, they have to hold the summoning ceremony while drawing the summoning circle while feeling the nature.


“To summon a water spirit, do I have to go into the water to summon it?”


When Valletta spoke bluntly about the fact that often happened in this and that novel setting, he looked at Valletta with a questioning eye, as if Jin discovered a new side of her.


– Yes, that’s right! In order to summon a spirit like me, there are many people who go up to the top of a mountain or area where typhoons blow and draw a summoning circle!


Jin explained his own greatness.


Valletta had thought as much. To be honest, Valletta thought that everything that she was doing didn’t seem like reality. It was still like scenes from the novel.


Perhaps that is why. For 10 years, she didn’t memorize anyone’s name, and was able to watch people die in front of her without any hesitation.


‘That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to go back to my original world, but…’


Now that her memories have faded, she has no desire to go back.


“Is there any other way to summon you from here?”


– If you have the ability to do so, it will be possible if you make a contract with the spirit.


“What if I don’t sign a contract?”


-Well, in your case, the affinity is so good that you can summon a spirit by name alone, so maybe you can draw a summoning circle and formally summon it from within.


Jin, who spoke, tilted his head back and forth. Then he burst out laughing and shook his head again.


– No, but it’s almost impossible. Since there has never been a case where a spirit has been summoned from inside the Magic Tower.


“If you’re a summoner…”


She remembered seeing it in a book before.


She was actually too lazy to draw, thus only called his name once, but she still remembers being surprised when she was able to summon him.


‘Let’s try it.’


Valletta looked around lightly, looking for a pen and paper.


“There’s nothing.”


The only thing in the room was the bed and the food Reinhardt had left on the table.


She narrowed her brow. It was a good opportunity to try summoning before Reinhardt came back.


As she stood still, Valletta suddenly glanced at the table. Then she strode towards it.


She took the knife in her hand and wiped it with a napkin.


Then she grabbed the edge of her dress with her hand and thrust the knife vertically into it.


Rip! The dress made of precious fabric got torn apart. Valletta put the ripped hem of the fabric down on the floor, and this time she slightly cut her index finger with the knife.


-What are you doing now!


She didn’t even care about the voice she heard.


Valletta slumped to the floor and began to draw circles on the white fabric of her dress with her blood to draw a summoning circle.


“I will summon you again as you said.”


-You ignorant one.


The colorless and transparent hawk outside the glass shook its head with a fed up expression.




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